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Jayforegin Release his new song called alright on April 26TH


AND HIS age IS 19 years old

he hit 51k plays on SoundCloud and

has 27 monthly listeners on Spotify hopefully he will drop more music in the near feature can’t wait


Canadians can now donate money or Aeroplan points to help Ukrainians fleeing the war with Russia get to Canada.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says the goal of the Aeroplan fund is to pay for flights to Canada for at least 10,000 Ukrainians and their families who have received entry permits.

This program will be in addition to the targeted charter flights to transport Ukrainians to Canada, announced earlier by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

More than 54,000 Ukrainians have already received permission to come to Canada, where they can live, work or study for three years.

Reception of donations began on April 20, but details on how Ukrainians will be able to receive money will not be known until a few weeks later.

The program will be managed by the charity Miles4Migrants, the Shapiro Foundation and Air Canada.

Miles4Migrants will help Ukrainians book commercial flights to Canada using donated funds or Aeroplan points on a first come, first served basis.

Miles4Migrants expects people to be able to use the Aeroplan program and fly to Canada for free as early as next month.

At a press conference, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that a corporate partnership with Air Canada is “one of the most efficient and effective ways Ukrainian refugees can travel to Canada,” especially given that Ukrainians have spread across Europe after fleeing their country.

“It would be hard for me to find a more efficient or effective way to help as many people as possible,” he said.

Frazier said the system is better than directly offering cash to people who are thinking about coming to Canada, as they can change their mind and use the funds for other purposes.

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Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that Canada and "a number" of allies withdrew from Russia's participation in Wednesday's group plenary session of the G20 finance ministers' meeting.

In a series of tweets, Freeland condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and said that since the G20 meeting was about the global economy, Russia should not be allowed to attend.

Russia's unprovoked and bloody invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign democracy, has unleashed global economic turmoil in recent weeks, exacerbating the pressure on many areas of life already under strain amid the pandemic.

Freeland's spokesman called the Russian invasion "a serious threat to the global economy that will drive up food and fuel prices and hit the most vulnerable among us hardest."

Today Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, US Secretary of State Janet Yellen and a number of other democratic partner countries left the G20 plenary meeting when the Russian delegation tried to intervene."

Now Russian troops are concentrated in the eastern region of Ukraine, preparing for an offensive in the Donbass.

But the port city of Mariupol is also in the center of world attention as a Russian ultimatum to Ukrainian commanders, warning them to surrender or die, expires.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that there was no mass surrender, but the commander of a unit believed to be being held in the besieged city said his troops could only hold out for a few days or hours.

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The Philadelphia 66ers hosted the Toronto Raptors in their second NBA playoff game. The meeting was held in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center stadium and ended in victory for the hosts with a score of 112:97.

Joel Embiid led the way with 31 points and 11 rebounds. Tobias Harris scored a double-double of 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Toronto's top scorer was Oji Anunobi with 26 points. On account of Pascal Siakam double-double (20 points and 10 rebounds).

Thus, Philadelphia strengthened its position in the NBA playoff series - 2-0. The next match between the teams will take place on April 21.

Recall that in the framework of the NBA regular season, Philadelphia took fourth place in the Eastern Conference. Toronto, in turn, finished in fifth place in the East.

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Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said this, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“By facilitating the invasion of Ukraine, these close supporters of the regime have become complicit in the terrible events unfolding before our eyes. Canada continues to support the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom. We will not stop putting pressure on Russia until its forces leave Ukrainian soil.” Mass crimes must stop," Joly said.

The Canadian Foreign Ministry noted that Belarusians and Russians, who are subject to sanctions, are close allies of the Russian and Belarusian regimes. “In addition to other steps taken by Canada to support Ukraine and its people, this step demonstrates that Canada is adamant in its intention to hold Putin and his henchmen accountable for their outrageous actions,” the Foreign Ministry stressed.

See also: Putin's name will forever be associated with cruel and savage crimes - Canadian Ambassador to the UN

Earlier, Canada imposed sanctions on more than a thousand individuals and legal entities responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. All property and funds of sanctioned persons in Canada are frozen, and they themselves are denied entry into the country.

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More than a dozen preschoolers were sitting in a school preparation class when an elk suddenly jumped into their classroom.

The photo shows an elk standing in a classroom in front of a broken window or sitting behind a closed glass door.

The children were safely evacuated from the classroom, and Saskatchewan Department of Environment conservation officers calmed the moose with tranquilizers and loaded it into a truck. The animal was taken to a safe place and released.

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The Chelsea Cogswell girl was found guilty of using a "poisonous thing" against eight soldiers, as well as dishonest behavior.

The soldiers felt drunk eating cakes in 2018.

The crime occurred three months before cannabis was legalized across Canada.

Military Judge Commander Sandra Sukstorf announced the decision on Wednesday. She said that the prosecutor's office had proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the injured soldiers had eaten cannabis from cupcakes that the military had deliberately given them.

The soldiers said "that they felt stretched, chaotic, paranoid and lethargic" after eating such dishes.

The court is expected to rule in November.

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Bill Gates and Melinda French officially divorced

The divorce between Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates, cofounders of one of the world’s largest private charitable foundations, was finalized on Monday, a court document showed.

The couple filed for divorce on May 3 after 27 years of marriage, but pledged to continue their philanthropic work together. The Gateses said at the time that they had reached agreement on how to divide their marital assets.

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81% of Canadians have already received the first dose of the vaccine

In order to vaccinate another population against the coronavirus, a "new approach" will have to be chosen that will "reduce barriers and provide support". It is unknown what specific steps are in question.


La championne du monde du 100 m papillon féminin a dominé la nage de lundi au Tokyo Aqua Center.

Ayant pris la septième place au 50 mètres de natation, au 100 mètres de natation, elle a obtenu un résultat de 55,59 secondes - c'est le troisième résultat le plus rapide de toute l'histoire de la compétition.

La deuxième place a été prise par un athlète de Chine, la troisième - d'Australie.

À l'heure actuelle, l'équipe nationale canadienne a trois médailles - l'or McNeal, l'argent au relais féminin en natation et l'argent à la compétition en plongeon synchronisé à partir d'un tremplin de trois mètres.

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