Britons during quarantine buy more alcohol than usual

During quarantine, the British began to buy more alcohol than usual.

According to official figures, in March, sales in specialized alcohol stores in the country grew by almost one third.

This is the largest increase in monthly sales for all the time of observation - since 1988. At the same time, statistics do not take into account alcohol purchased in food supermarkets, where alcohol is most often bought.

Specialized liquor stores in the UK continue to work in quarantine.


Britain extended the training mission for the AFU for three years

The program provides for training for thousands of Ukrainian troops.

The British military will train Ukrainian colleagues for another three years as part of the ORBITAL mission. The decision to extend the relevant program was made by the UK government, the press service of the Armed Forces General Staff reported on Monday, May 18.

"The UK Department of Defense has extended the training operation ORBITAL by March 2023," the report said.


UK has got ahead of Italy in COVID-19 infections

During the pandemic of the new corona virus, 219,070 people fell ill with COVID-19 in Italy. At the same time, 220,449 cases of the disease have already been recorded in the UK. In the UK, with 220,449 (+ 3,923 patients over the past day) cases, 31,855 people died, 1,002 patients have already recovered. The first two cases diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country were discovered on January 31.

In Italy, with 219,070 (+802) cases, 30,560 died, 105,186 people recovered. On February 7, the country confirmed the first case of corona virus.


England will introduce a two-week quarantine for those who arrive

British Airlines is awaiting the introduction quarantine for all arrivals. The measure will affect arrivals from all lands except Ireland.

The recent UK government restriction is hoped to act at the end of this month.

People who come to the UK will have to self-insulate in their apartments and houses for 14 days. The address of the place of residence must be reported upon arrival.

The term of the recent restrictions and whether non-UK citizens can stay in rented housing is not known yet.


Rumours for Liverpool to be linked with Willian offer.

With the top position in the Premier League Championship this year, Liverpool has acquired several rivals. Chelsea has recently claimed that the team of Liverpool is linked with Chelsea winger Willian. The contract of the Brazilian footballer is set to expire in the summer which can open the gates of Liverpool for him. Jurgen Klopp team has said that they are not having any connection with the Blues player.

As per the reports, Jurgen Klopp has shown no interest in taking Willian in the team. He is focussing on other targets to make his team fulfilled and balanced. William can be seen in the Anfield team from the next matches.


Liverpool can be crowned as the Premier League Champions.

With the start of this season of Premier League, Liverpool was beloved to get the championship to end 30 years drought. However, the coronavirus outbreak stopped the matches on day 29, which put the Premier League on halt. It has been reported that if the season fails to finish, then Liverpool will be declared the winner of Premier League Championship this year.

Liverpool would be awarded as the champions of English 19th time if the season cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis. UEFA, the European football governing body, announced that the top four teams would enter the tournament if the season resumes. All the decision will be taken on the basis of "sporting merit". As Liverpool is on the top of the list, it can become the champion of the season.


Harry Kane may leave Tottenham Hotspur and look for Liverpool.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has answered the question that his future is not fixed with the team. As per the reports, he can join Manchester United leaving Tottenham. Kane has reported that he can look forward to another team if he feels that the club is not working progressively in future. He said he is not going to spend his entire career in the same club in a recent interview.

He clearly said that he doesn't feel that the club and he are growing mutually towards progress. So, he is not going to continue with the Tottenham Hotspur football club. After this statement, the rumours have spurred that the striker can join Liverpool or Manchester United.


Gini Wijnaldum: A talent glistening in Liverpool FC.

After the cancellation of matches due to coronavirus pandemic, the broadcasters have begun reviving the old memories by playing classic matches. The BBC brought up the World Cup rewind which helped the football fans to relive the moments of victory of Holland against Spain in 2014. Gini Wijnaldum remains, an exceptional player of Dutch will be remembered with his sixth goal for his country.

The remarkable big player has played five games for Liverpool in the Premier League and Europe this season under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp. The player is very important for Klopp, which is clear in everyone's eyes. The club can't let Wijnaldum go by signing another deal.


Harry Kane may leave Tottenham Hotspur and look for Liverpool

The Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has answered the question that his future is not fixed with the team. As per the reports, he can join Manchester United leaving Tottenham. Kane has reported that he can look forward to another team if he feels that the club is not working progressively in future. He said he is not going to spend his entire career in the same club in a recent interview.

He clearly said that he doesn't feel that the club and he are growing mutually towards progress. So, he is not going to continue with the Tottenham Hotspur football club. After this statement, the rumours have spurred that the striker can join Liverpool or Manchester United.


Liverpool's fate takes a turn amidst coronavirus pandemic.

It was believed that Liverpool would name the Premier League this year. The club made a 22 points lead against the Manchester City. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fate of the club is seen taking a twisted turn. It is the first time in the Premier League; there is a vast difference in the score of first and second position.

Liverpool was two matches away from English Championships for the first time in the last 30 years. Currently, Reds got blocked from the first Premier League title due to coronavirus crisis. It was believed that this season could be the best for Liverpool for the victory.


Jurgen Klopp discussed the exit of Philippe Coutinho.

Jürgen Norbert Klopp, the manager of Liverpool Football club, recounted the memory of Philippe Coutinho in Liverpool in January 2018. He said that the Brazilian offered £142m to bring Coutinho to Barcelona after the initiation of the season at Anfield. He said that Liverpool was firmly standing for Coutinho. However, they succeed to turn the former Liverpool young player with a new contract.

He discussed the La Liga switch and said, "I really respected Phil's switch from the first second." He added that the 27-year-old player struggled since leaving Merseyside. But, his return to the Premier League in Germany opened the door for success. He wished Coutinho luck for his future and said he was the past of Liverpool.


United States shows love to the NHS heroes in combat against Coronavirus.

The United States is planning to show appreciation and love to the National Health Service of the country. The Public Health officials are working day and night to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Several doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, ports, and many other employees are working together in the NHS to help people infected from the novel Coronavirus. These people have kept their lives on risk to safeguard the country.

The citizen of America has started a campaign to thank these NHS heroes of the country. Thousand of posts saying, "Thank you NHS" has been shared as the social media posts. NHS workers will also be given tribute through video applause and other supporting posts. The local people of Merseyside can send the tribute to NHS to [email protected].


First wedding in Liverpool after coronavirus outbreak.

Alfred and Ben of Liverpool finally got married together on Thursday after eight years of relationship. The wedding ceremony was of 20 minutes and conducted with a distance. With the global spread of coronavirus, many social gatherings and events were thwarted in the whole world. But, this couple successfully got bonded together on March 26 at the Gold Coast of NSW south coast.

The acquaintances of a married couple who attended the wedding maintained a 1.5 meters distance. They had big plans for the wedding but had no choice but to the Gold Coast due to travel ban and social gathering restrictions. The Canberra couple arranged the accommodation of the guests in the Hilton Hotel and hosted a small reception party. The flights were cancelled before a few days of the event. The newly wedded pair called their wedding "almost comical" amidst the pandemic.


Liverpool wants to save World Heritage status

The council has proposed corrective measured to introduce further planning in the policies to ensure and extend heritage sites. It is an attempt to cling on to the special heritage designation it enjoys via UNESCO. Liverpool – a Maritime Mercantile City – was awarded World Heritage Status by Unesco status in 2004 and was added to the United Nations heritage body’s list of protected sites.

However, at its annual meeting in Baku last June, Unesco warned Liverpool that it could strip the city of its designation due to concerns over the impact of approved developments such as Peel L&P’s £5bn Liverpool Waters and Everton FC’s proposed stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. Both schemes threaten the “authenticity and integrity” of the city, according to Unesco, which has since placed Liverpool on its “sites in danger list”.


Reports suggest that Liverpool is pushing to sign £140m Bundesliga trio.

The Reds might be on the verge of losing out on their first domestic title in 30 years. The Premier League in talks over how to conclude he season after all football was suspended is happening now. The Reds have dropped only five points in the premium league all season. The season will resume at one point, and it will allow them to claim the six more points they need to ensure their title of champion of England.

In the meantime, however, Jurgen Klopp and sporting director Michael Edwards are said to have pushed forward with their summer transfer plans – and the Reds are said to have three Bundesliga talents right at the top of their summer wishlist. Also, Klopp is said to have identified Bayer Leverkusen winger Leon Bailey as a cheaper alternative to Jadon Sancho, who has also been linked.


Liverpool could get the Premier League Championship even if coronavirus gets invalidated.

The Reds can lift the Premier League Championship of this season as the matches were suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak in the world. It has been revealed that this season will not be completed directing to the annulment of the English League season. The Liverpool success in this campaign is uplifted by Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool Football Club.

The efforts of Liverpool in this season will be rewarded as the title of the Premier League. Jurgen Klopp said, "Health is more important than Football." However, the annulment of the league has not been announced officially. It was published that fixtures of the premier league will be discontinued till April 4.


Plans emerge for Premier League, Liverpool set to be champion.

The top fixtures of Premier League have been halted due to the fear of ghastly coronavirus till April 4. However, it has been reported that the league will not resume by virtue of the epidemic. The decision related to the Premier League will be discussed on Thursday, March 19, in an emergency meeting.

It is believed that Reds will get an advantage with nominal opposition. This could be the first domestic title in the 30 years of the season. The team is currently at the top in Premier League season 2019-20 with 82 points and needs two more victories to win the title. Leeds and West Brom are the top two teams of the 22-team season, which will be promoted for the season. The Premier League team will also require the qualification of the Champions League and Europa League.


Sex beast apprehended in charge of teenage sexual assault.

Twisted Paul Garden, aged 25, has recently got caught and detained in the police station over the charges of sexual assault of teenagers. Garden, who worked in the John Lennon Airport, has been caught sexually assaulting teenage girls coming from night clubs. He majorly targets girls age 18 or 19 after examining whether she is drunk or not. Thereafter, he used to follow them home and try to molest them by touching their private parts.

Garden has got jailed for seven years and six months after being accused of assaulting teenagers sexually. New details of the case have also appeared after the incarceration of this sex beast. He got captured in CCTV footage as well while assaulting and molesting an 18-year old girl. The search for the accuser started four months before after a case of sexual assault was reported.


Liverpool spread awareness regarding the growing concern of Coronavirus.

Recently, Merseyside was reported with a case of Coronavirus, which has increased the concern regarding this deadly disease in Liverpool. This Australian city has published a statement for prevention and precaution from the growing threat of Coronavirus on Thursday afternoon, March 5, 2020. Liverpool also shares information about the two infected people from Coronavirus on Thursday.

It has been reported that the fixtures of Premier League will be played without any spectator this month due to the growing menace of Coronavirus. Earlier, the Italy government announced that the sporting events would be organized with attendees in the country till April 3, 2020. Liverpool has issued guidelines to avoid being prone to this high potential disease. The city will also examine the visitors and ask them about their new traveling details.


Thousands of perfect tickets were given to the tourists by the Fab 4 Taxi.

In 2007, Fab 4 Taxi was launched and growing by the everyday. People who came to Liverpool contact with the taxi drivers who pick them at the airport. Drivers of Fab 4 Taxi, known even the traditional street, are one of the city's busiest tourists. From one cab, they are now a fleet of twenty, giving rides around all the Beatles sights.

All the drivers are very responsible, said by Paul Mullins, who runs Fab 4Taxi tours. Owners made this taxi ride economical for visitors that lead it to massive success. He added that many of our drivers are working with us for a long time. We want to create more opportunities for our drivers, and we are very excited to go to the next level.

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