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YSense(old clixsense) is for me the best online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. the star of the paid web. Since 2007, it has been a survey platform.

The website has paid more than $ 30,000,000 million to its users

Ysense makes it possible to complete offers from wannads offertoro Adgate Adscend AdGem. In those Offer there are opinion polls, viewing of short videos, etc. very interesting. You will find various panels, such as Peanutlabs, CINT, Speak Up, Tap Research, Opinion Surveys and many others. The minimum earnings per day for a member depends on your activity on the site, but also on your referals.

The minimum amount to withdraw is $ 5 and You can choose from Payoneer, Tango Card and Skrill. During the waiting period for a payment, money can be added to this pending request.

ySense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online with unlimited earnings potential. Affiliates can earn commissions whenever their direct referrals complete surveys, simple tasks and other offers. We make it easy for our ySense affiliates to earn rewards along with the members they refer, enhancing their benefits from our program. Affiliate

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Swagbacks is one of the best sites for which is online for more than 10 years give multiples opportunities to earn money. This site is considered to be the first cashback site on the web.

There are many offers and many polls, videos To play games, Download applications, Search on the net (after about 20-30 searches you will earn points),etc. There is also cashback in bucks on several sites including Amazon,ebay and soo.

Swagbucks has several payment methods including Paypal and the Amazon card.

The sponsorship is 10% for all your godchildren.

The site also has six swagbucks apps on Android.

Here's the list: SBTV, IndyMusic TV, Sportly TV, LifeStylz TV, and EntertaiNow TV. Each app allows you to earn 10SB by viewing videos, totaling 60SB. Which is very interesting!

Since 100SB = 1 $ PayPal

Payments starts at $1. There are many gift cards to choose from and you can get a check. PayPal is an option in some countries.

10 % of your referrals' revenues will be added to your balance.

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Now The site at this moment has over 75000 members and growing very fast.. You earn by simply posting comments and post about faucets gpt ptc and other websites. Post payments and earn $$$.

1500 USD referral contest started on 1st June 2020 will end on 8th august $600 USD for 1st Place

Ways to Earn BMF Tokens is Tokens per valid referral,Tokens per new thread, Tokens per LIKE received, Tokens per new reply, Redeem codes to earn BMF Tokens for free, Participate in raffles to win BMF Tokens, 10% Referral commission per each sale and LOCKING tutorials. Redeem at least 1000 BMF Tokens for $1USD by PayPal, Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, and Skrill.

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GPT1 is also a good site that pays you to subscribe to advertising agencies. It’s very profitable especially in Europe and they pay only in Euro.

The principle of the site is to make you earn points, called Token, which you can then turn into EUR and receive Paypal. There is no limit payment, apart from 15cts a tax is levied on all requests for payment, so the payment limit is 15 cents. It's best not to demand payment as soon as you earn 20-30 cents, but to demand payment directly after assemble 200-300 token.

Once everything is completed, the token does not emerge like this, you must update the site and you will see your Tokens.

If you do not have your token, wait 15-20 minutes while her put them.

So, it'll just make a request to receive your winnings on Paypal [IMG]

For that, make sure you have a minimum of EUR 0.15 (EUR 0.15 fee) and go to the "Shop" tab and then "Payment Method" select "Paypal" (Also available: AlertPay, MoneyBookers, Neteller and Hipay ) and in the "0Gold" box put the number of EUR you want to send.

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Getpaid is one the best website for multiple earnings opportunities with a low minimum payout which is only $0.5.

In fact, you can get paid for doing much more than that - such as filling out surveys, watching videos, transcribing text and much more! Join the site and watch the video above to learn can earn also by referals(30℅ of the earning).

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Veuro is also a good website to earn online with Multi-remunerations. With only minimum payout of 5.00 EUR, VEuro can validate the payments (which are usually on Monday). This site GPT / Sites Multi-remunerations accepts Paypal and the bank transfer as a means of payment.

A member can indeed earn up to $ 30 per month. The principle being very simple, it is enough to carry out different actions every day. This can be a subscription to a partner site or a newsletter

You an also earn by referals (9% commission is sent directly to each sponsored member. In addition, 4% of winnings are sent for each sponsored user at the 2nd level). For the 3rd level, the percentage is 3%.

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7.GPT Bonus

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GPT Bonus is also a site for Multi-remunerations. With this website.It is possible to request payment as soon as you reached the sum of 5 € and you can expect to receive money in 0. Codes, Gifts, Bank check, Gift voucher, Skrill, Paypal are available payout methods. You'll earn 20 % of your referral earnings.

This website is available in english, french.

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8.Keep Rewarding

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Keep Rewarding is a GPT website which is online since in 2012. When you join, keep rewarding give too many opportunities to earn money like: Figure Eight, surveys, offers, videos, paid to click and contests are available.

Figure Eight: Earn points doing micro jobs.

Surveys: Survey Wall, Jungle Offerwall, Live Surveys, Opinion Capital, Peanut Labs, Pollfish,

Revenue Wall, SaySo Rewards, Tap Research, Theorem Reach and Wannads Surveys.

Offers: Adgate Media, AdGem, Admantium, AdWork Media, CPA Lead, Kiwi Wall, Offer Daddy, Offer Wall, OfferWallAds, oToro, Peanut Labs,, Revenue Universe, Skippy Ads, Wall Ads and Wannads.

Videos: and Videofox.

Paid To Click: PTCs, CPCs, AdClick Wall, ClixWall, Minute Staff and soo.

You can withdraw your found py passing by Amazon gift cards PayPal Cash and Tango Card

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PointsPrizes is one of the most excellent GPT website that you can find. Here you get paid with points by completing a lot of differents offers that the website offer you, and claim your prizes (Gift Cards from a lot o platforms) when your profits reach the minimun of 3000 points ($20).

When you join you get access to offers like: Surveys,

Platforms registrations,Daily pollPlay web games (you get paid per which level you reach). The website is very user friendly, with a professional design, and a lot of offers that made your time here a good invert. There is a powerful referral program that burst your profits with a 10% of all of your referrals incoming.

Some of the prizes consist in (all Gift Cards):PSN Codes, PayPal Money, Google Play Codes Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Codes, Bitcoin, Ebay Gift Card, iTunes Gift Cards,and many others.

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10.Grab Points

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Grab Points appears as one of the usual app revenue, through which accumulate points to be converted into awards of performing simple tasks: download app, complete surveys, answering the questionnaires of "general knowledge" (the so-called Trivia 15 points) and watch video advertising.

Most profitable is offerwall.

The prizes you can take are very varied: Steam gift card, iTunes, of, Facebook Credits and my much adored charging Paypal.

I reached the 3,000-point mark, I asked the credit of $ 3 to my account, but there are denominations of $ 5 (5000 points), $ 10 (10,000 points), $ 20 (20,000 points) and $ 50 (50000 points).

You can also earn by referral, by gaining immediately 500 bonus points in every referral you will have 100 points as soon as the referral will reach 1000 points.

Payments are made, usually within 48 hours and with me were very accurate.

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The best bitcoins faucets websites

1. FreeBitcoin

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FreeBitcoin is the best bitcoin faucet available this time. With one rool per hour, You have the chances of winning up to $200 in their free spins.

There is also too many offers available like multiply your bitcoins up to 4750X by playing the provably fair Hi-Lo Dice Game.

There is also Casino Promotions which can give us high chances of earning bitcoins Such as: 10 of their persons or user with highest referral wager volumes may win up to $10000+, you may participate in monthly Wagering Contest and win up to $20000+, thereis also lottery tickets which may help us to win up to $4,500, You may be also rewarded for your loyalty with 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x reward point bonuses,…

Then I highly recommend this website and win bitcoins in all your daily life with/without invest.

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Nowadays cointiply is one of the best bitcoins faucet that I prefer. Firstly there is a faucet every day to boost your loyalty bonus to 100%.

A part from that there are differents offers like have six ways to earn bitcoins using Cointiply. You have to complete offers to earn more bitcoins every day. And you can play the multiplier and multiply your coins up to 61x.

There are also complete surveys every day to earn thousands of coins And you can complete tasks to level up and watch too many videos and earn reward points.

You get also access to interest on your coin balance when you reach 35,000 coins

I can’t finish without saying that you can earn 25% of all your referral claims and 10% of their offer earnings for every person that you referred


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MoreMoney is also one of the best websites for faucet. This can help you tou claim up to 500,000 FREE Bits every 1 hour.

A part from faucet, you may also see some offers like Earn Bits by visiting shortlinks up to 400 satoshi, Earn Bits by visiting websites up to 36 satoshi per click, Earn Bits by completing offers, etc.

Thre are others indirect offers like Lottery, Shortlinks Contest

, Levels, Activity Rewards Jobs, Investment Game, Offerwalls Contest and soo.

There is also Referrals program which may help you to earn up to 25% commission for your referral activity.

Payments are also easy and faster directly to your Bitcoin wallet

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4. Moon Bitcoin

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Moon Bitcoin is one of the best and the rare faucet which may allow you to caim as often or as little as you like, there is no limit of times(1hour,1day...).

Their system count the time to leave the site and so the longer you leave it, the more you can make higher claims, you can choose to claim a smaller amount every five minutes or visit the faucet once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away.

The faucet usually, gradually fills up quite quickly initially, but it will slow down over time until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it, the more you can make higher claims.

You can choose to claim a smaller amount every five minutes or visit the faucet once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away.

There is also daily loyalty bonus. You sart with 1% per day, up 100%. For example, if you made a claim yesterday and then make another claim today, you will get a bonus of 1% on top of your usual claim amount. If you then claim again tomorrow, your bonus will increase to 2%, then 3% the day after and so on up to 100%.

There is also offers and surveys. For every offer and survey completed within the last 30 days, you will receive a 5% bonus added on to every faucet claim that you make.

And also every refer that you find, all the claims that your friends make on the faucet, you will receive a 50% lifetime commission.

Every satoshi that you earn is sent automatically in your wallet(to your CoinPot account.), then don’t wait to join this website 100% legit and free.

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5. BonusBitcoin

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BonusBitcoin is one of the high paying bitcoin faucets. It can help us to claim up to 5,000 satoshis every 15 minutes in this the faucet site.

To ensure high bitcoin claims the faucet adjusts the rate based on several factors, including, the BTC v USD exchange rate and the advertising income.

There is also 5% of bonus given to your current account balance at the end of each day if you had made at least one faucet claim the previous day.

When you invite a friend you get 50% commission from every claim that your friends make from the faucet.

All BonusBitcoin payments are instantly sent to your CoinPot account.

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Bitcoinker is also a website which can help you to roll up to 100,000 satoshis every 5 minutes.In this website you don’t need to sign up to start with Bitcoinker, but you entering your bitcoin address, solving the captcha and then you click to “Claim Bitcoin” button.

There is also a way to earn bitcoins by claiming bitcoins only 124 times in 24 hours.

There is also some bonuses that you earn like Bitcoinker rewards its loyal users on their payouts. There is also seniority bonus for active users of up to 10% to 30% on all direct payouts upon more than 151 days of using Bitcoinker.

Another way of earning is to refer your friends with referral link and get a 10% referral.

Don’t wait to join this one also to get some money.

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Other News Burundi
Latest news Bujumbura - here are the news of nearby cities
World news

На Харківщини держаудитори виявили порушення у закупівлях на суму майже 5 млрд гривень.

Держаудитори Харківщини, незважаючи на початок 24 лютого повномасштабної війни та активних бойових дій на території міста Харкова, продовжили виконувати свої завдання та не зупинили проведення моніторингів та перевірок публічних закупівель.

Фахівцями Північно-східного офісу Держаудитслужби постійно проводиться аналіз процедур публічних закупівель (оприлюднених на веб-порталі та виявляються ознаки порушень законодавства.

За результатами 707 моніторингів (перевірка процедури закупівлі проводиться дистанційно) публічних закупівель, загальним обсягом 9,2 млрд грн, встановлено порушення у сфері закупівель, по закупівлях на суму понад 4,7 млрд гривень.

За результатами проведених моніторингів, по 94 процедурам закупівель, держаудиторами попереджено, незаконні витрати бюджетних коштів на загальну суму понад 700 млн гривень.

За результатом складених аудиторами висновків про результати моніторингу процедур закупівель, замовниками здійснено відміну результатів 33 торгів на суму 274 млн грн та розірвано 61 укладених з порушенням договорів на суму понад 426 млн гривень.

Також, у результаті проведених держаудиторами Харківщини 27 перевірок закупівель (фактична перевірка за місцем знаходження замовника) загальною вартістю 122 млн грн, виявлено порушень законодавства у сфері закупівель по 13 процедурах на суму майже 16 млн гривень. Зазначений показник виявлених порушень перевищив показник 2021 року на 831 %.

Так, під час одної з перевірок закупівель держаудитори виявили, що посадові особи КП «Богодухівжитло» за рахунок коштів місцевого бюджету здійснили оплату у розмірі 740 тис. грн. за 200 тон асфальтобетонної суміші, які фактично на момент проведення перевірки не були поставлені підприємству.

Як підсумок, також необхідно зазначити, що вжитими держаудиторами Харківщини заходами, підконтрольними установами усунуто порушень законодавства у сфері закупівель на суму майже 26 млн грн, що в 25 разів перевищує, показник 2021 року.

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Call Now: 0321-4822266


Best Escorts agency in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We providing you a great opportunity for making your life some moments special and relax able.

We have top class Escorts profiles and every type of girls that you want to us for any purposes for full night.

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So, then contact us for booking.

Just in one call make your night enjoyable and comfortable and select your bed partner for full night.

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Quién es Miguel Fernandez Arcos, el influencer que busca comerse España y el mundo con sus aventuras

El artista de 24 años, se encuentra incursionando en el mundo de la producción, cryptos y además como beat maker, todo un artista multifacético.


El trono de Miguel Fer, como lo conocen sus amigos está todas las redes y plataformas, con mas de 2 millones de followers en Instagram, Fernandez es todo un furor con las promociones y canjes en la plataforma de Facebook, donde constantemente sube fotos de todas sus hazañas y aventuras.

Se comenzó a hablar mucho de el el año pasado, cuando dejó la vida de experto en las Cryptos para aventurarse en todo lo que es la producción musical y los viajes, es considerado un traveler de primera calidad, siendo muy cotizado por marcas lujosas de todo el mundo.

Un cambio radical

En su vida ya que comenzó a dedicarse de lleno a la creación de contenido, lo cual le ha resultado muy rentable, no dejando de lado su vida aventurera y su espíritu de joven salvaje.

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First African Distance Learning University is Legit .

Accreditation/Recognition as Follows :

(1) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) Accredited after scoring 100 points which is above the expected average 40 points on self assessment of his institution by CCLP World Wide Accreditation on 12/28/2020 .


(2) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is also a registered member of European Council For Business Education ,

Registration date: 2021-07-19 17:54:52 ,

User ID : 770 ,

Status : Active Profile Registered .


(3)First African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is Registered as a Member of Association of African Universities,

Registration Number : AAU/OMU/20210301/163 .


(4) First African Distance Learning University (FADLU) is Incorporated as a private company limited by Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria .

(5) first African Distance Learning University (FADLU ) is Recognised by National University Commission (NUC )



Issued on Dec 28, 2020


First African Distance Learning University, FADLU was founded on 28Th December 2020 by Hon , Chime . I. Giland .

First African Distance Learning University, FADLU Established On December 28th 2020 - Liaison Officer In Nigeria.

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Captain Shrimp BBQ Grill Holiday Season and

Lunar New Year Menu 2023

A special occasion like holiday for extraordinary food. Whether your gathering is big or small, casual or formal, here’s the spread you need to create a crowd-pleasing holiday feast. The chefs at Captain Shrimp Petaling Jaya responding to present day demands with new approaches and new products and consumer's increasing reliance on the caterer for the nutritional balance of menu intake, hence new menu added such as below :

Classic with a twist is certainly a theme here where the humble slider is given an extra makeover. Sink your teeth into the new Ultimate Slider Series (mini burger) with varieties of Beef Bacon, Dual Cheese, Crispy Fish & Chicken Ham. Red Cheddar, Dill Pickles, Mustard, greens, secret sauce and onion rings sneak into the mini burger to provide meaty mouthfuls and the whole dish is served in 10 nos.

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Many cultures around the world eat mashed potatoes for Christmas. It involves the same process of boiling and mixing them together with milk, butter, and herbs. Shredded Beef bacon.diced chicken added for extra kick

Classic Roast beef

Rubbed with a savoury mixture of garlic, lemon zest, and herbs & slow-roasted to perfection.

Spicy Shrimp Corn Salsa

awesomely simple, light, and refreshing salsa topped with fresh shrimp and corn

Braised Lamb Shank

Tender lamb slowly simmered with fresh rosemary, garlic , tomatoes, this masterpiece is perfection to light up the holiday dining for 5 – 6 people. includes: 2 leg of lamb

(Approx. 1kg), mashed potatoes, Black Pepper Sauce,Mint Sauce

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Breast

The rub that's on there along with the smoke infused from the charcoal make this a great tasting dish. Salt and pepper add the basic savuory and slightly spicy element. Paprika provides a red hue and smokiness if using the smoked variety. Cumin is nutty, earthy, and bitter, while coriander adds a lemony, sweet, floral note. Garlic powder and onion powder add a roasted allium taste instead of raw and intense.

Fried Mozzarella

You just can’t beat the gooey, stringy, fatter version and utterly yummy taste sensation that you get with this addictive dish

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Essential BBQ side dish with that buttery, smoky, is a magnificent combination of flavors. Perfecto!

Oven Baked Potato Skins

Absolute favourite appetizer! These easy baked potato skins are deliciously crispy with a garlic buttered exterior and then fully loaded with beef bacon, cheese and green onions

Smoky BBQ beef ball

combines ground beef and Italian sausage to create delicious meatballs with a sweet and smoky barbecue twist.

Beef Bacon Aglio Olio

Unique pasta sauce made from garlic and oil and with fat left from cooking bacon slices


a baked burrito with fillings such as black beans, corn kernel, red sauce, greens and red cheddar

Apple Coleslaw

This tasty and refreshing apple coleslaw has the perfect balance of crunch, sweetness, and tang. Red and white cabbage, carrot, granny smith apple, mayo, vinegar made this a great dish to serve at a summer meal alongside your favourite entrees!


Typically consists of a combination of meats, vegetables, cheese, corn tortilla and enchiladas sauce

Nachos with Salsa & Queso dip

Nachos with salsa is a quick snack made using nachos chips. Served with uncooked salsa and creamy cheese sauce.

Beef Bacon, Corn & Peas Salad

These ingredients added with lettuce and tomatoes, the flavors are terrific and the ingredients and ratios are very flexible

Strawberry-Chocolate Bread Pudding

This pudding benefits from an extra-special touch from melted chocolate & strawberry sauce poured over the top after the baking process. The end result is creamy, gooey, and oh-so irresistible.

Captain Shrimp Chinese New Year Feast Of Abundance menu this year comes in a set with Tex-mex twists and East meets West combo (8pax and 12pax servings), one will definitely be spoilt for choice. The festive takeaways/delivery, also on the other hand, come with indulgent seafood and meats that are bound to keep you stuffed even after a night of revelry at home. Expect Captain Shrimp iconic dishes like the Butter Cereal Prawn, Grilled Otak-Otak, Orange Boneless Chicken, Tuna Quesadilla, Famous BBQ Wings, Mushroom fungus pasta, Strawberry Chocolate Bread Pudding. Sets available from 16th January 2023 to 27th January 2023.

We're sure you're as excited as us to get together with your loved ones ! So whether it is the office/home party or getting the family together before an event for MIni Catering (drop-off buffets concept) that include all food as well as brown paper plates, black cutleries and aluminium foil disposable with delivery charges promotion available all time. There really is something for everyone at Captain Shrimp Petaling Jaya daily. Do WhatsApp us and we'll help you with your reservation here


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Chances are you are in pain RIGHT NOW and that you’ looking for a spell to get ex your back. We were so what in the world you are doing here. After 15 years we know our potential clients and we want you to take the next few moments to simply learn how these “Modern Love Spell Attraction Energies Work” If anything, you will learn something I bet you never knew! Let’ move on…


Again, we can almost be certain you may feel strange visiting a “Love Spell Caster” but please just hear us out!

The term “Spell Caster” is not quite accurate and Seeking help when you need it is fine in EVERY other aspect of life, correct? Why not matters of the heart?

Above our client’s FAST RESULTS, we want you to feel COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with our powerful and very effective spell-casting service.

A service we have offered the WORLD successfully for over 15 years and between 8000 and 10,000 couples reunited!

For over 15 years have been helping people JUST LIKE YOU and in FAR WORSE situations than yours, get back together with the love of their life with our effective and powerful Love Spell Casting.

Love spell to get your ex back.

A Broken heart is no joke and is EASILY one of the WORST PAINS there is.

Order this Bring Back your Ex Lover Spell also known as spell to get ex your back and let our professional love spell caster cast this spell for you.

When you order this spell we will do the spell for you.

Please email us the following details to email: [email protected]

Your Name and Your Date of birth

Your Ex’s Name and Date of birth

A description of your situation.

A photo of each of you

We are looking forward to help you with the spell to get ex back.

I have extensive experience casting this type of spell.

Trust and you will be granted that person’s will.


5 Power levels are available for the Bring Back Your Ex Lover spell, for all situations and income levels. The tougher the case, the higher the power level we recommend. All levels are powerful but higher level castings work faster and again, are best for tough cases that other spell castings might have failed or for where you just want the best possible outcome for your Bring Back Your Ex Lover Spell

If you are seeking a REAL LOVE CHARM / SPECIAL LOVE CHARM CASTING then look no further. Our Love Charms WORK and WORK well!

South Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, UAE, Kenya, Austria, Australia, Botswana, Malta, Brunei, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Hong Kong, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, Swaziland, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, German, Chile, Argentina, Belarus, Poland, Fiji, Italy, Spain, Wales, Bahamas, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Serbia, Palau, Malaysia, Kuwait, South Korea, Algeria, Moroc

Call : +27633953837

Email: [email protected]

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