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A Woman Fulfills Her Dream to Fly With Geese Over the Alps

Nathalie Maniglier suffers from a degenerative eye condition and has a special wish: Before she loses her sight, she wants to experience a bird's eye view.

She achieved that ambition on Wednesday, when pilot Dominique Cruciani took her up in his microlight over the French Alps, accompanied by a flock of juvenile geese trained to follow the aircraft through the skies.

Back on the ground at the airfield on the southern shore of Lake Annecy, Maniglier was so moved by what she had seen that she embraced the family member who came with her, and sobbed onto her shoulder.

"It was magical. To see them flying in formation was really great. There's lots of emotion," Maniglier told Reuters after her 30-minute flight.

"I have a congenital illness. I can only see in one eye. I'm making the most of it while I still can see," said Maniglier. "I think everyone should, at least once in their life, make a flight with birds."

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The French workers are now allowed to eat at their desks

Not so long from now, the French workers will be legally allowed to eat at their own desks, as it was illegal before.

The reason behind it is the current Covid pandemic. Workers can't socially distance themselves very well considering the fact that everyone has to get out of the office and visit a restraint, bar, or café to eat.

It feels so liberating but I sure hope that none of my coworkers bring a fish soup to their desk.

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