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where you can get the latest updates from official authoritative media, create local news and increase the number of your active subscribers.

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Avalanches is a unique, innovative platform that allows every user to discover all the latest news from a small rural town to the whole world.
After registering, you can create posts and describe all the occuring events in your city and display them in a global feed of users all around the world.
There is no longer any need to use a large number of news portals, our aggregator allows you to see everything that each resource releases in one single place.
It has never been easier to filter and search for news. Avalanches allows each author to convey information to their target audience, receive feedback from an active community and display their posts in the world feed.
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How it works?

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You create a news publication in the regional feed of your city.
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Receiving activity from users, the rating of your publication grows.
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The publication moves a level higher, getting into the top feed of the country.
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Subsequently, having been highly appreciated by readers in your country, your publication may become a world-class news headline, getting into the global feed of Avalanches users.

Platform Features

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Fair ( Classifieds Board )

Create listings and sell products, provide services or shop and find the experts you need. Many categories make your searching easier and help you find exactly what you're looking for!
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Avalanches shows the exact weather forecast for your city of residence. The weather forecast is always available and visible to you as soon as you log into our platform.
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Our resource gives users the ability to create groups and communities. Sharing information and discussing recent events with like-minded people has become easier than ever.
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News feeds

Switch between different news feeds: one of your city, country, the world, and personal feed. News are sorted depending on your location. In addition, each user can create a personal filter by selecting cities, media and groups, subscribing to their updates, which will not only allow you not to waste your personal time searching for needed news headlines, but also to immediately see all the news you are interested in right in your personal feed.


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Creation and distribution of content
Share information, build up an audience, discuss topics that are important to you, and share multimedia with the community of YOUR people. All this with a simple, intuitive text editor that is always at the tips of your fingers.
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Read only relevant information
Browse and subscribe to the official media and read only reliable news from reputable sources in your feed every day. Enjoy all your favorite sources in one place and discover news from all around the world, in all languages ​​and completely for free.
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Join new communities and create ones of your own
Our group function allows you to create an organization, business, or thematic community page in any location to get organic reach for your target audience. Find your like-minded people and discuss what is important for you on a new, convenient and beautiful platform.

Who is this platform for?

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For writers
Avalanches is a unique resource for writers that allows you to be as close to your audience as possible. This is achieved with the filter by location - each registered user can create posts about events that occur in his region and find feedback from other interested users. Thanks to this feature, each writer can accumulate interested audience and quickly expand it, spreading information about relevant news and events.
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For readers
Avalanches is a platform where everyone can discover about all world events. Just imagine: all the news, from local to world, on one news portal. A media aggregator allows you to find out about the latest updates from official sources, and a local news feed allows you to read about different events firsthand.

Avalanches is a new, unique resource for creating and reading news, serving the user as an innovative tool for exchanging information. Be in the middle of all events: get news from eyewitnesses, keep abreast of everything that is happening around you and write for your audience!

Create a new informational space with Avalanches right now.

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AVALANCHES Authorization

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