Many millennium had refined

The aspirations changed

Even the past became the past.

From the summit of a mountain to the bottom of the lake

The beauty of nature


My source of imagination

Is the appealing flags

That wave in honor and for glory.

Developing my inspiration with you into the future

And the sucess shall taste sweeter for us.

Found happiness in my self through you and learned to move on.

So now the time has come

To make it happen

So our sucess shall be preserved

Let the people know the path we forged for the greater tommorow,

And the growth of our heavenly country.

Now as time develops

We shall too.

We shall hold hands and take the path to the

Greater tommorow that awaits.


But COVID-19 is much more than a health crisis. By stressing every one of the countries it touches, it has the potential to create devastating social, economic and political crises that will leave deep scars.

We are in uncharted territory. Many of our communities are unrecognizable from even a week ago. Dozens of the world’s greatest cities are deserted as people stay indoors, either by choice or by government order. Across the world, shops, theatres, restaurants and bars were closed in Bhutan.

Our king have been supporting our country

since the pandemic has begun and has donated more than thousands of masks in whole schools.

A global response now is an investment in our future so let's help ourselves from getting that virus.


  • Wear a mask in public.
  • Maintain a safe distance from others.
  • Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Get vaccinated etc...


Father and Son Reunion After 24 Years of Search

A Chinese man who spent 24 years riding a motorcycle across the country searching for his missing son has finally found him.

Guo Gangtang’s experience is what the 2015 road movie Lost and Love, in which Hong Kong actor Andy Lau starred for free, is based on.

The two people accused of abducting Guo’s son in 1997 have been arrested, said the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

Guo, 51, and his wife cried and hugged their son Guo Xinzhen when the family was finally reunited in Liaocheng, Shandong, on Sunday, state media CCTV reported.

“My baby, you came back!” said the mother whose name was not released, the video report showed.



Letter from the distance,

Expressing my true love,

Tens of words with nonsense,

But beautiful lines like a dove.

Early morning if the sun rise,

It's nature that it sets in west,

But your true love never dies,

Giving the warmth love with the best.

If I happen to face any problems,

You were there always with solutions,

Clearing the bushes which was on my way,

And creating the best memories all the day.

Your Heart with the swing of true kindness,

Keeps me away from the world of sadness,

Like the Jonas in the novel of "The Giver",

Brought lights and colour for life long hour.

Guiding me to turn over the new leaf,

Was the best story to narrate for the person,

Powering to hear probably for the deaf,

And for blinds to imagine with best creation.

Like the unmovable large rocks on the soil,

Let your true love be precise on my heart of soul,

Crafting with inks on paper the story of dual,

Printing with imagination of our love achieving goal.



Second April...twenty twenty one.

Early six in the morning my phone boomed with the ring. I was not in the position to accept that. I rubbed my eyes hard which made my eye blur. I saw two blur colours green and red screening on the gadget, out of two I swiped up the green one. "Happy birth day Leki" a beautiful and soft voice of lady spoke out. "Thank you, so much" was my reply to her. Call ended and i was unable to do displacement to the sleep. So I switch on wifi. No sooner then messages screened on the phone. I clicked on that each and every messages. There were beautiful lines and wishes for me. Acknowledging to all the wisher time flowed to an hour. Sun started growing behind the peaks and without any invitation rays entered my room from the window and birds without permission started making beautiful tunes. i went for breakfast and enjoyed the taste of ingredients with hot cup of tea.

Class started for tourism fundamental II. Lesson was amazing about the beautiful attractions all over the world which made my minds to fly over that places. I along with class mates gathered at assembly ground wearing a jacket and masks. Soon bus turned a way to move. We entered and took a sit on the seat.

Bus accelerated down the roads featuring long and green trees through windows. Finally bus stoped at Jigme Namgyal pry school, we stepped out the exit door and marched inside through the gate. Dessups checked the fever pointing the machine. Further lined up to register for the vaccine. After many steps i was finally at the vaccination room. I was glad that i was the very first person amongst the mates to receive the corona virus vaccine. A sharp pointed nails screwed through the cells of my skin. Mentally I thanked our Majesty for the blessings he gave to all the bhutanese in this situation. I did not felt any pain from that vaccine but I felt helpless who had. Thirty minutes being in the observation room without any symptoms i felt safe from getting virus. I walked directly to the room and took a sleep hoping for the best form next hours.

I ate cakes when i was with parents and received many memorable gifts but my turning 19 gift was unique and great ful even more.

Thank you your majesty for the gift.

I got life saving vaccine on my birth day how lucky I am...

Proud of being Bhutanese!!!


Fictional last lovers note....

We felt in the soul of millions love,

Like a cloud stream got from dove,

Shared our truth without a single drop,

Trusted duo but suddenly life cropped.

We shared off to our parents,

But left our words in barren,

Without thinking of our heaven,

Life proceeded meeting for short like Raven.

Yummy Cream of life went down,

Started to think I had lost my crown,

From the societies of the amazing town,

Now I see beautiful nature's widely brown.

Thinking about the memorable past,

I could still manage to continue till last,

But now it is miles enough so my brain blast,

With many though I walk away with the trust.

Lovers may roll down their thousand cry,

But I know It will soon lead to perfect dry,

Just with say "died for his love" without a try,

Being in true love which could make you fly.

Turning over a new leaf from the world,

Shaking legs to make my new life bright,

With hook or crook I should be bold,

To get down to normal unlike past destiny.

Let our decision not lead others in negativity,

We are doing for our love being subjectivity.

Be at right track and follow positivity,

If the amazing world become objectivity.

Have a good reading...

Lek Pel



Are you there to share more of your writing....


Sham Kumar Launches His Second Book!

Sham Kumar Monger is the author of Love Twist: The Day That Changed Their Lives. He launches his second book, poetry.

1 When did you start writing?

I do not remember but I started getting serious since I was in class 10.

2 How did you come up with the plan to publish this book?

Actually, I did not intend to publish it but as I was showing a number of poems that I wrote to my friend, he insisted me to publish it.

3 What is this book all about?

This is about life— different shade of colours that make our life colourful. Love, nature, relationship, etc.

4 Do you have upcoming plan?

Yeah, I do have. I am currently planning to write a book on love and destiny but I do not know when I will start writing...(laughs)

Sonam Dorji.