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There are so many online money making platforms on the internet,

Most of them are Real as well as most of them are Fake.

Some People really love to make money online, but are discouraged by the too fake platforms ,

While some people actually lacks patience

Since it's difficult to dictate a real online money making platforms, we have decided to do reviews for some of the Legit online money making platforms , to help you find them easily.

All the platforms we have listed below, are all Tested and confirmed by us.

Because we just discovered that there are so many fake write up on the internet about online money making platforms, we want to make a difference by posting just about real and legit online money making platforms.

Be Patient.

But Note that, there's no easy way to make money, this platforms we we have listed below really do pay but you need patience and hard work.

Site down let's get started.

1. ClipClaps : is a video App that pays you for watching videos and performing some other little tasks, you are mostly rewarded with coins that you convert into dollars, it's minimum withdrawal rate is $10 and it has multiple payment methods including Mobile Money. all you need to do is Download this app here and get started.


2. BlogVisa: Is a Web Hosting platform that pays you for referring people to use their platform this platform is legit and plays up to $8 per referral and their minimum withdrawal rate is $43, and their payment methods are, PayPal, Visa & Master Card and Mobile Money. Register Here for free and get Started. Register Here.


3. Fiverr: Fiverr is a freelancer website that also has a very good affiliate system that pays from $50-$150 per product sold by via your affiliate link, it has multiple options for making money, either you make money as a freelancer or as an affiliate. This is very legit. Register Here as an affiliate and start making money.


More Legit Platforms Coming soon....

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.


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How to convert your personal facebook profile to a business page free

How to Convert all your facebook friends into fan page followers

It is normal, getting facebook page likes and followerson facebook if aren't a star, isn't easy at all we all know that,

without sponsorship it's not easy to get followers on facebook or facebook fan page.

But today I'm going to show you how to make all your facebook friends be your facebook page followers automatically without any invitation. It's very easy and legit,

It's a facebook feature but many people don't know about it, I have been using this feature since 2016, I useualy do it for people and get paid for it, even though many people really need it but can't do it, but are afraid to give out their login details to someone they don't know or trust. That is the main reason I have decided to teach you for free and more to that I can't Do it for every body but I can teach as many people as the amount that will read this post.

But if you still can't do it by your self even after reading this step by step tips then you can Contact me to do it for you. Ateh Christian .

OK let's start.

Take Note This Is going to work on Computers.

If you want to use your phone you must go to a browser and login to your facebook account from there, And you must turn ON Desktop Mode On your Browser. If you are wondering the browser to use, I recommend Google Chrome Browser because it has Desktop Mode.

  • Also Read This : How to turn On desktop mode on you android chrome browser

If you don't know how to turn ON Desktop Mode on your phone then check out this post How to turn on Desktop Mode On your phone. after you have turn ON Desktop Mode open your facebook in a web mode by searching on the tap you activated desktop mode on.

After that

  1. Login to your facebook account. From a Computer (Web Version of facebook)

  2. Go to help center ,

  3. OR if you don't want to follow this procedures you can follow this link directly to the conversion page and Get Started!/pages/create/migrate I took this long steps because I want you to understand better.

  4. Tap on the search bar and search ( how to convert my profile to a page) and select the result that says "Why should I convert my profile to a page".

  1. Scroll down to the end of the post and click on Convert my page..

  2. When it opens Click on Get Started.

  1. Then Select you page categories and click Next Button.

  2. Click Next button,

  3. Click Next button again.

  4. Click on Create.

  5. Wait for it to be created.

  6. You are done go and view your page now, then wait for about 2 hours for your friends to be merged then go back to your facebook page and click on publish page. And you are all done.
  • That's What your page will look like.
  • That's it showing that your page Has been merged.

If you Have any difficulty merging your facebook account to page. Contact me I will help you out. You can still contact me about any Type of problem you are facing on facebook

I will be very grateful if you support us our BLOG. Nothing is small. It will help us sponsor for more good contents. Thank you. ?? +236,670208313


Written By: Ateh Christian (CHRISTONALDO)

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