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HRRG CEO Joseph Wemakor declares 2023 his year of victory

2023 has been christened the "Year of Victorious "3S"—Success, Shine, and Stardom" by Joseph Kobla Wemakor, one of the leading names in African journalism.

Wemakor, a writer and human rights campaigner from Ghana, is no stranger to accomplishment; throughout his distinguished career, he has won numerous honors and accolades.

While emphasizing personal development and impact on the journalism industry, his aim for 2023 goes beyond prior accomplishments.

First, 'Success' as Wemakor sees it, is comprehensive. It isn't just about personal achievements or accolades. Wemakor's vision includes supporting other aspiring journalists via mentorship and contributing to moulding the next generation of newsmakers.

His definition of 'Success' also encompasses the betterment of journalism in Ghana and Africa, promoting a free press, transparent reporting, and making the world aware of the beautiful stories of resilience and triumph that come from Africa.

Second, 'Shine'. Wemakor believes that success only counts when it brings light to others' lives too. Shine for him, therefore, implies his work becoming more visible, sparking meaningful conversations, and inspiring change. Wemakor's journalism has often been characterized by his commitment to human rights.

Therefore, his aim for his career to 'shine' in 2023 further underscores his dedication to sharing stories that can have a positive influence on society.

Lastly, 'Stardom' for Wemakor is instrumental yet humble. Rather than fame for its own sake, he views stardom as an opportunity to direct the spotlight towards issues that matter.

His focus remains on making the voices of the unheard visible to a global audience.

By using the platform that stardom provides, he hopes to impact societies beyond national borders, turning challenges into opportunities, despair into hope, and shadows into light.

In conclusion, Joseph Kobla Wemakor 2023: The Year of Victorious 3S: Success, Shine, and Stardom is a blueprint for not only personal growth but also for building a better journalistic culture that could positively influence society.

Empowering journalism with integrity, spotlighting important issues, and using influence to enhance society truly represents Wemakor's distinguished approach to Success, Shine, and Stardom for the upcoming year.

Source:Alhassan Kandey|

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Covenant Presby School, Dzorwulu, holds its sixteenth graduation and awards ceremony

On a bright and sunny day of September 15 2023, the grounds of Covenant Presby School located at Dzorwulu in Accra stood witness to a remarkable event.

The institution, widely recognized for its commitment to providing quality and holistic education, commenced with its sixteenth annual graduation and awards ceremony.

The event was a profound landmark in the academic journey of the graduating class which comprises 64 students; 33 passed out from kindergarten 2 to basic one while 31 graduated from JHS to the SHS.

It acknowledged their hard work, perseverance, and resilience in the academic and co-curricular spheres.

Furthermore, it reflected on the rigorous learning process these young men and women had undergone over their years at Covenant Presby School-Dzorwulu.

Amidst the joy and laughter of proud parents, guardians, colleagues, teachers and innumerable well-wishers, the graduating class, immaculately decorated in their graduation gowns, marched into the school's expansive auditorium.

Everyone in attendance at this sixteenth graduation and awards ceremony was filled with a mix of nostalgia and hope for the future.

In support of the event's theme, "Promoting Excellence Through Determination and Hard Work," Mr. Felix Akuffo-Badoo, the immediate past head of the Test Administration Division of the West Africa Examination Council, addressed the gathering.

Speaking as the guest speaker, his speech emphasized academic accomplishment, the importance of co-curricular activities, but most importantly, excellence, humility, and hard work—the cornerstones of values-oriented education imparted at Covenant Presby School.

It also underscored the need for a collective effort on the part of parents, school authorities, pupils, and all stakeholders to ensure that Covenant Presby School is classified among institutions where excellence is associated with determination and hard work.

Speaking about the previous Presbyterian schools' accomplishments, Mr. Akuffo-Badoo explained that one of their basic ideals was excellence, which was attained by perseverance and hard work.

He was certain that Covenant Presby School, a typical Presbyterian or "Basel Mission" institution, would be linked to excellence through perseverance and diligence.

While congratulating the graduates for succeeding in their academic endeavours, he challenged each of them to be committed to achieving excellence and honor through hard work. He believed that this value should serve as a way to guide the graduates in their educational path as well as other endeavours to become a shining example in their various schools.

“For those of you passing out today, you have the duty of projecting the image of Covenant Presby School. When you move on from here, I challenge you to work hard and represent your schools at the National Maths and Science Quiz competition and also win the WAEC Excellence Awards at the National and International Levels, amongst others, through hard work”.

In her address, the headmistress of the school, Mrs. Evelyn Amoamah Antwi underlined the high standards of education that Covenant Presby School-Dzorwulu offers.

She delivered a speech that was rich in educational, moral, and life-guiding principles, emphasizing the need for perseverance, hard work, and adherence to ethical standards. These, she believes, are the keys to success in the nascent professional lives of the graduates.

In light of the event's theme, she emphasized the importance of discipline, hard work, integrity, and humility in her speech and urged the students to take pride in these Presbyterian values, saying, "We need to constantly remind ourselves of these values because they play a crucial role in our quest to achieve academic excellence.

Finally, in concluding her inspirational address, Evelyn Antwi wished the graduating class all the best in their bid to explore new frontiers.

“To my esteemed graduates of JHS Class of 2023 I believe you all have dreams I mean big dreams to nurture but remember you have to work towards them with all seriousness because the journey from here to senior high school s and to the university is not a smooth one but I’m confident that the foundation we have laid for you in Covenant Presby school has equipped you well enough to sail through your education and beyond”.

A major highlight of the event was the award-giving ceremony that took place following the graduation ceremony, set out to appreciate and encourage the outstanding academic and non-academic performances of the students including both teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. Medals and certificates were given by the distinguished guests and key persons of the institution to the awardees.

Covenant Presbyterian School’s commitment to fostering talent and rewarding academic merit was heartily evidenced. Special awards were given to graduates with exceptional performances in various subject areas, alongside others who had made an indelible mark in fields such as sports, music, arts, and social service.

The ceremony also witnessed the unveiling of a new cadet uniform, an activity which was performed by the District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Dzorwulu District who is also the Local Manager of the school, Rev. Kingsley Asare Addo.

The sixteenth graduation and awards ceremony was a splendid representation of the values that Covenant Presbyterian School-Dzorwulu has been founded upon.

It was a testament to the effective teaching methods, robust curriculum, and a conducive learning environment that the school has been providing consistently.

Words of congratulations flowed from every corner of the school, echoing the pride and joy everyone felt at the notable achievements of the graduates. With the completion of this significant phase of their lives, these young adults are now equipped to embark on a new journey, ready to make their own mark within and beyond the confines of their alma mater.

The event culminated with a vote of thanks presented by Princess Amakye, a graduating student. It was a day of reflection, joy, and anticipation, a day that will be remembered by all attendees, especially the graduates, as they go forth in the world to chart their own paths.

The sixteenth graduation and awards ceremony at Covenant Presbyterian School-Dzorwulu was a titanic success, reflecting the institution’s commitment to fostering holistic individuals of caliber and character.

Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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Human Rights Reporters Ghana ED Joseph Wemakor honored with a prestigious award for excellence in peacebuilding

The International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA) has proclaimed Joseph Kobla Wemakor as one of its recipients of the prestigious Africa Peace Advocate Awards 2023.

He was recognized among over 30 exceptional Ghanaian individuals who have dedicated themselves to promoting peace in their communities and beyond.

Known for his remarkable endeavours and continuous efforts in the direction of maintaining and extending peace in Africa, Wemakor has now been duly recognized and acclaimed globally.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor is a renowned Ghanaian peace activist, dedicated humanitarian, and influential journalist.

He is also the founder and executive director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), an NGO committed to fighting for the rights of marginalized groups in society.

Acknowledged for his virtue of deep conviction for peace, Wemakor has consistently initiated and led movements towards selfless service and goodwill undertakings.

The IAWPA's newly granted honour signifies a landmark and colossal achievement in Wemakor’s relentless journey of fostering peace and understanding among communities.

The effort dedicated by Wemakor in peace advocacy across Africa and beyond has been enormous and of profound significance.

With his robust journalistic background, he has used words as his tool to mould, shape, and inspire the minds of the masses.

Wemakor believes in the sanctity of the pen as a force that combats situations of conflict, unrest, and animosity prevalent in numerous African communities.

The Africa Peace Advocate Awards, a headline initiative from IAWPA, has been instrumental in recognizing peace advocates who have made exceptional contributions to promote peace and harmony.

The award encapsulates the very spirit of humanity and acknowledges the relentless efforts of peace advocates worldwide.

Wemakor’s recognition by IAWPA underscores his persistent work, including formulating and implementing strategies and programs for conflict resolution, promoting peaceful co-existence, and empowering the youth towards progressive and peaceful journeys.

More than just an honour, this award is a testament to his continued dedication towards creating a harmonious and peaceful African society.

This award brings the total number of notable honors received by Wemakor this year to three. The Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network, based in Kampala, Uganda, was the first organization to be moved by his extraordinary accomplishments and nominated him on February 17, 2023, for the prestigious AfricanDefenders Shield Award, which honors people who work to advance and defend human rights in Africa.

On July 15, 2023, the Entreps, International Board of Global Actors, and Business for Sustainability in Costa Rica gave him, along with his platform, the most prestigious 5th UN Global Entreps Awards for their outstanding contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This was followed by widespread recognition.

Prior to that, his relentless advocacy work had been acknowledged, which led to the selection of his platform, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), as one of the 10 finalists for the 2020 Africans Rising Activism Awards' Movement of the Year Award. The only group to represent Ghana on the continent was HRRG, which placed fourth in the finals.

Again, on November 13, 2021, he received an honorary award for peace, security, and education from the Transformational Empowerment and Rural Integration Africa Foundation, an NGO, at the inaugural Africa Early Education Award (AECEA) ceremony for his outstanding work on peacebuilding initiatives across the continent.

His excellence in human rights advocacy and defence was recognized by a global media outlet, "Business Woman Magazine," based in Ukraine, on October 17, 2020. He was chosen to be featured in its glossy pages alongside a number of notable individuals, diplomats, activists, and business leaders who have an impact on lives on a global level.

The IAWPA’s high commendation for the Human Rights Reporters Ghana’s boss equally highlights its commitment to acknowledging outstanding individuals striving to maintain peace.

The Association aims to foster global peace and harmony through interdisciplinary and cross-cultural communication. By acknowledging peace defenders like Joseph Kobla Wemakor, the IAWPA hopes to inspire many others to take up the mantle of peace advocacy in their respective societies.

In accepting the impressive honour from the United Nations Eminent Peace Ambassador and Country Director for the International Association of World Peace Advocates, Dr. Samuel Ben Owusu, the humble peace advocate emphasized that the recognition would further invigorate his objectives and dedication towards realizing a peaceful and united Africa.

His vision, characterized by relentless optimism, revolves around seeing a continent free from conflict, where every individual lives in harmony and peace.

The Africa Peace Advocate Awards 2023 offers a felicitous platform for champions of peace like Joseph Kobla Wemakor. Notably, it underscores their significance in harmonizing and consolidating peace in the African continent and the wider world in general.

It is the hope that this honour will inspire younger generations to contribute towards creating an environment of peace and co-existence.

The unwavering efforts and endeavours of peace advocates like Wemakor are indeed commendable and noteworthy.

The Africa Peace Advocate Awards and IAWPA’s honour of Wemakor is a step towards acknowledging such unyielding efforts.

His actions and contributions are a beacon of hope and a reminder that upholding peace, much like justice, is a collective effort that should be honored and celebrated.

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Honoring Ghanaian Peace Advocates at the 2023 Africa Peace Advocate Awards

In an environment where conflict, violence, and social unrest have become the order of the day, there are outstanding individuals unrelentingly promoting peace and social harmony in Ghana.

Their tireless efforts were acknowledged at the 2023 Africa Peace Advocate Awards, a ceremony aimed at acknowledging and rewarding these peace advocates for their commitment to promoting a peaceful Ghana and Africa at large.

The list of honorees from the Ghanaian contingent was highly significant. The esteemed personalities ranged from diplomats to religious leaders, non-profit organizations, and even personalities from the media.

One notable honoree was Joseph Kobla Wemakor, the founder/executive director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), a renowned journalist and peace activist who has constantly used his media platform to highlight the importance of peaceful coexistence.

His unbiased reporting and commitment to promoting dialogue have played a significant role in resolving conflicts and fostering understanding among diverse communities.

Regina Asamoah, a young entrepreneur who established a group devoted to empowering women and advancing peace through economic development, was another notable recipient.

Along with creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities, her initiatives have promoted interethnic harmony and cooperation.

The Pamcos Foundation is one such non-governmental organization that has been at the forefront of peace education and conflict resolution. Their tireless efforts have helped bridge divides and promote peaceful coexistence among Ghanaians.

At the second edition of the Africa Peace Advocate Awards event held recently celebrated the remarkable efforts of over 30 Ghanaian individuals who have dedicated themselves to promoting peace in their communities and beyond

Dr. Samuel Ben Owusu, Country Director for the International Association of World Peace Advocates and a United Nations Eminent Peace Ambassador, addressed the audience during the ceremony.

He reminded the honorees of the importance of the award and urged them to use their various platforms resolutely and tenaciously to promote peace, progress, and development for the benefit of all people on the African continent.

“We are not just going to give you awards as recognition. This is for work. We need you. Ghana needs you. Africa needs you. We need you to use your platforms to speak to bring about change”.

The significant impact of these individuals and organizations in ensuring peace in Ghana and Africa cannot be overstated.

The 2023 Africa Peace Advocate Awards have gone a long way in recognizing these incredible peace advocates and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.

The ceremony, which marks the second edition, not only acknowledged their unwavering commitment to peace advocacy but also provided a platform to highlight the importance of peace for the overall development of Ghana and the entire African continent.

It was staged at the Pottersville Church International, East Legon Hills, Santoe in Accra on Thursday September 21, 2023, as part of the Celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace by International Association of World Peace Advocate. (IAWPA).

The event was graced by prominent figures, activists, and supporters of peace from across Ghana and beyond. It was held under the theme: “Action for Africa Peace”.

The honorees are listed below:

1. Mrs. Rev. Dr. Joy Owusu

2. Dr. Bright Okoh

3. Lady Rev. Mrs. Martha Frimpong Boateng

4. Rita Esionam Garglo

5. Dr. Chester Bonnako

6. Ms. Harriet Nartey

7. Ms. Edna Bruce Cudjoe

8. Ms. Regina Asamoah

9. Apostle Abraham Lamptey

10. Hon. Dr. Mrs. Hanna Louisa Bisiw-Kotei

11. Fiifi Pratt

12. Mr. Gilbert Aggrey Abeiku

13. Nana Ama Anima Tutuwaa I

14. Dr. Nana Enyinfua III

15. Mrs. Theresa Tawiah Anang

16. Rev. Dr. Victor Anang

17. Pamela Agyapomaa Anokye

18. May Adaeze Chinda

19. Ms. Emmaline Dartey

20. Rev. Nelly Deladem

21. Mrs. Yvonne Antonio

22. Capt. Nii Kojo Nseni Mankattah

23. Ms. Cecilia Agyeiwaa

24. Anokyewaaba Serwaa

25. Ms. Valentina Ofori Afriyie

26. Mr. Philip Danquah

27. Joseph Kobla Wemakor

28. Nana Okogyeaman Oprepeh X

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Human Rights Reporters Ghana CEO Joseph Kobla Wemakor nominated for Africa Peace Advocate Awards 2023

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Human Rights Reporters Ghana, Joseph Kobla Wemakor has been nominated for the prestigious Africa Peace Advocate Awards (APAA) slated for September 21, 2023, at the Pottersville Church Conference Hall in East Legon Hills, Santoe, Accra.

The news comes as a testament to his exceptional contributions to peacebuilding, human rights advocacy, and unprecedented efforts to promote the wellbeing of marginalized populations in Ghana and across the Africa continent.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor joins an esteemed league of distinguished individuals recognized for their significant achievements in peace advocacy.

APAA aims to honor individuals and organizations that have made considerable contributions to peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and human rights advocacy across Africa.

Closer to home, Wemakor has earned respect and acclaim as a relentless human rights advocate in Ghana.

Through Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), his non-profit, media and human rights advocacy organization, Wemakor has led and been a part of local and international initiatives that disrupt patterns of human rights abuses, nurture peace, and promote respect for human dignity.

Notably, HRRG’s campaigns have significantly raised awareness of human rights and propelled social change, thereby securing Wemakor a place among Ghana’s most influential human rights advocates.

Wemakor's admirable efforts to stop child abuse and kidnapping are among his most prominent projects. He has developed and led a campaign to inform the public about the risks and severe repercussions of such acts while simultaneously working to support the victims of these atrocities.

In the year 2020, he launched a powerful media advocacy campaign on the issue of human rights violations in South Korea during the time of the first COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in Lee Man-hee, an 89-year-old man who is the founder and head of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus Christ, a growing minority and 'unpopular' church in Korea, being released from detention.

For his suspected involvement in concealing information from the South Korean government and authorities concerning church members, which they felt was detrimental to the effort to combat the pandemic, Mr. Lee was used as a scapegoat and wrongfully arrested and incarcerated.

Additionally, Wemakor's influence extends beyond the borders of Ghana through his contributions to international dialogues on peace and human rights.

He makes regular appearances at high-level UN meetings and conferences, where he shares his insights on peacebuilding and highlights the urgent need to safeguard human rights across the globe.

Being nominated for the Africa Peace Advocate Awards is another significant milestone in Wemakor's illustrious career.

This recognition provides proof of his continuous commitment to peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and the fundamental principles of human rights.

It also spurs him and his team at HRRG to further their work in transforming societies and fostering environments where human rights are not only respected but upheld as an utmost priority.

Despite the ongoing challenges in the fight for peace and human rights advocacy, Wemakor’s nomination signals hope for the future.

It echoes the message that changemakers like him continue to fight for a world where everyone can live without fear of oppression or violence, and enjoy their rights fully.

As the continent watches to witness this prestigious award ceremony in 2023, the nomination of Wemakor for the Africa Peace Advocate Awards has already elevated the narrative for peace and human rights advocacy in Africa.

It serves as a reminder to everyone that despite the challenges faced, hope remains, and progress is possible with dedication and concerted effort.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor’s nomination sends a powerful message across Ghana, Africa, and to the rest of the world- that tireless efforts to advocate for peace, protect human rights, and champion the cause of the less fortunate do not go unnoticed.

It further inspires individuals and organizations to keep advancing the cause of peace and human rights, not only in Africa but also on the global stage.

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Africa Peace Advocate Awards 2023: IAWPA announces nominees

The International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA), an inter-governmental organization that promotes peace and sustainability globally, recently unveiled this year’s honorary awards nominees for its prestigious Africa Peace Advocate Awards 2023 (APAA23).

This announcement upholds the IAWPA’s commitment towards peace advocacy and acknowledges outstanding individuals who have significantly contributed to peace activities in Africa.

The IAWPA, established under the laws of United Nations, routinely organizes events and recognitions that uphold peace and brotherhood on a global scale.

The organization's consistent efforts towards recognizing peace advocates worldwide are commendable.

Its high-profile events have become a significant platform to acknowledge activists who work tirelessly for global peace and sustainable development around the world.

The Africa Peace Advocate Awards (APAA) is one of the hallmark initiatives of the IAWPA for honoring exceptional peace advocates in Africa.

It is an esteemed recognition that celebrates individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to promoting peace and harmony across the African continent.

The award serves not just as a recognition but also as an inspiration for others and a challenge to improve efforts towards attaining a peaceful environment.

In line with its tradition of recognizing such noteworthy contributions, the IAWPA recently unveiled the list of honorees for the 2023 edition of the Africa Peace Advocate Awards (APAA23).

These revered nominees, meticulously selected by the executive board under the leadership of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Samuel Ben Owusu, demonstrated significant efforts in peace advocacy, conflict resolution, community development, and socio-economic contributions aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The release of this list is a milestone in itself. It symbolizes the IAWPA's unwavering commitment to promoting peace and facilitating a sustainable development culture in African societies.

It is also a resounding bang of the gong, serving as a call to action for individuals and organizations to ramp up their efforts towards peace advocacy.

“The carefully selected uncategorized list features Ghanaians drawn from various sectors of the country, including humanitarian organizations, non-profits, NGOs, international peace initiatives, UN SDGs advocates, businesses, religious bodies, individuals, politicians, media personalities, and public figures, who are advocating, campaigning for peace, and championing Africa's development.

These peace advocates and philanthropists are reshaping history, closing inequality gaps, grooming leaders, and pioneering new avenues of wealth creation through their various platforms, careers, and professions.

The approach used in selecting the nominees cuts across recommendations, extensive background checks, social impact, advocacy, and promotion of peace, according to IAWPA’s executive board”.

The awards appreciate and celebrate diversity in peace advocacy, recognizing that sustainable development and peace are multi-faceted concepts that require attention across various industries and sectors.

The forthcoming Africa Peace Advocate Awards 2023, which are being organized on the theme “Action for Africa Peace,” promises to be a memorable occasion ripe with opportunities for connection, dialogue, learning, and inspiration.

The auspicious ceremony, which seeks to honor and celebrate deserving awardees for their remarkable commitments to peace by initiating or leading projects that have significantly contributed to conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, and the overall development of respective communities across the African continent, is scheduled to hold at the plush Pottersville Church Conference Hall, East Legon Hills, Santoe, Accra, on September 21, 2023. Time: 10:00 a.m. prompt.

Ambassador Per Stephan, the World Peace President from Denmark, Ambassador Emmanuel Nweke, the International Peace Spokesman, Dr. Sammy David from Liberia, and Ambassador Livingstone Banjagala from Uganda are all anticipated to attend, as well as other prominent members of international and African peacekeeping organizations, UN delegates, and diplomats.

The IAWPA invites all peace lovers worldwide to join this promising ceremony and be part of the quest for international peace and sustainability.

As we anticipate the upcoming grand ceremony, we can all embrace the common hopes nurtured by IAWPA for a peaceful society and sustainable development.

We can also appreciate the critical role of our awardees and peace advocates in driving these dreams towards reality.

Be part of this rewarding journey of peaceful coexistence and sustainable development as advocated by the International Association of World Peace Advocates.

Congratulations to all our Champion Peace Advocates!

Below is the list of the 2023 honorary awards nominees:

1. Mrs. Rev. Dr. Joy Owusu

Dean of Covenant Christian Leadership University College, CEO Bolga Waakye, Smile Divilla Ltd.

2. Dr. Bright Okoh

CEO of Greenfield Scientific Herbal Clinic

3. Lady Rev. Mrs. Martha Frimpong Boateng

CEO, Martha Frimpong Boateng Foundation

4. Piesie Esther

Gospel Artist

5. Dr. Chester Bonnako

CEO, Grace Homeopathy Clinic

6. Ms. Harriet Nartey

Broadcast Journalist

Diplomatic Affairs TV Show

7. Ms. Edna Bruce Cudjoe

Edna Bruce Cudjoe Foundation

8. Ms. Regina Asamoah

Children and Gender Advocate

CEO Missing Children Ghana

9. Apostle Abraham Lamptey

General Overseer, Believers House of Worship Ministries

10. Hon. Dr. Mrs. Hanna Louisa Bisiw-Kotei

National Women's Organizer (NDC)

11.Fiifi Pratt

Broadcast Journalist

12. Gilbert Aggrey Abeiku

CEO Kaya Tours/Broadcast Journalist

13. Nana Ama Anima Tutuwaa I

Naa Tutuwaa Foundation

14. Dr. Nana Enyinfua III

CEO, Enakare Foundation

15. Mrs. Theresa Tawiah Anang

Head of Women's Empowerment at Riverside Foundation

16. Rev. Dr. Victor Anang

CEO, Crystal Logistics, and General Merchant

17. Ms. Pamela Agyapomaa Anokye

Pamcos Foundation

18. May Adaeze Chinda

CEO, Save The Child and Widow Foundation

19. Ms. Emmaline Dartey

CEO, ICS Africa

20. Rev. Dr. Nelly Deladem

Prestige Women's Network

21. Mrs. Yvonne Nana Antonio

Fidelity Bank, PLC

22. Captain Nii Kojo Nseni Mankattah

President Gadangme Council of Asafoatsemii and Asafoanyemii

23. Ms. Cecilia Agyeiwaa

Broadcast Journalist

24.Anokyewaaba Serwaa

Broadcast Journalist

CEO, Anoba Foundation

25. Ms. Valentina Ofori Afriyie

Broadcast Journalist

26. Mr. Philip Dankwah

CEO, St. Philip Enterprise

27. Mr. David Osei

CEO, Silicone Properties Accra

28. Nana Okogyeaman Oprepeh X

Chief of Abura Tetsi


29. Rita Esionam Garglo

No Limits Charity Organization

30. Joseph Kobla Wemakor

CEO, Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG)


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7-year-old Ivan Selase Hatse seeks urgent medical support to undergo orthopaedic surgery

At only seven years old, Ivan Selase Hatse is courageously battling a condition under circumstances that would be daunting for many adults.

Living in Ho West District in the Volta Region of Ghana, Ivan is a Person Living with Physical Disability (PLWD) suffering from a leg deformity that needs corrective orthopaedic surgery.

Ivan's case is an emblem of the countless struggles encountered by children with physical disabilities in underprivileged environments.

His leg deformity does not merely limit his movement but also hinders him from accessing education, social participation, and other opportunities that children of his age commonly enjoy.

His condition can only be remedied via orthopaedic surgery, which his family cannot afford without help.

Ivan unfortunately lost his dear mom barely a month ago. His father is currently on admission at the hospital, battling a mild stroke.

All hope is lost as it stands; these sad developments compound his inability to go to school as expected of any normal child, which is even more worrying.

Orthopaedic surgery can correct deformities or disorders in the skeleton and its associated structures, thereby enabling sufferers like Ivan to lead a more normal life.

Orthopaedic treatment could significantly enhance Ivan's quality of life, mobility, and future opportunities. The cost, however, is a major obstacle.

The expenses for such specialized procedures are substantial, not to mention the rehabilitation and aftercare that Ivan would need.

Currently the cost of his medical surgery including other expenses are pegged at a staggering estimated sum of two hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GH₵200, 000) equivalent to $17,418.20.

Consequently, Mama Lynn Charity Foundation, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana-NGO, and Ivan’s family, including the local well-wishers, are now rallying support to facilitate his surgery.

They are reaching out to both individuals and organizations alike for donations and assistance.

Their plight is not an isolated one - financial constraints regularly prevent vulnerable populations from accessing necessary medical interventions.

As their appeal echoes across the district and further into the country, it is becoming evident that the issue is reflective of a broader challenge.

It underlines the need for comprehensive healthcare coverage that accounts for specialized treatments like orthopaedic surgery.

It also shines a light on the systemic issues of accessibility and affordability, especially for those in rural communities.

Throughout all this, Ivan remains hopeful. His spirit is unbroken, and his resolve is strong. However, to turn his hope into reality, it will require combined and concerted efforts from well-intentioned benefactors, healthcare institutions, and the government.

“By helping Ivan, we are not only transforming one life but potentially driving change that could improve health outcomes for similarly affected children throughout the Ho West District and beyond.

Let us stand in solidarity with Ivan and join the fight against healthcare inequality by contributing whatever we can and amplifying the call for assistance” says Mama Lynn Charity Foundation’s Founder, Madam Evelyn Agbese Wemegah.

“An opportunity to improve a child’s life sits before us. It is upon everyone in society to lend a hand where we can. Support for Ivan exemplifies the quintessential African philosophy of Ubuntu, showing that our humanity is interconnected.

Donating towards Ivan's orthopaedic surgery is not just a charitable act, but an investment in a young boy’s future. Enabled to overcome his physical impediments, Ivan might grow up to be a contributor to his community and the nation at large.

His story reinforces the crucial need for a more inclusive, comprehensive, and accessible health care system that caters to all, irrespective of their socio-economic circumstances”, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana has said.

“We are all duty-bound to ensure that Ivan Selase and his peers are not relegated to the margins due to conditions that can ideally be corrected.

No child should be left behind. As we strive to improve our societal infrastructure, let us not forget Ivan and others like him who can only dream of better days,” says a local sympathizer.

Any kind or monetary donation is appreciated. To help a good cause, please call +233 (0)548665114 or send an email to [email protected].

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'Human Rights Reporters Ghana's remarkable achievement is a shining example of positive impact NGOs can make on society'-Entreps Chairman

The Chairman of Entreps: International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, Joaquin V. Boston, has praised the exceptional advocacy work of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana and its visionary founder Joseph Kobla Wemakor, which resulted in their announcement as winners of the prestigious 5th UN Global Entreps Awards, as a remarkable achievement that stands as a shining example of the positive impact NGOs can make on society.

He asserted that this ought to inspire others to imitate their actions in order to contribute to the development of a better world for all.

“HRRG’s remarkable achievement stands as a shining example of the positive impact NGOs can make on society and encourages others to follow suit in creating a better world for all”.

The Entreps Chairman recently made this claim in a news release, reinforcing the two winners' outstanding contributions to society, which are currently making headlines all over the world.

The vibrant Ghanaian NGO, Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), received the prestigious award for its Nationwide Sensitization Campaign on Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy, and Tramadol/Drug Abuse (‘KTT Project’).

The project was recognized as the ‘Best International Practice Award on Sustainability’ among 1,912 projects and enterprises from 126 countries competing for their implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The organization’s dedication to promoting human rights awareness and protection has garnered commendation from various individuals, organizations, and institutions both within and outside Ghana.

The award ceremony, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, on July 15, 2023, was backed by Entreps-International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, with the support of 1,000 Global Jurors and in partnership with the UN75.

HRRG’s founder, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, who received the award, expressed gratitude for the prestigious honor, highlighting the importance of collective efforts in uprooting societal menaces.

He noted that the organization remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard human rights and contribute to a safer and more progressive society.

“For HRRG to be acknowledged by the 1,000 Global Jurors of Entreps, Joaquin Boston, the Chairman of Entreps, and its Secretary-General, Raquel Torres, in collaboration with the United Nations as an awardee from Ghana, West Africa, to receive the revered global honor is a noteworthy accomplishment, confirming Ghana’s position in global sustainable practice and setting precedence for other NGOs and stakeholders in the region to emulate”.

“It feels amazing to see our work recognized globally. But the real victory is witnessing the change and progress these communities make as a result of our constant efforts.”

The UN Global Entreps Awards honor outstanding initiatives, policies, institutions, start-ups, and entities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The 5th edition of the Global Entreps Awards, launched in partnership with the United Nations to celebrate its 75th anniversary, showcases the organization’s commitment to sustainability and good governance.

According to Chairman Joaquin Boston, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana’s dedication to promoting human rights awareness and protection resonates perfectly with these goals, positioning Ghana as a global leader in sustainable practices.

“The recognition from the Global Entreps Awards marks a significant milestone for HRRG and Ghana as it demonstrates international support for their efforts in achieving sustainable change.

This recognition is expected to inspire more stakeholders and governments to invest in preventive strategies and social initiatives to safeguard human rights and create a safer and more progressive society”.

“In Entreps -The International Board of Business for Sustainability, we support these types of practices that promote and reinforce the UN SDGs -Sustainable Development Goals-.

Additionally, we have had an agreement with the UN to promote together the SDGs, ever since January 2020.

We are pleased to find and recognize best practices—projects and initiatives—such as the one carried out by Human Rights Reporters Ghana and its founder, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, a brave project in such a challenging society; their actions defend the role of women, from childhood to adulthood, and seek to end bad habits and practices that denigrate a large part of their society.

We boost people as those who have carried out this project, for being deeply involved and dedicate a large part of their free time to changing - improving - the society to which they belong. Cheers to them”! Joaquín Boston posited.

Source: Elizabeth Bombande

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GAYO and partners engage stakeholders at a forum to debrief on INC 2 plastic treaty

The Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), an eco-conscious youth-led organization, held a post-INC 2 debriefing session intending to create awareness and bolster the capacities of stakeholders concerning the global plastic treaty at the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly in Accra on Friday, August 25, 2023.

This workshop, which was put on in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) and the AKO Foundation, was crucial in advancing environmental sustainability and giving much-needed insight into the complexities surrounding the plastic waste crisis.

According to GAYO’s Project Coordinator, Jacob Johnson Attakpah, the debriefing session was a follow-up on the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee’s (INC) second session, during which the global treaty on plastic waste was developed.

“Since its conception, the treaty has been the linchpin to curbing the surge of global plastic waste, which continues to plague the environment and the health of living organisms.

GAYO's move to establish post-INC 2 debrief illustrates the entity's commitment to involving stakeholders in understanding and progressing with the treaty's implementations”.

The event which brought together stakeholders such as informal sector waste workers, youth groups, civil society organizations, environmental and health officers of metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies was pivotal in expounding on the decisions made during the committee session and how they would impact local communities, industries and national agendas.

It brought together panelists made up of Ghana’s transition team, who gave a detailed insight into the objectives and scopes of the Option Paper of INC and explained the stance of Ghana and, for that matter, Africa as far as reaching the global plastic treaty agreement is concerned.

The Executive Director of the Environment Youth Action Network (EYAN), Dr. Sam Adu-Kumi, who shared a panel with two other experts, averred that Ghana, or Africa, is seeking a comprehensive and implementable legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution.

This, according to him, was the result of ensuring protection of human health and the environment, taking cognizance of the nature of the plastic pollution menace it is faced with in spite of the numerous options available to choose from.

Mrs. Lydia Obenewa Essuah, Director of Policy Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PPME) at the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation, called for a multi-stakeholder strategy to address the plastic pollution crisis that Ghana is facing.

"I think the most important thing for us to do is to unite as one force globally and look at how we can best put systems and structures in place to be able to effectively and efficiently manage the plastics".

She contends that Ghana's decision to promote the management of plastics and plastic pollution throughout their entire lifecycle is appropriate given that the nation produces a lot of plastic waste that it is unable to manage due to a lack of the necessary infrastructure, necessitating the need for proposal-making on how to manage the legacy plastic.

In addition to the legacy plastic waste agenda already in place, Mrs. Essuah said that in light of the overwhelming evidence pointing out Ghana's failure to address the problem, the country is considering pushing for INC 3, or the Global Plastic Pollution Fee, to address the pollution gap and create the necessary infrastructure for managing plastic sustainably.

At the debrief session, GAYO aimed at creating awareness about the specifics of the treaty, its implications, and the role individuals, governments, and corporations can play in its successful execution. This marked an invaluable avenue for stakeholders to gain pertinent information, ask questions, and brainstorm implementations strategies to counter the plastic waste problem gaining further traction in Africa.

Key topics during the session revolved around the treaty's content and due enforcement strategies. There was also an emphasis on the importance of countries incorporating the treaty into their domestic legislation to promote recycling and limit the production and usage of single-use plastics. Additionally, the economic implications of the treaty, particularly on developing economies, were discussed thoroughly.

GAYO also afforded stakeholders a platform to voice their concerns and recommendations. Participants were particularly eager to discuss potential challenges in enforcing the treaty and the need for knowledge transfer among stakeholders for successful adoption and implementation. Challenges surrounding technical, financial, and infrastructural capacities were also addressed extensively.

The session is part of GAYO's larger agenda to build the capacity of stakeholders in handling environmental challenges. By putting emphasis on a collective approach, GAYO’s efforts were heavily geared towards supporting the global fight against plastic pollution while protecting the continent's rich biodiversity and ecosystem.

GAYO and partners have proven unequivocally that grassroots NGOs and youth-led organizations can provide meaningful contributions towards the global sustainability dialogue. Their zeal to ensure environmental welfare is unwavering, as demonstrated by their engagement in the INC 2 dialogue. This initiative exhibited GAYO's stride in promoting transparency and inclusivity in environmental decision-making processes at the global level.

At the core of the plastic treaty discussion was the common yet urgent problem of plastic pollution. It's a crisis that merits collaborative efforts to avert annihilation of biodiversity and undue harm to human health. The INC 2 convened to discuss potential strategies and frameworks to regulate the plastic value chain and conduct plastic waste management. Members also reviewed and refined the first draft of the prospective plastic treaty, ensuring global consensus on the urgency of addressing plastic pollution.

In GAYO's stakeholder engagement meeting, representatives conveyed the resolutions reached at the INC 2. Major focus points included the establishment of a new global agreement to regulate plastic pollution, the reinforcement of Regional Seas Conventions, and the extension of the existing Basel Convention to comprehend plastics. Furthermore, they profiled proposed policies to control plastic production, design, usage, disposal, and processed plastic product importation.

Recognizing the crucial role of stakeholder input in successful policy implementation, the engagement debriefing encouraged an interactive dialogue. Various stakeholders, from government representatives and political decision-makers to manufacturers, consumers, informal sector workers, youth groups, civil society organizations, environmental and health officers of metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies attended this meeting.

It facilitated the sharing of insights and feedback, which will be critical in informing subsequent treaty discussions. It also emphasized the need to align local actions with global agendas, thus fostering holistic progress in our battle against plastic pollution.

As part of its objectives, GAYO presented a platform to ensure the INC 2 outcomes echo down to grassroots levels. Through this platform, it echoed the call for a comprehensive plastic treaty that doesn't only focus on the management of plastic waste but also addresses the entire lifecycle of plastic.

Understanding the urgency of the plastic crisis, GAYO's stakeholder engagement was an exemplary model of climate activism, promoting collaboration, and inclusive dialogue in the journey towards sustainability. It showcased those harnessing local realities and aligning them with international trends is key to creating an all-round resilient and sustainable future.

The Green Africa Youth Organization's pivotal engagement in the INC 2 session and its continuous commitment to fighting plastic pollution reiterates their dedication to drive environmental welfare and sustainable development.

Their determination to involve stakeholders at every juncture exhibits an enduring quest for inclusivity and transparency in the quest to resolve pressing environmental issues. This mission seeks to ensure that no voice is left unheard, and no solution is left unexplored.

Undoubtedly, GAYO's efforts exemplify the power wielded by collective collaboration and constructive dialogue in environmental policymaking and sustainability practices. It goes to show that in the face of grave environmental challenges, uniting our expertise and efforts becomes an irreplaceable ante in progressing towards a more sustainable and resilient world.

Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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Doreen Awolana Addah, 2023 valedictorian and winner of seven awards at GH Schools gets interviewed on Joy Learning TV

Doreen Awolana Addah transcended expectations when she emerged as the valedictorian of the 2023 graduating class alongside bagging seven prestigious awards at GH Schools.

Her extraordinary achievement was saluted by Joy Learning TV, who invited her for an exclusive interview to share her inspirational story.

Doreen Addah’s academic journey is nothing short of inspiring. Known for her intellectual curiosity, a consummate commitment to her studies, and an exemplary display of leadership, she embodies the qualities of a true achiever. As the 2023 valedictorian and a holder of seven awards, she set an unprecedented record at GH Schools.

Joy Learning TV, always proactive in revolutionizing the media industry, took it upon its shoulders to bring Ms. Addah’s highly motivating story to the public. The objective was to inspire students from different walks of life and demonstrate that hard work, grit, and tenacity lead to success.

During her interview with the host Anita Yayra Gbeku, Ms Addah credited her victory to her determination, perseverance and her unyielding faith including the unwavering support of her elder brother, CAMFED Ghana (NGO) and Mrs. Maria Asumpta Ngozi Chukwuka Nwosu, a Canadian-based philanthropist.

She also thanked her instructors at GH Media School for their constant guidance and instrumental role in molding her media acumen. Similarly, the multi-awarding graduate never missed the opportunity to show her gratitude and acknowledge the journalist who brought her story to light, Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor, and further went to tout his achievements, including the latest recognition: his victorious win of the 5th UN Global Entreps Awards, which helped put Ghana on the global map.

“First of all, I would like to say a very big thank you to viewers out there and to Joy Learning for this wonderful opportunity. I also want to use this platform to say a very big thank you to the man who made my story known to the world, Mr. Joseph Kobla Wemakor. He wrote the story on me, which has actually given me the chance to be seated here, and congratulations to him because he has also won the UN award for SDG this particular year, so he has shined Ghana and brought Ghana to light. So, a very big thank you to him”.

Emphasizing the necessity for countless hours of effort and study, Doreen highlighted the importance of commitment and passion for achieving success in one's chosen field.

“I would want to tell you that wherever you are or whatever situation you find yourself in, you can always make a better version of yourself,” stated Addah, as she earnestly advised fellow students to keep working hard and researching on whatever skills they aspire to acquire even when faced with setbacks, for diligence is rewarded eventually.

In respect to her training at GH Media School, Doreen asserted that the institution places emphasis not just on learning, but on character development too. She strongly advocates that every student should strive towards personal growth, coupled with academic excellence.

Doreen's story is not just noteworthy for the accolades she received, but for her character and perseverance inspiring those who know her. Her achievements at GH Media School attracted attention beyond the school premises, leading to his featured interview at Joy Learning TV.

Her message to aspiring learners suggests that the secret to success lies in perseverance, hard work, diligence, and an unwavering commitment to one's chosen path.

The resilience Doreen displayed in his journey to becoming GH Media School's 2023 Valedictorian and a seven-time award winner serves as a powerful testament to the potential within us all. Her inspiring interview on Joy Learning TV will continue to motivate learners toward pushing boundaries, setting new standards, aiming high, and proving that success is within anybody's grasp.

Doreen Awolana Addah’s ascension in the field of media studies reveals that dedication and diligent work bring the desired result. We anticipate witnessing the meaningful contribution and transformative changes this young change-maker will make in the media landscape.

Source:Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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The Remarkable Journey of Doreen Awolana Addah: 2023 Valedictorian and Multifaceted Achiever at GH Schools

Doreen Awolana Addah's remarkable journey to success gained recognition when she recently emerged as the valedictorian of the graduating class of 2023 at the renowned GH Schools.

She has also claimed an impressive roster of seven awards, which indeed asserts her singular charisma and outstanding abilities.

Her numerous recognitions have spotlighted her, landing her a pivotal interview with the celebrated Multi TV’s Joy Learning Channel.

From an early age, Doreen Awolana Addah demonstrated zeal and a ceaseless passion for media studies. Her immense dedication to her academic endeavors has been abundantly reflected in her role as valedictorian of her class.

She seized every opportunity to learn, displaying an attitude of resilience and determination that has significantly contributed to her academic accomplishments.

The impressive suite of seven awards; Valedictorian of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Overall Best Student of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Overall Best Student in Journalism and Media Arts 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Best Student in Professional Acting of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Best Student in Radio Presenting of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools, Most Promising TV Journalism Student of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools and Well-Behaved Female Student of 2023 Year Group of GH Schools she won at GH Schools bears a testament to Doreen's skills and prowess.

These awards encompass various domains and facets of media studies, underlining her versatility as a scholar. The awards mirror Doreen's commitment to excellence, her aptitude to master varied spheres and her ability to continually raise the bar of her achievements.

The roller coaster ride of Doreen's academic success has culminated with her being featured on Multi TV’s Joy Learning Channel – one of Ghana's outstanding educational television stations.

This esteemed platform primarily known for inspiring and knowledge enriching content, recognized Doreen's sterling achievements after her story told by Joseph Kobla Wemakor, a dynamic journalist and a human rights activist made waves paving way for her crucial interview.

During the interview, she shared anecdotes and insights into her journey, her challenges, and conquests, thus inspiring numerous young scholars across the country.

Doreen’s remarkable academic journey hasn’t been easy from the beginning, but rather through financial struggles.

Born into a family of six (6) children and being the only girl among five boys who lost her father barely nine (9) months after birth, it was a major blow to her upbringing, including her dream of an education.

Through the support of her elderly brother, who resides in Accra (Ghana’s capital city), she witnessed her narrow escape from the clutches of poverty from the north, where she hails from, to the south (Accra) during her infancy.

“My brother had to pick me up from the north at the age of 2 years old to come stay with him here in Accra, and he has since been our only source of support. He wasn’t taking care of just me but also the rest of my siblings. So, it was difficult to get a means, and even talking of my education, I had to stay home for four years after senior high school just because at that time he was usually supporting my senior brother to go to university, and then from there, he would also help me out. So, I stayed at home, did menial jobs to support myself, and also saved towards my education."

As a brilliant child in school, her entry into senior high school was facilitated by the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED Ghana), a non-governmental organization in Ghana that supports brilliant but needy girls to stay in school and offered her a scholarship to pursue her education at that level.

Her quest to pursue a 2-year Diploma Program in Media at the GH Media School was another hurdle, but the grace of God saw her through with a ‘good Samaritan, Ms. Ngozi’, a Canadian-based philanthropist who came her way and helped sponsor her education to the realization of her dream of becoming a journalist.

Her poised demeanour and uniquely comprehensive perspective showcased in the interview only solidified her position as a role model for the aspiring students in the field of media studies.

Doreen's journey outlines the power of dedication and sheer persistence. She has emerged as an inspiration for many young individuals who aspire to make a mark in the field of media studies. Her accomplishments remind us that with resolute will and determination, one can overturn any obstacle. Doreen Awolana Addah's story will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide young scholars for years to come.

Being a valedictorian and winning seven awards at GH Media School, much can still be expected from this hardworking scholar.

The spot on Joy Learning TV is just the beginning; the world is indeed waiting to witness more of Doreen Awolana Addah's boundless potential.

But this can only manifest through another philanthropic intervention from a sponsor that can firmly position her to get enrolled at the University of Media Arts and Communication (UniMAC), where she aspires to fulfil her dream of higher education to obtain a degree in Journalism and Media Arts towards securing a proficient journalism career and above all, guarantee herself a brighter future.

She has therefore appealed to philanthropists, well-meaning individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs, CSOs, and the government to come to her aid and support her in getting enrolled in a university to obtain a degree in journalism in order to serve her nation and the world.

Source:Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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Human Rights Reporters Ghana CEO discusses 5th UN Global Entreps Awards victory on Metro TV

Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) is making waves in the global space following a remarkable achievement at the 5th United Nations (UN) Global Entreps Awards.

The organization's Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, appeared on Metro TV's ‘Morning Rush’ to discuss this landmark achievement and future aspirations.

Wemakor noted that the organization's primary mission was to protect, promote, and enhance human rights, particularly among the vulnerable class, including women, children, and the marginalized, in Ghana.

As a non-profit organization, Human Rights Reporters Ghana has been at the front-line tackling issues such as kidnapping, child abuse, and gender-based violence. It is this commitment to human rights advocacy that resulted in HRRG being honored globally.

The 5th UN Global Entreps Awards recognized the exceptional contributions made by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana towards the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.

The awards are designed to honor and encourage individuals, organizations, projects and initiatives that have contributed significantly to achieving these goals.

Human Rights Reporters Ghana bagged the award in Best International Practice on Sustainability category for its Nationwide Sensitization Campaign on Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy and Tramadol/Drug Abuse (‘KTT Project’).

The organization was honored for its commitment to combating kidnapping, teenage pregnancy and substance abuse in Ghana's schools, communities, PTA’s and churches, and its work ensuring that women, children, particularly girls, are protected.

In an interview with Metro TV's Morning Rush host Nana Yaa Tanoah Boakye, Wemakor expressed gratitude for the recognition and dedicated the win to the entire nation.

"This award is for Ghana and gives us more motivation to keep doing what we do," Wemakor said. "Our main concern is to enhance the lives of the people we are serving, and winning this award reiterates the importance of our work".

The discussion, initially, was aimed at addressing the recent instances of human rights violation in Ghana as well as exposing steps taken by the HRRG to ensure justice for the victims.

Wemakor further addressed future strategies for the organization. He noted that HRRG would increase its efforts to cover the sixteen (16) regions of Ghana focusing on remote communities, educating them about their human rights, and providing avenues to report violations.

He also emphasized on exploring partnerships to empower more children and called on government, civil society organizations (CSOs), International organizations, benevolent institutions and well-wishers including other stakeholders to come on board and assist the Human Rights Reporters Ghana to achieve its objectives.

The 5th UN Global Entreps Awards saw participation from over 126 countries with nominations in various categories such as clean water and sanitation, clean energy, decent work, and economic growth. The awards were held in San Jose de Costa Rica (Central America).

The recognition of Human Rights Reporters Ghana at this global platform speaks volumes about the organization's commitment to human rights advocacy. It is indeed a proud moment for Ghana and a major milestone towards realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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Endeavor to rise above challenges and push boundaries to effect change-Ghanaian journalists told

The Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), Joseph Kobla Wemakor, has charged Ghanaian media professionals to rise above the challenges that confront them in the performance of their duties, putting in the time and energy and pushing boundaries to achieve excellence and effect change.

Proving his reputation as a powerhouse in his field, Wemakor expressed his convictions about the critical role of journalism in bringing about profound societal change, regardless of the challenges.

“You see, irrespective of the challenges that bedevil us in the media space, we journalists must be daring, be bold, and go beyond boundaries to overcome challenges and excel to bring about the needed change”.

The HRRG boss made this known while addressing a gathering of Ghanaian journalists at the recently held ‘Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Campaign Media Conference’ in Accra on Friday, August 11, 2023.

The event, an initiative of Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), was organized in partnership with the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), Climate Journalism Network Ghana, the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), and GAYO Echo-Club Campus Chapters.

This conference served as a vehicle to increase public awareness of the distressing effects that plastic pollution and incineration practices have on the environment and human health.

The event's goal, according to its organizers, is to give journalists the knowledge, abilities, and resources they need to report on these complicated issues in a precise, thorough, and engaging way.

Wemakor, who was applauded at the event in front of his peers for his outstanding work in the area of human rights advocacy, which saw him raise the Ghanaian flag high on the international stage by winning the 5th Global Entreps Awards presented by Rachel Torres, the Secretary General of Entreps-International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability in collaboration with the United Nations in Costa Rica, could not conceal his opinions after listening to journalists' reports.

“Yes, we must admit that there are always challenges out there for us, but the fact must be made known. You see, for anyone to win an award, it is not an easy thing.”

“Sometimes you have to forgo your sleep at night; other times, you have to follow stories that will not pay, but that should not deter you from pushing the boundaries to get your stories out to cause that positive change. And by so doing, God will also see that you are doing something and recognize you”.

The prominent Ghanaian journalist and advocate for human rights challenged journalists to always try to prove themselves, no matter the challenges they face, in order to become agents of societal change. His kind words were intended to inspire, motivate, and give journalists hope.

His words showcase immense respect for journalism, the cornerstone of democracy, and the desire for journalists to rise to the challenges they face with newfound courage and determination.

Wemakor also emphasized the importance of creativity in today's journalism during his passionate address. He stated that journalists must always look for new ways to create content and disseminate news to the public if they are to prosper and remain relevant in a media environment that is constantly changing.

His candid considerations served to inspire many who stood before him. It was evident that instilling these values — hard work, courage, and innovation — into the media fraternity could indeed effect real, meaningful change in society.

While journalism's role in societal reformation cannot be overstated, Joseph Wemakor's address served as a timely reminder of the potential journalists have to shape the world around us.

His powerful and compelling reminder is sure to linger in the hearts and minds of Ghanaian journalists and beyond, undoubtedly becoming a beacon for those seeking to create a significant impact through their work.

GAYO’s ’Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Campaign Media Conference’ provided a platform for discussing sustainable solutions to these growing problems.

The organization's ongoing dedication to nurturing a more environmentally conscious society provides hope and practical solutions to some of Africa's most pressing environmental challenges.

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Ghanaian journalists build capacity on negative effects of incineration-based garbage disposal & plastic pollution reporting

The Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) has formed a ground-breaking alliance with the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Human Rights Reporters Ghana, and the Climate Journalism Network Ghana to host an ‘Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Campaign Media Conference’ in Accra on Friday, August 11, 2023.

This conference aims to increase public awareness of the distressing effects that plastic pollution and incineration methods have on the environment and our health while equipping media professionals with the skills, resources, and information they require to report on these complex issues in a clear, thorough, and interesting manner.

During the conference, GAYO and partners emphasized the harms of incineration, a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials.

Incineration and similarly related processes generate heat, gas, steam, and ash. However, these by-products of incineration contain hazardous substances that can result in environmental pollution and pose a serious risk to human health.

The conference also outlined the escalating problem of plastic pollution. Plastics, typically made from petrochemicals, are non-biodegradable.

Plastic pollution has severe consequences for our landscapes, oceans, and wildlife and is considered one of the most severe forms of pollution due to its long-lasting impact and the difficulty of containment and mitigation.

Alongside numerous expert panelists, conference attendees got access to extensive scientific research, data, and first-hand experiences showing the dire consequences of incineration and plastic pollution.

These discussions aim to spur public engagement and foster a deeper understanding of the environmental conservation space.

Additionally, the conference also includes dedicated sessions on responsible journalism with relation to reporting on incineration and plastic pollution.

The aim is to equip journalists with the needful tools, knowledge, and skills to report on these complex issues in an accurate, comprehensive, and appealing manner.

GAYO, a youth-led environmental conservation and advocacy non-governmental organization, has been committed to creating an environmentally conscious society in Africa. Guided by sustainability principles, the organization focuses on climate change adaptation and mitigation, conservation, sustainable agriculture, and youth advocacy on social and environmental reforms.

With the help of its "Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Campaign," the group has been working nonstop to lessen the negative effects of incineration-based garbage disposal with the support of partners.

This partnership is made more impactful through the joining of Human Rights Reporters Ghana, a leading network that concentrates on delivering unbiased, comprehensive reports on human rights issues worldwide. Additionally, the Climate Journalism Network Ghana, a renowned platform aiming to promote accurate reporting on climate change, has also joined.

The conference is a part of GAYO’s wider campaign against incineration and plastic pollution, where the organization strives to shed light on the complex climate crisis and explore sustainable solutions to address it.

The first-ever "Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Media Conference" serves as a knowledge and resource center by providing participants and delegates with a wide range of sessions and discussions centered on incineration and plastic pollution.

Human Rights Reporters Ghana, Climate Journalism Network Ghana, GAYO Echo-Club Campus Chapters and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) involvement undoubtedly augments the conference's reach and significance. With their vast, diverse, and engaged audiences, they are primed to maximize attention on these previously overlooked issues.

"Through this event, we hope to promote discourse at a global level. We believe that a full understanding of the grave impacts of plastic pollution and incineration is a much-needed step in seeking sustainable solutions," says Mabel Naa Amorkor Laryea, Project Lead for the Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Campaign (AIPPC).

Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), Joseph Kobla Wemakor, who was equally in attendance, used the occasion to encourage media practitioners to use their platforms to editorialize these concerns, making use of their influential power to effect change.

According to him, the media plays a vital role in educating the public and holding power to account; therefore, it can help change attitudes towards waste management by promoting better practices and exposing the environmental and health impacts of current methods.

He equally called on businesses, governments, and individuals to incorporate responsible waste management practices into their operations and lifestyles.

The conference equally provided a platform to discuss policy change, consumer behaviour, and innovative approaches to combat incineration and plastic pollution.

This joint initiative underscores the growing recognition of the need for cohesive action against plastic pollution and incineration. Through collective action and knowledge sharing, it is hoped that a new pathway to environmentally responsible, sustainable practices can be paved.

GAYO’s ‘Anti-Incineration and Plastic Pollution Campaign Media Conference’ media conference is a vivid example of what can be achieved when diverse organizations unite behind a common cause. It represents a significant milestone in the global fight against plastic pollution and incineration, inviting us all to partake in creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable earth.

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