Hand washing is much more effective than Toronto

Hand washing is much more effective than wearing disposable gloves

The Canadian Ministry of Health had lately advised Canadians to keep social distance and put on covers in public places during a pandemic, but so far he has been silent about if people should put on disposable gloves. And then the answer appeared.

Permanent hand washing is much better in protecting against corona virus than putting on disposable gloves.

Diane Preston from Ontario put on gloves while doing shopping for products, although she was not sure whether they would protect her from the virus.

“I have no idea if this really assists, but I feel a little safer. ”Microbiologist explains gloves are not the best resolution.

“They give you false security,” says a professor. “People tend to wash the hands less often when they put on gloves.”

He also warns that if disposable gloves are improperly taken off, then you increase your chances of contracting a corona virus. Moreover, bacteria on latex surfaces remain viable longer than on hands. Thus, the virus accumulates on the gloves, which can get into the eyes or mouth when touching the face. It is much more effective to wash your hands regularly or treat them with alcohol.

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Van Gogh exhibition in Toronto can be visited without leaving the car

"Today, organizing cultural events in corona virus is an incredibly difficult task, and we are sad to look at the events calendar in Toronto <...>. We have been working for a very long time, used innovative technologies and are ready to offer the general public the opportunity to safely watch the show“ Immersive Van Gogh ” (Immersion in Van Gogh), "the museum said.

The exposition is a projection of the artist’s famous works on the walls, accompanied by the original soundtracks by Luke Longobardi. It will be held at the former printing house from June 18 to 28. At the same time, 14 cars can be inside. Watching the show takes 35 minutes. All tickets have already been sold.

Initially, the museum was supposed to open on May 1 a regular exhibition in which you can walk, but the coronavirus pandemic violated his plans.

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Toronto is close to becoming a bankrupt city

Mayor John Tori outlined what it would mean if the highest levels of authorities did not sit at the negotiating table and did not provide vital assistance to Toronto and other financially ruined towns of Canada.

At a press conference the mayor outlined a grim situation of a town with fewer metro lines, less public transportation, less police officers and less help for the most assailable citizens.

This year, Toronto was faced with a deficit of $ 1.5 billion in lost income due to the corona virus. The town would have to rise real estate charges by about 47% to piece out this deficit, Tori said, adding that such an increase would be “inadmissible.”

In Canada, town councils fall under provincial judicature. Ontario law prohibits town councils from having an operating deficit, which means that a town cannot simply borrow money to piece out its budget deficit.

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University of Toronto has announced that the fall semester will be online

Ryerson University was the first university in Toronto to confirm that students would still study remotely at the beginning of the next school year.

Mohamed Lachemi, president of Ryerson University, published a letter to students and teachers on May 14. In it, he promised that the university would continue its work in the fall.According to the letter, most courses will take place online. Now the university leadership is developing a curriculum, and perhaps some subjects will still be held at the university.

Ryerson University has created two working groups. One is working on several scenarios to take into account probable problems and difficulties. The second creates an optimal plan for effective work in a pandemic.

Lachemi added that it would be possible to attend university only with the permission of the government. Most likely, returning to Ryerson for students will be gradual.

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Canadians can now donate money or Aeroplan points to help Ukrainians fleeing the war with Russia get to Canada.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says the goal of the Aeroplan fund is to pay for flights to Canada for at least 10,000 Ukrainians and their families who have received entry permits.

This program will be in addition to the targeted charter flights to transport Ukrainians to Canada, announced earlier by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

More than 54,000 Ukrainians have already received permission to come to Canada, where they can live, work or study for three years.

Reception of donations began on April 20, but details on how Ukrainians will be able to receive money will not be known until a few weeks later.

The program will be managed by the charity Miles4Migrants, the Shapiro Foundation and Air Canada.

Miles4Migrants will help Ukrainians book commercial flights to Canada using donated funds or Aeroplan points on a first come, first served basis.

Miles4Migrants expects people to be able to use the Aeroplan program and fly to Canada for free as early as next month.

At a press conference, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that a corporate partnership with Air Canada is “one of the most efficient and effective ways Ukrainian refugees can travel to Canada,” especially given that Ukrainians have spread across Europe after fleeing their country.

“It would be hard for me to find a more efficient or effective way to help as many people as possible,” he said.

Frazier said the system is better than directly offering cash to people who are thinking about coming to Canada, as they can change their mind and use the funds for other purposes.

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Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that Canada and "a number" of allies withdrew from Russia's participation in Wednesday's group plenary session of the G20 finance ministers' meeting.

In a series of tweets, Freeland condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and said that since the G20 meeting was about the global economy, Russia should not be allowed to attend.

Russia's unprovoked and bloody invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign democracy, has unleashed global economic turmoil in recent weeks, exacerbating the pressure on many areas of life already under strain amid the pandemic.

Freeland's spokesman called the Russian invasion "a serious threat to the global economy that will drive up food and fuel prices and hit the most vulnerable among us hardest."

Today Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, US Secretary of State Janet Yellen and a number of other democratic partner countries left the G20 plenary meeting when the Russian delegation tried to intervene."

Now Russian troops are concentrated in the eastern region of Ukraine, preparing for an offensive in the Donbass.

But the port city of Mariupol is also in the center of world attention as a Russian ultimatum to Ukrainian commanders, warning them to surrender or die, expires.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that there was no mass surrender, but the commander of a unit believed to be being held in the besieged city said his troops could only hold out for a few days or hours.

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Jayforegin is a music artist from

Burlington Ontario with 2 albums 5 singles

he has been making music since grade 6

and he’s takes on new challenges to take over the world as a inspiring artist

go stream his new single bad habits

with over 2 thousand streams on YouTube

man’s 87 thousand streams on SoundCloud

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Jayforegin is a music artist from

Burlington Ontario with 2 albums 5 singles

he has been making music since grade 6

and he’s takes on new challenges to take over the world as a inspiring artist

go stream his new single bad habits

with over 2 thousand streams on YouTube

man’s 87 thousand streams on SoundCloud

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African governments are weak in regulating digital spaces-Adenike Aloba

Program Director of Dataphyte, Adenike Aloba has taken a swipe at African governments for their weakness or inability to properly regulate the digital space, an act which limits the full enjoyment of the freedom and fundamental human rights of the masses.

She contends that most of the laws and policies by governments geared towards regulating the digital space in the African context have resulted into a lot of internet shutdowns including attack on press freedom and violation of the rights of journalists and activists among others which have been the trend.

“We’ve seen a lot of journalists being attacked online with bots and being thrown, we’ve seen people being tracked and their things being taken out. We’ve also seen the African governments turn towards when they don’t understand anything they shut it down and that has been the tendency so no, we can’t say that they’re doing well”.

Adenike made this known in an interview with the Human Rights Reporter’s Joseph Wemakor on the sidelines of a 2-day ( Sept. 20-21, 2022) Digital Clinic for Civic Actors in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. Wemakor sought to know her views on whether the authorities have lived up to expectation when it comes to proper regulating of digital space within the African continent.

The Digital Clinic which brought together some selected journalists and civic actors from across West Africa namely Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Nigeria was initiated by the Interactive Initiative for Social Impact (Dataphyte) in collaboration with Spaces for Change (S4C).

The training was aimed at exposing civic actors to the threats in the digital world and equip them with knowledge and practical solutions to deal with the threats to help minimize the risks they pose.

Its goal is to help journalists and civil society protect their information, data, devices and communications against digital security threats.

The participants were taken through topic such as Investigative Journalism Practice in the Digital Space: Risks and Rewards, Deep Dive on Digital Rights in the West African Context, Whistleblowing Policy and Practice in the West African Context and Practical Session on Digital Safety Tools.

It includes Digital Safety and Security Through a Gendered Lens, Data Protection Strategies, Roles and Responsibilities, Social Protection and Rapid Response Mechanisms for Whistleblowing and Digital Safety and Practical Session on Digital Safety Schools-Psychological Safety.

As the world transitions to a digital space, threats are fast increasing online, while people’s rights to freedom of expression, access to the internet and privacy among others are being denied, a trend which is a cause of worry.

But Adenike Aloba who equally doubles as the Managing News Editor of Dataphyte believes the authorities have a major role to play in helping citizens overcome these threats to always remain safe.

“This is a challenge being faced across the world, but it is only in African countries we are seeing laws that want to shut down, that want to control rather than figure out a solution that is more long-term”, she bemoaned.

According to her, although some governments are doing better in terms of regulation of the digital space, others are still lagging behind due to a significant lack of trust between the people and governments.

Citing a typical example of bad regulation of the digital space in the African context, he pointed to a social media bill being set up by the Nigerian government which gives the police the power to determine fake news or abuse of the digital space.

For her, dialogue is a means through which governments can help craft better policies and laws to safeguard the digital space.

“Dialogue is important when you are designing a policy or something then there has to be public engagement because of its public policy for crying out loud”.

She called on all and sundry to do everything humanly possible to protect themselves against the threats while advocating strongly for better laws or policies in place that can help promote and protect digital rights.


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Pelo: Locutor Alessandro Rodrigues

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