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Where is Benjamin Lasnier’s 2016 rumoured “girlfriend” today?

In 2016 Danish Singer Benjamin Lasnier took a short trip to Hong Kong. He was photographed at Pacific Place shopping mall with NAG rugby player; Taianna O’Neill who is rumoured to have recently been intimate with “Tik Tok Star” Max Martin. Benjamin later posted a picture of himself alongside Taianna on Instagram. Fans responded immediately to this post. Taianna then commented “My everything”. The two were spotted in public twice during Benjamin’s visit. Taianna refused to be interviewed about Benjamin she claimed; “Benjamin and I have no relationship of any sort I was just a lucky fan!” One of her own friends who accompanied her that morning shouted “bullsh*t”. Taianna spent a whole month trying to hide under a black off white hoodie. During that time frame she had her hood pulled over by somebody else in public recognising her. Taianna had been left alone after being pulled aside in the Gucci shop located in IFC mall on November 17th 2016. She screamed “I am not with Benjamin and I don’t want cameras in my face so please go and get a life!” But let’s get to the real question? Where is Taianna O’Neil today?

From Research we have found that Taianna and Benjamin no longer follow each other on Instagram. However, Taianna is followed by a few major platforms such as; @LukeLeeOfficial who is verified with a total of over 40 thousand followers, @Bencharlesworth_ who is verified and has a total of 1,835 followers, @amberwisee daughter of former football player Dennis Wise with a total of 9,221 followers, @Jesse_Grylls son of Survivalist Bear Grylls with a total of 8,702 followers, @francesca.beckenb the youngest and only daughter of former football player Franz Beckenbauer with a total of 1,558 followers. It seems that Taianna has many links to fame. She recently posted on her Tik tok profile [@annaoneill] a screen recorded video of herself scrolling through her Instagram feed with the video soundtrack playing “a - yo a famous person follows me check”. This video includes verified profiles [such as @LukeLeeOfficial , @Deanahmad_ , @stefanjames , @stephaniebaessler , @bencharlesworth_ , @stevie_bradley1] liking her Instagram posts. Taianna also has another video on her Tik tok platform which has over half a million views. Could the ex girlfriend of Danish singer Benjamin Lasnier be a potential rising star? She apparently only started her Instagram in October 2019 she had gained over 3,000 Followers in under 6 months. For somebody who isn’t famous that is incredible. In March 2016, a few months prior to being spotted with Benjamin in public; Taianna posted on Instagram “omg one direction just sang happy birthday to me at the concert tonight [Smiling Emoji]”. Who is this girl? How does she meet all these people? There is nothing online on her rugby career past the year 2017 so she must have moved on from professional rugby but it appears that she has taken on a bigger role in life. It is not certain what that is exactly as she does not seem that open with her life on social media however, from her instagram highlights she seems to be living this “Jet-setting lifestyle. It is unclear whether Taianna is still in school or not as she seems to constantly be travelling. Taianna has really changed since 2016 and her instagram has given the impression of a “glow up”. She no longer goes by “Taianna” instead she goes by “Anna O’Neill” It appears that she has taken up an interest in photography and water based sports. I wish Taianna all the best and nothing but success in her future! I also hope Benjamin is doing well.

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