UN orders examination concerning Ethiopi Ādīs Ābeba

UN orders examination concerning Ethiopia war mishandles

The conflict has caused a compassionate emergency with millions needing food supplies, the UN say The conflict has caused a helpful emergency with millions needing food supplies,

The United Nations Human Rights Council has requested a global examination concerning manhandles did during the contention in Ethiopia.

The European Union had required an extraordinary sitting of the chamber in Geneva later freedoms bunches said infringement carried out during over an extended period of contention may add up to atrocities.

Ethiopia has excused the move as politically propelled. The UN freedoms chamber again cautioned that all sides in the common conflict were submitting serious infringement.

It said there was a danger to the whole locale and approached all gatherings to pull back.

The conflict what began in the northern space of Tigray last year has since spread to different places of the nation and this is Making the country to suffer in many ways.

both party must start to care about their people and stop this war for the sake of the futurity of Ethiopia and its People.


Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks: A Beginner's Guide to Your First Victory Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale: Everything you want to know

Knowing the best fight technique

The most effective method to endure the tempest

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Fortnite Battle Royale has surprised the world. At the point when an in-game dance move breaks into mainstream society or a hotshot rapper like Drake is energetic about your game, you realize it's the game everybody is playing. Notwithstanding, on the grounds that Fortnite Battle Royale is famous, that doesn't make it simple to play.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks: A Beginner's Guide to Your First Victory Royale

Being awesome at Fortnite Battle Royale is no simple accomplishment, and there's no certain fire method for acquiring a Victory Royale without fail. Notwithstanding, while we can't ensure you'll complete in the best ten each time you play, our manual for playing Fortnite Battle Royale should assist you with excursion endure your companions generally.

In this way, here's beginning and end you want to know about dominating your amigos at Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips for Beginners:

1. Keep away from Busy Areas

You can boost your odds of endurance in Fortnite Battle Royale by avoiding occupied spots on the guide until you're totally compelled to enter them.

Arriving in the more populated spaces of the guide can regularly net you the best plunder and weapons, yet in the event that you're new to the game it's almost certain you'll bite the dust from the get-go.

2. Land on Building Roofs

Except if you're certain a structure is unfilled, going in through the rooftop is regularly the more secure choice. You have less possibility of being shot as you advance higher up or through entryways, and there's frequently a chest stowing away in the rooftop, allowing you a vastly improved opportunity of handling an incredible weapon.

It might require a long time to get an ideal arrival down, yet when you do, arriving on roofs is most certainly going to be a superior choice.

3. Never Run in a Straight Line

Now and then you'll have no real option except to break cover and make a run for it to get in the circle. In any case, don't make it simple for expert marksmen by running in an orderly fashion. Continue to adjust course, regardless of whether just somewhat, and bounce parcels. That will make it harder for an expert sharpshooter to arrange a shot toward you of movement.

Running in a 'Z' design or even sometimes dodging is only another thing you can do to expand your chances of endurance. You might look insane, however essentially that profoundly gifted snapper will not have their kill chance.

4. Keep the In-Game Volume Up

On the off chance that you're paying attention to music or playing with the volume down, you're losing a large portion of your pieces of information. You will not have the option to hear the weak jingle of a close by money box or the strides of an adversary crawling around higher up. Preferably, you need to connect a couple of earphones and have no different interruptions to take advantage of your Fortnite Battle Royale abilities.

5. Play Mind Games with Doors

The overall guidance in games, for example, Battle Royale is to close entryways behind you with the goal that different players can't see you're there. Yet, that accompanies its own dangers. In the event that the entryway is shut, it urges different players to enter as there may be weapons, chests, and ammunition lying around, possibly prompting a gunfight.

Assuming that they see the entryway open, particularly in the early piece of the game when everybody's chasing after stuff, they may choose to leave it and track down more straightforward pickings It's tied in with playing mind games. What do you need the other player to do? Stroll in and put out off your snare or let you be?

6. Hunker When Sniping

The best riflemen in Battle Royale are the people who know a couple of methods that keep them alive and give them better point. To make due as an expert rifleman, make certain to hunch.

Hunkering not just gives your adversary less of you to take shots at, yet it additionally assists with steadying your point. This truly helps assuming that you're attempting to shoot somebody from distance.

7. Try not to Panic When Shot

The best players comprehend that you need to think quick and settle on determined choices to remain alive. Except if an expert sharpshooter's hit you square in the head, the main projectile isn't regularly lethal. Try not to remain in a similar spot searching for the shooter or being shocked. Assemble some cover, then, at that point, work out where the fire's coming from and fight back. It's a lot simpler to track down the shooter and fight back assuming you're at this point not in their sights.

Stowing away is another suitable arrangement. Going around a corner, vanishing over a bluff edge, or dodging behind an article is regularly the most secure choice.

8. Let Other Players Slug It Out


Assuming you can see two different players in a firearm fight, it's normally best to hide, stand by calmly and let them slug it out. Odds are they'll harmed each other simultaneously, leaving the victor more vulnerable.

When the weapon fight's finished, the victor will typically proceed to devour whatever the failure dropped, offering you the ideal chance to strike while their watchman is down and gather two loads of treats. Sweet.

9. Prepare to Build

Fight Royale has so many components it tends to be hard to stay aware of all of the endurance instruments you'll require. Regardless of whether you're a Newbie to Fortnite, you presumably definitely realize that you'll require firearms, ammunition, and clinical supplies. Yet, building supplies are almost comparably significant.

A more grounded player coming at you loaded with deadly fury? – Get to building. You can put a divider up, or you can go up. In any case, assuming that the circumstance emerges, you'll need constructing materials to get by until the end.

10. Track down the Best Loot

Indeed, as we expressed over, it's ideal to stay away from the more populated regions. In any case, you ought to likewise realize where you're bound to track down great plunder Towns, plunder boxes, and even llamas are conveying the basics that you really want to get by. While going around actually take a look at structures, vehicles, and different designs yet be careful different players are doing precisely the same thing.

Positioning in Fortnite

With a tad of training and procedure, you'll be well headed to making the leaderboards and overwhelming Fortnite Battle Royale. Try not to go in firearms blasting except if you're ready to deal with it, accumulate assets, and remember the big picture. Getting by to the main 10 and afterward winning the matching is effectively reachable, simply play brilliant and to your qualities.

Share your contemplations and encounters on Fortnite Battle Royale underneath.

OTHER_NEWS Addis Ababa

Ethiopian diaspora in UK, Northern Ireland react to PM call

Ethiopian Diaspora In UK, Northern Ireland Respond To PM Call

Culture and Tourism

January 4, 2022BEHAK

Reacting to Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's call, Ethiopians in the UK, Northern Ireland say they are getting back home to show that Ethiopia is quiet and great for venture and the travel industry.

The Ethiopian Embassy in London facilitated a goodbye service for Ethiopians and individuals of Ethiopian beginning in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland returning home reacting to the Great Homecoming Challenge, as indicated by the data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Ambassador in London, Teferi Melese, recognized Ethiopians in the diaspora for supporting their country in the midst of its necessities, fighting excessive outside pressures, and putting unlawful trade of unfamiliar money down.

He, specifically, appreciated the steadfast help that the Defend Ethiopia Taskforce in the UK has been doing in monitoring the interests of Ethiopia and its kin.

Reviewing the $137,000 assembled from Ethiopians and individuals of Ethiopian plunge in supporting different causes in Ethiopia, Ambassador Teferi repeated his certainty that the monetary help would keep on strengthening the economy and restore impacted individuals and recreate obliterated framework.

The Home Coming Challenge would likewise give the Home Comers the chance to observe the truth on the ground and backing endeavors to change the bogus accounts on the circumstance in Ethiopia and energize the progression of the travel industry to the country, he said.

Mr Zelalem Tesema, Coordinator of the Defend Ethiopia Taskforce in the UK, said they are making a beeline for Ethiopia to show the world that Ethiopia is serene and ready for carrying on with work and the travel industry.

Diaspora individuals, as far as concerns them, said they are reacting to the public authority call to effectively take part in the remaking and recovery endeavors.


The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia report shows that the number of weekly deaths has doubled during last week ended Sunday January 2, 2022 compared to the previous week ended December 26, 2021.

The number of deaths the country reported last week has increased to 60 from 32 the previous week.

Out of the total 79, 039 tested last week ended January 2, 2022, the Ministry has found 27,960 COVID-19 positive and reported 60 deaths.

While the previous week from December 20 to December 26, 2021, the total number of COVID-19 deaths the country reported was 32. Out of the total of 77,083 people tested during the week ended December 26, 2021, a total of 22,321 people were found COVID-19 positive.

Over the past few weeks, the number of COVID-19 infected people in Ethiopia from those tested has also been showing increment jumping to 35 percent on average for the last week.

In its daily COVID-19 related report the Ministry indicated that out of 6,176 tested in 24 hours 2,140 are found positive. Out them 442 are in severe condition, according to the January 3, 2021 report of the Ministry.

Up to January 3, 2022, out of the total of 428,796 people found COVID-19 positive, a total of 6969 people in Ethiopia have lost their lives because of COVID-19. So far Ethiopia has also conducted COVID-19 laboratory tests for a total of 4,137783 people and vaccinated 9,357,253.


The near distant GEFITIE/Amharic: ገፍቴ/ Afan Oromo: Gaffite/


Gefitie is located in Arsi Zone of Oromia regional state in Aseko Woreda. This small village, just part of Kebele, is actually very near to the capital city of the country. Chefa Ifa, where Gefitie is part, is the Oromia Europe characterized by cold climate almost year round. Located approximately 230km from Finfinne, the capital city of Oromia Regional state (of course the nations capital city), anyone can assume the area contains at least basic infrastructure like road, power and communication. However, the distant far Gefitie is without even basic health care center except private clinics who operate at their residence without proper care for the very sensitive health related equipment, injections and tablets. Mothers giving life are dying off during delivery due to absence of basic health center. Complications and difficulties during delivery requires mothers to travel for about 25 to 30km by human power, where in some cases mothers passed away on the way. The location has challenged the minimal efforts to construct road to the area. To date the area lacks the basic infrastructure considered as a right for human being.


There are an estimated 100 households in Gefitie, which can make the population not greater 1000. Muslim and Orthodox christian are the two main religions practiced in the area, the former constitutes larger number. There is strong social fabrics in the area, religion make blurred distinction for social affairs including marriage and mourning. Ethiopia has something to share from as far as mutual coexistance of the community is concerned. We celebrate together, Gefitie might be one of the most diversity tolerating area, where there are two slaughters in same events like marriages and funerals. Where Muslim hosts the event Christian is given separate cattle/goats/sheep to enjoy among the followers. Imagine how weird this might be among conservatives, who consider there is only one way to heaven. This culture has being practice since time immemorable. For mothers heading to market once in a week neighbors breast is there to feed and religion has lost place here. I am one living witness to get the service from my best friend's mom who is actually a Muslim.


Manchester City were ruthless, fell asleep, and then awoke to end finally a Leicester resistance that came in a sparkling second-half riposte to the champions, who were 4-0 up at the break. Yet the story might have ended differently if Brendan Rodgers’ men had been as ruthless as City.

When James Maddison slipped in Kelechi Iheanacho on 70 minutes, the Nigerian was stopped by a defiant Ederson from moving the visitors to only 5-4 behind and Marc Albrighton later spurned a headed chance to do the same. If either opening had been taken, who knows what the closing phase might have thrown up.

Jan Bednarek pushes Southampton past Moyes’ slumping West Ham

Pep Guardiola, then, is bound to hate a slipshod passage from City while surely marvelling at the opening 45 minutes. The bottom line is the champions have 17 goals in their past three games and remain leaders after completing half their 38 Premier League matches, having won their last nine.

Guardiola left Phil Foden and Jack Grealish on the bench again, as he plotted to continue a winning run against opponents who had Jamie Vardy among their substitutes. Whatever the thinking from Rodgers, this seemed to make the Foxes’s challenge even tougher as the No 9’s pace could have snared City on the counter, any quick ball likely to expose the hardly jet-heeled Rúben Dias and Aymeric Laporte.

Kevin De Bruyne celebrates putting Manchester City 1-0 up against Leicester inside five minutes.Photograph: Matt McNulty/Manchester City FC/Getty Images

The problem, as Guardiola explained in the buildup, is City’s ascendancy is predicated on their hogging of possession. Any defensive weaknesses are nullified if the opposition cannot get hold of the ball. A latest imperious illustration came only five minutes in. Fernandinho’s chip found Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva’s run along the blindside dragged out defenders and the Belgian’s sweet pirouette inside preceded a cannon of a strike that allowed Kasper Schmeichel zero chance.

The visitors had been overrun virtually from the opening whistle. Further disaster arrived when Riyad Mahrez swung in a corner and Youri Tielemans grappled with Dias. VAR called Chris Kavanagh to the pitchside monitor and, as usual when this occurs, he pointed to the spot. Mahrez blast his kick beyond Schmeichel.

Inside a quarter of an hour there was a strong temptation to deem this contest over but the response was instant, as Maddison saw Ederson tip a 20-yard free-kick on to the bar. The goalkeeper then palmed away the corner and saved a low Ayoze Pérez shot.

Bukayo Saka’s double leads Arsenal’s 5-0 Boxing Day breeze past Norwich

This, though, was the falsest of dawns. Silva, City’s performer of the season, collected and fed De Bruyne. The Belgian is the master of the quick tap-on and he fed João Cancelo this way, the right-back crossed, a flailing Schmeichel pushed the ball into Ilkay Gündogan’s path and he did not miss. Leicester’s shock became deep embarrassment when City scored a fourth. Raheem Sterling ran at Tielemans inside the area, the hapless No 8 fouled him and this was the home side’s second spot-kick. This time, despite Guardiola billing Mahrez as City’s best penalty executioner, it was Sterling who beat Schmeichel.

City had scored 15 goals without reply in their previous two games plus the first 25 minutes of this one. For the resurgent Sterling it was a seventh in his last nine club appearances. Soon there was nearly a sublime eighth. Oleksandr Zinchenko’s left-footed dink was an exhibition-like pass, the ball floating in on a bewitching parabola to Silva, whose volleyed delivery across goal was as good and there was the England man to take aim first-time, but Schmeichel parried.

Leicester did manage a rare foray that set up Luke Thomas from the D but the left-back blazed over. City closed the half how they began: at Leicester’s jugular, De Bruyne’s free-kick wrong-footing Leicester, setting up a Gündogan rocket that Schmeichel beat away.

Rodgers may have missed a whole first-choice rearguard because of injury but the supposed master-tactician was still culpable for a passive performance from his side. But this changed in the 55th minute as a quick break did now unlock City.

Kelechi Iheanacho scores against his old team to bring Leicester back to 4-3 down. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/AFP/Getty Images

It began at the back – Albrighton pinged the ball to Maddison before, really, Dias should have cleaned the playmaker out. He did not, possession was moved to Iheanacho, who returned it and Maddison slid in Leicester’s first, under Ederson’s body.

Seconds later, a near-replica. Maddison pickpocketed Gündogan, left Zinchenko and Fernandinho challenging air, and rolled the ball to Iheanacho, whose assist this time was for Ademola Lookman.

At 4-2 the contest had fresh life. City had done what Guardiola detests: they had surrendered the ball. Fernadinho’s riposte was to head what appeared a fifth until Daniel Amartey intervened and in the next twist in a topsy-turvy affair Iheanacho scored, the striker following up when Maddison’s shot was steered on to his bar by Ederson.

But Laporte rose above Iheanacho and Thomas to meet Mahrez’s corner perfectly and stretch City’s lead again and, after the Iheanacho and Albrighton misses, Sterling made it 6-3.


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ከማንነትህ ጋር የምትተዋወቀው ችግር ሲገጥምህ ነው፤ አንዳንዴ ፈጣሪ በምን መንገድ ሊያስተምርህ ወይ ታላቅ ሊያደርግህ እንዳሰበ አታውቅም። ሁኔታዎች ላያስደስቱህ ይችላሉ ግን እመነኝ ወዳጄ እንደዚህ አይቀጥሉም!


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