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Van Gogh exhibition in Toronto can be visited without leaving the car

"Today, organizing cultural events in corona virus is an incredibly difficult task, and we are sad to look at the events calendar in Toronto <...>. We have been working for a very long time, used innovative technologies and are ready to offer the general public the opportunity to safely watch the show“ Immersive Van Gogh ” (Immersion in Van Gogh), "the museum said.

The exposition is a projection of the artist’s famous works on the walls, accompanied by the original soundtracks by Luke Longobardi. It will be held at the former printing house from June 18 to 28. At the same time, 14 cars can be inside. Watching the show takes 35 minutes. All tickets have already been sold.

Initially, the museum was supposed to open on May 1 a regular exhibition in which you can walk, but the coronavirus pandemic violated his plans.

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Toronto is close to becoming a bankrupt city

Mayor John Tori outlined what it would mean if the highest levels of authorities did not sit at the negotiating table and did not provide vital assistance to Toronto and other financially ruined towns of Canada.

At a press conference the mayor outlined a grim situation of a town with fewer metro lines, less public transportation, less police officers and less help for the most assailable citizens.

This year, Toronto was faced with a deficit of $ 1.5 billion in lost income due to the corona virus. The town would have to rise real estate charges by about 47% to piece out this deficit, Tori said, adding that such an increase would be “inadmissible.”

In Canada, town councils fall under provincial judicature. Ontario law prohibits town councils from having an operating deficit, which means that a town cannot simply borrow money to piece out its budget deficit.

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Hand washing is much more effective than wearing disposable gloves

The Canadian Ministry of Health had lately advised Canadians to keep social distance and put on covers in public places during a pandemic, but so far he has been silent about if people should put on disposable gloves. And then the answer appeared.

Permanent hand washing is much better in protecting against corona virus than putting on disposable gloves.

Diane Preston from Ontario put on gloves while doing shopping for products, although she was not sure whether they would protect her from the virus.

“I have no idea if this really assists, but I feel a little safer. ”Microbiologist explains gloves are not the best resolution.

“They give you false security,” says a professor. “People tend to wash the hands less often when they put on gloves.”

He also warns that if disposable gloves are improperly taken off, then you increase your chances of contracting a corona virus. Moreover, bacteria on latex surfaces remain viable longer than on hands. Thus, the virus accumulates on the gloves, which can get into the eyes or mouth when touching the face. It is much more effective to wash your hands regularly or treat them with alcohol.

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