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That writer is a King

A Hot Pursuit Over Courage

Pain that has spanned more than it has supposed to span ? your life has been completely trembled itself ?you fell in love with a gal who is deemed your future wife but then , she dumped you ? you always strive, you are always stomping but you feel that your struggles are useless so you are not able to create a hollow in the floor? as a consequence , you don't become an awardee ? after all this , i know what you feel within yourself : a broken pesimistic person who has already lost the potential to live life forwardly and to reundo it again and again reason of fear that puts you in a situation in which you can't envision any ounce of fortitude.If you tell me "A penny for your thoughts" , here is what i'm going to say : We all go through bitter experiences , however , we never enquire "Why?" like you , as a first thought , you start complaining , you become inmate within the bedroom hushing and bursting tears out of the eyes glands to be dripping on the blanket till it is brimmed , afterwards , you get daydreams , nightmarish thoughts , off-putting evitable slumber , spiritaches , delusions that lure feelings to be your own critic : you were supposed to make that decision, you were supposed to say this instead! isn't it rum ? like you are in a court and you have no alibi to testify by? Plus you have committed a crime but in reality it must be ended in acquittal! see ? we bite off more than we chew , we just exaggerate in analysis until brain wouldn't abide it anymore throughout , that is similar to a man who's boozed himself and start hallucinating excessively and randomly.

Don't seek answers about aftermaths because this is what would arise : your mind gets Blind , as well as your heart whines but neither of your kins nor your brain are capable of being a syrup, but who can ? well , the answer is : you ! Yes , it is you but how ? are your intents Tackling the way you must follow to make yourself More courageous? are you seeking resilience ?

Enquire : why ?

They say ordeals are full versions of life lessons and time is the teacher , have you ever asked yourself : Why did that occur ? why did fate chose me specifically ? There must be something behind all that , it is not a conspiracy , Yes , start making up your mind thus the vague picture you have illustrated in your mind about experiences becomes vivid and illuminated , you will automatically portray your mistakes and peel them in order to extract the core : a lesson , so , why don't you inquire the question : why ?

Give yourself time

Have you ever thought about resilience ? being dumped or harassed or even sacked by your boss from your sole job is not the end of that beautiful world mate you ought to Speak to yourself about yourself, yourself is a genuine mirror that is a counterfeiting fart , it reflects any mouvement you step with , an ill person must pay the doctor a visit so he can have a full prescription for his sickness.Withdraw into yourself for a short period of time as being your own therapist , start the healing process , catching a splendid nature's view while being lonesome is so relaxing , yes , in this case , solitude is a precious attitude ! think about it

Fear is A Spear ! :

Based on exclusive researches , 80% of Fear we feel is kind of a false belief which means you actually are not scared so why being afraid of something imaginery ? also , it is piteous if you are the zebra instead of a lion in wildlife ,Because one day you 'll be down by a spear i.e living in fear, so what are you afraid of ? illusions that your Brain cells work on to convince you that you must not reundo it because it is as painful as the first time? , Everything is going to be alright fellow ,going through a similar experience for the second time is another opportunitydon't confine yourself in gloom ,just be patient and immerse this on your Nerves : day or another , nothing will last forever , if life is a copper and you are a gunner , do not surrender! Be courageous and stand tall against fear , remember , it is a poisonous spear so stay away from it !

Celebrities are Source of Courage :

Let's cut to the chase , majority of celebrities passed over pain during their road to success , their life ressembled a firing hell , despite all difficulties ,and unavailable facilities , they proved it wrong , so looking their careers up might be a source of inspiration that helps in self development to gain some positive energy and have a clear image on how complicated and amusing life is , one of my adorable celebrities is Eminem , everything he owns now has accomplished it on his own , you'd better check out his biography , it is worth reading !

hobbies on Scope !

Another word for hobby is avocation , maybe you draw well , maybe you are a rotten writer like me , perhaps you have a radiant tone who knows? It is hidden inside you but you still don't have a clue about it see ? a hobby makes you penetrate grief and compile it into a positive mindset , you feel proud of yourself , pleased , confident , and once you acquire the neccessary ingredients , you can begin preparing the pastry you want to which is : courage ! so find out activities which make you happy and comfortable mentally , who doesn't yearn to be happy with a smile curved over the lips hah ?

Your soul is a vault , shan't you squirrel it away by courage gems ? because If you don't want to make waves , be mediocre and fit in !and as a stan, the following is one of eminem's verses that i'm fond of : I Wasn't ready to be no millionaire, I was ill-preparedI was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there , life is complicated that is why it needs courage ! Good luck

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