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Bell's Palsy


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Patellar Dislocation


• Patellar dislocation occurs when there

is no contact between the patella and

the trochlear groove.

• Patellar subluxation is a temporary, partial

dislocation of the patella from the

trochlear groove.


Patellar instability


• Acute dislocations can occur with direct

trauma such as a fall or a direct blow to

the knee; however, most occur from a

noncontact mechanism, typically frequent

exposure to the primary mechanism of injury.

• Most


occur laterally, resulting in

severe disruption of the

extensor mechanism as a

result of the patella sliding

over the lateral portion of the

trochlear groove.



• Acute patellar dislocations account for

2% to 3% of all knee injuries.

• First-time dislocations with a history of prior subluxation are most observed in girls 10 to 17 years of age, but subluxations/dislocations are most often observed in young, athletic individuals.

• Younger children and preadolescents have higher rates of recurrence and

greater underlying mechanical risk factors.

• In those treated nonoperatively after

a one-time dislocation, up to 44% will

dislocate again and >50% will report

symptoms associated with recurrent



Dislocation/subluxation most often

results from a noncontact, lower extremity

internal rotation and knee valgus stress

on a fixed distal extremity.



• Patients present with a vague anterior knee

pain and swelling, with complaints of giving

way with specific activities such as jumping

, running, or making quick stops and quick

changes in direction.

• In recurrent instability, symptoms are

typically episodic and long term.


• Jumping

• Running

• Quick stops

• Quick changes in direction

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Do you toss and turn in bed every night? Do you watch the clock as your wake-up time mercilessly approaches and only manage to fall asleep at some point in the morning? Have you been counting sheep for hours and still can't sleep?

Everybody sometimes can't fall asleep. The problem is when this condition lasts a long time or recurs frequently.

Professionally, the condition where you cannot fall asleep is called insomnia. It is dangerous and it is not pleasant to play with it. Sleep is vital for a person. A person suffering from insomnia cannot fall asleep or wakes up frequently.

Common symptoms are:

- difficulty falling asleep at night.

- waking up early in the morning without the ability to go back to sleep.

- frequent nighttime awakenings

- night watch, confusion of day and night

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Prostate enlargement usually occurs in men with age. The enlargement can be benign or malignant.

If classified as benign, the enlarged prostate is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As for whether it is malignant, it will lead to prostate cancer.

Although it does not endanger the life of the victim, the complaints that arise due to an enlarged prostate are very disturbing activities.

Some people who have an enlarged prostate will feel dissatisfied when urinating.

Symptoms can include a weak urinary stream, increased frequency of urination, frequent awakenings at night, and an inability to hold back the urge to urinate.

In severe cases, an enlarged prostate can cause urinary retention, which is a condition in which a person is unable to excrete urine that is in the bladder.

To overcome the prostate, whether to surgery? Actually, the action to treat this condition depends on the severity.

The main goal of treating an enlarged prostate is to improve the patient's quality of life. The therapy offered also varies, depending on the severity of the symptoms experienced.

To determine the severity, the doctor will perform a series of tests including:

- International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) test score.

- Lab tests, such as urinalysis, prostate- specific antigen (PSA), and kidney function.

- Urophlometry (evaluation of the urine stream), calculation of residual urine.

- Images of the prostate that can be an ultrasound exam.

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Egypt has blocked hundreds of foreign companies from exporting goods to the country. TASS clarified that in the Arab country they referred to the violation of registration rules by exporters. It is noted that the list included companies that supplied food, hygiene products, detergents and medicines to Egypt. There are also two Russian firms. They will be able to continue their work after receiving the necessary registration documents.

The Export and Import Control Department published a list of 820 companies, including two Russian ones. Makfa Public Corporation supplied products to the grain and oil industry under the Makfa brand (pasta, cereals and olive oil), T-Kosmetics LTD brought perfumery and cosmetic products.

The Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that "the decision is not aimed at specific companies or goods from specific countries." Companies need to comply with the rules governing business registration. Suppliers must update or reissue documents within 30 days of their expiration date.

“Companies must confirm that they are a valid legal entity and apply quality systems to products, as well as provide updated quality certificates, trademarks and an industrial register,” the ministry explained.

The department added that as the documents are updated, firms will be excluded from the list. Recently, more than 120 enterprises have been able to provide updated documentation.

Earlier, The Secret said that the Russian Consulate General in Hurghada asked Russians who go on vacation to Egypt not to take cartridges, cartridge cases and souvenirs from them. If the border guards find these items on the tourist, he is threatened with detention, the diplomats warned. Egypt also changed the rules for entering the country in order to tighten control over those who arrive on vacation with dubious coronavirus tests.

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The cost of holidays in Turkey and Egypt for Russians has grown by about a third compared to last fall.

This is written by the Russian edition of Kommersant.

The average check when booking tours to Turkey for April is 104 thousand rubles, to Egypt - 129.82 thousand rubles, which is respectively 35.8% and 34.7% more expensive than in November 2021.

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Kixeagle (DJ)

kixeagle , he's real name is karim ahmed helmy , is a egyptian Musical artist, songwriter, EDM Producer, YouTuber and Entrepreneur.

He was born on 12rd july, 1999 in egypt , banha.

Kixeagle started his career at the age of 17 in egypt , banha as a music producer online. He later started releasing his originals on major streaming platforms.

He first released “island ” on Spotify in 2020 and then after a few months he released his music on many others international platforms like Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram.

Kixeagle is best known for his singles "the eye", “red city ”, “Come back” and “sing a song for you” on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. In November, 2021 Kixeagle teamed up with Chistthug on a House/Techno track “Red city”. After building a strong presence in the music industry, he created a YouTube channel which he uses for music and also to teach, provide tips, guide and help fellow producers & artist to fit in the world of Music.

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Oman's Arabian Prosthetics Center rehabilitates 50 wounded Yemenis

Salalah, (Aden El-Ghad)|| Oman's Arabian Prosthetics Center (APC) has continued its humanitarian mission by concluding the rehabilitation of 50 war-injured Yeminis from several Yemeni governorates on Thursday.

Director of APC Wahab Al-Amer said that the injured, who included women and children, received medical care and installed prosthetic limbs at APC. He said that a specialized technical team trained the injured to use their new prosthetic limbs, according to international standards.

"This is the 11th batch of beneficiaries who completed their treatment journey successfully, as APC had completed the rehabilitation of 700 wounded and injured," Al-Amer said.

Saleh Al-Wahbi, a 12-year-old child who lost his left leg due to a landmine explosion three years ago in Al-Bayda Governorate, said: "I have restored movement ability, and I can now walk better, after installing my prosthetic limb at the APC."

Young woman Basheer Al-Kharraz also lost one of her legs to a shell in Marib years ago as a result of the war. "I am now beginning to lead a normal life after receiving medical care at APC," she said.

Omani Minister of Trade and Industry, Qais bin Muhammad Al-Yousef, visited APC a few days ago and praised its humanitarian efforts to help those affected by the war.

In turn, APC's management thanked the Sultanate of Oman for its humanitarian efforts and its fraternal attitudes towards the wounded.

APC is a humanitarian charitable project that provides motor rehabilitation services for amputees in exclusive cooperation with international company Ottobock. The project was launched by Sheikh Hamoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi with the aim of serving wounded Yemenis with the support and facilities of the Sultanate of Oman.

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Is Putin doing to Ukraine what Hitler did to Poland? Is this the start of WWIII?

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Most of the friends

surrounding you are fake.

  1. People respect your money, not you
  2. Getting much more congratulations on Facebook is nothing.

  1. Chatting on messenger never makes friends, it's just wasting your time.

  2. Most of your close friends jealous of your success.

  3. You will meet thousands of people when you don't need them, but you get none when you need them.

  4. A handsome job is everything.

  5. The gift, that you get, its price depends on the gift you send.

  6. You are my entire world is the biggest lie.

  7. Getting likes on a Facebook post is worthless.

  8. When your wallet is full, people show you sympathy, when empty - nobody knocks you.

  9. Getting a birthday wish from Facebook or LinkedIn is valueless, just hide your birthdate, nobody wishes you.

  10. Choose your partner according to your qualifications.

  11. You can't make everyone happy, and if you try, you'll lose yourself.

  12. Your achievements and successes won't matter on your deathbed.

  13. Investing in yourself isn't selfish.

  14. Perfection is impossible.

  15. Being kind to everyone won’t get you anything great in life.

  16. Half the population of our planet trying to lose weight, while the other half is dying of hunger.

  17. You are going to die.

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Thank You All .

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