Borders for tourists will be closed from November 22 to December 13.

Restrictions apply not only to unvaccinated people, but also to those who have already been vaccinated or relapsed.

Catering establishments, hairdressers, cultural facilities and hotels will also be closed.

In 10 days, the authorities will review the effectiveness of quarantine restrictions.

After the lockdown in the country, the 2G rule will apply in public places - it will be necessary to show certificates of vaccination or certificates of recovery. Also, this rule does not apply to children under 12 years.


The decision came into force on March 3. The earlier ban expired on March 17, so the government decided to extend it.

The Minister explained the ban by the fact that the situation with COVID-19 abroad continues to pose an unacceptable risk to the health of the Australian population, including the emergence of more intense strains.

“The extension of the emergency period for another three months is aimed at reducing this risk to the health and safety of everyone,” the minister said.


Schools, museums and shops are reopening, they must wear medical masks.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Austria, coronavirus was diagnosed in 424 thousand people, 8012 of them died, and more than 402 thousand recovered


The record was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

The song was searched for a record 36.6 million times via the Shazam app, and the official video has collected 4.4 million views on YouTube.

The song is available for streaming on various streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.


10 aircraft were deployed to fight the fire, some of which were tasked with protecting culturally significant aboriginal areas.

The planes dropped about 250,000 liters of water on Saturday alone.

Fraser Island, known for its large dingo population, has been declared a World Heritage Site for its rainforests, freshwater dune lakes and a complex system of sand dunes that are still developing.


Local Chef becomes Runner up in the Worlds first Online Video Competition.

When it comes to dedication nothing can keep this Chef down. From rising to be the Maine Chapter President of an international chef association, Brooke Grondin is a local chef from Buxton, Maine USA and her rise to international note has been inspiring.

Brooke just recently was awarded 2nd place in the International Chefs Bench Competition for 2020 by the World Association of Master Chefs (WAMC), narrowly missing out on the top spot by less than 4 votes.

But what makes this Chef’s story different from many others. Well the journey for starters. When many would have given up, Brooke has fought through and made a name for herself, keeping her eye on the goal of becoming recognized for her skills and abilities.

Her journey of over 25 years has been a struggle, just like many others in the industry but Brooke has always had a deep down desire to succeed and has fought through the challenges of life. She worked hard to fight for what she was entitled to and proved all those who doubted in her that she was worth more that they thought.

WAMC Global President Gaven Ferguson came across Brooke early this year and from the moment he spoke with her he knew there was a passion there that WAMC wanted for the USA. "Her total drive and confidence was apparent, even though I felt like she was not aware of it, so I took a chance on here and offered to have her head up the Maine Chapter. I had not felt so strongly about a chapter president before and I was confident that her drive would help spur on her determination for success." He was right.

Brooke has since participated in numerous competitions and now is know throughout the entire association as a Global Chefs Bench Winner.

She is writing a book, started her own business and has begun to build the chapter. This is a story worth talking about.

WAMC is now working with Brooke to drive the growth of the association in the United States and with her help, know that WAMC can support and grow the industry there.


Two more closed facilities in Melbourne

Recently two other homes for elderly in the capital of Victoria have been closed after having found one infected person with coronavirus. Though he tested negative the second time, he is considered to be still ill. A nurse says they were disappointed by this, but forced to be closed. She adds that they have very strict hygienic precautions. The government of Victoria does not want to repeat the story of Newmarch House in Sydney. All the employees are self-isolated for two weeks.

Victoria's results in fight with coronavirus are not as good as other Australian states have. Today 7 new cases of infection have been found. They are mostly connected with trips abroad and Melbourne's hotspots. 11 people are staying in hospital with COVID-19.


Hazelwood Power Station is fined for 2 million dollars

Three years ago Hazelwood mine in Victoria caused large fire in the region of the town Morwell. It is known that fire happened because coal reserves burst into fire and set on fire everything around. The experts say that the mine did not estimate risks of inflamation adequately. They also neither removed plants form their territory nor watered them, so increased risks to maximum by it. The fire led to people's death and complete evacuation of the town, continuing for almost 45 days.

Recently the court of Melbourne has fined the company for such great pollution of the environment. The fine consisted of 2 million dollars. However, the residents of the valley considered it too small fine. So, 380 000 dollars were demanded.


Severe storm in Victoria

Yesterday Geelong became a centre of strong storm that hit Victoria. A family from the city tell how they woke up in the middle of the night because of noise of ruining home. Part of the roof has disappeared and all the windows in the house are broken. People ran out from their houses, they did not understand what was going on. Winds reached 100 km/h in some places in Victoria.

SES of Victoria informs that about 60 houses have suffered during the night storm in Geelong. Now almost all of them have been repaired.

The meteorologists say that similar storm can happen in Melbourne, they are also expecting about 20 mm of precipitation today.


A man made tattoos in honour of killed officer

Three years ago some Melbourne resident Samandeep Singh killed an officer after knocking her down with the truck. Later the killer said that his truck's brakes did not work in a proper way. It turned out that he had known about it before the accident. Singh pleaded guilty for killing and after that made a tattoo with a police number of the policewoman in honour of her.

But the killer had some suicidal inclines while being in custody, so his lawyer demanded safety for his client in the hospital. After that Singh was being treated in mental health facility. However, today the court accused him of killing on purpose. Singh will be sentenced next week. Now he wants to return to India, his native land.


Five Mile Creek was polluted

A woman who lives near Five Mile Creek in Melbourne turned to environmental forces of the state, saying that the water in the creek coloured in chemical green colour. She added that pollution of Melbourne water is common, but not in this measure.

EPA examined the water and made conclusion that there was a plumber dye in the water. It is not dangerous at all and biodegradable. They added it was hard to find the source of such a pollution. It started from a stormwater outlet not far away.

EPA warns that pollution of any kind is dangerous for flora and fauna which are quite developed on the shores and will praise anyone who informs about pollutions or violatings.


Two brothers pleaded guilty to policeman bashing

A year ago a 21-year-old Jay Stephens and his 19-year-old brother attacked a policeman at the territory of one of the Melbourne schools. Both consumed some alcohol and drugs that day, Stephens insulted a policeman and beat him. The policeman had numerous breaks and bleedings, so he spent several days in the hospital.

Today at the court both brothers pleaded guilty and the elder told that the reason for that crime was his depression and addictions. He had already had some previous convictions and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. The younger one has received only the first charge, so he was sentenced to community works.

OTHER_NEWS Australia

A dangerous tropical virus, Japanese encephalitis, is spreading in Australia. It has been identified in residents in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

The virus is carried by mosquitoes, it has already infected 34 people, 3 of them died. Many pigs also died.

Previously, Australia has never been a region where the tropical diseases characteristic of Asia have spread. The climate of the continent was not conducive to rapid transmission of the virus. However, recent floods have made it possible for the virus to spread through mosquitoes thanks to puddles of stagnant water. Such puddles often appear after the strongest tropical downpours. Thus, the virus has traveled hundreds of kilometers to the southern and western parts of the country via mosquitoes.