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Ottawa dressed in tulip colors

The world's largest tulip festival was held only for locals and online.

Not every city in the world has its glorious traditions of celebrating the arrival of spring. Some of them are ancient, some modern, but they all fill the residents with pleasant feelings due to the long-awaited onset of warm weather. In Ottawa, such a glorious spring tradition is the Tulip Festival, which takes place in May and during which the capital of Canada becomes brightly colorful.

Usually about 650 thousand visitors come to enjoy the incomparable beauty of tulips in May Ottawa. Colorful flowers become the backdrop for various art and entertainment events that take place throughout the city.

However, as in other areas, COVID-19 completely destroyed the current festival plans, because all public events were canceled. Fortunately, the authorities decided not to follow the example of the Netherlands and not destroy the flowers already planted, but moved the festival online.

Instead of walking along bright flower beds, Canadians longing for beauty were urged to enjoy the flowers from the comfort of their own home: the organizers regularly carried out streams from the fields and showed beautiful flowers. Although the parks with tulips were not physically closed, only those who could get there on foot or by bicycle were allowed to personally visit. At first, the authorities even wanted to ban photographing near tulips in order to avoid the formation of crowds, but subsequently abandoned this plan.

The festival eventually took place, but with little amount of visitors and without any additional celebrations. Instead of 650 thousand visitors, millions of tulips in Ottawa this year were admired by the force of several tens of thousands of local residents. The Ottavians were attentive to the recommendations of doctors, observing the distance and using protective masks. Of course, tourism was hit hard, but the locals were almost the first to calmly enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Nevertheless, just as flowers come to life every spring from hibernation, so mankind will soon overcome a pandemic and learn to contemplate the beautiful together again. Live, not online.

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Ottawa canceled all summer festivals for corona virus

For the first time no summer festival will be held because of the corona virus in the capital of Ottawa this year.

About this the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson,wrote on Twitter .

“Based on the guidances of the Ottawa Department of Health, the town will extend the ban on all special occasion until August 31,” said Watson.

He emphasized that “we must remain alert and focus on the health and safeness of all.”

The ban included all occassions in Ottawa, in which more than 500 people are expected to attend. Smaller events do not require special permission from the city, but still must adhere to the requirements of the provincial authorities, which now prohibit gathering in groups of more than 5 people.

The decision of the Ottawa authorities will lead to the cancellation of the Ukrainian festival, which was held for five years in a row in the capital of Canada in July.

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Canada pays $ 1.85 billion to support retirees during pandemic

Canadian retirees will receive a one-time payment of $300 to $500 ($ 220-370) from the government to cover additional costs during a pandemic.

“If you receive pension benefits, you will get extra $300 to cover the costs of the virus. It implies that almost seven million elderly people will get the necessary assistance throughout the country. To support the most assailable older people, we will also charge an additional $200 to those who receive an increased pension, ”Trudeau said.

“Some weeks ago, we already increased subsidization so that organizations can deliver products to older people and help them stay in touch with loved ones during a pandemic. We are making a new contribution in order to make more programs to help isolated elderly people and better their quality of life, ” the Prime Minister added.

His office specified that in general, the Government of Canada provided $2.5 billion (about $1.85 billion) for new programs of direct financial assistance to pensioners.

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Canada will allocate more than $450 million to support science during the pandemic

Canada will allocate more than $450 million to support research centers at universities whose financial base has declined due to the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic. These funds will allow research centers to retain staff during the period of compulsory curtailment of work.

He noted that due to the pandemic, many laboratories have already closed or are in danger of closure.

“It’s clear that people are worried about their work and future. Therefore, we allot 450 million dollars to help researchers and research institutions in overcoming difficult times,” Trudeau said.

“Universities and related research institutes that have suffered from this pandemic will be temporarily assisted with salary payments. Having allocated these funds through grants from federal agencies, we will quickly support those who need it, ” said the head of the Canadian government.

His office specified that the allocated funds would allow covering several months of 75% of the salaries of research center employees for several months, regardless of whether the institution works or not.

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US and Canada has extended border closure

Justin Trudeau has declared that US and Canada extended border restrictions until June 21.

“This is a significant solution that will ensure the safety of people,” Trudeau said at a briefing.

At the moment, between the United States and Canada crossing the borders is forbidden for "insignificant purposes."

Restrictions relate to the entry of those whose trip is not considered necessary or who do not have properly executed documents.

The restrictions do not apply to freight or air travel, but affects ferry and rail trips. Tourist trips are forbidden, while returning from such a trip will be allowed to cross the border.

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Canada will have a cooperation with China to develop a corona virus vaccine

The National Research Center of Canada began to collaborate with a Chinese company where a coronavirus vaccine is undergoing clinical testings.

According to the president of the National Research Council of Canada, Ian Stewart, this vaccine has high expectations.

If the relevant authorities in China allow, the Canadian Research Center will increase the production of vaccines in Montreal (Canada). After that, the Chinese company will submit documents for conducting clinical testings in humans in the Canadian regulator of medical devices.

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Canada will not hurry up to open borders

The Canadian government is following the development of the COVID-19 pandemic very carefully, considering the decision to open borders for foreigners.

“An important element in preventing a second wave of infection, which may be more serious than the one we are now overcoming, will be to prevent the virus from entering from outside Canada as soon as we take it under internal control. Therefore, we will be very careful in restoring international travel (including to the USA) until we feel that the time has come, ”Trudeau said.

He emphasized that everyone was focused on reducing the number of COVID-19 infections in order to restart certain sectors of the economy.

“This should be done gradually, with great vigilance. It is necessary to verify the availability of mechanisms and materials to counter future coronaviruses, ”summed up the head of the Canadian government.

It was reported that in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, Canada closed borders for most foreigners in March. The restrictions on crossing the land border with the United States expire on May 21, but the ban can be extended by mutual agreement.

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Government of Canada redeems surplus products from farmers for charity

The Canadian authorities will buy surplus products from farmers and donate them to charity.

“We will create a program for the repurchase of surplus foodstuffs, whose initial budget amounted to $50 million. — said Trudeau.

He explained that due to the closure of hotels and restaurants, the output of some products exceeds demand.

“Now there is no way to redistribute such a large amount of food. Some manufacturers had no choice but to throw away their products. This is a waste and loss of income for people who work hard to produce food, ” said the Prime Minister.

According to him, the new government program will help make sure that “our farmers receive compensation for their hard work, and the most vulnerable people have access to fresh food during this crisis.”

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Canada rejected its own gadget for testing on corona virus

The gadget can not be used until its reliability is determined.

Although Canada needs more test kits, it will limit the usage of its own product. Canada's Department of Health declared that it will limit the usage of the new box for the rapid test for corona virus called the “Spartan Cube”. The lab has found that the results for this product are precarious. Thus, it can only be used for study until enough clinical data has been received to prove that the test results are exact.

It is believed that such an affirmation forbids the usage of this output among the population as a tool for detecting of new corona virus.

“In light of the clinical findings, Canada’s Department of Health has set the company’s provision to limit the usage of the output for study purposes only, until proper evidence of clinical efficacy is provided,” the federal agency said in an e-mail to CBC.

The device itself can detect a positive result within an hour.

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In Canada the police detained cell towers arsonists

Police believe incidents may be related to the theory of the spread of corona virus through 5G networks. The Police in the Canadian province of Quebec detained two arsonists of cell towers.

It is about a man and a woman who are over 20 years old. They were detained on Thursday night during the arson of two towers in the suburbs of Montreal. They have been taken into custody; their involvement in five similar incidents that have occurred in the area since the end of last week is now being investigated. Cell towers did not receive significant damage.

The police believe that these incidents are related to the theory that is gaining popularity on the Internet, according to which the spread of corona virus can be associated with 5G networks. However, it does not specify how exactly, according to Internet users, 5G networks can contribute to the spread of infection. In Canada, the issue of switching to 5G communication standards is still being discussed, and 3G and 4G equipment are on the towers.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already responded to these incidents on Twitter, saying that “vandalism against cell towers only threatens the normal operation of emergency services and affects the daily life of Canadians throughout the country.” He also added that such actions are a serious offense and entail criminal liability.

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Ottawa will provide provinces with $4 billion to rise salaries for key workers

The authorities will give provinces $4 billion to raise salaries for workers. This was informed by Justin Trudeau.

He said that the ins of the program would be finalized, as some provinces will also allocate money to increase salaries for employees.

Trudeau noted that employees at the forefront of the fight against corona virus risk their lives and deserve higher wages. Provinces will decide for themselves which workers will be raised salaries.

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Canada is approaching a million tests on COVID-19

In the next 24 hours, Canada will make a millionth test for coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health believes that provinces can make more tests.

Tam believes that provinces can increase the number of tests to 60 thousand per day. According to the doctor, the opening of schools and enterprises directly depends on the ability to conduct more tests and track contacts of infected people.

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford expressed disappointment that the provinces failed to reach the goal of 16 thousand tests per day. On May 5, 13 thousand tests were made in Ontario, and 10.564 tests on May 4.

Dr. Teresa Tam, said the number of new cases of COVID-19 continues to slow down, but the situation in nursing homes and the La Loche community in Saskatchewan remains dire.

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Air Canada will take temperature

Soon Air Canada will check not only passports and boarding passes, but also the temperature. Thus, they will try to bring out travelers with the symptoms of corona virus.

Similar inspection were carried out at T&T supermarkets, and, starting on Monday, buyers are required to put on masks.

These steps are expected to vary the way people shop, work, and just live.

“We must be accustomed to the fact that we should keep a distance, but this will not always be possible. Therefore, covers increase the level of caution, ”said the professor of public health. “We need to reestablish public trust so that people entering the store or boarding the plane are in maximum safety.”

Meanwhile, according to Theresa Tam, a temperature test isn’t reliable evidence because people infected with the virus initially have no symptoms. And some never have any signs of COVID-19 at all.

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Canada began to get out of quarantine

The administration of Ontario has permitted the renewal of some formation and the beginning of work for determined seasonal businesses, such as garden centers.

The province of Manitoba,where less than 300 cases of virus have been found since the beginning of the epidemic, opens museums, libraries, some shops and restaurant terraces, however, only if it is 50% full.

Citizens of New Brunswick also can go to parks, beaches and golf courses, and now can do fishing and hunting. Montreal announced their intention to delay the weakening of quarantine, the first phase of which was planned for May 11, due to an magnification in the amount of hospitalized ones. At the same time, quarantine annulment is planned according to the schedule in the rest of the province.

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Canadian scientists have found antibodies for the possible creation of a cure for corona virus

His public testing may begin in July.

Canadian scientists have discovered antibodies that may help create a cure for the new corona virus. This was announced on Sunday by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a daily televised address to the nation.

According to him, the results of research on the search for a vaccine against corona virus, which is funded by the Canadian authorities, began to bring first results. “The scientists discovered antibodies that can be used in drugs to treat this virus,” Trudeau said.

The Prime Minister added that already in early July, scientists can begin to test the medicine in humans. He also said that the government will allocate a company whose specialists were able to detect these antibodies, an additional 175 million Canadian dollars (about $125 million) for these studies.

Trudeau said earlier that Ottawa would send Canadian $1.1 billion ($780 million) to support research on the search for a vaccine for corona virus and conduct extensive population testing.

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Disposable masks are sterilized in Canadian hospitals

Canadian Medical Officer Teresa Tam said hospitals should not throw away medical masks, including N95 respirators, because they can be sanitized and reused.

Some Canadian hospitals have already followed this advice: they collect used face masks so that they can then be reused.

This, as the heads of the clinics emphasize, is a necessary measure:personal protective equipment is sorely lacking.

The supply of hospitals became even more relevant in Canada after the United States blocked some export supplies of protective equipment.

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G7 countries are going to collaborate on vaccine for corona virus

This said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a news conference in Ottawa.

”— I discussed the situation with other countries. We all want to help people and economies recover from this crisis.

We are collaborating to develop a vaccine, improve treatment, expand testing and provide advanced essential medical products,” Trudeau said.

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Ontario authorities give the police lists of infected citizens

Civil Liberty Protection Groups are worrying about the very unusual move by the Ontario authorities to decide to hand over to the police a database listing all of the province residents who had a positive results. Lists, except for names, include the addresses and dates of birth of those infected.

"Rescue workers put themselves in jeopardy.They are at great risk from direct contact with infected ones ” the government said.

“We have to do everything possible to secure those who work by providing them with the all necessary tools "

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Ottawa plans to spend over a billion on vaccine development

Justin Trudeau declared on Thursday that the federal authorities will spend more than $ 1 billion to help develop, test and manufacture the corona virus vaccine, and to determine how extensively the disease has distributed in the country.

This money was allocated in addition to the $ 275 million allocated for the same purpose in March, at the beginning of outbreak.

Most of the funds will go to finance vaccine development and clinical trials, including a federal innovation fund that will receive $ 600 million over two years.

Slightly smaller sum will be used to monitor the spread of virus.

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Canada ordered medical equipment in China, but the plane flew empty

This said the press secretary of the Department of public services and procurement of Canada Emily Harris.

According to her, this happened due to the overload of Shanghai airport.

“As a result, the planned cargo was not delivered to the aircraft until it was supposed to take off,” Harris said.

All cargo is stored in a warehouse in Shanghai and will be delivered to North America soon.

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