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Local Chef becomes Runner up in the Worlds first Online Video Competition.

When it comes to dedication nothing can keep this Chef down. From rising to be the Maine Chapter President of an international chef association, Brooke Grondin is a local chef from Buxton, Maine USA and her rise to international note has been inspiring.

Brooke just recently was awarded 2nd place in the International Chefs Bench Competition for 2020 by the World Association of Master Chefs (WAMC), narrowly missing out on the top spot by less than 4 votes.

But what makes this Chef’s story different from many others. Well the journey for starters. When many would have given up, Brooke has fought through and made a name for herself, keeping her eye on the goal of becoming recognized for her skills and abilities.

Her journey of over 25 years has been a struggle, just like many others in the industry but Brooke has always had a deep down desire to succeed and has fought through the challenges of life. She worked hard to fight for what she was entitled to and proved all those who doubted in her that she was worth more that they thought.

WAMC Global President Gaven Ferguson came across Brooke early this year and from the moment he spoke with her he knew there was a passion there that WAMC wanted for the USA. "Her total drive and confidence was apparent, even though I felt like she was not aware of it, so I took a chance on here and offered to have her head up the Maine Chapter. I had not felt so strongly about a chapter president before and I was confident that her drive would help spur on her determination for success." He was right.

Brooke has since participated in numerous competitions and now is know throughout the entire association as a Global Chefs Bench Winner.

She is writing a book, started her own business and has begun to build the chapter. This is a story worth talking about.

WAMC is now working with Brooke to drive the growth of the association in the United States and with her help, know that WAMC can support and grow the industry there.

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