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First Brazilian ukulele album was released in 2018 by João Tostes

The ukulele started to be played by João Tostes since 2010. He was a guitar player, using both the acoustic and the electric guitar. But the ukulele took its place and changed Tostes' life and musical career.

In 2015, he started the Toca Ukulele Project, one of the most successful ukulele projects in Latin America. He plays and teach many different subjects around the instrument in his Youtube channel.

His first ukulele instrumental album was released in June of 2018, called naturæ. It means "the nature of". In this case, this is the Tostes' nature. Ten songs played alone or with his friends Diogo Fernandes on the bass and Felipe Moreira on the piano. A mix of experimental, world and Brazilian music.

One year later, Tostes' was the first musician in Brazil to be featured with the ukulele in an open TV channel that covers the entire country. 2017 was also his first time abroad - playing on the 5th Czech Ukulele Festival. It was also the first time a Brazilian musician was playing the ukulele in a international festival.

But the naturæ album was markable: with the album, a composer and a great musician were revealed to the public.

The album was sold in some Ukulele Festivals around the world and it's also available in all the digital platforms. You can find all the details at

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