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Borders for tourists will be closed from November 22 to December 13.

Restrictions apply not only to unvaccinated people, but also to those who have already been vaccinated or relapsed.

Catering establishments, hairdressers, cultural facilities and hotels will also be closed.

In 10 days, the authorities will review the effectiveness of quarantine restrictions.

After the lockdown in the country, the 2G rule will apply in public places - it will be necessary to show certificates of vaccination or certificates of recovery. Also, this rule does not apply to children under 12 years.

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The decision came into force on March 3. The earlier ban expired on March 17, so the government decided to extend it.

The Minister explained the ban by the fact that the situation with COVID-19 abroad continues to pose an unacceptable risk to the health of the Australian population, including the emergence of more intense strains.

“The extension of the emergency period for another three months is aimed at reducing this risk to the health and safety of everyone,” the minister said.

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