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Pet Controller warns that no one is safe from the rat epidemic in the city.

Many citizens of Leeds have complained that the rat problem in the city of Leeds is in its worst situation in the past 24 years. The citizens who have spent their lives in Leeds are seen complaining that they have never witnessed a situation such as the current problem in the city.

The citizens have stated that the rats used to increase during September, but the authorities managed to control the annual outbreak. However, this year the authorities have failed to control the situation. Various landlords have asked for quick solutions for the issues, especially in the students' areas such as Hyde Park and Woodhouse.

The rat situation in the city is affecting every part of the town. Even the pubs, mansions, and terraces are not spared by the terror of the rats in the city.

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Motorists warned in Leeds of the Snow danger.

The authorities in Leeds have warned the motorists of the expected snow on the roads of the cities tonight. The snowfall is expected after 8 PM, and the temperature is expected to go down. The city council has warned the motorists that the temperature on the roads will drop to freezing temperatures. The City Council of Leeds tweeted that there was a possibility of snow Klaxon.

The tweet further read that the wintry showers may bring light snow at all levels in the city.

A warning of yellow weather for snow and ice has already been issued for the city of Leeds. The Met Office alerted most parts of North West and Scotland for snow. A large part of West Yorkshire has also been warned over the snow warning. Leeds form the border of the region, which has been notified of the snow warning.

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