South Pacific Laundry denounced for sta Sydney

South Pacific Laundry denounced for standing down migrant workers.

South Pacific Laundry has been accused of standing down the migrant workers who are ineligible for goalkeeper wage subsidies given by the government. The manufacturing union has said that this will leave these visa-holders destitute. The union has warned the laundry for its "disgraceful" decision for withdrawing 180 workers in Bankstown.

South Pacific announced on Tuesday by mail that it is laying off its 80% of its workers for an unspecified period of time. South Pacific Laundry, Bankstown, is one of the largest laundries in the southern hemisphere. The laundry gave prior notice to the union before the announcement saying that they are taking this decision due to the drop in the work in the pandemic.
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NSW Deputy Premier sets a plan for the federal election.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro has made clear that he will head out for federal elections and pull out of state politics. He said he would discuss his career in politics and issues with his family this weekend. He has eyes on the federal seat of Eden-Monaro, which is currently held by Mike Kelly. Mike Kelly ha announced his resignation from that seat on Thursday morning, April 30.

However, Barilaro has not given a clear statement publicly for that seat. He said that this selection ha serious as he has to got for the general election next. He said he needs to discuss with his family about spending a number of years he should spend in politics.

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Jodi McKay criticized the state government for not acting to Sydney Newmarch aged care home cases.

The Anglicare Newmarch aged care home has got badly hit by the coronavirus disease. NSW State Labor leader Jodi McKay has criticized the state government for not acting for the aged care home of Sydney. Anglicare announced five new cases of coronavirus at Newmarch on Tuesday. The coronavirus-stricken aged care has recorded a total of 56 cases of COVID-19 with 11 fatalities.

Anglicare CEO Grant Millard said that the aged care has been warned for more deaths this week. The tests of residents at Newmarch started on April 11, after a staff member tested positive for the virus.

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian said that she was concerned for the lack of communication between the operator of the care home and the family of the residents. The state opposition denounced the last action of the government.

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Two couples attacked in a Sydney home invasion.

Mr and Mrs Saliba was attacked mentally by two men in their home. The elderly couple got severely injured and got admitted to the Westmead Hospital in critical condition. Mr Saliba, aged 86, died in the hospital as he got grievous head injuries while protecting his wife. His wife, 84, is currently in stable condition.

Acting Superintendent Anthony Boyd from Ryde Police Area Command reported this case of assault and called it a "cowardly act". He said that Mrs Saliba was attacked first. The police found them wounded in their home at north-west Sydney. The couple was married for more than 60 years and lived together in the same house for 30 years.

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A dangerous tropical virus, Japanese encephalitis, is spreading in Australia. It has been identified in residents in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

The virus is carried by mosquitoes, it has already infected 34 people, 3 of them died. Many pigs also died.

Previously, Australia has never been a region where the tropical diseases characteristic of Asia have spread. The climate of the continent was not conducive to rapid transmission of the virus. However, recent floods have made it possible for the virus to spread through mosquitoes thanks to puddles of stagnant water. Such puddles often appear after the strongest tropical downpours. Thus, the virus has traveled hundreds of kilometers to the southern and western parts of the country via mosquitoes.

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The signing of a free trade agreement with India is a step for Australia to reduce its dependence on China, its largest trading partner.

Australia and India signed on Saturday, April 2, an interim free trade agreement. It provides for the removal of tariffs on 85 percent of goods from Australia exported to India, including mutton, wool, coal and copper, as well as duty-free trade in the Australian market for 96 percent of goods imported into the country from India.

Under the agreement, the trade ministers of Australia and India, Dan Tean and Piyush Goyal, put their signatures at the same time. At the same time, the heads of government of the countries - Scott Morrison and Narendra Damodardas Modi - watched the ceremony via video link.

Commenting on the signing of a free trade agreement with India, Australian Prime Minister Morrison called it "one of the biggest doors that could be opened." According to the politician, his state and India are "two dynamically developing regional economies, like-minded democracies, working together to achieve a common good." In turn, Modi regarded the signing of a free trade agreement with Australia as a "turning point."

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The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, Scott Morison, announced his readiness to transfer Bushmaster PMV armored vehicles to Ukraine.

This is a response to yesterday's appeal of the Ukrainian President to the Australian Parliament with a request for military assistance.

In addition to the Bushmasters, Australia decided to send other military equipment.

“We are not just sending our prayers, we are sending our weapons, our ammunition, humanitarian aid and our bulletproof vests,” the prime minister said.

The Bushmaster PMV was developed in 1998 by Thales Australia. This is an armored vehicle seven meters long, equipped with a 300 hp diesel engine, accommodating nine fighters. It is in service with Australia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Fiji, Jamaica and Japan. A total of 1072 copies were issued. They are used as military transport, patrol vehicles, weapons platforms and ambulances.

Bushmasters will be delivered to Ukraine by military transport Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.


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African governments are weak in regulating digital spaces-Adenike Aloba

Program Director of Dataphyte, Adenike Aloba has taken a swipe at African governments for their weakness or inability to properly regulate the digital space, an act which limits the full enjoyment of the freedom and fundamental human rights of the masses.

She contends that most of the laws and policies by governments geared towards regulating the digital space in the African context have resulted into a lot of internet shutdowns including attack on press freedom and violation of the rights of journalists and activists among others which have been the trend.

“We’ve seen a lot of journalists being attacked online with bots and being thrown, we’ve seen people being tracked and their things being taken out. We’ve also seen the African governments turn towards when they don’t understand anything they shut it down and that has been the tendency so no, we can’t say that they’re doing well”.

Adenike made this known in an interview with the Human Rights Reporter’s Joseph Wemakor on the sidelines of a 2-day ( Sept. 20-21, 2022) Digital Clinic for Civic Actors in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. Wemakor sought to know her views on whether the authorities have lived up to expectation when it comes to proper regulating of digital space within the African continent.

The Digital Clinic which brought together some selected journalists and civic actors from across West Africa namely Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Nigeria was initiated by the Interactive Initiative for Social Impact (Dataphyte) in collaboration with Spaces for Change (S4C).

The training was aimed at exposing civic actors to the threats in the digital world and equip them with knowledge and practical solutions to deal with the threats to help minimize the risks they pose.

Its goal is to help journalists and civil society protect their information, data, devices and communications against digital security threats.

The participants were taken through topic such as Investigative Journalism Practice in the Digital Space: Risks and Rewards, Deep Dive on Digital Rights in the West African Context, Whistleblowing Policy and Practice in the West African Context and Practical Session on Digital Safety Tools.

It includes Digital Safety and Security Through a Gendered Lens, Data Protection Strategies, Roles and Responsibilities, Social Protection and Rapid Response Mechanisms for Whistleblowing and Digital Safety and Practical Session on Digital Safety Schools-Psychological Safety.

As the world transitions to a digital space, threats are fast increasing online, while people’s rights to freedom of expression, access to the internet and privacy among others are being denied, a trend which is a cause of worry.

But Adenike Aloba who equally doubles as the Managing News Editor of Dataphyte believes the authorities have a major role to play in helping citizens overcome these threats to always remain safe.

“This is a challenge being faced across the world, but it is only in African countries we are seeing laws that want to shut down, that want to control rather than figure out a solution that is more long-term”, she bemoaned.

According to her, although some governments are doing better in terms of regulation of the digital space, others are still lagging behind due to a significant lack of trust between the people and governments.

Citing a typical example of bad regulation of the digital space in the African context, he pointed to a social media bill being set up by the Nigerian government which gives the police the power to determine fake news or abuse of the digital space.

For her, dialogue is a means through which governments can help craft better policies and laws to safeguard the digital space.

“Dialogue is important when you are designing a policy or something then there has to be public engagement because of its public policy for crying out loud”.

She called on all and sundry to do everything humanly possible to protect themselves against the threats while advocating strongly for better laws or policies in place that can help promote and protect digital rights.

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