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The direct trains that will be linking Manchester and Leeds are under consideration. Reports suggest that an independent review is set for the High Speed (HS2) rail project on the route. The panel looking in the case is working on other alternatives to the proposed course of HS2. 

The current path splits into east and west legs after the city of Birmingham. According to the reports, one of the suggestions that the panel is considering is the idea that trains from London would go to Leeds while taking a route of Birmingham, and then the next stop being Manchester. The course will create a journey of 20 minutes between Leeds and Manchester. 

The proposed way would drastically improve the current travelling time, which on average stands at 71 minutes. This suggestion will see the proposal of the eastern line getting scrapped and will save a whopping ten billion pounds.


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The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning of torrential downpours for Leeds and up to 60mm of rain to fall in places.

Homes and businesses in the city could be affected due to flooding, and there is also a minor possibility of some communities being cut-off.

The warning is to take effect after midnight on Monday and will remain until 11:59 pm that evening.

The public should remain prepared for the possible delay on roads and the suspension and cancellation of the trains with the possibility of electric power cuts and loss of other services to homes.

Rain is expected to move north across England on Monday and is expected to fall nearly 15mm to 25mm for most of the region with the possibility of 40mm to 60mm for some area.

The water will clear away northeastwards during Monday evening and night.


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