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In Britain, the corona virus has caused a deficiency of pets

Britain has faced an acute deficiency of domestic animals due to the virus. Lonely British who found themselves in isolation lined up to get pets.

According to breeders, need for animals has raised to 140 percent in April. At the same time, one can not even hope to get the long-awaited friend so quick - waiting lists usually consist of 100 to 400 people who want them too.

In turn, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Violence against Animals recorded an increase in the amount of visits to their shelters by 600 percent. It clears that especially quarantined Britons are interested in cocker poodles (cockapu), French bulldogs and other dog breeds, which are relatively easy to care for.

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Residents of Britain reported about huge black cats who attack sheep

Photographs of a large black cat hiding in the bushes were published by residents of the village of Tedburn St. Mary. In addition, traces of paws were observed, presumably belonging to the same predator, next to the remains of a deer. The forest near the village is now rarely visited by residents due to the regime of self-isolation and this, as local residents suggest, could give courage to large predators.

Dr. Terry Moore, a specialist in large predators of the feline family, said that reports of large cats, presumably cougars and panthers, had been received several times before from Hertfordshire, a four-hour drive from Devon.

Among locals there is an opinion that the huge cats, which they call "Beasts of Bodmin" and "Beasts of Dartmoor", have been living in the swamps of Devon and Cornwall for more than a decade. In July 2019, the owner of the zoo in Dartmoor said that he personally observed three cougars freely walking in the wild, which should have been transferred to the zoo at least three decades ago.

It is believed that panther and cougar could be let out by circus artist Mary Chipperfield after the closure of her zoo in Plymouth in 1978. Since 2000, more than 200 reports of large cats walking through swamps have been recorded in Devon and Cornwall.

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There is a new painting in the English infirmary, it is dedicated to doctors

A new painting by the famous street artist Banksy with gratitude to doctors appeared in an English infirmary in Southampton.

A monochrome picture of 1 square meter was hung in the lobby of the infirmary near the emergency room.

It portrays a boy playing with a nurse-superhero at the trash can, in which there are also Batman and Spiderman.

Banksy left a fraze: "Thanks for everything you do. I hope this will brighten up this place, even though it is black and white."

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