Rescue dog Bear saves over 100 koalas from Australia's bushfires 🥺

A heroic 6-year-old Australian Koolie dog that had been abandoned by his family was recovered and retrained to identify koalas.

He saved almost 100 koalas during the country's worst fire season in decades, which lasted from late 2019 to early 2020. Bear used his skills to sniff out over 100 live koalas trapped in burnt regions. Thanks to him, they received the proper medical attention and care.

The main dog's focus for today is the northern state of Queensland, where every koala counts.


Meet Florence, WHO's AI Answer to Smoking

The World Health Organization has developed a bot - Florence - that makes an individual approach to quitting smoking. It is free and open for public use.

Florence can inform about some methods of fighting against smoking and explain why should anybody say "no" to tobacco. What is more interesting is that the bot can create a personalized plan for quitting smoking.

Visit the website and check Florence out for yourself!



The WA Premier judged NSW decision

Yesterday the government of New South Wales announced they were going to open their borders with the beginning of summer. The Premier said that closed borders are an obstacle for developing economy during the pandemic of coronavirus.

The Prime Minister of Western Australia responded to such an announcement immediately, asking if NSW was not joking. He wondered how the state which caused Ruby Princess scandal could give advice how to fight pandemic. He also added that WA borders will be closed for some months more, and it is founded on people's health.

The Premier had already mentioned before that opening borders is probably the last thing to do while easing the restrictions down.

Anyway, the touristic sphere has suffered in every state so much. The consequences for economy can be catastrophic.


Small home renovations are approved in WA

Recently the Prime Minister of Western Australia has introduced a new plan for helping the state economy. The government is to approve small home renovations, it concerns every building in your yard, such as sheds and shade sails. This will create a lot of new job places in WA and rise the economy. About 30 million dollars will be spent for it.

Earlier it was expensive and hard to find a permission from the government to build anything at your territory. Now it will be affordable. Such reforms have been discussed for years in the government, and now, during the pandemic, it is very topically. This is one of the ways to improve financial state.

Coronavirus situation in WA is stable, there are three active cases and no new ones.


Opening new venues in Perth

Two wave of easing down the quarantine restrictions in Perth is here, and that is what the residents have. The main thing is opening of more than 1000 venues in Perth, these are mostly restaurants, bars and so on. People are actually longed for this in impatience and they got what they want. 20 people are allowed to be at the same time in one place, of course with keeping to social distancing and some other hygienic rules. However, some restaurants refused to be opened and decided this time to be time for renovations and mending.

But such an easing down of restriction has not saved lots of Western Australian establishments. Quarantine damaged the economy of the state heavily, and some restaurants will never be opened again.

So, look for the opened venues in Perth, but do not forget you are responsible for your health and the others'.


Perth resident won 2 million dollars

A resident of the suburbs of Perth won a million jackpot after his wife scolded him for his love of lotteries.

The man said he could not hold back when he saw a raffle with a prize of 20 million Australian dollars. However, his wife had a different opinion. She scolded her husband for his excessive passion for lotteries, because all he had won before was just six cans of beer.

However, after the draw, the woman was forced to change her mind and apologize. Because this lottery ticket made them millionaires - the couple received almost 2 million Australian dollars.

"I got into a real mess when I told my wife that I had bought a lottery ticket. However, now she has taken back her words," said the lucky man.

Despite winning the lottery, the man continued to go to work. The couple plans to buy a country house in the southwest of the state.


Solving of Perth Airport problem

Several months the Airport of Perth was conflicting with Qantas. The case was Qantas owed more than 20 million dollars to the airport for renting the place. A week ago the authority of the airport announced they were going to break any relationship with Qantas. By the way, such a reaction took place only in WA, all other airports realised non-capacity of the company to pay the rent. Even the Prime Minister interfered with the scandal, asking to express some leadership to both sides.

And yesterday both sides succeeded to agree. The details will be announced a bit later, but this is known already. The Airport will allow Qantas to use it, but Qantas should reduce prices for its facilities. So, all the breach notices have been withdrawn.


Reunion after Rottnest quarantine

Yesterday 209 people returned from Rottnest Island to Perth, to their homes and families. Because of coronavirus lockdown they could not leave the place and it became a cage for a while for them. Everyone will have to spend two weeks more in the hotels of Perth in case of infecting. However, the reunion of families was very emotional. One woman had birthday on the day she returned, she said it was the best present to be at home again.

The government considers Rottnest Island as a very good place for self-isolation, it is an alternative place instead of hotels. And it will be used again, if it is needed. The Premier said that every day Western Australian returns home. Now about 700 people are staying self-isolated in Perth's hotels.


New discovery from Perth

A unique discovery was made by employees of the University of Perth. In the depths of the Universe, with the help of the Chandra orbital X-ray observatory and the ground-based complex of Wildfield radio telescopes, they managed to record a cyclopean explosion at a distance of 340 million light-years from Earth. Suffice it to say that in terms of power this is the second such cataclysm after the Big Bang. According to researchers, in the "crater" of an explosion with a diameter of a million light-years, it will fit in a series of 15 galaxies like the Milky Way. The energy flow from the explosion is equivalent to emitted 10 million stars over billions of years of their life. It remains a mystery why such a significant cosmic catastrophe was not discovered before.

Astronomers at the University of South Wales determined the period of rotation of the planet around its star - only eight days. The planet's rotation plane is inclined to the axis of stellar rotation at an angle of 12 degrees. The clouds around young stars provide material for planet formation. This process is clearly visible after dispersion of dust and gas.


Touristic sphere is about to rise again in WA

The government of Western Australia has announced some easing down of restrictions connected with the trips inside of the state. On May 18 such trips will be allowed, except for trips from Perth. This law gave touristic agencies in WA hope to restore some tourism in the state. Others, however, have already been disappointed and say about lost tourism this year. More than 700 companies have suffered because of coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. Before the quarantine thousands of people booked tickets, trips and hotels, but when restrictions were introduced, everything was cancelled. Most employees of touristic companies have lost their jobs. In general, 150 000 dollars were lost on returning tickets.

New easings can save this industry, but most people need trips to or from Perth which is closed yet.


New easing of quarantine in WA may happen earlier

The Prime Minister of Western Australia announced that the third way of easing down of quarantine rules can happen sooner than it had been expected before. It is connected with a great success of the state in fight with coronavirus. Of course, it depends on WA residents and how responsible they are, he adds.

The Premier has also said that lots of people were disappointed with new changes in quarantine. The third way of easing down was planned to happen in 4 weeks, but it can be earlier.

Now people in WA are allowed to gather in groups of 20 people, and be in such a quantity in restaurants. However, hotel and restaurant owners say these conditions are to strict for them and it will not save their financial state.


10 days in WA without new infection cases

Western Australia heads a new record by having no new cases of infection with coronavirus for 10 days already. 5 people are staying in hospital yet. More than 500 people in the state have recovered. But the government does not hurry with cancelling the quarantine rules. The Premier said that they did not know for sure, whether there were more infected people in the state. And the borders will be opened at the last stage of leaving quarantine. Now lots of activities are already allowed in Western Australia.

Meanwhile, the government launched a new medical investigation which costs more than 6 million dollars. This will help to understand the pandemic situation completely. 52 000 people have already passed the test.


Tense relationship between Qantas and Perth Airport

Perth Airport has warned the airplane company Qantas about stopping their cooperation in the nearest future. That happened because of Qantas debts. The company is owing more than 20 million dollars to the airport for 3 months already.

The Qantas director asked the airport to withdraw the announcement immediately, but the airport's director told that all the terms of rent are over and Qantas must undertake anything.

Qantas cooperates with every airport and Australia and has worked constantly worked during the coronavirus pandemic. However, only Perth Airport has claims against the company.

The state Prime Minister asked both to stop conflicting, as it is not the time for it now.


Destructive storm in Perth

Winds in Western Australia reached 130 km/h. Such strong winds blew over Perth and left thousands of houses without electricity. Emergency services were overwhelmed with calls. They received more than 400 calls in one day, it is almost the same number of calls for all previous year.

50 000 have their electricity back already, and 4 000 are still waiting. Trees were falling on the wires during all the storms and thousands of people were in need of repair.

These were the strongest winds for South and West of the state for last 20 years. Meteorologists say about more rains in two days and improvement of the weather at the weekend.


WA government won't open the state's borders

WA Perth together with the government announced they were not going to open the state's border yet, however there have been no new infection cases in the state. Health Minister mentioned Singapore as an instance. He added that closed borders and other quarantine rules are to stay in Western Australia yet. The possible exception can exist only for the Southern part of the state as it is quite far from Perth's hospitals.

The reason for such a decision is a big amount of vulnerable population (elderly people) and those who have not enough medical care.

Recently the government started a program of testing people without symptoms.


Strong storm in Perth

Yesterday strong winds hit Perth and its localities. The meteorologists say that such weather happens once or twice a year in this region. The winds reached 125 km/h and even more outside the city. Rainy and windy weather is moving towards the Southern part of the state.

Others part of Western Australia have also become an object of severe storms. But for farmers it is good news. Such precipitation will help in their seeding program, which is being fulfilled right now.

Such weather in Australia absolutely differs from the same period a year ago, when it was very dry.

Beachgoers are advised to stay at home, as high waves, storm and hail are forecast.


No new infection cases in Perth

For six days, not a single new case of coronavirus was recorded by medical services in Western Australia, May 5.

At the same time, seven patients are in hospitals in the capital of the region in the city of Perth, and three of them are in the intensive care and resuscitation department. A total of 14 active cases of coronavirus infection remained in the region. During the epidemic, more than 500 people recovered from the disease.

Such dynamics of the disease allows the state authorities to plan a gradual relaxation of restrictions in the coming weeks and months, the head of the regional Ministry of Health emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that in the state of South Australia for nine days no new cases of coronavirus infection in humans have been recorded.


Ninth coronavirus death in WA

An 83-year-old woman has become the ninth victim of coronavirus disease in Western Australia. She died yesterday in Perth's hospital. But, fortunately, no new cases of infection have not been recorded for four days already. Only two ones took place for the last week. 19 people are staying in hospital with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, more people get fined. For a previous week 50 people in WA were fined and 10 people have been arrested. One man has been put behind bars because of violating his quarantine. Police did not find him at home two times in a row. Now he is to face the court.


English Premier League Matches can be held in Perth

The English Premier League football clubs were invited to play the rest of the season thousands of kilometers from home in Australia. The Premier League’s leadership, worried about the prolonged quarantine in the UK, is desperately looking for ways to finish the football season - 92 matches.

There are not many options, but a sudden offer from Perth can dramatically change the situation. A British agent living in the capital of Western Australia offered an amazing alternative, which, he said, had already received support from the Senator of Western Australia, as well as the Department of Sports. For matches there are four large sports facilities with a capacity of up to 65,000 people, climatic conditions, and most importantly - the government lifted many restrictions related to coronavirus. That is, in Perth, holding matches is quite safe.

Information on the possible holding of the remaining matches in Australia has not yet appeared on the official website of the Premier League. The last match in the Premier League was played on March 9th.


Perth is getting busier

More than 20 new transport and road projects are to take place in Perth and all Western Australia soon. The Prime Minister announced about it yesterday. He said it will be done to create lots of new work places during the pandemic, as it is known that thousands of people have lost their jobs during last months. The government gave almost 150 million dollars for these projects.

Experts also say that Perth is getting busier and more bustling. Its roads are much fuller with cars than earlier. This is happening because of success in fight with coronavirus. Traffic has grown up till 80 percent of usual activity.

OTHER_NEWS Australia

A dangerous tropical virus, Japanese encephalitis, is spreading in Australia. It has been identified in residents in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

The virus is carried by mosquitoes, it has already infected 34 people, 3 of them died. Many pigs also died.

Previously, Australia has never been a region where the tropical diseases characteristic of Asia have spread. The climate of the continent was not conducive to rapid transmission of the virus. However, recent floods have made it possible for the virus to spread through mosquitoes thanks to puddles of stagnant water. Such puddles often appear after the strongest tropical downpours. Thus, the virus has traveled hundreds of kilometers to the southern and western parts of the country via mosquitoes.