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С сегодняшнего дня в Азербайджане будут пускать в рестораны, торговые центры и отели только привитых.



They sacrificed their lives for the motherland during the second Karabakh War that lasted for 44 days. RIP!!! They will always remain alive. Forever!!! ??



November 17 is celebrated by our state and people as "National Revival Day". On November 17, 1988, the people flocked to Freedom Square in Baku to raise their first mass protest against the Soviet empire, which had held Azerbaijan under colonial rule for 70 years.The mass people's movement against a regime that supported Armenian separatism and terrorism in the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region of Azerbaijan, promoted Armenian land claims against Azerbaijan, and did not protect the rights and interests of the Azerbaijani people began on November 17. On that day, the people of Azerbaijan united like a fist and proved to the whole world that they are a people worthy of freedom.

As a result of the socio-political processes taking place in the former USSR since the mid-1980s, Azerbaijan had ample opportunities for independence. The genocide against Azeri Turks in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh was supported by the Soviet army.

Armenian bandits, armed from head to toe, brutally killed the civilian population. The bloodthirsty savages did not spare anyone: the elderly, babies, or even pregnant women. The communist leadership of the time, flattered and helpless in front of Moscow in order to maintain its position, could not stand up for the true interests of the people and the country.

The people of Azerbaijan, who did not agree with all these injustices and attacks on the territorial integrity, stood up on November 17. In those days, the so-called "Square Movement" revived the national consciousness, which had been repressed under the Soviet colonial regime, and a turn towards self-awareness began.

The people's movement gained mass character not only in Baku, but also in Nakhchivan, Ganja and Lankaran. The powerful people's movement that engulfed all the cities and regions of our republic threatened to sweep the communist regime out of Azerbaijan. The people's movement was in full view.

Fearing this, the leaders of the empire sent troops to Baku on the night of November 24-25..Curfew was applied. But the people did not back down.The "Square Movement", which began with demands from the Soviet regime to end Armenian separatism and terrorism in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, to ensure the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, to stop the looting of our wealth, soon turned to slogans calling for Azerbaijan's independence. The tricolor, moon-star flags of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic were waved on the square. But the forces were still unequal. Although the empire was weak from within, it did not relinquish its military power.

The forces had to be preserved for the future struggle for freedom. On the night of December 4-5, the Soviet army managed to suppress the "Square Movement". Thousands of freedom-loving people were arrested and imprisoned. However, it was impossible to break the people's will to fight. The road to Azerbaijan's independence began on November 17 - Freedom Square. Shortly afterwards, history spoke for itself.Azerbaijan regained its independence. November 17 was marked as the day of the beginning of the national liberation movement - the Day of National Revival...