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It is well known now that majority of the people in Fiji are misinformed on the pros and cons of a vaccine. Sadly, the government also plays a huge role when analyzing various reasons that could have built up the decision of an individual not getting vaccinated.


Since majority of Fijians are getting their first Jab of vaccination, the Government is hoping to open most of the commercial businesses sometime late this year. However, this is not possible as there are a great number of people that are anti-vaxxers. This anti-vaxxers have a great chance of initiating a 3rd wave of covid19 infecting the public and most likely initiate breakthrough cases in Fiji.


The fact that most of the Fijians don't believe that the vaccine will not work against this covid19 crisis just shows that majority of this anti-vaxxers do not know a lot of facts about the vaccine. Some anti-vaxxers say that it does not fully protect you against the virus. This is not true as the benefit of a vaccine outweighs the risk of not getting fully vaccinated against covid-19. However, surely most of this anti-vaxxers don't know the benefits. These benefits must be given to anti-vaxxers in an informative manner where anti-vaxxers gain a better understanding of the problem at hand, and the solution that is available. What most relevant authorities are doing to influence the public to get vaccinated is shaming anti-vaxxers and inflicting fear amongst those anti-vaxxers. This is not a good approach because shaming this anti-vaxxers will just give them various reason to why they should not get fully vaccinated. Inflicting fear makes anti-vaxxers believe that the Government has too much power and is forcing anti-vaxxers with new policies such as "no jab, no job".

Surely any individual can notice that the current strategy being used to get people vaccinated is not that effective as majority of the public get vaccinated, there will be those anti-vaxxers uninstalling contact tracing apps and hiding because they don't want to go through the shaming process and be afraid.


The current strategy will not eliminate the virus however, the great leaders of Fiji must find a more ethical way to fight against the deadly virus. Hiring individuals that are professionals in public speaking and influencing people with factual benefit, pros, and cons of the deadly virus.

Let’s not inflict fear and continue shaming anti-vaxxers. Let’s find a better approach to handle the problem at hand in a more ethical manner where humanity is not Totally eliminated when approaching anti-vaxxers. More large surveys must be conducted to analyze the effects of this covid19 crisis in terms of social aspects, politics and most importantly the everyday routine of individuals in various neighborhoods in Fiji. Say no to the shaming process and inflicting fear.

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