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Saiful Islam Tamim is a Bangladesi musical artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & internet personality Who is Mostly known as a digital marketer rather than Musician. He was born on 20 August 2002 in Bangladesh. At the age of 17, he started his digital marketing & Musician career.

Saiful Islam Tamim is a Bangladeshi Singer,Entrepreneur, Digital Influencer and Motivational Speaker. His interest in singing and music making has made him a familiar face through this medium since the days of his student life. He is now known as a Artist, Entrepreneur, Musician and Motivational speaker in Bangladeshi Film Industry.

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Who is Md Jaber Ahmad BD?

Md Jaber Ahmad BD - Bangladeshi Young Content Creator, (born 26 December 2002) is a Bangladeshi citizen and Journalist, entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Digital maker, YouTuber, Online Activist.


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Arif uddin is a Bangladeshi Artist, Singer, Musician , Lyricist ,Song tuner, Digital Marketer and Freelancer who is Mostly known as a All Rounder rather than Musician.

He was born on 10 April 1992, Bangladesh. At the age of 22, he started his digital Entrepreneur & Music career. Arif uddin Recently he has composed a lot of music. Many of his music are becoming famous. He works with great musicians and composes music.

Recently his albums has become very popular. Arif uddin music is being heard and is going viral all over the world.

Arif uddin is a Bangladeshi Singer and music composer. And he has verified badges on various streaming platformlatforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Amazon Music, Apple music, SoundCloud, and many more Platforms. His songs have already become very popular on various social media and on music platforms. In the meantime, he has received verified artist bases and pages on various music platforms.Thus this has helped him emerge as a competent YouTuber on social media, which seemed to have him singing a lot in the music industry.

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Abdul Kayem Miskat , a Famous and talented face creating a buzz in the world of music platforms

Abdul Kayem Miskat is a Bangladesi musical artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer. Who is Mostly known as a digital marketer rather than Musician. He was born on 15 July 2002 in Cox’sbazar, Bangladesh. At the age of 17, he started his digital marketing & Musician career.Abdul Kayem Miskat is a Bangladeshi Singer, Entrepreneur, Digital Influencer and Motivational Speaker. His interest in singing and music making has made him a familiar face through this medium since the days of his childhood.

In a world of 7 billion People's  every individual has Separate  hobbies, interests, and passions, but one thing that is close to every heart is song & Music.One could hardly find a person who doesn't like the music of some form or the differents.This is the maters  music industries across the nations are flourishing and getting bigger every single year. Thousands of new faces enter this field to make. Mark in the industrys and Abdul Kayem Miskat  is one of them. The young musician from Bangladesh is getting great famous after the release of his first album "Monta re"

He is a verified artist on International different kinds of  platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Apple Music Deezers and many more music platforms.

Music and other popular music apps & platforms of musical  which proves his credibility and briliant as a debutant. His first song 'Monta re" got much popularity

and particularly popular with the young generations girls & boys he claims. His debut album "Tomar Name Likechi Kobita" and second album "Successful Being"

were liked by Everyone.  Now Abdul Kayem Miskat  is passing a very busy time for his new upcoming music "I Feels like". It will be released soon.

His journey of becoming a musicals artist  started from childhood . He was passionate about music, it always gave him motivation to be who he wanted to be. He was always focused on his dream of becoming a singer and composer. Cox'sbazar,tourist capital of Bangladesh , he knew that the path ahead wasn't going to be easy. He started recording with a mobile phone and a microphone and uploaded it on his personal YouTube account.  He says he got thousands of subscribers within a few months, encouraging him to move ahead and compose his first professional album. Abdul Kayem Miskat,  says" If you have extra talent and you are ready to put in your 100% efforts, nothing can stop you, be it any field."Initial difficulties made him realize that budding talent in the industry need a platform to support them to showcase and promote their talent. He started "Abdul Kayem Miskat "Music' in 2021 with a vision to provide that platform, where talent is the only criteria. He says "Famous  platforms don't recognize new talent very soon, which is obvious, but everyone deserves a fair chance, that's what I am trying to provide."A singer, composer, lyricist, and entrepreneur, he dawns multiple hats and the common thread is music. He wants to keep creation  good music to influence positively. He says "Music has immense power to change lives, to heal and to motivate. Good music is welcomed everywhere irrespective of any kind of barrier."

He is commendable not only because of his talent but also about his views and reasons behind creating soulful music. Fame is not what is his motivation behind becoming a musician, it is just the result of the kind of music he is delivering that he has achieved so much Population.

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History of Mahasthangarh: the Most pro Prehistoric studies

Subject: History

Topic: Article

Mahasthangarh is one of the maximum pro and the principle archeological sights in Bangladesh. 'Mahasthan' indicates 'splendid holiness' and 'garh' indicates stronghold. Mahasthangarh is the closing elements of the antiquated metropolis of Pundranagar. It became the capital of the Maurya, Gupta and Sen realms.

Throughout the lengthy term, the webweb page became domestic to Muslims, Hindus and in particular Buddhists. The Buddhist Pala heads of North Bengal managed over this locale from the 8th to the 11th masses of years and it's far from this era that the giant majority of the sizeable closing elements have an area. Among the remnants, more than one relics virtually stand tall and order consideration, and the united states placing is unbelievably tranquil.


It is located far off of 18 km north of Bogra town. It is the maximum pro archeological webweb page of Bangladesh at the western financial institution of waterway Karatoya. The exquisite webweb page is a enormous milestone withinside the area having a reinforced nook. Past the braced place, different antiquated stays fan out interior a crescent of round eight km sweep. A few constrained hills Govinda Bhita Sanctuary, Khodar Pathar Bhita, Parsuram's Castle and Jiyat Kunda embody the invigorated metropolis. This 0.33 century BC archeological webweb page is as but held to be of splendid sacredness via way of means of Hindus. Up to this factor, a big variety of Hindu enthusiasts joined the showering feature at the financial institution of movement Karatoya consistently (mid-April). A go to to the Mahasthangarh webweb page exhibition corridor opens up a extensive collection of artifacts, going from Earthenware items to gold decorations and cash recuperated from the webweb page.


This antiquated archeological and proper webweb page, laid out round 2500 BC, is located at Shibganj upazila of Bogra vicinity. It lies at the western financial institution of Korotoa Stream, round thirteen km north of Bogra metropolis at the Dhaka-Dinajpurpur parkway.

It is time-honored that the leaders of the Maurya line mounted the metropolis. It is the earliest evidence of urbanization in antique Bengal. A wrecked limestone bite from the 0.33 century BC that bears six strains in 'Brahmi' script has been determined there with the name 'Pundranagar' recorded on it.

The complete place is encircled via way of means of a stronghold divider. The oval walled in vicinity estimates 1,525 meters via way of means of 1,370 meters, with a everyday tallness of five meters. Proof has been determined on the webweb page of revolutionary Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim occupation. The Buddhists have been there at minimal till the 11th century. Their maximum outstanding duration became among the 8th and 11th masses of years, whilst the Buddhist Pala rulers of North Bengal dominated.

Past the braced place, there are some different antique vestiges interior a 1/2 of circle of round eight km range. Different hills and cloisters (bihar) are dissipated at some stage in the giant place out of doors the citadel divider. Among them, Bairagir Bhita, Govinda Bhita, Khodar Pathar (stone of God) hill, Mankalir Kunda hill, Parasuramer Prashad Hill, Jiyut Kunda (Well of Life), Godaibari Dhap, Noropotir Dhap, Gokul Medh (Lokhindorer Bashor Ghar), and Bhasu Bihar are mentionable.


Fortress has some passages - Individualized shape Duar withinside the north, Dorab Shah Gateway withinside the east, Burir Fatak withinside the south and Tamra Dawaza withinside the west

There are leftovers of many fascinating systems withinside the citadel. A component of those structures are:

Bairagir Bhita - royal house for ladies - loners, labored withinside the fourth - 5th century Advertisement.

Jiat Kunda - properly which, as indicated via way of means of legends, had nurturing power. As indicated via way of means of legends lifeless soldiers have been resuscitated with its water at some point of the battles.

Khodar Pathar Bhita - Buddhist hallowed region.

Munir Ghon - remarkable stronghold.

Parasuramer Basgriha - citadel of ruler Parasuram, getting used from 800 Promotion to 1800 Advertisement.

Many hills dispersed for kilometers in the direction of the north, west and south from the fortification verify that Mahasthangarh became a real metropolis likewise via way of means of the existing scale. Every this sort of hills conceals a few vast antiquated creation or collecting of designs. The majority of those hills are disregarded up proper up 'til today, but the absolute maximum captivating investigated locales are:

Govinda Bhita -sanctuary of Govinda is located in the direction of the north-east from the metropolis dividers, at Karatoya movement. This is antiquated shape, doubtlessly from the 0.33 century Advertisement, albeit right here had been tracked down historical rarities from the 0.33 century BC.

Mazar - holy burial region of Shah Ruler Balkhi Mahisawar with later fabricated mosque near it. This creation is located on the south-jap nook of stronghold, withinside the webweb page of an antique Hindu sanctuary.

Gokul Medh is determined precisely three km south from the stronghold. This Buddhist spiritual network has an area with maximum remarkable archeological locales round right here. This gigantic creation became exhumed in 1934 - 1936, whilst 172 square visually impaired cells have been uncovered. Gokul Medh became labored withinside the sixth - 7th century Advertisement. On the best factor of this kind of thirteen m tall creation became status stupa that's misplaced at this factor.

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It's a lot of verity in Bangladesh like Omicron that's why government takes steps for people must have to take vacsined every one In job holders .


If you don’t know about Arafat Hossain, then here are some key highlights about him.

Arafat Hossain, the founder of Arafat Media Services and professionally known as Arafat in the internet world, he first started a YouTube channel, but now he has got some other professional tags too.

Besides an Bangladeshi YouTuber, he is also known as a musical artist or an Bangladeshi author. Arafat’s father Bilal Hossain and his mother Ayesha Khatun is a household lady. Now, after senior secondary, Arafat works as a web developer.

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Arafat Hossain, a well-known face among youngster who has been deemed to be the person for compliance of regard with his work always strived hard as a digital marketer and a blogger working to preach the self-accomplishment works which an individual entity can perform on his own base.

Arafat Hossain have helped many people across to build up a Google knowledge graph/panel in giving feedback and accuracy recording on social media platforms he also has uploaded create space files as E-kindle books for marketing as a marketing expert, he introduced to enjoin all the platforms of web search in yahoo and Bing as a search engine optimization including with Google and email marketing to guide the people to get on their social presence which is analyzed by a collective and accurate information of sources that can be used on search results like, Brand, Business, entity or organization for those who have already have a legitimate source like, a product owned by the person, a company/business and private limited registered business entity or a strong source of a person like books, songs, music, television host or film industry etc., are mandatory in claiming the services offered.

Arafat Hossain is also an Entrepreneur and businessman who also has been engaged with Instagram to reach his audience for creating such platforms and letting them know to figure out the solutions in digital world, he has also strived hard in letting his audience to manage their own page & profiles as a digital marketer to focus the work on what you create and what you do, Arafat Hossain being a blogger and content creator managed to have enough cross links in all the fields of web search in using information, Data and URl with similar keywords, he trained people regarding how to use keywords to rank high on search engine by using their name, product or business. In this way one can show their reputation as a real business brand or entity with which one can grow their audience and convert them as your customers/consumers. Further he is also the founder of Arafat digital media (News Company) to establish his courier in promoting people for their works towards a benchmark profile, his motto was always been helping hands for young generations and tomorrow’s leader through blogging and exercising he made win-win chance for all you-tubers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and writers to make prominent authority in their own fields.

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Other News Bangladesh

Sth Nahiyan (Shekh Taushif Hannan Nahiyan) is a Bangladeshi Singer, Musician, Actor.

Early Life

Sth Nahiyan ( Shekh Taushif Hannan Nahiyan) was born on 7th June 2002 at Koyrahati village of Dhara Bazar union under Haluaghat upazila in Mymensingh district. He studied at Dhara High School, Haluaghat. Then he studied at Dhara Adarsha Degree College, Haluaghat. He was inspired by his mother Syeda Zeebunnahar to become a musician. Then Sth Nahiyan was gradually involved in listening songs and music. After that he started to make his own music.


The Early start of his Music Career

He has released a lot of music. But in 2021, he has released his first music named "My 1st Instrumental Music" and started working in the music industry as a musical artist. His 1st music named "My 1st Instrumental Music" has been published on Spotify on 29 October 2021 and published in many famous platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Boomplay, JioSaavn, Apple Music, Musixmatch, Anghami, Audiomack Snapchat, Facebbok, Instagram etc. After that Sth Nahiyan has released many music. These are — Never Give up, Calm and Cool, It's My Guitar, Guitar and Piano, Simple music 01, Simple Music 02, So Simple, Emotions, Nostalgic etc. Sth Nahiyan's 1st album named “Just Guitar" has been published on 22 November 2021.His another album “Drum Music" has been published on 31 December 2021. This album has 7 tracks. His latest album is “New of Nahiyan" which has 10 tracks has been published on 13 February 2022.

Film Career

Though Sth Nahiyan is a musician, he is a nice actor as well as an outstanding short film director. His first short film was “When Your Father Gets Angry" which has been published in 2021. He has also worked in other films.

Personal life

Family members

Sth Nahiyan's father is a business man. His name is Md. Abdul Hannan(56). Nahiyan's mother is a homemaker. Her name is Syeda Zeebunnahar(53), who inspired Nahiyan to become an artist. Nahiyan has two siblings. They are Fowara Jannat Shaily(16) & Nabila Noushin Jhinuk(25).

Relationship status

Sth Nahiyan has just started his career as an artist. But at present he is single! He lives with his family.

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