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Mom shattered when her son was wrongly put on the school bus when no one was home.

A mum has been left abused after her seven-year-old son was wrongly put on the school bus when no one was at home to collect him. On Monday, Sarah Diamond was busy with her work till 4 pm so sent her son Zain into an after-school class at Iveson Primary School. She cancelled Zain's bus from the north Leeds school with all the right regulations and procedure.

Sarah finished her work earlier than the time she was expecting, and on returning home, she found Zain's bus stationary at his bus stop, waiting for her to collect him. She quickly took her son off the bus and received a phone call from staff at the bus service, apologizing for their part in the error.

Sarah said "My son was so upset when I took him off the bus, he thought he was in trouble and should've told the driver he wasn't meant to be on the bus.

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Bakery fire sends enormous plumes of smoke over Leeds.

A vast and terrific blaze broke out at a bakery very near to Leeds, it was in the way of sending a large number of plumes of smoke miles into the air, and that made the traffic to be at a stable point. With several 140 firefighters rushed to stop the fire, which ravaged the industrial building at the Westgate Retail Park in Wakefield.

A police person reported that strong winds were making a tremendous impact on the air by the smoke from the fire to blow into the city centre. West Yorkshire Fire is expected to be at the scene for at least another 24 to 48 hours, as reported by local reporters. A large number of terrified shoppers looked on as smoked billowed miles into the air. Dramatic images on many news sites and social shows the extent of the damage caused by the fire.

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