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Snow fell in Alexandria.

A powerful cyclone also caused waves of 5 meters high, the ports of the Mediterranean and Red Sea stopped receiving ships.


Delusion of underdog effect

Underdog means for me the unfair

After what happened in Barcelona betrayal of Messi

I was thinking about another thing there's expression, weird expression it's always said in football it's called underdog

and underdog words mean the team who don’t expect to win and I see(in my opinion ) this world is a creepy world.

cause if we thinking well why isnt this word Exist in the Olympic Games

Cause if you say underdog expression in the Olympic Games Maybe people will say you are racism guy or someone not professional.

After Messi moving to Paris saint German team all people talk about how much money changed football but that's not the moral point it's more about other point is how much football change people mind and how much commercial thinking change people logic I will say How it’s happened from my vision .

Today if Paris German team Plays any game if he win cause of Messi People will say it's normal like Its not a trophy to the team but in another script If Paris Saint Germain team lose any match they will say that it is loser team, and the team who Win the match were called underdog team. The point is it’s not about Messi or Paris in German ,It’s all about the illogically thinking about there's a team have a handicap Because if there’s were a team have handicap that's meaning is not a fair game wherever who win. if football fans saying that football for rich people I Think they say that To late,

Obviously so normal that football fans and specially Barcelona’s fans to feel so sad for what Happened to Messi.

But Messi movement it's not only Messi movement it’s not only Messi movement, It’s a big movement to football game .in my opinion we should thinking a lot about how much commercial thinking or consumerism change our life And will change one of best sport in the world ( in my opinion )

It’s not just a game or a sport this sport It’s considered that everyone can be hero it’s always centered about the chances ,and this chance Should be continuous and I think football morals will continue and the money abusing will Dead. After Messi movement Most people are talking about one thing how much money can change the football game But in my opinion money can destroy people hopes.

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ما هو مفهوم الحياه بالنسبه لك ؟


Egc school

Elnasr girls college

Egc is from the biggest schools in egypt

It consists of four departments

(play school. Kg. Junior. Middle. Senior.)

is a school in Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt. It was established in 1935, and was originally known as English Girls College.



love, truth, worthiness




Mrs. Sahar Zidan


kindergarten to grade 12


pink, blue, yellow, green


The college was founded in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V, King of England during the time when Egypt was one of the protectorates of the United Kingdom.

The buildings were designed by the English architect George Grey Wornum in a “Spanish – Arabic style of architecture” to accommodate a maximum of 1000 pupils. The buildings stood in over 20 feddans of land donated by the Governorate of Alexandria. The school site went up to the main Boulevard "Abu Keir Avenue". The Minister of Education donated a big section to the faculty of science, which stands there today.

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طريقة تحديث حساب المواطن برقم الهوية 1442

تحديث حساب المواطن برقم الهوية 1442 مقصد الكثير من المواطنين في المملكة العربية السعودية قبل ساعات قليلة من صرف الدفعة الجديدة من البرنامج، حيث دائماً ما يدعو "المواطن" إلى ضرورة تحديث بيانات المستفيدين والمستفيدات من أجل ضمان استمرار صرف الدفعات التالية، ويهدف من ذلك إلى وصول الدعم إلى مستحقيه واستبعاد الفئات غير المستحقة للحصول على الدعم النقدي.

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رابط الاستعلام عن عامل وافد برقم الإقامة عبر خدمات مكتب العمل

للراغبين في الاستعلام عن عامل وافد برقم الإقامة في المملكة العربية السعودية نقدم لكم أبسط وأسهل طريقة الاستعلام عن وافد مغترب عبر وزارة الموارد البشرية السعودية، وإذا كنت كفيل أو صاحب مؤسسة أو شركة فبإمكانك الآن معرفة كافة التفاصيل التي تخص حالة الموظف الوافد أو العمالة المنزلية أو سائق خاص، وخدمة الاستعلام عن موظف وافد السعودية تتم بشكل إلكتروني عبر مكتب العمل السعودي وخدماته المتعددة ولا تحتاج إلى مراجعة مكتب العمل أو مكتب أبشر الجوازات.

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امساكية رمضان 2021 الكويت كاملة ومواقيت الصلاة (صور، pdf)

امساكية رمضان 2021 الكويت ساعات قليلة تفصلنا عن بداية شهر الكريم، الشهر العظيم الذي أنزل فيه القرآن هدى للناس ورحمة للعالمين، وبالتزامن مع بداية الشهر الكريم بدأت عمليات البحث تزداد عن إمساكية رمضان في الكويت


The best-known media platform in the world, the Sushial Media Platform, launched youth projects to capture the attention of readers and followers, and the biggest companies realized that the closest way to reach their customers.

Thus, Ahmed Ibrahim knew the path of success he had taken when he was 18 years old, as he was a new graduate from the general high school in Egypt.

He was a programr and Web Development specialist, who began entering the software world in 2016 and in 2018 began his work on Facebook through advertising and advertising for his business and field, starting to make his way to business.

Indeed, he has passed his goal of struggling to reach him in 2018 after collecting some of the simplified funds, to create his own company for its own scope to be programming web pages in the latter half of 2018 and calling them Codux. Ahmed began expanding his company after many projects programd the electronic web attributes to include many it solutions and services including (electronic marketing - programming web pages - programming Android applications - hacking test for websites - graphic design). She then wrote about him on several news and feature sites about his success in youth, as he was the first person in Egypt to establish a private company at the age of 18 and was chosen as "Ambassador of young entrepreneurs in Egypt" through the International Organization for the Financing of Children and Youth (CYFI). ·

The company has been working with the company's leading companies, and the company has been dealing with its company, Nestle and Booking, with many Egyptian companies and centers that have helped the success of the emerging companies.

On Ahmed’s ambition: I aspire to be the best it marketing and services company in the Middle East and the entire Arab world and to forge partnerships with larger companies more broadly.

"Despite my success and my advice, I will not forget to stop him by my family, who always provided me with the positive energy, motivation and material that helped me establish him and set my goals, they have all the thanks and appreciation for this assistance," he says.

Offers advice to all young people who have an idea but do not find positive motivational:

– limit the use of social media for at least an hour before sleep, because getting a sufficient amount of sleep is one of the most protective factors for mental health and you can think right.

– first identify your motivations and then start working on them as quickly as possible so you don't feel bored or frustrated.

– don't listen to anyone who wants to destroy your hopes and don't make your passion less than 1% so that you don't lose all your ambitions, your idea may become a success.

You can make a small idea, and then after you start, you'll find you're getting big.

– do not put all your money into your project because if you lose your project, you do not lose all your money with it either.

– don’t wait for the idea to come to you uninterested, because that will lose hope, not hope.



Classification: Entrepreneurship - Self-Development - Read - Miscellaneous

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The processes and techniques used in drama therapy are varied and will likely be unfamiliar to a psychologist who has not studied this specific form of therapy. Drama therapy uses exercises rooted in a theater to help participants express themselves and gain new insights about themselves and others.

The nine core processes through which drama therapy facilitates change in participants include:

Dramatic projection – a technique that allows participants to project their inner feelings and work their issues out onto a role or object.

Personification and impersonation – two different techniques in which participants can express their own personal material through role play or onto an object.

Interactive audience and witnessing – refers to the participant, the group, and/or the client in the role of audience or witness.

Playing – an attitude characterized by spontaneous problem-solving, in which a play space is staked out, objects are actively repurposed into new roles, and allowances are made for changes.

Drama - therapeutic empathy and distancing – the ability of the participants to engage or disengage with the material that resonates with their personal problems and inner conflicts.

Life-drama connection – a process in which participants analyze their personal problems or issues through dramatic projection.

Transformation – an inherent aspect of much of what happens in theater and in play, built right into the structure of telling a story.

Embodiment – the physical expression of personal material (can be actual or envisioned).

Therapeutic performance processes – these processes refer to the therapeutic use of theatrical performance to work through the participants’ personal issues and themes.






#actinglessons #acting #actingworkshop #actingschool #actingcoach #actingforfilm #actingtraining #actingtips #actingcourse #actingteacher #actingclass #actingclasses #actingskills

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Montaza is historical place where the king of Egypt use to live with his family in the old edges,where he has his own castle and gardens.The Montaza has the view of the Mediterranean Sea where is the best area for swimming and for fishing and water sports. You can see inside the Montaza beautiful fanar and nice bridges and wonderful trees and palms,flowers and a lot of flowers that you can not find in any other places,fresh air and a lot of greens will be surrounded by everywhere.
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Other News Egypt

Mahmoud Badawy

Training Principles

1- Individuality:

Individuality refers to the fact that all athletes are not the same, and that heredity significantly influences the speed and degree to which a body adapts to a training regime. Therefore a training program should take account of individual needs.

2- Specificity:

Training adaptations are specific to the type of activity undertaken. Training for swimming is ideally performed in water rather than dry land, whilst a

cyclist is better suited to cycling as a mode of training rather than running.

3- Progressive overload:

The concepts of progression and overload are the foundation for all training. Progression means that as the training continues there is a need to increase the resistance in resistance training or produce a faster time in sets of running, swimming or cycling, whereas overload is where the muscles need to be loaded beyond which they are normally loaded.

4- Maintenance:

Once a specific level of adaptation has taken place, this level can be maintained by the same or a reduced volume of work.

5- Reversibility:

If an individual ceases training, the muscles (or cardiovascular system) become weaker, less aerobic or less powerful with time.

6- Warm-up and cool-down:

Although not essentially training principles per se, nonetheless warm-up and cool-down should play an integral part in any training program. Warm-up implies that as a result of appropriate activity the muscle temperature is elevated from that at rest. Cool-down occurs when appropriate activity following exercise is undertaken to gradually reduce muscle temperature and aid removal of waste products from muscle.

7- Individuality Heredity:

Individuality Heredity plays a significant role in determining how quickly and how much a body adapts to a training program. Other than identical twins, no two individuals have exactly the same genetic characteristics. Consequently, there can be large variations between individuals in cell growth and repair, metabolism, and regulation of processes by nerves and hormones. These individual variations may explain why some athletes can improve significantly on a certain training program whereas another may experience little or no change following the same training program. Appropriate training normally results in improvements in ,strength, flexibility, power, speed, aerobic power and so on, although the rates at which these changes occur vary between individuals in training principles.

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Denis James, known professionally by his stage name Lordboy Cmt, is a South Sudanese singer and EDM producer who currently resides in Cairo, Egypt. He has been associated with music since his school time. He was just a kick start to his career at the age of 15 Year's old.

He realized his bite; Capabilities; Decided to learn "MUSIC" and is now able to establish himself as a professional music producer. Learning new skills is not only an option, but a habit.

They can produce top genres like progressive EDM, trap, trance, hip-hop, rap and more. Undoubtedly, Lordboy Cmt is a golden genius from Central Equatorial state. He believes in reaching greater heights as he sees himself roaming all over the world and makes everyone dance to his tunes.

Lordboy Cmt created a YouTube channel YouTube in 2021, uploading the song that was the first remix song on that channel. But after some time, he made trap beats , the audience liked that music very much.

Now, if you search for him on YouTube, you will see that his channel is verified as a music artist. Now you might wonder why did YouTube verify its channel as a music artist or give it a music note verification badge?

Originally, Lordboy Cmt released its first soundtrack on Reverbnation in 2020, but after some time it officially released that track on Google Play Music, Hungama, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Napster, Deezer, Tidal , Released on music streaming platforms such as Resso, Boomplay, Amazon Music, Musixmatch, and many more.

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Jersey/Rugby Finger Syndrome


• Rupture or avulsion of the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP).

• Classification is based on how far the tendon retracts,which in turn will affect the success of surgical repair.

 A type I injury retracts all the way to the palm.The vincula brevis and longus are ruptured and blood supply is interrupted. Extensive scarring can develop within the tendinous sheath,therefore surgical repair is indicated within 7 to 10 days.

Type II retracts to the PIP joint.The long vinculum may still be intact, and a small chip of bone may be avulsed with the tendon.The avulsed end may become entrapped at the flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) chiasma, causing a flexion contracture.

Type III occurs when a bony fragment is avulsed and remains attached to the tendon,which isthen unable to retract through the pulley.The tendon remains in the synovial sheath.


• FDP avulsion

• Rugby finger


• Rupture or avulsion of the FDP tendon can occur during activities that require sustained digital flexion against forceful or unexpected resistance, resulting in hyperextension of the DIP joint and rupture of the FDP tendon.

• Rupture of the FDP tendon commonly occurs when an athlete’s finger catches on another player’s clothing in sports such as football.



Ring finger (fourth digit) is the most common involvement. It is the weakest and accounts for 75% of all cases.


• Forceful passive extension of the digit while the FDP is in maximal contraction.

• The injury causes forced extension of the DIP joint during active flexion...

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Finger Dislocation

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Let The Sun Shine

Sun & Vitamin-D Story

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Ganglionic Hand Cyst A-Z

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Gout Disease A-Z

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De Quervain's Tenosynovitis


Irritation of the extensor pollicis brevis (EPB) and abductor pollicis longus (APL) tendons on the radiodorsal aspect of the wrist.


• Stenosing tenosynovitis of the first dorsal compartment.

• Radial styloid tenosynovitis.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A-Z


Healthy Weight Loss Plan In One Week ..