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Shrabon Mohaldar is a Bangladeshi musical artist composer and song writer.

Bangladesh's most popular young singer Shrabon Mohaldar.

Shrabon Mohaldar is a Bangladeshi Musical artist, songwriter, Singer, Actor, EDM Producer, YouTuber and Entrepreneur.

He was born on 17th December 2006 in Khulna, Bangladesh. He grew up in joydevpur , Gazipur later moved in khulna .He attended Rongpur moddha para government primary School (passed class 0-5), Rangpur Kalitola high school (passed class 6-7), Baruna Bazar P.D.C high school (passed class 7- 10)

Shrabon Mohaldar is the son of Khitish Chandra Mohaldar and Anita Mondal.

Shrabon Mohaldar started in Dhaka Bangladesh as a music producer online. He later started releasing his originals on major streaming platforms. He first released "Ai Pother Ses by Shrabon Mohaldar" on Spotify in 2022 and then after a few months he released his music on many others international platforms like Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Anghami Music, Musixmatch, Tidal, Resso, Wynk Music, Jana, Hungama, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Shrabon Mohaldar created his popularity & Famously in very short time with lot of love of peoples.

Shrabon Mhaldar'sbest songs are: Tumi ki amake vlobasho, Tumi AmarAmarAmarAmar. Another of his famous songs is: Ai pother Ses. Example : Shrabon Mohaldar is first Music in this album & it's recently release on all platform. He created a YouTube channel which he uses for music and also to teach, provide tips, guide and help fellow producers & artist to fit in the world of Music.

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Md Mizarul Islam Milon

Md Mizarul Islam Milon Born 01 May 2003 Bangladeshi musician, entrepreneur, digital marketer, influencer and internet personality who is mostly known as a web developer rather than a musician. His real name is Md. Mizarul Islam Milan and his nickname is Milan Early Life One Brother One Sister Lives in Panjarbhanga Village in Sherpur District Presently studying in Class XII in Dr Sekander Ali College.

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Saiful Islam Tamim is a Bangladesi musical artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & internet personality Who is Mostly known as a digital marketer rather than Musician. He was born on 20 August 2002 in Bangladesh. At the age of 17, he started his digital marketing & Musician career.

Saiful Islam Tamim is a Bangladeshi Singer,Entrepreneur, Digital Influencer and Motivational Speaker. His interest in singing and music making has made him a familiar face through this medium since the days of his student life. He is now known as a Artist, Entrepreneur, Musician and Motivational speaker in Bangladeshi Film Industry.

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Who is Md Jaber Ahmad BD?

Md Jaber Ahmad BD - Bangladeshi Young Content Creator, (born 26 December 2002) is a Bangladeshi citizen and Journalist, entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Digital maker, YouTuber, Online Activist.


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3. Basically we are acoustic contractor, we do buy acoustic materials and install for our projects. Let us know what you have and we will let you know whether your products suit our application.

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Arif uddin is a Bangladeshi Artist, Singer, Musician , Lyricist ,Song tuner, Digital Marketer and Freelancer who is Mostly known as a All Rounder rather than Musician.

He was born on 10 April 1992, Bangladesh. At the age of 22, he started his digital Entrepreneur & Music career. Arif uddin Recently he has composed a lot of music. Many of his music are becoming famous. He works with great musicians and composes music.

Recently his albums has become very popular. Arif uddin music is being heard and is going viral all over the world.

Arif uddin is a Bangladeshi Singer and music composer. And he has verified badges on various streaming platformlatforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Amazon Music, Apple music, SoundCloud, and many more Platforms. His songs have already become very popular on various social media and on music platforms. In the meantime, he has received verified artist bases and pages on various music platforms.Thus this has helped him emerge as a competent YouTuber on social media, which seemed to have him singing a lot in the music industry.

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Other News Bangladesh

Hamari Pahchan NGO’s Vision: Education for All

What is Hamari Pahchan NGO? It is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to its vision of Education for All. The NGO was founded with the belief that education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone.

How did the vision of Education for All come about? The founders of the NGO recognized the disparities that existed in education and the limited access to education in impoverished communities. They wanted to create a platform that provided equal educational opportunities to all, regardless of social or economic backgrounds.

The significance of education cannot be overstated. Education can lift individuals out of poverty, improve health outcomes, and drive economic growth. It is also a vital tool in promoting gender equality and reducing social disparities.However, despite the importance of education, there are challenges in achieving the vision of Education for All. Poverty, lack of resources, and cultural barriers can all hinder access to education. Hamari Pahchan NGO aims to address these challenges and make quality education accessible to all.

The Impact of Education

Education is the foundation of every society, and its impact is far-reaching. It plays a significant role in not just enhancing our cognitive skills but also in improving overall well-being. Education is the key to unlocking a brighter future and creating empowered citizens. Hamari Pahchan NGO recognizes the importance of education and is committed to ensuring that it is accessible to everyone.

Education has the power to reduce poverty by providing individuals with the tools they need to build a better life for themselves and their families. It increases earning potential and job opportunities and empowers individuals to become self-sufficient. By educating women and children, we can reduce poverty rates and build stronger communities.

Moreover, education has a direct impact on improving health outcomes. Educated individuals are more likely to make informed decisions about their well-being and adopt healthier lifestyles. They are also more likely to seek medical attention when needed and adhere to treatment plans, leading to better health outcomes overall.Education is a catalyst for economic growth. It provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in the workforce, leading to an increase in productivity and innovation. It also promotes entrepreneurship and creates job opportunities, leading to economic growth for communities and the country as a whole.

Finally, education plays a critical role in promoting gender equality. Education empowers women and girls, giving them the tools they need to become leaders in their communities and the workforce. It also leads to a reduction in gender-based violence and discrimination, creating a more equal and just society for all.

In conclusion, education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone. By improving education access and quality, we can create empowered communities and build a brighter future. Hamari Pahchan NGO is doing its part to make this vision a reality, but it takes a collective effort to achieve Education for All. Let’s work together to create a better world through education.

The Work of Hamari Pahchan NGO

Hamari Pahchan NGO is an organization that has made it their mission to provide education to people who are unable to get it themselves. To achieve this goal, Hamari Pahchan NGO’s Drishti Project is making a significant contribution to education by bridging the gap between privileged and underprivileged children in India. Through interactive sessions, distribution drives, and vocational training programs, the organization empowers children and equips them with essential skills for a brighter future. They have reached out to over 11,250 children, conducted 3,000+ distribution drives, and introduced the “Gadgetshala” initiative to enhance learning experiences.

In conclusion, Hamari Pahchan NGO is an excellent example of an organization that is doing invaluable work in helping people to achieve their dreams through education. It is essential to support their vision of providing education to all, especially to disadvantaged individuals so they can have better opportunities and a brighter future. By supporting Hamari Pahchan NGO’s efforts, we can help send a child back to school and make a meaningful impact on their education and dreams. Together, let’s ensure that every child has equal opportunities for a quality education.

The Importance of Community Support

Community involvement is at the heart of Hamari Pahchan NGO’s vision of Education for All. The success of any educational initiative depends largely on the active participation of the community. When parents, teachers, and local leaders are actively involved, the education system becomes more effective, and students are better supported.

Community support is an essential part of the organization’s initiatives. Collaboration with local schools and other organizations is also key to their success. This collaboration enables Hamari Pahchan NGO to identify and address the most pressing educational needs of the community. By working together, organizations can provide a more comprehensive approach to educational support, which yields better outcomes.

The impact of community support on the success of Hamari Pahchan NGO’s initiatives cannot be overstated. The NGO has worked hard to create strong partnerships with local organizations and community leaders, which has helped to ensure that their educational programs remain relevant, effective, and sustainable.

In conclusion, community support is key to the success of Hamari Pahchan NGO’s vision of Education for All. The organization’s community outreach and engagement efforts, along with their collaborative approach, have helped to create a culture of education, empowering underprivileged individuals to create successful futures.


Phew! Education for All – that’s a huge task, but certainly one that is worth achieving. To recap, we have explored the significance of education, the impact it can have on poverty reduction, health outcomes, and economic growth. We also learned about Hamari Pahchan NGO’s approach to making Education for All a reality and the importance of community support in achieving this goal.

But why should we care? The potential impact of achieving Education for All is immense. By providing education to all, we can eradicate illiteracy, reduce poverty, and promote gender equality. It can also pave the way for better healthcare and economic growth, positively impacting individuals, communities, and nations.

To support this vision of Education for All, we must extend a helping hand to organizations like Hamari Pahchan NGO. Whether through donations or volunteer work, we can contribute to their efforts and make a significant impact. Remember, every little step counts.

On a final note, let’s make a conscious effort to promote education and create a better future for ourselves and generations to come. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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