Due to a heavy snowstorm, about 60 Britons were trapped in a pub of a mountain hotel in Yorkshire

Storm Arwen, which has been raging in several parts of Britain for several days, has cut off power lines on nearby roads, rendering them unfit for traffic.

Visitors to the Oasis tribute band's concert at the Tan Hill Inn's pub in the highlands of Yorkshire were unable to return home.

The hotel is located at an altitude of over 500 meters above sea level. Snow drifts reached the windows of the first floor.

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The British economics graduate could not find a job since the beginning of the pandemic, then he just stood up with a sign in the financial district of London and began distributing resumes as flyers.

And after 3 days he got a job in a large company.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the omicron strain of the coronavirus can be transmitted between fully vaccinated people.

In this regard, the British authorities are tightening covid restrictions in the country.


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In the UK, for the first time, an eye was installed that was fully 3D printed

“When I left the house, I looked in the mirror - and I did not like what I saw. This new eye looks fantastic, ”said Steve Verbe, who received the prosthesis.


The English Channel has killed 27 migrants trying to reach Britain.

On November 24, British and French officials exchanged accusations.

The English Channel is one of the busiest waterways in the world, with strong currents.

Traffickers usually overload boats, leaving them afloat.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said

President Emmanuel Macron has said Britain needs to stop politicizing the issue, and French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has said Britain should also be held accountable.

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A fire breaks out at a plastics plant in England

As a result of the fire on Saxon Way in Hesley, the flames rose high into the air, and plumes of thick smoke spread through the city.

Several houses and other buildings were evacuated and residents were asked to keep their windows closed.

There are no reports of casualties.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a speech dedicated to Peppa Pig.


The electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation of the British company Rolls-Royce accelerated to a record speed among electric cars at 623 kilometers per hour

The company has submitted information about some of its achievements to the International Aviation Federation - World Federation of Air Sports, which controls and certifies world aviation records.

On November 16, Rolls-Royce managed to accelerate its fully electric Spirit of Innovation aircraft to 555.9 km / h, breaking the current record - 213 km / h.

Now the company has managed to achieve even more outstanding results.

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I’m a Single Mom and Dubai escort

My name is Ivanka and I am a Single Mom Dubai escort working for Book me via WhatsApp +447452250135.

Currently I am in Dubai, UAE

On week days, I’m the first to wake up. I brew coffee, drink a cup, then go nudge my children awake. Still half-asleep, they drag themselves into the kitchen where I urge them to eat their breakfasts.

When they’re finished, they get dressed, brush their teeth, and brush their hair. Then they arm themselves with their backpacks, and we’re out the door.

I drive them to their elementary school, and once they’re safe inside their classrooms, I sit in the school parking lot in my SUV and breathe.

I enjoy a momentary break before the rest of my day begins — the part of my day that I keep a secret from everyone.

My life as an escort.

None of the parents at my kids’ school know what I do. I definitely keep it hidden from my kids.

The school parking lot is empty. All the other parents have driven away to their jobs, or back home.

I’ll return back home soon, but for now I check my email, my Twitter and my Instagram in my car.

Do I have any new leads — in other words any potential new clients requesting a session?

If not, I’ll pay to bump my ad on one of the few escort websites that still exist post-FOSTA/SESTA. Then I drive home.

Back home, I do a sweep of the living room and my bedroom. This is to make sure anything that could point to the existence of children in the house is cleared away.

The strewn Legos, the wayward slips of graded homework, the grass-stained clothes, the size-four Crocs, the soccer balls — all must be picked up, trashed or stored away.

This is because I see my clients in my home.

Yes, while my children are safe at school, I sleep with men for money in our house. This is how I keep food on our table and the lights on in our condo.

Judge me if you want. I’m sure there are many people who would say I have problem — I’m messed up, bringing men into my home for a paid sexual encounter while my children are at school.

People can say a lot of things about me, but no one can say I’ve been forced into sex work.

I sleep with men for money of my own free will.

But even still I know this is weird — this mixing of the personal and the professional. It’s potentially dangerous, not because I’m scared of my clients hurting me physically.

No, before I meet any new client, I’ve already vetted him through a complicated process.

I know his real name. I’ve seen his LinkedIn account.

I’ve also made sure to get two referrals from other well-known colleagues who have session with him, and who can vouch for his safety and professionalism.

Besides, most of my clients are married. They don’t want to start trouble.

But still I sometimes get nervous about seeing clients in my home. This is my private space, after all.

There’s always the slim possibility that one of my clients will become obsessed with me, and he’ll now know where I live.

I had a problem with a guy a couple years back. When I decided I didn’t want to see him anymore, he freaked out. He always wanted to stay longer that our agreed-upon time, and he was constantly trying to bargain down my rate.

He would make last-minute appointments and then cancel on me. So the next time he called, I texted back that I didn’t want to see him anymore.

He threatened to retaliate by telling my neighbors what I do in my house.

He never did, but I was already prepared to do the necessary damage control.

Luckily, nowhere on my website do I advertise that I see my clients in my home.

I get along with my neighbors very well. They have children too, and so my kids and I attend all their birthday parties, and they come to ours.

As far as my neighbors are concerned, I’m a polite, clean-cut life coach, who happens to have all male clients.

Because my neighbors work daytime, week days, I do my sessions then. My clients come early in the day because that’s also when my kids are in school.

I would never have a client to the house when my children were home. I’m not addicted to any drugs and never have been.

I’ve simply found sex work to be the easiest and most effective way for me to make money, especially as a single mom.

Sex work is the perfect occupation for a single mom. It not only affords me the time off I need, but I also earn enough money to care for my children.

I’ve had other jobs in my life. In a sense, I’m an anomaly when it comes to sex work. I’m college-educated and have held other positions in the corporate world.

Still, when I’ve had “legitimate” jobs, I’ve only earned a fraction of what I make as an escort. There’s also the question of my time.

As an escort, when my kids get sick, I can stay home with them. When they need to go to the doctor, I don’t have to take off the day.

In that regard, sex work is the perfect occupation for a single mom. It not only affords me the time off I need, but I also earn enough money to care for my children.

That’s another reason I session in my house. I don’t have to pay for a hotel or rent a work space. I don’t have to fight traffic to get anywhere to meet a man.

In short, I have the time I to do other things, like volunteer at my children’s school.

Yes, I volunteer at my kids’ school. I bet you never imagined that a prostitute might also be helping your child to learn to read.

That’s why the stigma against prostitutes is so nonsensical. We’re not all demons or perverts. I even pay taxes. I’m just trying to get by, like everyone else.

By writing this I’m not asking for anyone to give me a free pass for my life choices though. This is not a mea culpa.

I’m sure many people would still be happy to see me burnt at the stake. Trust me, lawmakers have tried to put a stop to how I make my living.

But sex workers are resilient creatures. Call us the cockroaches of the world: disgusting to look at, but damn we know how to survive.

FOSTA/SESTA was passed to protect women and children, but it’s only made my life — and therefore my children’s lives — more erratic and stressful.

I still remember logging onto Backpage in January 2017, once my kids had finally gone back to school following winter break. I was ready to start making money again. After three weeks off, I had to.

To my utter astonishment, the adult services section of the website had disappeared, and along with it my sole means of advertising.

To say that Backpage was my only source of advertising is not an exaggeration. I didn’t get some clients through Backpage; I got all my clients there.

When I wanted to work I posted an ad that cost under five dollars. With that small investment I typically earned anywhere from two-hundred to six-hundred dollars.

That’s an incredible return on investment.

But then Backpage nixed its adult services section under pressure of prosecution, and I spent a few nerve-rattling weeks trying to find other platforms to advertise on.

The cost of advertising on those other platforms was more expensive, though, and they never brought in the clients like Backpage did.

I almost went under — meaning I almost had to find another line of work.

But like I said, sex workers are resilient creatures. Like any entrepreneur, I branched out.

I created my own website, started a blog and increased my social media presence. I started making videos and began to do phone sex. In other words, I diversified.

All I know is that I’ll never again let one website have the power to make or break me. I discovered the hard way how vulnerable that makes me.

I’ve recovered from the setback, and more importantly I’ve regained hope. Once again I’m pulling in enough cash to cover the costs of living in a major city with two children, whom I care for almost exclusively on my own.

By the time FOSTA/SESTA went into effect in April 2018, I was ready. That Backpage was seized by the FBI didn’t surprise me.

What shocked me was that Craig’s List’s dating section and other websites like CityVibe and The Erotic Review went with it.

I sometimes wonder whether the same lawmakers out to cleanse the internet of prostitution are also going to create more benefits to help women like me survive once our means of earning income are gone.

FOSTA/SESTA was passed to protect women and children, but it’s only made my life — and therefore my children’s lives — more erratic and stressful.

Now, on top of the strain of having a job that’s illegal, of having to lie to my neighbors and everyone else I know lest I be stigmatized as a whore, I also have to worry about my website getting pushed into total darkness.

Sure, I have my own website now, but I discovered about a year ago that Google is shadow-banning me.

Pre-FOSTA/SESTA, I signed up to appear as a Google business. For a while, when clients searched “escort” in my city, my business listing showed up on page one.

But after FOSTA/SESTA passed, that ended. Google not only suppressed my business listing but also deleted by promotional posts.

Yes, Google, the champion of free speech, the most powerful search engine in the world — Google decided I shouldn’t exist.

What’s next? Block my website altogether?

This is our future, and I’m at the mercy of any U.S. lawmaker who decides to go on a crusade.

Now, on top of the strain of having a job that’s illegal, of having to lie to my neighbors and everyone else I know lest I be stigmatized as a whore, I also have to worry about my website getting pushed into total darkness and with it my entire means of caring for my children.

There are people who would argue that I’ve brought this on myself. I’m not supposed to be working in the sex industry. The way I make my living is classified as illegal everywhere in this country except in eight counties in Nevada.

And as a mother no less… Isn’t it time I find a “legitimate” job?

Sure, when I find one that I can survive on as a single mom. Until then I’ll do what I have to to keep a roof over our heads.

For me, this means “breaking the law” as a professional companion.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that sex work is a young woman’s game. Women of any age can make money in the sex industry.

I used to not work Saturdays. It was a day I earmarked to spend with my children, though lately I’ve been turning over that job to my kids’ father.

My kids’ dad is still in our lives, and, yes, he does help out somewhat, but not much. I’ve been rallying for him to help more because I’m trying to work as much as I can these days.

This is because I want to retire from sex work. I’m only getting older, and I know I can’t keep this up forever.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that sex work is a young woman’s game. Women of any age can make money in the sex industry, and I’ve seen niche markets for mature escorts.

But the job takes a certain toll on the body. Escorting has a way of sucking all your energy. There’s a lot of emotional labor involved in fulfilling men’s fantasies. And there are a lot of men who would prefer I carry out that labor for free.

Giving so much attention to men exhausts me. I have to be totally “on” during my sessions.

I’d like to move on to something else. But until then, the bills must be paid.

So now on Saturdays, my kids’ dad typically takes my children to do something while I take calls.

The problem is, on Saturdays, my neighbors are home. We share a common entrance to our separate condos, and though I try to be discreet, I can only be so discreet having clients come on Saturdays.

I try. I don’t give my clients my full address until they confirm an hour before our appointment. When they arrive, they text me at the door. I don’t want them ringing the wrong doorbell and asking for me by my stage name. My neighbors only know me by my real name.

I also always answer the door dressed in an overcoat. My client and I don’t speak until we’re safe behind closed doors inside my place.

On my end of the vast spectrum two adults can actually come together in a mutually beneficial arrangement and come out unscathed.

Then we chat for a few minutes during which time he tells me anything else I need to know to give him the best experience.

Then we go to bed. At the end of the session, I give him a hug, and he’s off, and I’m many dollars richer.

This is the sort of act that lawmakers have sought to save me from — a sexual transaction between two consenting adults.

It seems ludicrous that so much fuss has been made over activities that two adults mutually agree to engage in, only because one of the adults paying the other.

If this is a crime, it’s a victimless one, at least in my experience.

Unfortunately, laws like FOSTA/SESTA don’t take into account consent. There’s a spectrum when it comes to sex work. Yes, some women are being trafficked, but there are also so many women like me, who are simply trying to pay the bills and get ahead.

On my end of the vast spectrum two adults can actually come together in a mutually beneficial arrangement and come out unscathed.

Let adults consent to engage in paid sex without legal repercussions. Only those encounters that don’t involve consent should be prosecuted.

Often on Sunday nights, whether I’ve worked or not, I get caught up watching a movie, and suddenly it’s midnight.

As such, I’m always tired Monday mornings. I make a second cup of coffee before I set out to drop my kids at school.

Afterwards I don’t tarry in the parking lot, reviewing social media. I go home immediately to get ready for the day.

Mondays are a good day for business. Guys have been pent up with their families all weekend long. They can’t wait to combat the Monday blues by taking off lunch to have sex with me.

And I can’t wait to take their money.

And like this, I survive another day. But still I worry about my future along with those of many other sex workers.

The only solution I can think of is to decriminalize sex work. Let adults consent to engage in paid sex without legal repercussions.

Only those encounters that don’t involve consent should be prosecuted.

But how to teach lawmakers the difference?


Only through education will we ever teach that as long as there’s consent, sex work should be a choice not a crime.

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9 Dubai Escort Websites You Can Trust

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For the 29th time, Australian firefighters have released their erotic calendar, the proceeds from which will go to save wildlife.


A rare doll depicting Queen Elizabeth II at the age of three will be put up for auction.

The queen-mother, Elizabeth Bose-Lyon, called the doll from the German manufacturers Schoenau & Hoffmeister "too loose" and therefore it was not popular.

The toy with the original tag is sold as part of a collection of a total of about 500 dolls. Their hostess Betty Fox from Nottinghamshire died in 2019 at the age of 95.

In total, her collection is valued at between £ 40,000 and £ 60,000. And for the doll of Princess Elizabeth intend to earn from 500 to 800 pounds.

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The UK has launched the DogTV dog channel to help pets deal with stress and behavioral problems

Specialists for three years studied the psychological and physiological needs of dogs, their mood and reactions. The result of these studies is the DogTV channel.

The channel broadcasts scientifically proven programs aimed at relieving the symptoms of such conditions as anxiety after separation from the owners, loneliness, stress. The content that is broadcast will help dogs feel more comfortable and more relaxed in living conditions in big cities.

There will also be programs for owners with the participation of the best cynologists in the country. Thanks to them, owners will be able to better understand their four-legged friends and take care of them.

The colors, sound frequencies and alignment of the camera have been adapted to suit the dog's senses.

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Best Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

I am Audrey Segal, A Female escorts in Dubai and always looking for best Mexican food in Dubai and UAE.

Dubai has certainly up their game when it comes to serving world cuisines, whether it’s Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Indian, you can pretty much find most of the global cuisines here in UAE. People too are getting adventurous here and they go out to dine more then ever and if you don’t feel like getting dressed and going out then the various delivery options make our life even easier. Dubai, has recently seen spurge off Mexican restaurants and this has been one of the most difficult lists to compile as there are infinite numbers of exceptional Mexican restaurant but here are some of my favourite and best restaurants in town.

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Luchador – This restaurant on the Palm initially attracted me because of their great outdoor terrace and in the winter it is beautiful to head here, admire the skyline and sip on some mock-tails. After trying some of their dishes I realised this is not just a pretty place but a fantastic place for Mexican food too. Most of the key ingredients are imported from Mexico and their menu seems promising. My favourite thing on the menu was the various tacos, they serve 12 tacos in total! I have heard a lot of good things about the brunch too but yet to try it out.

Maya kitchen – Situated in the wonderful Le Royal Meridian Beach Resort & Spa this restaurant boasts some fabulous views of the beach and the Arabian Gulf but that’s not it, this place has some moreish ceviches which always tempts me to order more. Their brunch is popular too, and anyone would be impressed by the food. It’s a nice romantic restaurant and you won’t regret choosing this restaurant for your next Mexican fiesta. Fun fact, you even get access to the pool and beach after brunch. Some of the must-try dishes here are the quesadillas and tacos, you are going to love it.

La Tablita – Located in the Hyatt Regency in the creek, this restaurant is as Mexican as it can get. This was also probably the first Mexican restaurant I tried in Dubai and I wasn’t disappointed. They have good Latin music to dance too and even a Taco night on Tuesdays. For vegas as well they have a good few options to choose from, the vibe is great and so is the service. I love their Tres LeChes cake with Jalapeño ice cream and the deep-fried fish. They even have artworks around the restaurant to depict some of the Mexican culture and the staff as well all hale from Mexico, I love how they try their best to be as Mexican, as they can!


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Tortuga – When I have guests over and they are in the mood for Mexican food then this is probably one of the places which pop up first in my mind, it’s location is perfect. Situated in Madinat Jumeirah along the lake, they have good entertainment and delicious food. I might be slightly biased towards this restaurant as the ambience is so romantic especially in the evenings, and this place instantly puts you in a good mood. The staff are courteous and hospitable, and you will love dining in this gem of a restaurant.

Maria Bonita – This stand-alone restaurant located in Umm Suqqeim, has outdone itself. They have a couple of branches in Dubai and the only reason they have survived is because of the phenomenal food. When you dine here you feel you have been transported to Mexico, the decor and the ambience is on point. They have a Taco Tuesday night which I am a big fan off, the service is quick and the food will win your hearts. Did you know this restaurant has been in Dubai since the last 17 years which is an accomplishment in itself? Don’t miss out on their signature Guacamole’s, it’s divine!

La Carnita – Situated in the Intercontinental Marina hotel this restaurant has a funky street decor, a casual vibe and impressive wall art. There are plenty of tasty dishes for you to try and if you are with a group of friends it’s even better as the menu has some tempting dishes to try. My favourite here is their signature taco ‘In Cod we Trust’, it is truly wonderful. The service is steady and I am so glad that this famous restaurant from Toronto opened its door in Dubai, it was about time we got it here. If you want to have a fun time with friends, this will be my suggestion, especially around the Marina.

Chingon – Boasting of some beautiful views of downtown Dubai, this restaurant in Business Bay is getting popular among my work colleagues, for a quick meal and drinks, we usually head here. The quantity of the dishes are quite decent and I love trying their Chimichurri Burrata as there is a big group of Italians living in Mexico which have invented their take on Mexican food, nevertheless it is amazing. If you are a chilli lover you will love this place as they source around 37 different chilis from the region, isn’t that fascinating? If you fancy some desserts to tone down the chilli flavour then do try the heavenly cheesecake paired with mandarin sorbet. This place is relatively new and quite trendy and I hope it stands the test of time!

El mostacho – JLT is a prominent place in Dubai to find some amazing stand-alone restaurants who are doing quite well for themselves and one such restaurant is El Mostacho which is unpretentious, real and truly authentic. It is indeed a tiny space but they have still done a good job with transforming the space. You can see the effort to make this quaint little space so charming and Mexican, especially with the Mayan art, the sombrero hats and the quirky decor pieces. Unlike other restaurants, they don’t have a gigantic menu but prefer to focus on a few good quality dishes which I admire! The place is perfect for a relaxed outing with family.

Muchachas – I have heard a lot about their famous Friday Fiesta brunch and cannot wait to head down here but in case you want to try the ala carte the selection is good too. The decor of the restaurant is surely a bit edgy, especially with the use of the pastel colours, cactus and sombreros clustering the wall but don’t let the interiors daunt you from enjoying a good meal out here. The food is very reasonably priced and I love their crunchy churros. I just wished the location of this place was a bit easier to reach as it has great potential and food which you will crave.

With this list of Mexican restaurants in Dubai, you will surely find one of your favourite joints, until then I am heading out to binge on some Tacos as after this one long list I have been craving Mexican food all day long.

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Best Egyptian Restaurants in Dubai

I am Audrey Segal, A professional Dubai escort eating Egyptian food most of the time in Dubai and UAE.


When I think of Egyptian cuisine, I kid you not, my heart swells. Because, you know, Falafel (or Ta’ameya, as it’s called in Egypt). I don’t think I’ve ever loved a food with such passion before. Highly reflective of Egypt’s rich history and culture, Egyptian cuisine has Greek, Middle Eastern, North African, and French culinary influences. Super friendly to vegetarians (reason #1 why I love Egyptian cuisine), food in Egypt is bursting with spices like coriander, cumin, chilli, mint, cinnamon and more (reason #2 – I am a spice junkie), and has great variety across the different regions. A typical Egyptian meal consists of lots of Lentils, Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Salads, Aish Bread, also a word for “life” in Egyptian Arabic (makes sense because bread is life), Cheese (reason #3 – I adore cheese; Cheese lovers, you’ve found your next cheese destination), Tea, and lots of Desserts! You’d better make some stomach space if you’re going to indulge in Egyptian food, you may find yourself reaching for second, third, fourth, or even fifth helpings and you’ll find your soul yearning for more.

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Hadoota Masreya, Al Safa – Situated in Al Safa, when you set foot into Hadoota Masreya, you’ll be welcomed by warm wooden panelling, metallic accents, and bright, traditional Arabic lamps. Of course, food is the actual point. One of the best Egyptian fares in Dubai, lunch is where they truly shine. In the heat of the summer, be sure to start with a fresh fruit juice, fresh salads, Fried Eggplants, of course, spicy Ta’ameya, Molokhleya with Meat, Koshari, Mixed Grills, Hamam Mahshi, and round it all up with Konafa and Baqlawa! They offer generous portions, good service, delicious food, and there’s plenty of parking, what more do you need?

Masmat Baha, Al Barsha– The thing Masmat Baha does best is nail the street food vibe of Egypt. A quaint, colourful restaurant located in Al Barsha, Masmat Baha is the place to be for those who love their meat. The Alexandrian liver, Kofta, and Kabab go wonderfully with Stuffed Grape Leaves and Hawawshi, be sure to order Rice Milk and Tea with it. So if you’re out with family or friends and looking for some genuinely delicious Egyptian food at reasonable prices, Masmat Baha is going to leave you smiling and satisfied. If you’re not able to make it Al Barsha, no worries, they’ve got a branch in Abu Hail too!

Mr Fish, Al Nahda– Pescatarians rejoice! If you’re a sucker for Egyptian flavours and smooth, creamy seafood, Mr Fish is the place for you! The food here isn’t just delicious, it’s healthy too! For a lunch you’ll never forget, order the Herring Fish Salad, the Oven Grilled Crabs, Fajita Shrimps, and the Seafood Mixed Grill, and the fresh Fruit Juices. It’s a relatively small joint, but delectable flavours, great quality and quantity, and good service are their priority, so you won’t be disappointed.


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Koshari Square, Umm Suqeim – A cute, cosy café located in Umm Suqeim, Koshari Square offers no-frills, no-fuss meals that hit the right spot. The Koshari is available in so many different flavours, with sides of Labneh, Cheese, Caramelized Onions, and sauces. Breakfast with Koshari Square is an affair that shouldn’t be missed, with Ful, Falafel, Shakshouka, Labneh, Cheese, Pies, and Bread. Super pocket friendly, with significant quantities, quality and service, Koshari Square is your best bet when you find yourself craving a midnight snack after a late night out with friends.

Cairo Gourmet, Al Safa – Located in Al Safa, Cairo Gourmet is at your service with delicious food 24/7! Whether you want Egyptian breakfast, lunch, tea, or dinner, Cairo Gourmet has it all. Stylish, comfy interiors welcome you to the restaurant, and the menu is rich and of great variety. Shisha is also available, perfect for those nights you want to indulge in long conversations with friends. Dishes that are absolute must-try are the Rocca Salad, Hawawshi, Mixed Grill, Tajin Pasta Bechamel, and Cranberry Tea. Don’t forget to finish off with the Fatayer with Basbousa and Konafa!

Al Amoor Express, Al Barsha – Al Amoor is one of those rare restaurants that are a perfect blend of the old and the new. Brown brick walls and black and white pictures of famous Egyptians hung on the wall lend the space a very old-timey charm (feel free to check in with the staff for a free history lesson). The Seafood Koshari, Orzo Pasta Tajin with Meat, Kibbeh, Falafel, and Pies are perfect for a business lunch with colleagues or dinner with friends. The superb service, good food, and excellent portions make Al Amoor a fabulous food destination!

Cairo 30, Palm Jumeirah – An excellent restaurant with alluring interiors and spectacular outdoor views, Cairo 30 is located at Palm Jumeirah. It overlooks the Atlantis hotel, and if you have great timing, you can catch the fountain show as well. Catering to a global audience, the menu has some of the world’s best-loved dishes as well as mouth-watering Egyptian dishes. Quality isn’t compromised under any condition here; the flavours are all authentically Egyptian! Pair the Lamb Shank Soup, Falafel, Fattoush, Molokheya and Rice with the breathtaking view on a cold, winter night, and it becomes a recipe for a fantastic night.

Akl Elhwanem Kitchen, Al Quoz – The only thing that’s wrong about Akl Elhwanem Kitchen is that it doesn’t offer a dining experience. A delivery service kitchen, authentic Egyptian food is their priority. So when you’ve had a not so great day, and the only thing that might lift your spirits is some good, carby comfort food (or fresh, healthy food that’s actually flavoured, your choice), Akl Elhwanem might be the solution. The Molokheya with Chicken, Cheese Pie, and Mahashi are dishes you’ll keep wanting to eat for the rest of your life. With neat packaging, timely delivery, and excellent service, Akl Elhwanem might be the best option to cater the next socially-distanced dinner you’re planning with friends.

Basboussa, Jumeirah 1 – One of Egypt’s open secrets is the serious sweet tooth the nation has. Basboussa isn’t a restaurant, but a dessert parlour that offers terrific, crunchy, gooey Egyptian desserts. The Cheesecake Basbousa, Lotus and Mango Konafas, Balah El Sham are super yummy and creamy, and they offer so many varieties during the holy month of Ramadan. If you’re looking for a dessert parlour that offers fresh, quality Egyptian desserts and fantastic service, Basboussa might just be the place for you.

Taking into account the vast variety of Egyptian cuisine, we’ve barely scratched the surface here. Carby goodness and packing a protein punch, Egyptian food deserves so much more appreciation than it gets. Let us know how you like these wonderful places and if we’ve missed out on any hidden gems! And as always, happy eating!

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