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Mejor en la vida

Esto es tan bueno como puede ser para una aventura excepcional en la montaña, si estás lo suficientemente en forma y si tienes problemas para escalar el Volkan, Lanin es exigente, pero aún posible, con un pequeño hallazgo de tus pies, clima y, lo más importante, tu pensamiento .

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Unitecnics Informatic Integral Studio

By Gonzalo Garay

In Unitecnics we provide computer services, tailored to the needs of our customers, in order to provide a comprehensive service accompanying the demand for better benefits from its users.

As a computer service company we guide our work in search of customer satisfaction. We seek to integrate with the community for a better use of hardware and software resources.

The user must download and install the software from that will allow him to connect with Unitecnics Server. Then he must provide the ID and Password generated by Teamviewer by sending this data to [email protected] or via facebook messenger or whatsapp.

The user will receive some of this services:

Windows & Mac Maintenance

Utilities Installation

Windows & Mac update


Also, the user could share other needs about computing

to receive answers.

Don´t forget to visit

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