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IKONIC Crypto project

IKONIC will permit fans to possess and share the best

crossroads in esports history and will give quickly developing

multimillion-dollar esports occasions and organizations a

better approach to associate with their crowd.

Video clasps of the most crazy and

fabulous gaming accomplishments will be

effectively mintable into NFTs with just

several ticks. What's more, with a tick

or on the other hand two additional, they will be recorded

what's more, prepared to exchange on IKONIC's

commercial center.

Makers can plan these NFTs

to pay lifetime sovereignties or even

create totally new streams

of income through the offer of

sublicensing privileges.

And this is nevertheless the earliest reference point!

IKONIC will not simply be another NFT

commercial center. It will be a

local area a development.

The IKONIC people group's enthusiasm for

gaming is a strong power, and we

will assist them with employing it to do

incredible things.

Together, we will:

Make a stage for a completely

new plan of action one that

will cultivate and uphold a wide

scope of especially intriguing, creative

gaming titles: gaming as a help

Make another platform that

will bring the up and coming age of

non mainstream blockchain games to the

metaverse and make abundance for

ordinary gamers

Make an extended market for all

in-game resources of these activities,

which finishes the environment

that will support their manifestations

furthermore, assist them with flourishing

We as a whole realize this is a period of extraordinary

change in gaming. IKONIC and its

local area will be right at

its very front!

The opportunity has arrived for us, presently, to

Each of these addresses a titanic

financial open door in its own

right. Yet, they are likewise both piece of

the more noteworthy gaming metaverse.

We can fabricate a solitary business off

of both of these patterns at something similar

time and tap into the rich, synergistic

likely that exists between them.Before we share the subtleties of

IKONIC's vision, we should rapidly recap

the present status of these two trends.Today, esports is a $950 million

market that is figure to develop by

9% every year until 2023. While

you weren't watching, esports

rivalries with multimillion-dollar

prizes turned into a thing. Some at this point

pay prizes greater than the world's

debut golf competition, The


However assuming we see this prospering

market, we notice something is

clearly absent.

In the heritage sports business,

there are tremendous optional business sectors

that are based on remembering extraordinary

brandishing snapshots of the past. This

incorporates enormous business sectors for wearing

memorabilia and collectibles, with

the last option having been esteemed at $140

billion every year in yearly incomes.

This customary area is going through a

blockchain modernization of its own.

NBA Top Shot has revealed headlinebreaking incomes that surpassed

$230 million in the range of a couple

months. They helped esteem this single

organization at more than $2 billion.

Yet, up until this point, not at all like this exists for

the esports business yet.

It is possible that this is all still extremely new,

also, things have recently been moving and

changing excessively quick. Perhaps we have

been feeling the loss of the right sort of legitimate

foundation. Large brandishing brands

use sublicensing to use and

remonetize their IP without losing or

weakening their cases to the hidden


We haven't had a blockchain duplicate

of this sort of construction until very

as of late.

That tech presently exists. What's more,

IKONIC stands to be preferred choice to put

it to great use!

There are no more reasons to stop

us from the progress of NBA Top Shot

in the esports market. We will help

the most prominent challenges utilize the

force of blockchain innovation to

increase their incomes and reach

new crowds.Enormous virtual game economies with

a great many dollars in yearly GDP

have been with us for very some

time now. Popular models incorporate

EVE Online, World of Warcraft, and

Second Life.

Up to this point, however, the financial

esteem from time played in these

games and the exchanging occurring

inside their inner business sectors has

for the most part remained locked inside each of

their unmistakable universes.

Blockchain games break these


Clients are allowed to claim in-game

monetary standards and game resources that are

addressed as blockchain tokens.

Furthermore, clients are allowed to move the

tokens around and trade them

with one another as they wish.

This mind blowing improvement implies

that these different significant resources

are currently likewise convertible for monetary

esteem outside of their local games.

At the point when you then include the way that

blockchain organizations have lower

overheads and don't have to pay a

profit to investors, this implies

that more worth stays within these


Subsequently, more worth can be

disseminated to a bigger number of

ordinary gamers and can likewise be

packed into some tremendous

prizes. Players can now play to procure.

The new open doors made by

blockchain-based commercial centers too

present totally new income models

to help game engineers and

inventive new games. Inventive

makers likewise can receive rewards structure

this blockchain-worked with trade

that no longer requires multitudes of


This pattern is just barely starting, so

we don't have an excessive number of guides to

highlight. By the by, the point of reference

set by Axie Infinity is striking.

In 2021, we saw accounts of people

with unobtrusive livelihoods in the

Philippines utilizing this computer game

to create pay and feed their

families after the monetary aftermath

from COVID-19. One lucky

individual even figured out how to purchase two

houses with his rewards.

We haven't started to

get the monetary potential

that lies on pause. However, IKONIC will be

there to have its impact in making more

unimaginable stories like these and to

assist its local area with flourishing from this

amazing monetary change.

IKONIC will offer clients a consistent

video clasp to NFT printing experience.

The stage will likewise make it simple

furthermore, amusing to add basic alters and

twists to video content, similar to the

remarkable layouts and channels we've

come to appreciate on Instagram and


The stage will be fun and

open for everybody. The vision

is to foster a mass-market-accommodating

stage that each gamer-novice

also, favorable to can use to mint and share

gaming minutes with companions and


Simple to-oversee eminence and

sublicensing freedoms will be accessible

to clients inside the stage, permitting

them to be in charge of their substance

furthermore, effectively oversee and produce


More Information



BSC adress : 0x271A602b24E63d767cCe91D1E38592a6B4d859ea

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গত রাতে বাংলাদেশে একটি ফেরিতে আগুন লেগেছে, এতে ৫০০ জনের বেশি যাত্রী ছিল।

ফেরিটি সম্পূর্ণরূপে পুড়ে গেছে, উদ্ধারকারীদের নির্বাপণ শুরু করার সময়ও ছিল না। 37 জনের মৃত্যুর খবর পাওয়া গেছে।


If you have a smartphone, you can make it a asset for future by spending just 1 or 2 minutes every day, using the phone without putting any extra pressure on the phone's RAM, ROM, or processor. I'm telling you how.

Most of us who use the internet have more or less an idea about digital currency (cryptocurrency) or at least heard the name. Such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin etc.

The price of the most discussed online currency bitcoin recently exceeded $ 63,000, whereas in 2008/2009 this bitcoin could have been mined completely free. Over time, its value has skyrocketed.

If you are interested in digital currency / cryptocurrency, you can spend one or two minutes every day mining / depositing coins given by a company (Pi Network) through a mobile apps without spending any cash, which may give you a good money in the coming years.

"Pi Network" is a responsive digital currency and mobile mining app. It can be done for free mining till 2021, then once it is listed in Crypto Market, there may be no opportunity for free mining. There are currently 24 million people in the world involved in Pi Coin Mining.


Rules for opening an account on Pi Network (π):


1) Click on this link and download the app from Google Play Store (Google Play).

Or if you go to the App Store from iPhone and search by typing "Pi Network", you will easily find the app. Download and install. Then follow the steps below to complete the registration.



2) Open the Pi Network Apps and enter the phone number or Facebook account.



3) Enter the password (2 times)




4) Type your name according to National Identity Card (NID), Passport or School Certificate: -

(a) First Name

(b) Last Name




5) Type User Name as per your choice.



6) Write in the Invitation Code box: tanvir2112



Then a few messages will come, click on them and go ahead. A new page will appear. Press Arrow at the top left to exit the page. Then by clicking on the Dismiss button, the registration will be completed and Coin mining will start for 24 hours. Now you can close the app. But never Signout / LogOut.

You can see this video by clicking this link It will help you to know how to register in the PI network.






To keep the regular income running - once in 24 hours, you have to enter the apps and start mining. Clicking on the round-white icon will turn it green. Finish by clicking on Dissmiss. After that, even if the apps are closed, mining will be started for the next 24 hours.


Invitation code: tanvir2112



If you want to know more details, you can message me.

Download Link:



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Impact of Mobile phone

In modern ages mobile phone has made a part in human life. It can send and receive news twinkling of an eye. The world has become smaller in circumstances via using a mobile phone.

Uses of Mobile-phone

In global communication where communication is a prime factor which can ensure development by using communicative devices like- automated vehicles, telephone and at the latest, Internet based mobile-phone. Today's all in sectors as education, business, treatment, politics and high officials work are done by mobile-phone.

Any quickly and emergencies issue can solve in a second by using mobile-phone. Suppose if anyone needs to get information or calling someone for any important issues it help immediately, like telemedicine system, psychological consultant, online order etc. via the internet.

Far distance turned into short because of mobile-phone where people can be connected at home in sitting or lying without travelling. Being a handy device, it can be carried anywhere in a pocket, purse, etc. so it’s named as the term ‘mobile’ signifies.

For security and detecting crime, it is used a lot. Using IMEI tracing and call record can possible easily detect crimes.

Cell phone contributes to one’s ability to network and to broadcast a message to the masses. For messages, via social networking like Facebook, Twitter and so on, people can make communication with a group large.

Drawback of Mobile-Phone:

Health hazard: The radiation of mobile phone is causes of cancer, mental disorder, eye problem, physiology and so on.

Abuse by drivers: Mobile phone abused while driving is common. It is generally agreed that many drivers using mobile phone one hand held when their driving. There have been a numerous cases which were occurring by teenage and irresponsible driver. Its can hardly, to keep attention and then distracts human and fall in accident.

Interruption: Like millions of others, one of them may be victim of cell phone abuse. What is cell phone abuse? Let’s say that, one who is wanting to give concentration in any work or having a conversation face to face, then one’s who are 5-10 feet away is talking loudly over a mobile phone is called interruption.

Privacy Invasion: A cell phone over the internet, is a major factor to maintain its privacy, because many of our information and private matters have been there and anyone can attacked anyone’s privacy it may have private picture, video, chat, phone records etc.

Crime: The cell phone not only contributes to detect the crime, but also keep contributing to increase the crime. Criminal gang uses it and easily they can do their offending.

Poison: As with all equipment, mobile phone contains a range of substances that are harmful if they are not disposed properly. It contains a heavy metal such as mercury, lead and cadmium, especially older models, as well as brominated flame retardants in the devices’ printed circuit board and casings. Its substances are linked with cancer and other harmful diseases. If it disposes on a landfill illegally it may disperse its toxic substances by seeping soil and groundwater.

Dumping: If any wastage mobile phone dumped in an illegal way, it may cause many diseases, so recycling is the best way to prevent this problem. Wasting mobile can have reused by recycling. Replacing a mobile phone in every year creates an unnecessary carbon footprint and hazardous waste.

In retrospect, a mobile phone may have used in good or bad purposes by individuals. Being a human we should use it in a proper way. So, it need to all to learn how we use a mobile phone.

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Changing trends

The present age is not marked only for developing an economic zone or welfare organization but also have an importance about socializing, rearing children and psychological support of adults. The kinship extended families are being declined and increasing an intensification of the nuclear family. Now the world sees, women are being associated increasingly with work fields and keeping up their contribution in the economic sector.

In the pre-industrial feudal society, women were working with men in the field. However, In Industrial ages, women left their field work and took their place in the hearth and involved in household activities like- cooking, cleansing, rearing children etc. And only the man became the wage-earner in the family.

After the post war, things are become changed. In the past, men were the authority in a family. Women, are becoming wage-earner alongside with men, they are keeping economic contribution in their family and influence them to take decision in their family. Now, husband and their wives are distributing their work equally and both are helping each other as- to take children to school, to take them consultant and enjoying amusement etc. Being a wage-earner, women can have understood their value of rights and choices. The extended families are falling down, have taken place and are still giving place for the nuclear family.

With respect to increasing industrialization and urbanization the extended families are also falling down. Kinship is declining. In the west, marriages are being broken and the single mother or father is ever on the increase. So as a result the children are being suffered the psychological issues.

Feudal society VS Industrial society

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Global warming is the causes of climate changing. People all of the world are concerned about this problem. There are many reasons are responsible for global warming. Drought, flood, whirlwind ,etc. is occurring by global warming. The main causes are that, day by day, Greenhouse has effected on our climate, emitting smog from a number of vehicles and industries. To overcome and preventing this problem, we have to take some appropriate steps as; by supporting scientist, by reducing fuel vehicles and industries, by alarming peoples.

Firstly, the Government can take support from scientist how a number of CO2 can reduce, because the global warming’s core point is CO2 gas. For this purpose, scientist can take new innovative ideas; how reuses trash and uses wind and solar beams instead of oil and coal to making electricity.

Secondly, the Government can take some laws for individuals and private companies. A number of fuel vehicles must have to be reduced. To give license of vehicles have to be limited and be manages public comfortable transport. According to law, can give reward on private industries, as; which company using limited fuel.

Thirdly, To alarm people, to do conference on the effect of greenhouse. To encourage them to use bi-cycles instead of fuel vehicles.

In summary, It is clear that a lot of things the government can do to prevent global warming. And for keeping up our existence, we all of have to be working with government.

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I learn letters by looking at pictures.

The main thing is to make your children happy. This will make proper use of their intellect and brain.

ছবি দেখি বর্ণ শিখি।

আপনার শিশুদের আনন্দময় শিক্ষা প্রধান করুণ। এতে তাদের বুদ্ধি ও মস্তিষ্কের সঠিক ব্যবহার হবে।

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এইচ.এল.সি. এর নতুন কর্ণধার ফারহানা আজাদ

এইচ.এল.সি. এর নতুন কর্ণধার ফারহানা আজাদ রিফা এবং ইসমাইল আরিয়ান। নির্বাচনের মাধ্যমে ইয়াছিন পমেলকে হারিয়ে সভাপতির আসন পুক্ত করে নিয়েছে ফারহারা আজাদ রিফা এবং সাধারণ সম্পাদকের পদে অধিষ্ঠিত হয়েছে ইসমাইল আরিয়ান। এ বিষয়ে এইচ.এস.এল.সি এর প্রক্তন প্রেসিডেন্ট বলেন নির্বাচন শুধু মাত্র একটি প্রতিষ্ঠানকে পরিচালনা করার জন্য,নির্বাচনের জন্য যেন সংগঠনে ভাঙন না ধরে। সকলকে কাজ করতে হবে কাধে কাধ মিলিয়ে,একটি সংগঠন গড়তে অনেক সময় লেগে যায় তাই সকলের উচিত সমান মত প্রকাশ করার মাধ্যমে সঠিক ব্যক্তির হাতে ক্ষমতা দিয়ে সংগঠনের সেবায় নিযুক্ত হওয়ার সুযোগ করে দেয়া। জানা যায় নির্বাচন অনুষ্ঠিত হয়েছে ক্লাবের এডভাইজর আলি একরামুক হক রমি, প্রাক্তন প্রেসিডেন্ট জাওয়াদ নাকিব, পি.আর রায়হান সামিত, ভাইস প্রেসিডেন্ট মুস্তাফিজুর রহমান এবং ট্রেজারার জাহিদ হোসাইনের তত্তাবধানে।

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যদি সফল হতে চাও!!!!

সবই পড়শোনা করে কিন্তু সবাই সফল হতে পারে না। পড়াশোনাই জীবনের সবকিছু নয়। পড়াশোনা না করেও সফল হওয়া যায়। তবে সফল তুমি হবেই যদি তুমি তোমার জীবনের

অভিধানে procrastination শব্দটি কে স্থান না দাও।


যখন টাইটানিক ডুবছিল তখন কাছাকাছি তিনটে জাহাজ ছিল।

একটির নাম ছিল "স্যাম্পসন"। মাত্র সাত মাইল দুরে ছিল সেই জাহাজ। ওরা দেখতে পেয়েছিল টাইটানিকের বিপদ সংকেত, কিন্তু বেআইনি সীল মাছ ধরছিল তারা। পাছে ধরা পড়ে যায় তাই তারা উল্টোদিকে জাহাজের মুখ ঘুরিয়ে বহুদুরে চলে যায়।

এই জাহাজটার কথা ভাবুন। দেখবেন আমাদের অনেকের সাথে মিল আছে এর। আমরা যাঁরা শুধু নিজেদের কথাই ভাবি। অন্যের জীবন কি এল কি গেল তা নিয়ে বিন্দুমাত্র মাথাব্যাথা নেই আমাদের। তাঁরাই ছিলেন ঐ জাহাজটিতে।

দ্বিতীয় জাহাজটির নাম "ক্যালিফোর্নিয়ান"। মাত্র চোদ্দ মাইল দুরে ছিল টাইটানিকের থেকে সেই সময়। ঐ জাহাজের চারপাশে জমাট বরফ ছিল। ক্যাপ্টেন দেখেছিলেন টাইটানিকের বাঁচতে চাওয়ার আকুতি। কিন্তু পরিস্থিতি অনুকুল ছিল না এবং ঘন অন্ধকার ছিল চারপাশ তাই তিনি সিদ্ধান্ত নেন ঘুমোতে যাবেন। সকালে দেখবেন কিছু করা যায় কিনা। জাহাজটির অন্য সব ক্রিউএরা নিজেদের মনকে প্রবোধ দিয়েছিল এই বলে যে ব্যাপারটা এত গুরুতর নয়।

এই জাহাজটাও আমাদের অনেকের মনের কথা বলে। আমাদের মধ্যে যারা মনে করেন একটা ঘটনার পর, যে ঠিক সেই মুহুর্তে আমাদের কিছুই করার নেই। পরিস্থিতি অনুকুল হলে ঝাঁপিয়ে পড়বো।

শেষ জাহাজটির নাম ছিল "কারপাথিয়ান্স"।

এই জাহাজটি আসলে যাচ্ছিল উল্টোদিকে। ছিল প্রায় আটান্ন মাইল দুরে যখন ওরা রেডিওতে শুনতে পায় টাইটানিকের যাত্রীদের আর্ত চিৎকার। জাহাজের ক্যাপ্টেন হাঁটুমুড়ে বসে পড়েন ডেকের ওপর। ঈশ্বরের কাছে প্রার্থনা করেন যাতে তিনি সঠিক পথ দেখান তাঁদের। তারপর পুর্ণশক্তিতে বরফ ভেঙ্গে এগিয়ে চলেন টাইটানিকের দিকে। ঠিক এই জাহাজটির এই সিদ্ধান্তের জন্যেই টাইটানিকের সাতশো পাঁচজন যাত্রী প্রাণে বেঁচে যান।

মনে রাখা ভাল এক হাজার কারণ থাকবে আপনার কাছে দায়িত্ব এড়াবার কিন্তু তাঁরাই মানুষের মনে চিরস্থায়ী জায়গা করে নেবেন যাঁরা অন্যের বিপদের সময় কিছু না ভেবেই ঝাঁপিয়ে পড়েবেন । ইতিহাস হয়তো মনে রাখবেনা তাঁদের কিন্ত মানুষের মুখে মুখে গাওয়া "লোকগাথা"য় বন্দিত হবেন তাঁরাই যুগে যুগে :)

( সংগৃহীত)

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এই সময়ের জনপ্রিয় কবি অভিলাষ মাহমুদ । জন্ম ১৯৮৭ সালের, ৬- ই জানুয়ারি, চট্টগ্রাম শহরের পূর্ব বাকলিয়া ১৮ নং ওয়ার্ডে অবস্থিত বলিরহাটে । তিনি সংসারের বড় ছেলে মা- বাবা, ৩ ভাই ও ১ বোন নিয়ে তাঁর সংসার। পিতা জনাব মোহাম্মদ ইদ্রিস এবং মাতা জনাবা ছেনুয়ারা বেগম ।

লেখালেখির জন্য এমনই এক অন্তঃপ্রাণ ব্যক্তি কবি ও গল্পকার অভিলাষ মাহমুদ। আপাদমস্তক সাহিত্যকে ধারণ করে আছেন। তার পোশাকেও তিনি সাহিত্যের ছাপ রেখেছেন। স্বগতোক্তি নয়, শ্রদ্ধেয়জন কবিগণ বলেন)। নীতি গত বিষয়ে কবি বলেন বাবার উপদেশ,”কারো সাথে মিথ্যা না বলা ও কাউকে না ঠকানো”-এই দু’টি উপদেশ ধারণ করে এগিয়ে যাচ্ছি, ভালোর সাথে থাকতে চাই, ভালো কাজ করে যেতে


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A simple mask can protect a Doctor! So Protect Doctors by providing N95 Masks. By Protecting Doctor, you can be confirmed as to your medical services in COVID-19 pandemic.

By protecting doctor, we can reduce the death risk of Covid-19 virus. People of Bangladesh are called worthy national resources. So we should keep ourselves safe by protecting doctors & nurses.

So Our Goal is to help 500 doctors by providing authentic masks 2 per doctors. With this in mind, we, the Phoenix Amity Global Cyber ​​Lions Club (141848, District-21 North-USA) and the Lions Club of Chittagong Blue Sky (126841, District 315-B4 Bangladesh) jointly stand by the brave and compassionate doctors. We started our activities from Chittagong Medical College Hospital today at 9.20 am on 25.10.2020. Professor Dr. Mohammad Shameem Hasan MBBS, DCH, FCPS (Pediatrics), principal of Chittagong Medical College inaugurated the program. Lion Aminur Rahman Rafique (Vice President) on behalf of Phoenix Amity Glober Cyber ​​Lions Club under District-21, North USA and Lion Captain Shimul Datta (President) on behalf of Lions Club of Chittagong Blue Sky were present on the occasion. There were also present Lion Nur Mohammad Babu, Zone Chairperson of District-315, B-4, Lion Kazi Iqbalur Rahman Nadim, Zone Chairperson, District 315-B4, IPP Lion Istiaq Mahmud (Blue Sky), Vice President Lion GM Saidur Rahman Mintu (Blue Sky), Dr. Marina Luna, Dr. Saif Uddin Ahmed and several doctors, nurses and medical staff. Lion Shahnaz Rahman, President of Phoenix Amity Global Cyber ​​Club was also present on-line during the event.

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Caffeine, Coffee, Health

Caffeine is the principal active compound in coffee. Caffeine is a natural compound found in a numbers of plant species including tea, cocoa. Generally, a cup of coffee contains 75-100 mg caffeine, whilst levels in brewed tea and cocoa are lower.

Recently more, evidence of health benefits have been emerged to intakes caffeine and coffee. A key issues of taking caffeine and coffee is that it contains hundreds of other biologically active compounds.These coffee compounds reduce oxidative stress, improve the gut microbiome, modulate glucose and fat metabolism. In the contrast, unfiltered coffee increase cholesterol levels.

Caffeine intakes can keep vigilance during tasks of long duration that provide limited stimulation, such an working on an assembly line, long distance driving and flying aircraft. Caffeine contributes to pain relief when added to commonly used analgesic agents.

Caffeine can improve energy balance by reducing appetite.

Coffee consumption, slightly have reduced skin cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Consistently, coffee can help to balance liver health, including lower levels of enzymes reflecting liver damages. And also reduce risk of gallstones and gallbladder cancer.

The effect of caffeine consumption is that, later in the day can increase sleep latency and reduce the quality of sleep. In addition, it can induce anxiety those with anxiety or bipolar disorders. High caffeine intake can stimulation urine output. Quitting caffeine intake after habitual consumption can lead to withdrawal symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, decreased alertness, depressed mood and rambling flow of thought and speech.

Caffeine intake raises blood pressure in the short terms. It causes of coronary artery diseases, strokes and death from cardiovascular. In addition, pre-pregnancy coffee consumption can increase risk of spontaneous abortion.

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Let children grow up in a combination of body and mind development

Man is the best soul created by God, there is no other creature on earth that has the combination of various features that man has. That is why different aspects of human personality are interconnected. From birth to adulthood, a person's body undergoes various physical and mental changes. This change also affects the spiritual position of the person. The soul affects the body, the body affects the soul. The infallible bond between the two is the creation of God, they cannot be separated.

Growing up as an adult is a wonderful experience for parents. However, care must be taken to ensure that the child is given the right growth environment.

The following steps are seen as a child grows up;

1. Mental development in terms of body growth and social environment

A healthy home and social environment are essential for a child to grow up healthy. If the child is scared, or an event causes anxiety in his life, then the development of the body is also hampered. He becomes too shy or timid. He can no longer have a healthy and strong body. Neural and psychological effects are essential for the proper growth of the body. The child needs to be taught at the outset that the environment in which he is growing up is safe. Only then will he be able to develop himself gradually. It is never desirable for a believing father or mother to get sick from the seeds of anxiety and fear.

2. Physical growth due to the effect of mental growth

If the parents are mentally generous, then that positive effect falls on the child. Real parenting teaches the child to think logically, along with empathy. Only if a child learns to understand the pain and suffering of another child can he become a real person. That is what God says. Real Muslims will understand each other's suffering and try to alleviate it. A mentally strong child grows up to be physically healthy.

3. Effects of physical growth on mental growth

Health, fitness, fullness of breath, these again help in mental growth. In fact, physical growth and mental growth complement each other as a child grows older. As the saying goes, 'A healthy body is the basis of a healthy mind.' This fact has been said by various scholars from time to time. The key to happiness lies in the perfect balance of body and mind. If a child becomes ill when he or she grows up, parents should work hard to get him or her back to normal. A sick body also makes the mind sick, thus hindering the growth of a child from all sides.

4. Intellectual test or intelligence test

According to many scientists, whether a person has grown up healthy by being caught in an intelligence test. Scientist Sandwick has shown in his book that the body of an intelligent person is healthy. He tested the intelligence of 423 students out of which only 40 had the best intelligence. A medical examination of these 40 students showed that about 52 percent of the students were healthy and had perfect growth. On the other hand, 40 less intelligent students had physical illness.

That is, both physical and mental development are essential for a child's healthy growth. There is a detailed discussion in Islam about health care and treatment. Islam has given utmost importance to health protection and disease prevention. Despite the warnings, there is a strong urge to ensure proper treatment for any disease. Islam has also emphasized the prevention of diseases. Encouraged to take preventive measures. That is why we see that the things that cause human disease are already forbidden by Islam. It is easy to guess from the description of halal and haram food in Islam.

In a hadith narrated from Wahab bin Abdullah, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, 'Surely your body has a right over you. (Bukhari, Hadith No: 5703; Tirmidhi, Hadith No: 2350)

Protecting health is an obligation of Sharia. The body should not be used arbitrarily. Just as the Qur'an-Sunnah and the Islamic Shari'a have given importance to health care, it has also shown effective ways to be effective. For example, prohibiting intoxicants and taking moderate meals and timely meals. Therefore, every Muslim who strives for health protection demands faith and belief. If a person is ill for any reason, Allah rewards him for his illness. However, if he falls ill intentionally, he will be punished on the Day of Resurrection. Moreover, Islam has encouraged people to stay healthy by following the rules of health rather than getting sick.

The improvement of the body and the mental development are considered to be beneficial. In Islam, taking care of the body is considered as a special good deed, it is believed that the body also has a right over its dependent person.

Wahab bin Abdullah ( ra .), From the reported one Hadith the Prophet ( peace be upon him .) Said , " Verily, your on your body right there. ( Bukhari , Hadith No : 5703 ; Tirmidhi , Hadith No : 2350 )

From this it is understood that Islam has recorded the way of human growth in a very scientific way.

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Other News Bangladesh

Sth Nahiyan (Shekh Taushif Hannan Nahiyan) is a Bangladeshi Singer, Musician, Actor.

Early Life

Sth Nahiyan ( Shekh Taushif Hannan Nahiyan) was born on 7th June 2002 at Koyrahati village of Dhara Bazar union under Haluaghat upazila in Mymensingh district. He studied at Dhara High School, Haluaghat. Then he studied at Dhara Adarsha Degree College, Haluaghat. He was inspired by his mother Syeda Zeebunnahar to become a musician. Then Sth Nahiyan was gradually involved in listening songs and music. After that he started to make his own music.


The Early start of his Music Career

He has released a lot of music. But in 2021, he has released his first music named "My 1st Instrumental Music" and started working in the music industry as a musical artist. His 1st music named "My 1st Instrumental Music" has been published on Spotify on 29 October 2021 and published in many famous platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Boomplay, JioSaavn, Apple Music, Musixmatch, Anghami, Audiomack Snapchat, Facebbok, Instagram etc. After that Sth Nahiyan has released many music. These are — Never Give up, Calm and Cool, It's My Guitar, Guitar and Piano, Simple music 01, Simple Music 02, So Simple, Emotions, Nostalgic etc. Sth Nahiyan's 1st album named “Just Guitar" has been published on 22 November 2021.His another album “Drum Music" has been published on 31 December 2021. This album has 7 tracks. His latest album is “New of Nahiyan" which has 10 tracks has been published on 13 February 2022.

Film Career

Though Sth Nahiyan is a musician, he is a nice actor as well as an outstanding short film director. His first short film was “When Your Father Gets Angry" which has been published in 2021. He has also worked in other films.

Personal life

Family members

Sth Nahiyan's father is a business man. His name is Md. Abdul Hannan(56). Nahiyan's mother is a homemaker. Her name is Syeda Zeebunnahar(53), who inspired Nahiyan to become an artist. Nahiyan has two siblings. They are Fowara Jannat Shaily(16) & Nabila Noushin Jhinuk(25).

Relationship status

Sth Nahiyan has just started his career as an artist. But at present he is single! He lives with his family.

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