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In Britain, residents will be able to find out the level of air pollution in the area before buying a house

British real estate agencies will now provide people ,who wish to purchase housing ,with information on the level of air pollution in a certain area.

The media shared that many Britons bought expensive housing, not knowing that it was located in an area with a high level of pollution. Researchers urge the government to monitor air quality continuously in every residential area.

They also insist on the introduction of stringent restrictions recommended by the World Health Organization, which will help reduce pollution.

According to scientists from the Royal College of Physicians, dirty air kills about 40,000 people a year in the UK.

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Glasgow ready to accept Euro in 2021

This was reported by the press service of the Scottish Football Association.

The organizing committee of the European Championship in Glasgow has confirmed its readiness to held Euro matches in 2021, according to the press service of the Scottish Football Association. The tournament, to be held in 12 cities in 11 European countries, was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in the British media there was information that Scotland could refuse to host Euro 2020 in 2021.

The final announcement of the Euro hosts will take place on May 27. In Glasgow there will be three tournament games in group D and one game of the 1/8 finals.

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Found evidence of the hot bowels of Mars

Scientists claim that a meteorite formed deep beneath the surface of Mars is the first chemical evidence of magma convection (its constant movement) in the mantle layer.

For many years, we thought Mars was dead. A dusty, dry, barren planet where nothing happens. Only the winds blow. However, evidence has recently begun to appear that there is volcanic and geological activity on Mars.

Crystals of olivine (rock-forming mineral) in the Tissint meteorite, which fell to the Earth in 2011, could be formed only at temperature differences of about 574-582 million years ago. And this process can take place on the Red Planet today.

“Previously, there was no evidence of convection on Mars,” explains planetary geologist Nicola Marie of the University of Glasgow. “This is the first study that proves activity in the bowels of Mars from a chemical point of view and using a real Martian sample.”

When Marie and his colleagues began to study olivine crystals in the Tissint meteorite, they discovered something strange: the crystals were distributed unevenly in a piece of rock, forming phosphorus-rich veins. The same veins are found on Earth - a trap of solute. It was unexpected to find them on Mars.

“This happens when the crystal growth rate exceeds the rate at which phosphorus can be evenly distributed throughout the rock, penetrating its crystalline structure,” explained Nicola Marie. Traces of nickel and cobalt have confirmed previous evidence that a piece of rock came from the depths of the Martian crust - from 40 to 80 kilometers below the surface of Mars.

The Martian mantle probably had a temperature of about 1560 degrees Celsius. The Earth’s mantle (1650 degrees Celsius) 2.5-4 million years ago had the same temperature.

This does not mean that Mars is like the early Earth. But this means that Mars could store a lot of heat. “I think Mars can still be volcanically active - the results of the study indicate this,” said Marie. “We may not observe a volcanic eruption on Mars for the next 5 million years, but this does not mean that the planet is inactive. This may mean that the periods between eruptions on Mars and the Earth are different. "

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Britons during quarantine buy more alcohol than usual

During quarantine, the British began to buy more alcohol than usual.

According to official figures, in March, sales in specialized alcohol stores in the country grew by almost one third.

This is the largest increase in monthly sales for all the time of observation - since 1988. At the same time, statistics do not take into account alcohol purchased in food supermarkets, where alcohol is most often bought.

Specialized liquor stores in the UK continue to work in quarantine.

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Britain extended the training mission for the AFU for three years

The program provides for training for thousands of Ukrainian troops.

The British military will train Ukrainian colleagues for another three years as part of the ORBITAL mission. The decision to extend the relevant program was made by the UK government, the press service of the Armed Forces General Staff reported on Monday, May 18.

"The UK Department of Defense has extended the training operation ORBITAL by March 2023," the report said.

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UK has got ahead of Italy in COVID-19 infections

During the pandemic of the new corona virus, 219,070 people fell ill with COVID-19 in Italy. At the same time, 220,449 cases of the disease have already been recorded in the UK. In the UK, with 220,449 (+ 3,923 patients over the past day) cases, 31,855 people died, 1,002 patients have already recovered. The first two cases diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country were discovered on January 31.

In Italy, with 219,070 (+802) cases, 30,560 died, 105,186 people recovered. On February 7, the country confirmed the first case of corona virus.

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The Scottish Football Association and UNICEF have confirmed that £500,000 was raised from last month's match between Scotland and Poland at Hampden Park.

A friendly match was attended by a little less than 40 thousand people, each of whom paid 10 pounds for a ticket. Also, a certain amount was received thanks to other donations - those who wished to send text messages before, during and even after the match.

Several commercial partners of the Football Association of Scotland also contributed.

The money will be used to help Ukrainian refugees who left Ukraine because of the hostilities unleashed by the Russian Federation on the territory of our country.

Recall that Poland was supposed to play against Russia in the selection for the World Cup, while Scotland - to play a match with Ukraine. Due to the impossibility of holding these meetings, the teams played each other.

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A rèir riaghailtean na h-acadamaidh, chan urrainn dha oileanaich ach pants no sgiortaichean dorcha a chaitheamh. Air sgàth an teas, bha cuid de na h-oileanaich ag iarraidh am pants atharrachadh airson shorts, ach cha do leig an rianachd leis.

Às deidh sin, cho-dhùin Shane Richardson, 16-bliadhna, faighinn timcheall air na riaghailtean agus fhuair e sgiort air iasad bho a phiuthar as òige Lexi.

Thuirt màthair Shane cuideachd gu bheil an casg air geàrr-chunntasan air a bhith nas miosa na oileanaich airson grunn bhliadhnaichean, ach cha deach atharrachadh sam bith a choileanadh.

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The UK government has published a new list of those who have been sanctioned in connection with the aggression against Ukraine.

The UK has added 206 individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation to the sanctions list.

In particular, the main shareholder of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, the owner of the ESN group Grigory Berezkin, the wife of the Russian Foreign Minister Maria Lavrova and the Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, who was detained by the SBU the day before.

Recall that due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, France froze the assets of Russian individuals and companies that fell under EU sanctions.

And the EU countries have begun work on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia with "oil options".

In the near future, the foreign ministers will discuss further steps to tighten measures against Russia because of its military aggression against Ukraine.

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From Britain to Ukraine follows a new batch of humanitarian aid intended for Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

The cargo, which occupied 24 containers and weighed 1,500 tons, was assembled at the initiative of the UK railway sector, the efforts of company employees and ordinary Britons.

"Five containers are filled with fire-fighting equipment, which is very welcome in the Sumy region. Another three containers carry industrial generators, which are also very welcome in the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Chernihiv regions of Ukraine. The other eighteen containers contain food, hygiene products, water, medicines, clothes, equipment, batteries and much more," the embassy said.

The Embassy would like to thank Network Rail and British Train Operating Company (MoT), DB Cargo UK (Deutsche Bahn), London North Eastern Railway (LNER), Symposium Consulting Ltd, Avanti, MTR Elizabeth Line, The Veterans Charity.

Recall that last week Britain announced additional Starstreak MANPADS and anti-tank weapons for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military will soon go to Britain to master the armored vehicles that London plans to supply to Ukraine.

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