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Are you thirsty for $Mami? Get ready for the ultimate meme coin experience with $MamiCoin, inspired by the unstoppable professional wrestler Rhea Ripley! Presale is open ahead of the public launch of $MamiCoin, the Binance Smart Chain-based cryptocurrency that's here to dominate the meme token world.

Token Name: Mami Coin

Symbol: $Mami

Network: BSC

Tax: 3% (1.5% Burn, 1.5% marketing)

Total Supply: 10b

But $MamiCoin is more than just a meme token. We've got an exciting roadmap ahead, including consistent marketing pushes, community competitions, partnerships, charity donations, and T1 exchange listings. Together, we'll take $MamiCoin to new heights!

Visit our website at

and follow us on Twitter at to stay updated.

Join our official Telegram group and be part of the $Mami revolution!

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Our Mission Services Contact X Remote monitor service About Us Remote Monitor Service as a Company Dedicated to Customers and all of their computer needs. We are here as a guiding ear to help you navigate and operate computers in a proficient manner. Remote Monitor Service has 20+ years of experience in all

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My Mind Through The Blackmyst (Unedited) Paperback – February 4, 2022

by BlackMyst D Poet (Author), Abrham Norwood (Author), Bridget Giles (Author)

This book is poetry, the life experiences and concepts that created it. From the valley lows, to the mountain highs, poetry has saved this man's life on a number of occasions. This book is to detail the many experiences that have molded his life to where it is now.

Interested People check out the book link and Buy Now on Amazon

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Arts Galore

Arts Galore was born with two primary goals, Firstly we had to react to the virtual world in a unique way that delivers Artists and Content Creators that are sandwiched between the dichotomy of everyday ‘Touch and Vision’ in our current lives with that of equal magnitude in a virtual world. One where an emerging experience awaits, that’s truly dedicated to an embryonic ‘Sensory Gravity in an Illusional World’. Secondly and more importantly to our customers; bringing the digital economy to what we ‘Know to be Real’ and Reencoding mankind on ‘Knowledge v’s that of Perception’, at a magnitude never experienced before on Plant Earth.

Arts Galore has a connection with both artist and environment that celebrate beautiful enriching assets that fit dimensional stability. We now aim to change both ‘Shape and Composition’ to a free vision in ‘Space and Time’ of endless opportunity in virtual media contexts

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I will do unique nft art collection with 100, 1k, 10k nfts

NFT market is developing very fast, now and there are tones of new arts created every day. To get noticted and earn on NFT you have to have unique and custome art done by professionalist

I'm Agra, a professional designer with more than 10 years of experience in the business.

I offer:

  • high quality custom art done with care, I know it’s very important that your clients need to love those to make them sell well.

This offer can be tailored for your needs in terms of deadline, price and art style. That’s why I encourage you to speak freely about your expectations. I hope we could do amazing Art collection together!

Base character/item



Hat /Hair





Mouth / Teeth


Background/ Scene / Blank Colours


I'll Design a character Illustration Photoshop only, with lots of variations for NFT collection purposes. (i can't give any coding support, i just provide Source PSD File, PNG/JPG designs files for your nfts collection)

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My art is a culmination of good tunes/good brew/good buddies. This world is a real beehive of NFTactivity when you're Running with the Devil

check out the NFT Link


Prosper: Five Steps to Thriving in Business and in Life

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business executive or just someone who really wants to achieve success in their life, this book is designed for you. It is an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to living a truly extraordinary life that is filled with joy, happiness, and fulfillment of any dream you can imagine.

check out the book link and Buy Now on Amazon

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Missed Baby Steps: Life Without Firsts

by Joy Harris (Author)

Anyone who has ever loved and lost knows the heartache never really goes away. In Missed Baby Steps: Life Without Firsts, Joy Harris shares how her life changed dramatically overnight when her thriving, active boy, suddenly became still just eight weeks before her due date.

check out the book link and Buy Now Amazon

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Mounkam travelling

VALUE FLIGHTS – HOTELS – TOURS to THE WORLD” EXCLUSIVE DEALS Plan your travels from exclusive travel websites. EASY BOOKING Compare all the top travel booking websites. BEST PRICE Find our lowest of worldwide travels price. HUGE SAVINGS Booking travels with no booking fee and hidden cost POPULAR DESTINATIONS Hotels Flights Paris Hotels Flights Kauai … Home Read More

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I will fix your amazon, shopify, ecommerce product listing or account

Are you having Technical problems with your Amazon Fba, Shopify or eCommerce store? I can help you resolve your issues or at least guide you in the right direction. With over 20 years experience in eCommerce development and marketing, I am the Expert that you need! I can even throw in a little marketing advise that will help you to be a successful seller!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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Canadian Biotech Disruptor Lexston Life Sciences is


To Dominate the $4.7 Billion Psy-che-delics Market


Md. Nadim Mostofa Jibon Who is Bangladeshi YouTuber, Blogger, Artist and Photo Editor.

Md. Nadim Mostofa Jibon, known professionally as Jibon1002, is a Bangladeshi YouTube Personality, Writer, Artist and Singer based in Rajshahi Bangladesh.

Md. Nadim Mostofa Jibon is a popular YouTube personality, who is also a Photo editor, artist and author from Bagmara, Rajshahi. He was born on 2nd October 2004. Md. Nadim Mostofa Jibon did his schooling in 2020 in Mirpur High School. Being a writing student, he came out with 70% marks. His first YouTube channel is Techvid Pro, which he started in 2016. In this channel, he posted some videos done by others, after editing. In 2017, he created another channel with this name Md. Nadim Mostofa Jibon and started posting his contents. His videos are different and he shares Shayri and music videos.

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Metaspace Dudes

Join Here:👉 👈

The marketing geniuses behind many successful projects all over the world are putting together a project which will rock metaverse space.

The name is Metaspace Dudes, join up. You will be able to develop the planet where your Metaspace Dude lives, fight other players, and earn awesome awards, all while having astronomical amounts of fun.

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Pre-Sale is Live! Buy Now using this


HUGE Potential!

Build-in Solana

1) Select Allocation

2) Send BUSD

3) Add SOL Wallet to get the BX Token at Mint Event

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2020 transformed the landscape for American workers and employers—and many of those changes have been permanent …

According to CNBC, 1 in 4 workers will be working remotely in 2021.6 The same report estimates that by 2025, the number of work-from-home employees is expected to climb over 36 million—an 87% increase against 2019 levels.

And while this has been a windfall for both companies and workers, it’s something of a nightmare for cybersecurity … Because instead of connecting from a single, centralized office, employees are connecting to a variety of different platforms from all over the world, with varying connections and security levels for each and every case. Compounding the issue is the admittedly outdated security infrastructure for so many of these companies’ internal networks and digital infrastructure.

According to a recent study from IBM, this is a result of multiple factors including outdated hardware and insufficient security protocols.

But regardless of the cause, the problem is now a reality for thousands (if not millions) of businesses from all over the world.

And only one company is leading the charge to transform cybersecurity standards forever …

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Truth has Arrived: Used, Abused, Ostracized, and Confused

This Book was written by Steven Randolph a black man, that was named the Gadsden county chairmen of the Donald J. Trump for President of 2016 Campaign. Journey with me as I explain how I was, "Used, Abused, Ostracized and Confused".

check out the book link and buy Now on Amazon

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check out the website link

SpecTrue will use VR and AR to provide the best metaverse experience for social networking, education, life skills, income, dating, career training, and therapeutic treatments. VR and AR will allow millions of users unable to leave their homes due to the pandemic, travel restrictions, economic circumstances and anxiety sufferers to simulate the best user environment. We want our users to rejoin the global community.

STRUE, our cryptocurrency, will be used to fund the premium services that will include the creation of individualized AI friends, dating personals, therapy counseling and treatments, individualized special education, and access to our commerce section.

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The Prophetic Matrix: Unlock the Secret Code to Your Destiny

The book is available on 📚 Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Target

What if you could see the unlimited possibilities of your future?

The Prophetic Matrix arrives at a pivotal point in history, establishing a new truth revolution that will guide you into your destiny.

Enter The Prophetic Matrix and journey into the fast-paced world of a rising young rock star as he treks through a tour de force odyssey on a chase after fleeting stardom. The author communicates with a cyber-tech, pop culture perspective, connecting his extraordinary experiences to an illuminating discovery that dramatically alters his future forever.

Jump aboard for a spectacular ride that promises to transform you from the inside out. As you embark upon this captivating adventure, you'll discover the keys that unlock the secret code to your destiny.

Experience The Prophetic Matrix-it's out of this world!

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I will create a set of digital products that you can use and sell online.

Beautiful trendy digital pages that your customers can purchase and download instantly.

Some examples are:

Planning Pages:

Daily planning

Monthly Calendars

Health trackers

Meal planning

School Schedules

Mindset Planning

Business Pages:

supply list

wholesale suppliers

product development

goal setting

marketing planning

market research

coaching printables

Social Media:

IG Feed Planner

FB Post Planner

Pinterest Board Planner

Content Planner


Airbnb guest book

RV Rental guest book

and more!

I have three basic options for you to choose from.

Need a simple set of 10 printable pages? Choose and the 10-page gig. That will include 10 custom pages of digital pages based on your request and visual samples. Same with the 20 or 30-page options.

NEED MORE CUSTOM PAGES? - Reach out and I will be happy to discuss your custom request.

Once the order is placed, we will discuss your style and preferences and I will send you the completed files ready for you to list for resale.

You will receive the following file formats: PDF, PNG/JPG.

Source/Editable Access is available as an option at checkout.

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Reach Your Heights: Gainz Edition

This book contains in detail the proper steps to gain the healthy weight, you've always desired!

  • Unhealthy ways of gaining weight
  • Recommended foods
  • Calorie surplus, maintaining AND most importantly healthy ways to gain the weight desired
  • A guide on foods that give the proper nutrients
  • An encouragement in consistent and heavy lifting to reach your goals

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