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YNR Galen the next big thing??

Galen Aden Smith also know as YNR Galen is a platinum producer. He was born on April 22 2002 And didnt start making music when he was 13 Years old. YNR Galen Is Still Attending High School In Belize. Galen Smith. Also Delt With Love Problem. He said in an interview that all the pain he has gone through his life he raps about it in his song. YNR Galen Could Be The First Belizean Artist To Hit 100,000 Plays On His Album On Audio Mack

The 18-Year-Old Artist Who Started Rapping At The Age Of 12 At His Primary School Could Be The First Belizean Artist To Hit 100k Plays On An Popular Music Site. YNR Galen Is The Most Stream Artist On Audio Mack With His Album ( YNR Vs The World ) Debut At #189 On Audio Mack.

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A group of anthropologists from Louisiana State University (LSU) excavated in Belize a high-quality and very durable Mayan tool made from jadeite.

The opening is described on the university website. Anthropologists discovered an amazing artifact when examining an ancient salt mine.

This is a tool made of high quality translucent jadeite, a green mineral. Even the wooden handle has been preserved, and it is in very good condition.

The handle is made of bayi - the so-called rosewood. According to scientists, the combination of these materials suggests that salt mining played an important role in the economy of the classical Maya period over 1000 years ago.

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