When you've been unconsidered all your lige through and nobody have been interested in your

ideas, you develop a kind of pathology that i call unwantedphobia. When you have this

pathology, you are always in fear of what people would think or say when you make any action and

you are always wondering if you won't be rejected, or less considered for something that you've

sayed or did. Hence, you rather keep your mouth shut all the time and hide your emotions

everywhere in other not to hurt anyone. It leads you to become very very introverted, and making

new acquaintance become a real challenge, because you don't know how to proceed to keep them so that

they son't run away, when they discover your personnality, All the time you are ust pretending.

Unwantedphobia is a very dangerous pathology We must never allow anyone to develop it

if you're suffering of it right away, The only cure, to it is to affirm yourself everywhere you are

regardless of what anyone would say and surely, you'll be cured"