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New easing for restaurants in SA

The Prime Minister of South Australia has announced new easing down of quarantine restrictions. That will happen on June 5. Health Minister of the state called it insignificant steps, however, this was done by demand of the society.

In summer 20 people will be allowed to be at one restaurant, and alcohol will be allowed as well. So, you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine in a pleasant company. Recently restaurants' owners complained about not enough care about their financial state, but the government decided to help them as well. More details about new rules will be known with the beginning of June.

The government to ease down restrictions down again because of a good work in fight with COVID-19. They saw how all the establishments kept to rules.

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Cold weather in Adelaide

After the wettest April to South Australia has come quite cold May. Cold front appeared in Adelaide some days ago and has brought big amount of precipitation. Large hail covered Adelaide, and people started sharing its photos. The Meteorologists say that hail in such a period is common phenomenon, but not in such quantity. This change in weather happened after a hot day, when the temperature reached 22 degrees.

Meteorologists warn farmers about continuation of such weather, so they should keep their animals safe. Warning about strong winds at the seaside also took place.

Last month brought about 90 mm of precipitation to South Australia.

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Transport problems in Adelaide

After having eased down the quarantine restrictions in South Australia the government faced new problems. This is a problem of public transport. Photos of overcrowded buses and trams in Adelaide appeared in a social media, and the government is caring for absence of social distancing which can increase coronavirus spread in the state.

The Premier had already told earlier that they will return to usual schedule for public transport in the city to avoid crowds in buses, the same was with Adelaide Metro, however, it did not work.

Health Minister advised people to avoid public transport, if they are afraid of infection. Though the government say they see sufficient number of trams in the streets, experts advise them to create some substituting buses.

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