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In Britain, residents will be able to find out the level of air pollution in the area before buying a house

British real estate agencies will now provide people ,who wish to purchase housing ,with information on the level of air pollution in a certain area.

The media shared that many Britons bought expensive housing, not knowing that it was located in an area with a high level of pollution. Researchers urge the government to monitor air quality continuously in every residential area.

They also insist on the introduction of stringent restrictions recommended by the World Health Organization, which will help reduce pollution.

According to scientists from the Royal College of Physicians, dirty air kills about 40,000 people a year in the UK.

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Glasgow ready to accept Euro in 2021

This was reported by the press service of the Scottish Football Association.

The organizing committee of the European Championship in Glasgow has confirmed its readiness to held Euro matches in 2021, according to the press service of the Scottish Football Association. The tournament, to be held in 12 cities in 11 European countries, was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in the British media there was information that Scotland could refuse to host Euro 2020 in 2021.

The final announcement of the Euro hosts will take place on May 27. In Glasgow there will be three tournament games in group D and one game of the 1/8 finals.

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Found evidence of the hot bowels of Mars

Scientists claim that a meteorite formed deep beneath the surface of Mars is the first chemical evidence of magma convection (its constant movement) in the mantle layer.

For many years, we thought Mars was dead. A dusty, dry, barren planet where nothing happens. Only the winds blow. However, evidence has recently begun to appear that there is volcanic and geological activity on Mars.

Crystals of olivine (rock-forming mineral) in the Tissint meteorite, which fell to the Earth in 2011, could be formed only at temperature differences of about 574-582 million years ago. And this process can take place on the Red Planet today.

“Previously, there was no evidence of convection on Mars,” explains planetary geologist Nicola Marie of the University of Glasgow. “This is the first study that proves activity in the bowels of Mars from a chemical point of view and using a real Martian sample.”

When Marie and his colleagues began to study olivine crystals in the Tissint meteorite, they discovered something strange: the crystals were distributed unevenly in a piece of rock, forming phosphorus-rich veins. The same veins are found on Earth - a trap of solute. It was unexpected to find them on Mars.

“This happens when the crystal growth rate exceeds the rate at which phosphorus can be evenly distributed throughout the rock, penetrating its crystalline structure,” explained Nicola Marie. Traces of nickel and cobalt have confirmed previous evidence that a piece of rock came from the depths of the Martian crust - from 40 to 80 kilometers below the surface of Mars.

The Martian mantle probably had a temperature of about 1560 degrees Celsius. The Earth’s mantle (1650 degrees Celsius) 2.5-4 million years ago had the same temperature.

This does not mean that Mars is like the early Earth. But this means that Mars could store a lot of heat. “I think Mars can still be volcanically active - the results of the study indicate this,” said Marie. “We may not observe a volcanic eruption on Mars for the next 5 million years, but this does not mean that the planet is inactive. This may mean that the periods between eruptions on Mars and the Earth are different. "

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Glasgow will widen city paths to maintain distance

Pedestrian and bicycle areas will be expanded to maintain social distance in Scottish Glasgow.

The authorities of the largest city in Scotland map out to change part of the road plans and create additional pedestrian and bicycle paths in popular urban holiday destinations. This is done in order to prepare for long-term social distance.The Clyde River embankment will also be expanded to increase the space between pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

The Scottish government plans to allocate about 10 million pounds for the implementation of antiviral measures.

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Glasgow care home resident died after the refusal of the hospital.

Natalie Wolfson, aged 85, tragically died due to coronavirus. A Westacres Care Home resident got the fell and got her arm fractured last week after which she was admitted to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital of Glasgow. She got discharged from the hospital with a collar and painkillers.

Westacres nurse Laura Miller pleaded the hospital authority to re-admit the woman for pain relief and hydration. However, the hospital refused to take her back into the hospital. Natalie also had symptoms of coronavirus, which became the reason for her unfortunate death. Miller said that people still need treatments so we should learn from the death of Mrs Wolfson.

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Brighton Chief Executive Paul Barber talks about upcoming Premier League matches.

The Premier League of this season was put at a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has been proposed that the matches will resume in June, as per the reports of UEFA. Brighton FC Chief Executive Paul Barber has said that they need to gear up energy for the tournaments in June. He also added that the team would need a four week time to boost up the energy.

All the top football clubs will meet again next week to talk about the protocols of the Premier League and its scheduling. However, the occurrence matches completely depend on the decision of the government. Bristol played the last home game on February 29.

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Glasgow City is listed with the highest number of "town hall fat cats."

In a survey, it has been found that the Glasgow city has the highest numbers of "town hall fat cats". With a huge number of high earners which include the employees of Glasgow City Council and its subsidiaries, the city has got this title. The Taxpayers' Alliance has found out that 12 renowned people of Glasgow working for the council and its outshoots has totalled £150,000 as salary, pension, payment and additional advantages in 2019.

Scottish Event Campus Ltd, a council-based company, has also employed almost half of these 12 people. Peter Duthie, the CEO of the company, had topped the list of council based earnings and benefits with £19,170 last year. Moreover, he was also listed for getting the second-largest bonus from the council, i.e., £35,895.

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DeepMatter of Glasgow enlisted to combat cancer.

CANCER specialist has highlighted the list of pioneers to work for the fight against cancer. The prominent technology provider in Chicago is also enlisted for the formation of the drug to treat cancer. The DeepMatter has a renowned position in the country after the supply of DigitalGlassware system for the drug discovery process. DigitalGlassware enables the chemists to record and share a huge amount of data which provides a platform to bring their experiments online and in the eyes of the world.

The UK Beatson Institute of Glasgow has awarded the company for DigitalGlassware system, the Drug Discovery Unit. It will be used at various locations to record and optimize the output of experiments with chemistry specialists for the treatment of cancer. The institute has also provided a vote of confidence to this novel system rendering a global reputation.

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Glasgow hospital allowed a wife to visit her husband with COVID-19 patients.

Burlington Court Care Home, a Glasgow hospital, which has recovered a total of 16 death told sue to coronavirus pandemic allowed a wife to see her husband with coronavirus symptoms. The management of the hospital helped the woman to meet her dying husband despite lockdown in the city on Friday.

The man started getting some symptoms of coronavirus two weeks ago. After this, he got admitted to the hospital for the treatment. It has been reported that nursing staffs were pressurized by the woman for the meeting. A senior nurse of the hospital said that many people are dying due to this tragedy. So, family members should not be allowed to meet the patients as it increases the risk infection.

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Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in Glasgow is under construction for hospital beds.

The internal images of NHS Louisa Jordan hospital have come out, which represents the construction of hundreds of beds in the hall. The work is in progress to combat the needs of hospital beds amidst coronavirus pandemic. The hospital is being set up in room four of the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in Glasgow.

The work is going on since March 31 of this year with the help of 750 contactors and NHS staff. For the operations of treatment of patients in the hospital, partitions beds have been laid in the largest hall of SEC, and 8,000 pieces of medical equipment have been ordered. Every bed in the hospital will be available with oxygen supply.

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Glasgow homeless fight over food.

The volunteers of the Kindness Homeless Street Team, working to help the homeless people in Glasgow has reported that they are facing a shortage of food and money to help the vulnerable homeless groups in the city. They said that they are left with only two days of food with them. The team has provided temporary accommodation to the homeless people in the city to combat the coronavirus virus. But, they don't have enough food to feed them for more than two days.

Johnathan Lockhart shared this shortage of food of the organization working for homeless people through a Facebook post. The volunteers requested for help in the time of this global pandemic. Lockhart said that they had given temporary shelter to around 50 homeless of the city. He pleaded for the food, clothes, and toiletries to help those people.

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Emergency morgue set up in Scotland amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Scotland has witnessed an increase in the death tolls to 40 on Saturday, March 28. It brought up the need for an emergency morgue in the country. The government has planned to set up seven large refrigerator mobile units to create space for around 1,000 victims of coronavirus outbreak. The destination of the emergency morgue has not yet decided. It has been reported that this emergency service to put dead bodies will be available at the significant and large hospitals of the nation.

A Scottish Government spokesperson stated that it is sobering that we are preparing to handle the rise in dead bodies in Scotland. The country has discussed with the United States and planning any new way to combat the pandemic. On Saturday, seven new deaths were reported in the country, which made a total of 40 in Scotland.

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Race hate attack on Chinese student in Glasgow due to coronavirus

A Chinese student got assaulted by the people in Glasgow due to coronavirus. He got abused in the name of race and was called "coronavirus" by three people on Dumbarton Road. This hate attack occurred during the early weeks of this month in the west part of the city on Thursday, March 5. The local MSP people called this act "disgusting" and urged the constituency to take action against it.

Sandra White, the representative of Glasgow Kelvin constituency, stated that this act would not be tolerated. The Glasgow police have started investigations taking this case. The SNP MSP Bandra also added that people need to support each other at this time of the epidemic, not to attack each other. People believe that those three assaulters will be punished soon for their doings.

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A man jailed in Glasgow for stabbing a knife.

Emmanual Bundu, a thug, stabbed a man with a knife on Pollokshaws Road. He got jailed for knife attack during the daylight in the southside of Glasgow. Bundu, aged 20, slashed Omar Akram, aged 34, with a knife on August 28, 2019. For this attack, he has been jailed for 21 months acted being caught in a dashcam.

Sheriff Joan Korr studied his case and noted his records. During his custody, he got imprisoned after being pleaded guilty for assaulting Omar Akram. Omar Akram got injured and have recovered now. But, for the guilt commenced by him, he got imprisoned. Bundu gashed a knife in the body of Akram twice and hit him twice with his fist. He has got sentenced for 21 months jail backdated to October 2, 2019.

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Glasgow bans holy water and communion wine in realise to Coronavirus threat.

The United Kingdom has published the first death from Coronavirus, which has alarmed the whole country taking this deadly disease. Glasgow Archdiocese has collaborated with Motherwell Diocese to ban the use of holy water and communion wine in the churches of Glasgow to avoid the chances of transmission of Coronavirus. After the report of first death due to Coronavirus, the Archdiocese published this banning notice on the website.

The chances of Coronavirus in Scotland is very less at present, and the country has not reported any serious case of this threat. But, still, the country believes that they must take precautionary measures to avoid problems due to Coronavirus in the future. Ban of holy water and communion wine in the churches is the primary steps to maintain personal hygiene.

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Derek Johnstone shares the story of Jock Wallace.

Glasgow Rangers legend Derek Johnstone tried to contribute in the mission of Steven Gerrard by sharing a story of Jock Wallace. Steven Gerrard is currently working to stop the disintegration at the Football club of Glasgow. The story of Wallace is taken from the time when he used to play for the Ibrox. The rangers have witnessed shocking beatings which have interfered their focus towards the domestic season.

This performance of the Rangers made the team rot by 13 points after Celtic in the Scottish Premiership race. Ibrox also faces a horrible defeat in the quarter-final at the end of February 2020, which eliminated the team from the Scottish Cup. Johnstone asserted his feelings for the team and admitted that the team performance is degrading day by day at this time. He also narrated the story of Wallace who arose as a significant player during a slump.

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Belongings of a missing woman found near a bridge of River Clyde.

A woman named Emily Hope, aged 22 found missing on Saturday. In the early hours of the morning, she left Mango nightclub on Sauchiehall Street of Glasgow and then reported missing. Police discovered her belongings near a bridge in Glasgow after her family said her missing case.

After this finding, the police started searching River Clyde near the bridge. As per the CCTV, she was last seen at Tradeston Bridge, near the city center, wearing a black and white top, grey trousers, and red shoes. Some of her things were located near that bridge. Marine unit was brought to the spot for helping in searching the River Clyde. No news related to this missing lady of Jordanhill has been reported yet. She is a slim woman of around 5'3" height with shoulder-length brown hair and black-framed spectacles.

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A wine festival will be celebrated in Glasgow this summer.

This summer will be refreshing and exciting for Glasgow. The city is going to witness the largest celebration of wine this summer. It is a piece of excellent news for wine lovers as there will be over 200 wines available in this event. Preparations are going on to make the festival memorable with world-class wine ranges and a variety of masterclasses for wine tasting.

Tom Cannavan, the owner of website and award-winning wine writer and broadcaster, will be hosting this event. The event will be organized at Trades Hall in the Merchant City on June 13, 2020. The 2020 lineup list of events in Glasgow is yet to announce. Since the start is so refreshing with the wine festival, people are expecting a lot more fun and joy in Glasgow.

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US officials revealed the plan to replace Trident nuclear warheads.

A Pentagon official had revealed the multibillion-pound plans before ministers could make an official announcement. The Government has committed to a multibillion-pound replacement of Trident with nuclear warheads based on US technology. A commander from the US told the committee that the States of the UK’s plan before ministers made an official announcement or informed MPs of the plans, it emerged on Saturday.

US Strategic Command commander Admiral Charles Richard wrote in a statement first reported by The Observer that a replacement warhead called W93 or Mk7 was needed in the States. The MoD's update to Parliament published shortly before Christmas did not confirm the upgrade. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has long backed the proposed replacement, and the Conservatives committed to renewing the deterrent ahead of the election. The cost has been estimated at £31 billion.

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Catwoman look of Zoe Kravitz and BTS videos of Robert Pattinson as 'The Batman' leaked

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz are all set to begin their DC journey as the iconic superhero duo Batman & Catwoman. Their first look in the red light theme in which director Matt Reeves revealed Pattinson, dressed as the Caped Crusader.

As BTS videos and pictures started to take rounds on the internet because of a leak, director Matt Reeves took the opportunity to tease the fans with a first look video. While the shooting has begun in Glasgow, leaks show Pattinson's possible stunt double on Batman's Batmobile cruising down the lanes. Expectations from Pattinson have been on the rise, and the first look promises a better portrayal along with attention to detail. "The Batman" is set to debut in theatres on June 25, 2021.

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Why rich people from Israel should invest in Dubai and UAE

The announcement of the Abraham Accord last year was a watershed moment for Middle East relations and could change the course of the region’s future. Trade negotiations between both nations have opened up already, and in a matter of months there will be direct flights operating as well. We are already seeing significant levels of interest from Israeli investors, but what is it that makes the UAE such a great investment option for them?

Lifestyle & Culture

Both the UAE and Israel are known for their rich, diverse and vibrant lifestyles. You can experience the very best of nightlife, dining and culture, enjoying a wealth of options that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the region. There are a few key differences between the offerings in each nation, which is what makes their collaboration such a unique opportunity.

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While Israel has a large number of homegrown restaurants and food concepts that highlight Mediterranean cuisine, the UAE offers an incredible breadth of restaurants. You have everything from eateries that specialize in Emirati cuisine to European-style cafes and high-profile restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Vineet Bhatia and Nobu Matsuhisa. For the adventurous diner, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to enjoying an indulgent night out.

Nightlife is another key factor that unites these two nations - clubs and bars across the UAE are always popular amongst the nation’s night owls. And now with a newly announced ruling that will remove the need for a legal license in order to purchase alcohol, we can expect that the nightlife scene will be even more popular. For residents of Israel, who have never had any restrictions on purchasing alcohol other than a legal age limit, this is very welcome news.

All that being said, the lifestyle attractions of the UAE are not limited to gourmet dining and clubbing. For lovers of culture, history and the arts, the UAE has proven to be a truly fascinating and enriching destination. There are several museums located around the country, from the globally renowned Louvre Abu Dhabi to the lesser known Dubai Coffee Museum. Music festivals and performances are held throughout the year (though less often at present as a consequence of COVID-19), and the Dubai Opera House doubles as a cultural hotspot and tourist attraction because of its unique architectural design.

Since its earliest days, the UAE has always had an eye on the future, transforming itself from a simple fishing village into a major global destination. Over the past decade, the country’s investment in the future has only intensified, as it promotes Smart initiatives aimed at creating a technologically advanced society. Israel has charted a similar path for itself, focusing on innovation and invention to become a key player on the world stage.

The prowess of both countries is evident in their grand ambitions when it comes to design - whether it is the skyline of Dubai or Tel Aviv, you will find some truly stunning examples of architecture that were a combination of creativity and innovation. However, that is merely a small part of it - Israel invests heavily in technology and electronic systems, primarily for defense but with broader applications. The UAE is a tech giant in the region, and is always looking for ways to scale up its digital infrastructure. As the UAE places greater emphasis on developing artificial intelligence and sustainable design initiatives, there are greater opportunities for investment for tech-savvy Israelis who are looking to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancement.

Economy & Taxation

Israel boasts a strong economy that has been on a steady rise over the past five years. While the COVID pandemic has proven to be a setback, the outlook for 2021 is positive with a growth of over 4% being forecast. The UAE has weathered its own challenges since the global recession and the pandemic, remaining resilient throughout. It will take some time for the economy as a whole to stand firmly on its feet again, but the real estate market is very hot and has been transacting at record levels since the last quarter of 2020.

Cost of living in Israel is largely higher compared to the UAE - you would need to spend USD 1,000 more on average to enjoy the same quality of life in Tel Aviv that you would have in Dubai. Residents of Dubai typically have almost 30% more purchasing power than those of Tel Aviv, and prices are anywhere from 20% to 40% lower depending on the category of goods.

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