In Northamptonshire, excavations before London

Evidence suggests that the Roman village of Chipping Warden was inhabited long before the Romans actually arrived on English soil.

The first settlers arrived in the Blackgrounds around 400 BC, and for the next several hundred years the village remained small. The situation changed in the IV century AD, when the Romans began to expand sharply.

Researchers have found a diverse mix of Roman objects, including cremation urns, toys, glassware, fine jewelry, and more than 300 Roman coins. They also found handcuffs used on prisoners or slaves.

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British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace promised on Monday that London would make efforts to provide Ukraine with long-range artillery and anti-ship missiles.

“Ukraine needs more long-range artillery and shells, both Russian and NATO caliber. They also want anti-ship missiles to counter Russian ships ... if possible, Britain will try to give access to these weapons or supply them,” Wallace said. in an address to the British House of Commons. "The Department of Defense is working day and night with the US, Canada and the EU on logistics related supplies," he said in a speech posted on the Downing Street website.

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Boris Johnson promised to cut tariffs to support Ukraine's economy amid the crisis when he visited Kyiv in early April.

The UK will cut tariffs to zero on all goods from Ukraine as part of a free trade agreement between the UK and Ukraine. On Monday, April 25, the British government reports.

"Tariffs will be reduced to zero and all quotas canceled at the direct request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky," the British government said in a statement.

It is clarified that all tariffs and quotas covered by the trade agreement between Britain and Ukraine, that is, primarily for agricultural and industrial products, have been cancelled. Such a move "will provide Ukraine with economic support in difficult times," the government of the United Kingdom is convinced.

"Removing duties on key Ukrainian export commodities, including barley, honey, canned tomatoes and poultry, will help Ukrainian businesses and producers when they need it most," the UK Department of International Trade said.

In addition, Britain announced a ban on the export of goods and technologies that Russia can use to suppress the heroic people of Ukraine. Among such goods are equipment for interception and monitoring.

"This will close any existing loopholes for Russia not to buy these goods in Britain," the department added.

By the way, the free trade agreement was supposed to fully work for Ukraine from 2023.

Recall, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss said that her country will not stop helping Ukraine until Russia is defeated.

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The Vague Role of Letter of Intent in English Law

“Letter of Intent” or LOI is to enshrine all that the parties have agreed upon in the pre-contractual stage. As far as HHJ Seymour QC was concerned, LOI is a mythical beast in the construction industry, which imposes responsibility for the payment avoiding the contractual risk.

What is Letter of Intent?

This kind of contracts are referred to as ‘heads of agreement’ and they have no legal significance. However, they are capable of being enforced so care must be taken when drafting them.

One legally binding clause that is normally included in a letter of intent is the confidentiality clause in which it is agreed that confidential information acquired during negotiations will not be disclosed to any third party or otherwise used.

There are different definitions for letter of intent which are explained in the LegaMart article.

Arisen Problems

There are some risks in these contracts. First, the parties may lose control over the deal. Second, it may end up with unknown monetary subsequences. Third, LOI may give rise to non-liability for the work carried out. LOI may cause some monetary subsequences which jeopardize any prediction of the ultimate remuneration. In some cases, it was not enough basis for reimbursement, whereas in others the final cost was more than what had been tendered.

Problem Avoidance Methods

There are some solutions for the arising disputes from LOI. any unwilling windfall of LOI can be prevented or managed by the creation of some clues which would put light on the four corners of the mutual intention. Of course many of these problems can be prevented from drafting stage. In general, it can be managed in the performance stage by conduct and reliance. The parties can avoid the creation of any unwanted contract in the pre-contractual stage by manifesting the expression of their intention. This method leads to legal relations. LegaMart is here to help you out if needed.

The second available remedy to control the subsequences of LOI is to define expenditure and liability caps by excluding and limiting terms. It is a contractual mechanism that prevents any further responsibilities arising from or connected to the LOI. The best reliable way to control the subsequences of LOI is to use some sort of contract instead of LOI which includes provisions to manage the risks of early project involvements. These contracts minimize the risk of judicial interpretation as they contain semi-comprehensive provisions.

To sum up, LOI is a problematic instrument that by either way of construction or interpretation may take one of the three senses; non-binding memorandum, binding exclusory or unilateral contract, quasi-contract. The interference of the courts to identify the nature and effects of LOI gives rise to subsequent problems. First, courts identify the substance of LOI through an objective test which can result in unwilling fruits.

Thus, it is not predictable whether the courts recognize the existence of a contract. It may also impose an unwanted contract or change the presumed contract to a new one. Second, restitution recovery is only for the reimbursement of costs and cannot imply any liability.

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Annulment — How Can I Get My Marriage Annulled?

For sure, marriage is one of the best things which can happen in one’s life. However, not all marriages can be considered as something everlasting so they may end up with “divorce”. What is important is that there is an alternative to divorce that is quicker and cheaper, if you qualify, and this is an annulment and it is totally explained in the “How Can I Get My Marriage Annulled?” by LegaMart.

What Is an Annulment?

An annulment (or nullity of marriage), by definition, is a legal ruling that states that the marriage between two people is void — that it was never legally valid. It effectively erases the marriage, making it almost like the union did not happen in the first place. The marriage records would remain on file; however, on legal documents and forms, the word “single” or “unmarried” is recorded as opposed to “divorced”.

The Difference between a Civil Annulment and a Religious Annulment

There are differences between these two annulments.

Civil annulments are granted by a court judge. On the other hand, Religious annulments are granted by a church or other religious authority rather than by a court of law.

Who Can File for an Annulment?

Either party can file a petition (legal request) for an annulment case. However, annulments are not issued to all couples without question. This is why divorces are much more common than nullities of marriage.

LegaMart advocacy aims to help you with your legal issues in all cases.

Grounds for an Annulment

For an annulment to be granted, the couple must meet the governing body’s criteria, proving that the marriage was illegal in some way. Usually, the following grounds (reasons) are accepted:

Bigamy, Forced Consent, Lack of Consent, Underage Marriage, Mental Illness, Mental Incapacity, Fraud, Marriage Prohibited by Law

How Much Time Do I Have to Get an Annulment?

It depends on the grounds for annulment and the amount of time that the partner has known about the situation.

Are Children Born Out of an Annulment Still Considered Legitimate?

In short, yes they are. In the eyes of the law, all children born out of an annulment are still considered legitimate children. Things like child support and child custody are not affected by an annulment of a marriage.

What If I Do Not Qualify for an Annulment?

If you do not qualify for an annulment, then you would have to file for divorce if you want to separate from your spouse. Alternatively, if you do not qualify for a civil annulment, but would like to have a religious annulment in the case that your faith does not allow you to remarry after a divorce, this is also possible.

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Other News United Kingdom

The UK is set to impose new sanctions on Russia this week "as it seeks to increase pressure on the administration of President Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine"

According to the source, the new restrictions will presumably affect Russian military and defense companies, as well as oligarchs.

In addition, he informed that the UK is also considering the possibility of raising tariffs on a number of Russian goods. Among other things, sanctions are possible "against individuals and organizations that disseminate Russian disinformation."

The UK has already imposed the widest set of sanctions on Russia since its invasion of Ukraine in February. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government is working with other G7 countries and the European Union to agree on a regular set of new sanctions and trade restrictions.

The EU, for its part, is currently working on its sixth round of sanctions, with discussions on restrictions on oil imports and cutting off more Russian banks from the SWIFT international financial messaging system.

Earlier it was reported that the US may also introduce new anti-Russian sanctions this week.

On February 24, Russia launched a military special operation in Ukraine, the purpose of which was called the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of the neighboring country.

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Gender Bias in the Legal Professions

March 6th, International Women’s Day, may be a good inciter to scrutinize Women’s status from different angles. It has been analyzed by LegaMart team in one of their articles. LegaMart is a legal online platform with the goal of connecting lawyers and those in need, regardless of their location or the language that they speak.

Gender Gap in the Legal profession

Although number of women in the legal profession has increased significantly over the past 30 years, evidence shows that women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions. Today there are more women in law school than ever before, but men still lead when it comes to private practice, making up about two-thirds of attorneys in this sector of the legal profession. According to a study, women are nearly fifty percent of associates at law firms throughout the United States. However, they are only 22.3% of partners and nineteen percent of equity partners. Government employment figures for 2019 show that women made up 48% of the workforce in England, Scotland and Wales.

Gender Wage Gap in the Legal Profession

This situation is true even about different gender’s income. Further data shows that the higher the compensation level, the greater the pay increase favored men. Even if women make it to this top level, they still earn less than male equity partners. According to a 2022 report, approximately 2.4 billion women of working age are not afforded equal economic opportunity, and 178 countries maintain legal barriers that prevent their full economic participation.

There are several Common barriers that women face in their legal career. This includes: Glass Ceiling, Work-Life balance issues, Stereotypes, and Lack of networking and mentorship.

Over the past few decades, gender inequality in the legal profession has been of notable attention. The issue has not largely been viewed as one central to the profession, and the hypocrisy that arises from the devotion to the preservation of rights and equality while maintaining a sexist status quo has not been illuminated.

Obviously, some progress has been made in this field. Despite the merits and the talent of so many female legal professionals, they still don’t reach the most senior positions across the legal sector mainly due to discriminatory obstacles placed in their paths.

To sum it up, this issue directly clashes with the principles defended by the legal profession. The legal sector cannot afford this contradiction and should lead by example. With the advance of raising general awareness around gender discrimination and stereotypes, it is time for increased action. This issue is of great consideration to LegaMart.

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Other world news

В Казани сотрудники спецподразделений Росгвардии провели показательное занятие для студентов юридического института

Сотрудники казанского ОМОН и СОБР Управления Росгвардии по Республике Татарстан организовали экскурсию и выездное занятие для студентов казанского филиала Всероссийского государственного университета юстиции.

В преддверии празднования Дня Победы в расположении ОМОН «Ак Барс» Управления Росгвардии по РТ состоялось выездное военно-патриотическое занятие для студентов казанского филиала Всероссийского государственного университета юстиции. В проведении занятий приняли участие также сотрудники СОБР «Тимер Батыр» и кинологи МВД по Республике Татарстан. Будущие юристы, большинство из которых проходят обучение на кафедре уголовного процесса и криминалистики, задавали много вопросов и интересовались различными подробностями.

Студентам показали практическую работу кинологов с собаками при поиске запрещённых веществ, опасных предметов, а также при задержании преступников. Затем вниманию гостей представили выставку вооружения и специальной техники спецподразделения Росгвардии, подробно рассказали о назначении и особенностях каждого элемента экспозиции. Сотрудники СОБР продемонстрировали мастерство в высотной подготовке, выполнив эффектные спуски с 20-метрового здания.

«Для нас было очень важно провести выездные занятия именно в боевом подразделении Росгвардии, чтобы студенты лично пообщались с правоохранителями, которые стоят на переднем крае борьбы с преступностью и терроризмом», - отметил доцент кафедры уголовного процесса и криминалистики Газинур Хуснетдинов.

В завершение мероприятия с гостями провели патриотическую беседу и показали документальный фильм о войсках национальной гвардии Российской Федерации.

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Военный оркестр казанского полка Росгвардии обеспечил музыкальное сопровождение Пасхального бала в столице Татарстана

В Казанской ратуше состоялся первый республиканский Пасхальный бал в котором приняли участие более трёхсот юношей и девушек со всей республики. В просторном холле исполнялись исторические танцы, которые танцевали на первых балах, учреждённых Петром Первым.

Музыкальное сопровождение мероприятия осуществлял военный оркестр казанского специального моторизованного полка Приволжского округа войск национальной гвардии Российской Федерации под управлением заслуженного артиста Республики Татарстан майора Вадима Кравчука. Военные музыканты на высоком профессиональном уровне исполнили знаменитые вальсы и произведения русской классической музыки.

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