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溫度急劇下降後,跑步者開始報告體溫過低。 許多成員停止了溝通。

馬拉鬆比賽的組織者取消了比賽,並發起了搜索小組。 搜索結果發現172名跑步者中有21人死亡。 醫院裡還有八名運動員。

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He recently posted a hand-drawn map of his home village in a short video application. According to her, the police found the village where his mother lives.

On December 24, 2021, he posted a hand-drawn map of the village where he had lived for four years on a Douyin short video application. According to the picture, police searched a small village in Yunnan Province, where a woman whose son had disappeared 30 years ago was found.

DNA testing confirmed that they are close relatives. On January 1, 2022, they met

Li Jingwei thanked everyone who helped him reunite with his family.

The boy was reportedly abducted in 1989 near the southern Chinese city of Zhaotong. He was later sold to a family living in the southeastern province of Guangdong, more than 1,800 km from his home village.

When Li Jingwei grew up, he tried to find out from his adoptive parents who his biological parents were. Unfortunately, they could not help him. Then Lee decided to use technology to find relatives.

He tried to remember and depict in as much detail as possible the scheme of the village in which he lived.

The map shows a school, a bamboo forest and a small pond. This video was shared by thousands of users.

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A special line was shot by photographer Kenneth Cappella. Clothing design is presented in Chinese style with a tiger stripe pattern.

The collection includes men's and women's Type II Trucker jackets. There are Chinese knotted buttons on the clothes. There are also cropped jeans for men with a relaxed cut and a high-waisted copper skirt for women with a slit on the back.

Two-layer stripes, buttons and silk overlay on the back, decorated with a symbolic pattern Silk Royale from CLOT.

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