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A dangerous tropical virus, Japanese encephalitis, is spreading in Australia. It has been identified in residents in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

The virus is carried by mosquitoes, it has already infected 34 people, 3 of them died. Many pigs also died.

Previously, Australia has never been a region where the tropical diseases characteristic of Asia have spread. The climate of the continent was not conducive to rapid transmission of the virus. However, recent floods have made it possible for the virus to spread through mosquitoes thanks to puddles of stagnant water. Such puddles often appear after the strongest tropical downpours. Thus, the virus has traveled hundreds of kilometers to the southern and western parts of the country via mosquitoes.

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The signing of a free trade agreement with India is a step for Australia to reduce its dependence on China, its largest trading partner.

Australia and India signed on Saturday, April 2, an interim free trade agreement. It provides for the removal of tariffs on 85 percent of goods from Australia exported to India, including mutton, wool, coal and copper, as well as duty-free trade in the Australian market for 96 percent of goods imported into the country from India.

Under the agreement, the trade ministers of Australia and India, Dan Tean and Piyush Goyal, put their signatures at the same time. At the same time, the heads of government of the countries - Scott Morrison and Narendra Damodardas Modi - watched the ceremony via video link.

Commenting on the signing of a free trade agreement with India, Australian Prime Minister Morrison called it "one of the biggest doors that could be opened." According to the politician, his state and India are "two dynamically developing regional economies, like-minded democracies, working together to achieve a common good." In turn, Modi regarded the signing of a free trade agreement with Australia as a "turning point."

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The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, Scott Morison, announced his readiness to transfer Bushmaster PMV armored vehicles to Ukraine.

This is a response to yesterday's appeal of the Ukrainian President to the Australian Parliament with a request for military assistance.

In addition to the Bushmasters, Australia decided to send other military equipment.

“We are not just sending our prayers, we are sending our weapons, our ammunition, humanitarian aid and our bulletproof vests,” the prime minister said.

The Bushmaster PMV was developed in 1998 by Thales Australia. This is an armored vehicle seven meters long, equipped with a 300 hp diesel engine, accommodating nine fighters. It is in service with Australia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Fiji, Jamaica and Japan. A total of 1072 copies were issued. They are used as military transport, patrol vehicles, weapons platforms and ambulances.

Bushmasters will be delivered to Ukraine by military transport Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.


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Catherine McGuigan, who worked in Murray's veterinary service, admitted to the State Administrative Tribunal that she took a vial of ketamine with her on weekends to inject herself and her two friends. And this was not the first case of a woman using drugs intended for animals.

The woman watched the dosage on the Internet and calculated how much to inject to her friends to achieve the desired effect.

Ketamine is strictly regulated by health regulations and medicines and is intended for horses only (for humans as well, but in rare cases), but it should be kept in a closed first aid kit and its use should be carefully monitored. Of course, Catherine McGigan ignored these rules and requirements.

The former veterinarian was fined a total of $ 2,900 and removed from the Australian State Veterinary Register.

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Experts said the titanosaur would be up to 6.5 m tall and "with a basketball court" (30 m). His skeleton was first discovered on a farm in southwest Queensland.

For the past decade, paleontologists have been working to identify the dinosaur, trying to distinguish it from other known species by comparing scanned images of its bones with those of other sauropods.

Sauropods were dinosaurs that ate plants. They had small heads, very long necks, long tails and thick, pillar-like legs.

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About 18 thousand people fled their homes on the east coast of Australia due to floods.

Fortunately, no one died, however, according to Elliott, the near future is far from rosy. The official urged citizens to exercise maximum caution, not to expose themselves to danger and to assist the work of emergency services in every possible way.

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In the Pacific Ocean, three people were saved from a desert island thanks to the SOS inscription on the island's coast.

The men took a 42-kilometer boat trip last week from Puluwat to the Pulap Atolls in Micronesia.

The men lost their course and ran out of fuel, so they docked on the tiny uninhabited island of Lykelot. When the men did not arrive at their destination, rescuers were sent to look for them. After three hours of searching, a US Air Force plane spotted an inscription in the sand.

“Below we saw an island, an SOS sign and a boat right next to it on the beach. From there we called the Australian Navy because they had two helicopters nearby that could land on the island,” the pilot said.

Later, the helicopter successfully landed on the beach, delivering food and water and picking up the men.

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A climber fell from the rock in Blue Mountains

A 57-year-old Sydney resident embarked to the Blue Mountains with two his friends for climbing in some touristic sights. And yesterday in the morning he fell off from the rock. Before the midday rescuers came, there were policemen and doctors. The man has been successfully saved and taken to the hospital. He received some serious injures, mostly breaks.

Police inform that the operation was pretty complicated because of the weather conditions. The temperature reached only 4 degrees, so it was quite rude. The alpinists spent the night in the nearest cave.

The fallen man is in hospital and nothing threatens his life.

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Easing down of travel restrictions in NSW

Yesterday the Prime Minister of New South Wales announced that June 1 is the date of next wave of easing down the quarantine restrictions in the state. She said that some trips from other state to Sydney will be allowed in summer. The Premier added that this will help not only economy of the state, but whole Australia's economy, so she urged people to booking trips.Besides, libraries and museums will also be opened on with the beginning of the month.

Yesterday four new cases of infection with coronavirus were noticed in the state. Despite being the most stricken with the virus state, New South Wales is the first state which allowed trips from other states. 7000 cases have been here in general, but now number of the infected significantly differs, it is much smaller.

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