5 Best Nuru Massage Therapist in Dubai and UAE

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What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a Japanese massage technique that is known for its sensual and intimate nature. It involves the use of a special gel that is made from seaweed, which is applied to the body of the recipient and the masseuse to create a slippery and erotic massage experience.

The word “nuru” is a Japanese word that means “slippery,” and the gel used in nuru massage is known as nuru gel. The gel is made from the seaweed species known as Sphaerotrichia divaricata, which is native to Japan. The gel is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and has a slippery texture that is similar to that of aloe vera gel.

Nuru massage typically begins with the masseuse applying the nuru gel to her own body, and then using her body to slide and glide over the recipient’s body. The masseuse may use her hands, arms, legs, and other body parts to apply pressure and stimulate the recipient’s erogenous zones. The massage may also include elements of body-to-body contact, as the masseuse may use her own body to massage the recipient.

Nuru massage is often performed in a warm room, with the recipient lying on a waterproof surface such as a vinyl air mattress. The slippery nature of the nuru gel allows for a unique and intimate massage experience, as the recipient is able to feel the full weight and pressure of the masseuse’s body as she glides over him or her.

The Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is known for its sensual and erotic nature, but it can also offer a number of physical and emotional benefits. Some of the potential benefits of nuru massage include:

  1. Relaxation: Nuru massage can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, as the gentle pressure and sliding motions can help to release tension and promote feelings of calm.
  2. Improved circulation: The pressure applied during nuru massage can help to improve circulation, which can help to promote healing and reduce inflammation.
  3. Enhanced sexual pleasure: Nuru massage is known for its sensual and erotic nature, and can be a powerful tool for enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy between partners.
  4. Increased body awareness: The slippery nature of nuru massage can help to promote awareness of the body and its sensations, which can be a helpful tool for individuals looking to increase their connection to their bodies and enhance their sexual experiences.
  5. Improved skin health: The seaweed used in nuru gel is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help to nourish and hydrate the skin. This can help to improve the appearance and health of the skin.

5 Best Nuru Massage Therapist in Dubai

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  5. Vandana Luthra - She is Australian Indian mix Nuru massage therapist in Dubai offers the services including add-ons.

Your ultimate guide for Erotic Massage in Dubai and UAE.

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Erotic massage is a form of sensual massage that involves touching and stimulating various erogenous zones of the body. This type of massage is often performed in a romantic or sexual context, and is intended to enhance arousal and sexual pleasure.

Erotic massage typically involves the use of hands, fingers, and other body parts to stimulate the erogenous zones of the body, such as the genitals, breasts, and buttocks. It may also involve the use of oils, lotions, or other lubricants to enhance the sensations of the massage.

Erotic massage is often performed by a trained professional, such as a licensed massage therapist, or may be performed by a romantic partner. It is important to ensure that the person performing the massage is skilled and experienced, and that both parties have clear communication about boundaries and expectations.

Erotic massage can be a pleasurable and intimate experience for couples, and can enhance sexual connection and intimacy. It may also be used as a form of foreplay or sexual exploration, and can help to increase sexual desire and arousal.

However, it is important to use caution when engaging in erotic massage, as it can also be a potentially risky practice. It is important to ensure that both parties are comfortable and consenting to the activity, and to avoid any activities that may cause pain, discomfort, or injury.

Additionally, it is important to practice safe sex and use appropriate protection during any sexual activity that may involve bodily fluids or genital contact. It is also important to avoid performing erotic massage on areas of the body that may be sensitive or prone to injury, such as the neck, spine, or genitals.

Overall, erotic massage can be a pleasurable and intimate experience when performed safely and consensually.

It is important to communicate openly and clearly with your partner, and to take necessary precautions to ensure safety and prevent injury or discomfort.


Your ultimate guide for Prostate Massage in Dubai

Searching authentic prostate massage in Dubai? Audrey Segal is the best prostate massage therapist in Dubai. You can book me via Email: [email protected] and you may visit my website audreysegal.com

Prostate massage is a form of therapy that involves massaging the prostate gland, a walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder in men. The purpose of prostate massage is to help alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of prostate conditions, such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostate cancer.

During a prostate massage, a medical professional or trained therapist inserts a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum and gently massages the prostate gland. This can help to increase blood flow to the prostate, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Prostate massage can be performed in a clinical setting, but some men prefer to perform it at home. It is important to use caution when performing prostate massage at home, as it can be difficult to reach the prostate gland without proper training or equipment.

Prostate massage can also be performed as a form of sexual stimulation, as the prostate gland is considered to be a male G-spot. This can enhance sexual pleasure and potentially lead to more intense orgasms. However, it is important to use caution when performing prostate massage as a sexual practice, as it can increase the risk of infection and potentially cause injury.

While prostate massage can be beneficial for certain medical conditions, it is not recommended for everyone. Men with acute prostatitis or prostate cancer should avoid prostate massage, as it can potentially worsen their condition. Additionally, men with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or other rectal conditions should avoid prostate massage, as it can exacerbate these conditions.

Overall, prostate massage can be a helpful therapy for men experiencing certain prostate-related symptoms. It is important to discuss the potential benefits and risks of prostate massage with a medical professional before attempting it, and to seek professional assistance if performing it at home.


Why rich people from Israel should invest in Dubai and UAE

The announcement of the Abraham Accord last year was a watershed moment for Middle East relations and could change the course of the region’s future. Trade negotiations between both nations have opened up already, and in a matter of months there will be direct flights operating as well. We are already seeing significant levels of interest from Israeli investors, but what is it that makes the UAE such a great investment option for them?

Lifestyle & Culture

Both the UAE and Israel are known for their rich, diverse and vibrant lifestyles. You can experience the very best of nightlife, dining and culture, enjoying a wealth of options that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the region. There are a few key differences between the offerings in each nation, which is what makes their collaboration such a unique opportunity.

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While Israel has a large number of homegrown restaurants and food concepts that highlight Mediterranean cuisine, the UAE offers an incredible breadth of restaurants. You have everything from eateries that specialize in Emirati cuisine to European-style cafes and high-profile restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Vineet Bhatia and Nobu Matsuhisa. For the adventurous diner, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to enjoying an indulgent night out.

Nightlife is another key factor that unites these two nations - clubs and bars across the UAE are always popular amongst the nation’s night owls. And now with a newly announced ruling that will remove the need for a legal license in order to purchase alcohol, we can expect that the nightlife scene will be even more popular. For residents of Israel, who have never had any restrictions on purchasing alcohol other than a legal age limit, this is very welcome news.

All that being said, the lifestyle attractions of the UAE are not limited to gourmet dining and clubbing. For lovers of culture, history and the arts, the UAE has proven to be a truly fascinating and enriching destination. There are several museums located around the country, from the globally renowned Louvre Abu Dhabi to the lesser known Dubai Coffee Museum. Music festivals and performances are held throughout the year (though less often at present as a consequence of COVID-19), and the Dubai Opera House doubles as a cultural hotspot and tourist attraction because of its unique architectural design.

Since its earliest days, the UAE has always had an eye on the future, transforming itself from a simple fishing village into a major global destination. Over the past decade, the country’s investment in the future has only intensified, as it promotes Smart initiatives aimed at creating a technologically advanced society. Israel has charted a similar path for itself, focusing on innovation and invention to become a key player on the world stage.

The prowess of both countries is evident in their grand ambitions when it comes to design - whether it is the skyline of Dubai or Tel Aviv, you will find some truly stunning examples of architecture that were a combination of creativity and innovation. However, that is merely a small part of it - Israel invests heavily in technology and electronic systems, primarily for defense but with broader applications. The UAE is a tech giant in the region, and is always looking for ways to scale up its digital infrastructure. As the UAE places greater emphasis on developing artificial intelligence and sustainable design initiatives, there are greater opportunities for investment for tech-savvy Israelis who are looking to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancement.

Economy & Taxation

Israel boasts a strong economy that has been on a steady rise over the past five years. While the COVID pandemic has proven to be a setback, the outlook for 2021 is positive with a growth of over 4% being forecast. The UAE has weathered its own challenges since the global recession and the pandemic, remaining resilient throughout. It will take some time for the economy as a whole to stand firmly on its feet again, but the real estate market is very hot and has been transacting at record levels since the last quarter of 2020.

Cost of living in Israel is largely higher compared to the UAE - you would need to spend USD 1,000 more on average to enjoy the same quality of life in Tel Aviv that you would have in Dubai. Residents of Dubai typically have almost 30% more purchasing power than those of Tel Aviv, and prices are anywhere from 20% to 40% lower depending on the category of goods.


Why to invest in Dubai and UAE?

Dubai offers one of the highest rental yields in the world. Compared to global property destinations, the cost of purchase is lower in Dubai while generating higher rental yield.

In the first half of 2018, Dubai saw AED 111 billion worth of real estate transactions, and with the recent announcement of 10-years visas being granted to investors, the total investment into the city by the end of the year is expected to be monumental. No matter what direction the market turns, Dubai has maintained its position as a solid choice for investors the world over. But what makes this city such an attractive prospect?

Central Location

Dubai, and indeed the UAE, sits in a very strategic location on the world map. It is roughly a six-hour flight from most of the major cities in the East and the West, offering a convenient waypoint for those who are crossing the globe and serving as a hub for local businesses who want to expand in either direction.

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Booming Tourism Industry

Although Dubai has seen more people settling into the city as long-term residents over the past few years, it still remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With world-class attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and some of the most well-reputed hotels in the world, there is no shortage of wonders to experience. As Expo 2020 looms on the horizon, Dubai will continue to add even more lifestyle offerings that will keep the crowds coming in.

City of Innovation

Dubai is always looking to the future and trying to find ways to bring that into the present. New communities are being developed to create a more sustainable living experience for residents, new roadways are being constructed to keep the city better connected, and with its ongoing ‘smart city’ and ‘happiness’ initiatives, Dubai aims to make every aspect of life in the city hassle-free. There are also the architectural innovations, such as Dubai Creek Tower, which will eventually dwarf the Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Frame, the 150-meter tall ‘photo frame’ tower that creates a visual link between the older and newer parts of the city.

10-Year Investor and Golden Visa

Earlier this year, it was announced that investors into Dubai and employees of certain skilled professions would be granted 10-year residence visas. Needless to say, this is a major game changer for Dubai’s economy. Committing to such a long-term residence option shows the level of confidence that Dubai has in investors and signifies just how secure an investment into the city ultimately is. It was also announced that businesses in the UAE would no longer require a majority shareholder of local nationality, which will undoubtedly lead to a rise in entrepreneurship and homegrown businesses.

Strong Regulatory Framework

This announcement is just the latest addition to a strong framework of laws and regulations that are designed to protect an investor’s interests in Dubai. This is especially true in the property market, where the Dubai Land Department and its regulatory body, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) continue to implement rules that ensure property developers deliver on their promises in a timely manner.

Impressive ROI

This announcement is just the latest addition to a strong framework of laws and regulations that are designed to protect an investor’s interests in Dubai. This is especially true in the property market, where the Dubai Land Department and its regulatory body, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) continue to implement rules that ensure property developers deliver on their promises in a timely manner.

Safety & Security

Dubai is also known as one of the safest cities to live in the world, with a very low crime rate and an efficient legal system. People from all walks of life can come to the city and not have to worry about anything. Even with political turmoil raging in many parts of the world and across the region, the UAE has remained a haven for those living there.

Tax-Free Investment

Another major benefit of investing in Dubai, especially in the real estate market, is the lack of property tax. Although VAT was introduced earlier this year, it is still negligible in terms of overall costs and does not apply to residential property purchases. So you can buy a villa or apartment anywhere in the city and be assured that you won’t have to part with a portion of your returns each year.

Are you looking to invest into Dubai's property market? Then take a look at some of our top investment opportunities below


Literary Work Copyright

What kinds of works are deemed literary?

In layman’s terms, a copyright is the “freedom to copy.” Original writers are granted copyright to safeguard works such as literary, dramatic, artistic, cinematographic film, and musical works.

The term “literary” work clearly indicates that it refers to works of literature, yet it is not limited to them. It encompasses all works that can be expressed in words, numbers, or numerical symbols, regardless of whether they have literary worth. It makes no difference if they are expressed in the form of books, movies, videotapes, software, or manuscripts in which medium they are expressed.

For instance, computer software or computer databases are considered literary works since they present a programmer’s ideas in software that can be protected under the Copyright law.

As a result, LegaMart’s article on Literary Work Copyright explains the works that are deemed literary works.

Literary merit

It was claimed in the case University of London Press Ltd v University Tutorial Press Ltd that correctly defining the phrase “literary merit” is challenging. For example, When reading a novel, the first thing that comes to mind is the quality, writing style, and presentation of the author.

It is not, however, required to have literary quality in order to be regarded as eligible for copyright protection. Many works can be classified as literary works, including travel guides and collections containing original quotations. Other examples include a book consisting of a list of registered bills of sale, catalogs, letters, brochures, and other materials that do not have literary value but have gained copyright protection, such as a book consisting of a list of registered bills of sale, catalogs, letters, and brochures. In short, we may claim that literary work can be copyrighted regardless of its quality or style.

Key elements of Copyright registration

  1. For copyright registration, several requirements must be met, such as the work being unique, creative, and able to be fixed in a tangible medium.
  2. The copyright law allows the original author or an authorized person to reproduce or reuse his work.
  3. The copyright holder’s privileges include the ability to issue copies of his work, the ability to reproduce his work or control the reproduction of his work by others, and so on.
  4. Only creative professions such as cinematographers, artists, musicians, authors, and writers are eligible for copyright protection and can register their work under the Copyright Act.
  5. The original works must have a palpable shape, which implies they must have a physical form that can be felt or touched, or they must have a concrete form.

How to proceed with copyright registration ?

This process in the UK and India is explained in the above-mentioned article.

You can also contact LegaMart lawyers for legal advice and assistance with any legal problems.

To Sum Up

copyright rules provide various clauses that demonstrate how an original creator can gain and receive just compensation for his efforts. The same is true of literary works, where some are copyrightable while others do not. It explains which works you can claim for copyright protection and which ones you can’t. Only apply for copyright registration if you recognize your literary work comes inside the copyrightable content.


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace promised on Monday that London would make efforts to provide Ukraine with long-range artillery and anti-ship missiles.

“Ukraine needs more long-range artillery and shells, both Russian and NATO caliber. They also want anti-ship missiles to counter Russian ships ... if possible, Britain will try to give access to these weapons or supply them,” Wallace said. in an address to the British House of Commons. "The Department of Defense is working day and night with the US, Canada and the EU on logistics related supplies," he said in a speech posted on the Downing Street website.


Ukraine can “perfectly legitimately” carry out attacks on targets in Russia. Disrupting enemy logistics and destroying enemy warehouses is part of the war. This was stated by the Minister for the Armed Forces of Great Britain, James Hippie, on the air of Times Radio.

“The fact is that Ukraine was a sovereign country that lived peacefully within its borders, and then another country decided to violate these borders and send 130,000 troops into their country. This marked the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia, and in the war, Ukraine must strike deep into the enemy to attack his logistics lines, fuel supplies, ammunition depots, and this is part of the war, ”Hippie said.

According to him, "it is perfectly legal for Ukraine to aim deep into Russia in order to disrupt the logistics, which, if not disrupted, would directly contribute to the deaths and massacres on Ukrainian soil."

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace also said that Ukraine has every right to attack Russian territory. Accordingly, London is not opposed to using Western weapons for this.

Recall that on April 26 in Zaporozhye, two enemy guided missiles hit the territory of one of the enterprises of the city, the third exploded in the air. According to preliminary information, one dead and one wounded is known.


Boris Johnson promised to cut tariffs to support Ukraine's economy amid the crisis when he visited Kyiv in early April.

The UK will cut tariffs to zero on all goods from Ukraine as part of a free trade agreement between the UK and Ukraine. On Monday, April 25, the British government reports.

"Tariffs will be reduced to zero and all quotas canceled at the direct request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky," the British government said in a statement.

It is clarified that all tariffs and quotas covered by the trade agreement between Britain and Ukraine, that is, primarily for agricultural and industrial products, have been cancelled. Such a move "will provide Ukraine with economic support in difficult times," the government of the United Kingdom is convinced.

"Removing duties on key Ukrainian export commodities, including barley, honey, canned tomatoes and poultry, will help Ukrainian businesses and producers when they need it most," the UK Department of International Trade said.

In addition, Britain announced a ban on the export of goods and technologies that Russia can use to suppress the heroic people of Ukraine. Among such goods are equipment for interception and monitoring.

"This will close any existing loopholes for Russia not to buy these goods in Britain," the department added.

By the way, the free trade agreement was supposed to fully work for Ukraine from 2023.

Recall, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss said that her country will not stop helping Ukraine until Russia is defeated.


The Vague Role of Letter of Intent in English Law

“Letter of Intent” or LOI is to enshrine all that the parties have agreed upon in the pre-contractual stage. As far as HHJ Seymour QC was concerned, LOI is a mythical beast in the construction industry, which imposes responsibility for the payment avoiding the contractual risk.

What is Letter of Intent?

This kind of contracts are referred to as ‘heads of agreement’ and they have no legal significance. However, they are capable of being enforced so care must be taken when drafting them.

One legally binding clause that is normally included in a letter of intent is the confidentiality clause in which it is agreed that confidential information acquired during negotiations will not be disclosed to any third party or otherwise used.

There are different definitions for letter of intent which are explained in the LegaMart article.

Arisen Problems

There are some risks in these contracts. First, the parties may lose control over the deal. Second, it may end up with unknown monetary subsequences. Third, LOI may give rise to non-liability for the work carried out. LOI may cause some monetary subsequences which jeopardize any prediction of the ultimate remuneration. In some cases, it was not enough basis for reimbursement, whereas in others the final cost was more than what had been tendered.

Problem Avoidance Methods

There are some solutions for the arising disputes from LOI. any unwilling windfall of LOI can be prevented or managed by the creation of some clues which would put light on the four corners of the mutual intention. Of course many of these problems can be prevented from drafting stage. In general, it can be managed in the performance stage by conduct and reliance. The parties can avoid the creation of any unwanted contract in the pre-contractual stage by manifesting the expression of their intention. This method leads to legal relations. LegaMart is here to help you out if needed.

The second available remedy to control the subsequences of LOI is to define expenditure and liability caps by excluding and limiting terms. It is a contractual mechanism that prevents any further responsibilities arising from or connected to the LOI. The best reliable way to control the subsequences of LOI is to use some sort of contract instead of LOI which includes provisions to manage the risks of early project involvements. These contracts minimize the risk of judicial interpretation as they contain semi-comprehensive provisions.

To sum up, LOI is a problematic instrument that by either way of construction or interpretation may take one of the three senses; non-binding memorandum, binding exclusory or unilateral contract, quasi-contract. The interference of the courts to identify the nature and effects of LOI gives rise to subsequent problems. First, courts identify the substance of LOI through an objective test which can result in unwilling fruits.

Thus, it is not predictable whether the courts recognize the existence of a contract. It may also impose an unwanted contract or change the presumed contract to a new one. Second, restitution recovery is only for the reimbursement of costs and cannot imply any liability.


Annulment — How Can I Get My Marriage Annulled?

For sure, marriage is one of the best things which can happen in one’s life. However, not all marriages can be considered as something everlasting so they may end up with “divorce”. What is important is that there is an alternative to divorce that is quicker and cheaper, if you qualify, and this is an annulment and it is totally explained in the “How Can I Get My Marriage Annulled?” by LegaMart.

What Is an Annulment?

An annulment (or nullity of marriage), by definition, is a legal ruling that states that the marriage between two people is void — that it was never legally valid. It effectively erases the marriage, making it almost like the union did not happen in the first place. The marriage records would remain on file; however, on legal documents and forms, the word “single” or “unmarried” is recorded as opposed to “divorced”.

The Difference between a Civil Annulment and a Religious Annulment

There are differences between these two annulments.

Civil annulments are granted by a court judge. On the other hand, Religious annulments are granted by a church or other religious authority rather than by a court of law.

Who Can File for an Annulment?

Either party can file a petition (legal request) for an annulment case. However, annulments are not issued to all couples without question. This is why divorces are much more common than nullities of marriage.

LegaMart advocacy aims to help you with your legal issues in all cases.

Grounds for an Annulment

For an annulment to be granted, the couple must meet the governing body’s criteria, proving that the marriage was illegal in some way. Usually, the following grounds (reasons) are accepted:

Bigamy, Forced Consent, Lack of Consent, Underage Marriage, Mental Illness, Mental Incapacity, Fraud, Marriage Prohibited by Law

How Much Time Do I Have to Get an Annulment?

It depends on the grounds for annulment and the amount of time that the partner has known about the situation.

Are Children Born Out of an Annulment Still Considered Legitimate?

In short, yes they are. In the eyes of the law, all children born out of an annulment are still considered legitimate children. Things like child support and child custody are not affected by an annulment of a marriage.

What If I Do Not Qualify for an Annulment?

If you do not qualify for an annulment, then you would have to file for divorce if you want to separate from your spouse. Alternatively, if you do not qualify for a civil annulment, but would like to have a religious annulment in the case that your faith does not allow you to remarry after a divorce, this is also possible.


The UK authorities have added 26 more individuals and legal entities from the Russian Federation to the sanctions list. This was reported on the website of the British government.

The sanctions, in particular, included Oleg Belozerov, General Director of Russian Railways, Igor Konashenkov, official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Alexander Chupriyan, acting head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexei Pimanov, head of the Krasnaya Zvezda media holding, Andrey Serdyukov, commander of the Airborne Forces, Anton Kuprin, commander of the Moskva cruiser.

Restrictions have also been introduced against 10 structures, including those of a defense profile. Among them are the Kalashnikov Concern, TsNIIMash and NITI named after Aleksandrov.

At the moment, more than 1.3 thousand individuals and legal entities from Russia are on the British sanctions list, Interfax notes.


The UK is set to impose new sanctions on Russia this week "as it seeks to increase pressure on the administration of President Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine"

According to the source, the new restrictions will presumably affect Russian military and defense companies, as well as oligarchs.

In addition, he informed that the UK is also considering the possibility of raising tariffs on a number of Russian goods. Among other things, sanctions are possible "against individuals and organizations that disseminate Russian disinformation."

The UK has already imposed the widest set of sanctions on Russia since its invasion of Ukraine in February. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government is working with other G7 countries and the European Union to agree on a regular set of new sanctions and trade restrictions.

The EU, for its part, is currently working on its sixth round of sanctions, with discussions on restrictions on oil imports and cutting off more Russian banks from the SWIFT international financial messaging system.

Earlier it was reported that the US may also introduce new anti-Russian sanctions this week.

On February 24, Russia launched a military special operation in Ukraine, the purpose of which was called the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of the neighboring country.


On April 19, representatives of the NATO and EU countries held a meeting on the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, after which a number of countries announced a decision to provide the Ukrainian military with artillery systems. It is reported by CNN.

The meeting via secure video link was attended by US President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi , Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Polish President Andrzej Duda, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After talking to allies during a speech in the British House of Commons, Johnson said that the war in Ukraine had become an "artillery conflict" and announced that the UK would provide artillery systems to Ukraine, the BBC reported.

The Prime Minister stressed that the kingdom will increase the supply of "the military equipment that is especially needed now" to the Ukrainian military.

Artillery systems are one component of the UK's aid to Ukraine, Johnson explained.

Biden answered "yes" to a question from reporters whether he plans to supply more artillery to Ukraine, CNN reports.

Trudeau also announced his intention to help Ukraine with artillery systems. According to him, it will be heavy artillery, writes Reuters.


Aiden Eslin and Sean Pinner

Britain does not intend to enter into negotiations with Russia on the exchange of Viktor Medvedchuk for two British legionnaires who were captured in Mariupol, Cabinet Minister Brandon Lewis said in an interview with Sky News.

Lewis declined to confirm that the government was working to return British prisoners to the UK, explaining that he could not comment on "national security matters".

The minister also said about the citizens of Great Britain who were captured by the Russians, that "they should not have been there (in Ukraine)."

On the prospect of exchanging the British for Medvedchuk, who is currently detained by the Ukrainian special services, Lewis recalled that the process of imposing sanctions against people close to the Putin regime is underway, and in this context, "it is strange to think about how you can help Russia."

The Minister recalled that the government strongly discourages British citizens from traveling to Ukraine, even to help her in the conditions of the Russian invasion. He said that "the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive the support of the UK, and we will continue to provide this support."

On April 18, Russian television showed footage of British citizens Sean Pinner and Aiden Eslin allegedly taken prisoner in Mariupol.


The British government plans to transfer Stormer armored rocket launchers to Ukraine to launch Starstreak missiles.

The Stormer HVM mount has an eight-round launcher on the roof and has space inside to accommodate eight more missiles. These missiles are capable of shooting down enemy aircraft and helicopters flying at low altitude.

Experts call them "the best complex" sent by the Western state.

According to sources, the British Ministry of Defense demonstrated the operation of the machines to Ukrainians at an exhibition in Salisbury Plain two weeks ago.

The 13-ton high-tech launchers are expected to be loaded onto C-17 transport aircraft and sent to war in a matter of days.

They only need a crew of three - a driver, commander and gunner.

The deployment of the "Group Stormer" along with the 120 armored personnel carriers already promised would mean a significant increase in heavy weapons from the UK.

So far, Western states have provided only man-portable weapons.

"It's no secret that Britain has pledged to help Ukraine with its air defense capabilities. The Secretary of Defense (Ben Wallace) will make a statement in Parliament this week," the source said.

Colonel Richard Camp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, said: "The Stormer/Starstreak combo will be a huge boost to Ukraine's combat capabilities."

"This is an extremely effective, highly mobile combat vehicle that will seriously damage any low-level attack attempts by Putin's Air Force," he added, and warned that information about the transfer of such equipment would anger the Russian Federation.


The teams played the second match in a week. The championship game ended in a draw, and in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, Liverpool turned out to be stronger. Merseysiders reached the final of the tournament for the first time since 2012.

Liverpool beat Manchester City in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. The meeting, held at Wembley Stadium in London, ended with the score 3:2.

Liverpool scored three goals in the first half. At the tenth minute, Ibrahima Konate opened the score, and then Sadio Mane scored twice (17th and 45th minutes).

In the second half, City, thanks to accurate shots from Jack Grealish (47th) and Bernard Silva (91st), reduced the gap to a minimum, but could not save the game.

Liverpool will face the winner of Chelsea's other semi-final pairing, Crystal Palace, in the final.

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