There are 11 advertisements of Fair in Accra

Ashanti Region- Contest 12

End of Round 1

Kumasi Wesley Girls' High School: 22pts

Agogo State College: 15pts

Presby SHS, Bompata: 14pts

Adugyama SHS: 12pts

#NSMQ2022 #NSMQRegionals #Primetime

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Man hides in wardrobe as lady’s main boyfriend shows up unannounced – Video

A man on Twitter has shared on his page his real-time experience at the house of a lady he paid a visit to.

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The man, known as @welbie said he was forced to hide in the wardrobe of the lady after her main boyfriend visited the house unnoticed.

The man shared a photo he took while he was hiding in the wardrobe waiting for the main boyfriend to step out he also leaves.

The guy made light remarks about the situation to suggest that he was not taking it seriously.

He tweeted; ”You in her dms, I’m in her closet… hiding because her boyfriend just visited.”

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Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers In The World

Soccer stars are the highest-paid sportsmen in the world. They are paid millions of dollars and Euros just to remain in a team or to make a transfer to a new team.

But are all the footballers paid equally? Certainly not, these players are paid according to the contract which is signed keeping their recent form, overall stats, future potential, and fitness in mind.

Below, we have mentioned the top 10 highest-paid footballers in history who are making everyone desirable to put their life into the soccer career.

10. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

$483,000 per week

Robert Lewandowski is the only Bundesliga player on our list.

He is a professional footballer of Bundesliga who plays as a striker in the club.

He is also the captain of the Poland national team. He is the only player in his club who has scored over 500 goals for his country.

He was also named FIFA’S Men’s player of the year in 2020.

Lewandowski has made many awesome records in his career, he had made an unbelievable scoring record during the extension of the large trophy collection.

He has won the German top-flight during nine of his 11 years playing for his country.

He earns about $767,706 per week.

9. David de Gea (Manchester United)

$517,000 per week

David de Gea is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper in the national team of Spain.

He also plays for the premier league club manchester united as a goalkeeper and the most amazing thing about David is that he is the top-earning goalkeeper in the world and also regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world.

His youth career started as playing for Atletico Madrid and a few decades later he was signed by Manchester united.

As he was the highest-earning goalkeeper, he earns $517,000 salary weekly.

8. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

$531,000 per week

He is a professional footballer of the Belgian national team.

He plays as a midfielder in his team and also for the premier league club Manchester city.

He is a successful footballer in the world that’s why he is regarded as a player in the world and also described as a complete footballer.

He recently signed a contract after which now he has become the top earner in England.

Bruyne has earned three league titles in just six years of his gaming career in Manchester city.

He earns a weekly salary of $531,000 per week.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

$531,000 per week

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players in the world.

He is a professional Portuguese football player, he plays as a forward player in the Portugal national team and Ronaldo also captains the team.

He also plays for the premier league club Manchester united.

He is described as the most recognizable athlete on the planet and also the most popular in the world.

Ronaldo’s one-week income is about $531,000.

6. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint Germain)

$566,000 per week

Kylian is one of the best footballers, he is a professional French footballer.

He plays as a forward player in the France national team. Kylian Mbappe also plays for ligue1 club Paris Saint Germain as a forward player.

He has earned the title of Ligue 1 young player of the year at the age of 16, he also got the golden boy award while playing with Ligue 1 club Monaco.

His name comes in the list of the PSG’s top three players lowest-paid stars but still, his name comes in the list of top 10 earner players of the world.

He earns a weekly salary of $566,000

5. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)

$690,000 per week

He is a professional footballer of welsh, he plays as a winger in the Wales national team.

He also plays as a winger for the la Liga club Real Madrid. He is also a free-kick specialist.

In recent years, his reputation suffered a dent regardless of which still he remains one of the highest-paid footballers.

His weekly is about $690,000

4. Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona)

$793,000 per week

Griezmann is the only representative of Barcelona who is on the list of the top 10 highest-paid footballers after the departure of Messi.

He is a professional french footballer, griezmann plays as a forward player in the national team of France.

He earns a monthly salary of $793,000

3. Luis Suarez (Atletico Madrid)

$793,000 per week

He is an Uruguayan professional football player.

Luis plays as a striker in the national team.

He also plays for the Spanish club Atletico Madrid. after leaving Blaugrana, he excelled in Griezman’s former club where he helps them in winning the La Liga Santander title during his first session.

He earns $793,000 per week.

2. Neymar (Paris Saint Germain)

$836,000 per week

Neymar is a famous professional Brazilian footballer.

He plays as a forward player in the Brazil national team.

He also plays for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint Germain. Neymar is regarded as the best player in the world.

He earns a weekly income of $836,000

1. Lionel Messi (Paris Saint Germain)

$1,325,000 per week

Lionel Messi, the most known footballer in the world. He is a professional Argentine football player, he plays as a forward player in the Argentina national team.

He also plays for the ligue1 club Paris Saint Germain.

his weekly income is around $1,325,000.

This made him the highest-paid footballer in the world.

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Photos Of Trees With Strange Shapes That Exist

The international is nicely- endowed with first rate beauty from landscapes to aquatic life. However, a few matters that the arena hosts are tough to believe due to the mystery they portray in contrast to what we’re used to.

Many will say they’ re now not actual, yeah you’re here to select out out the as soon as that appears to be faux inside the statement section.

Bushes are truely present of existence, gift of nature, they part of what stability the earth else there can be not anything call earth. Trees have helped in all way spherical, almost half of what we use in this earth are made from wooden which might be made from trees, and the relaxation may additionally were made with the assist of timber or wood.

We’ re nowadays to test these trees and how bizarre they’ ll be or look.

This primary one underneath seems a hint actual and the picture you notice when you have a take a look at in is that of a massive horrific cat with its tail.

This one is way out of youngsters attain. . . Tell us what do you see right here.

Bushes are very critical part of our environment. They are liable for the steadiness of nature due to the important roles they play. They provide animals and humanity with oxygen that is important for survival. In addition they purify the air as they absorb carbon dioxide. Further to attracting rains and performing as wind- breakers at some point of wind storms or tornadoes, wooden are houses to a few animals like birds.

But, a few have shapes that we might also bear in mind weird and mysterious, leaving us with myriads of questions. Sooner or later we may also additionally even marvel whether or not or not nature is gambling a prank on us. As an example, locating a tree with an appearance of someone, an animal or inclusive of a few organs or activities also can sparks several questions, most of which is probably replied and beyond logical motives.

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Ghanaian youngsters of late don't accept love as it used to be in the former times, the harsh truth is, they have confused captivation by affection, desire for trade of cash, as an outcomes, most women experience in their relationship.

Stella portrayed her difficulty to Aunty Naa, the host of Oyerepa Afuto on Oyerepa TV, a nearby TV channel in the Ashanti Region. As per her, she was seeing someone she met Rich, who was a Pastor at Makers Chapel.

As indicated by Stella, despite the fact that she was not keen on Pastor Rich, his industriousness and irrestible person made her surrender to his interest of been involved with her.

He will come to my place and once in a while welcome me to an inn, as hard as he attempts to lay down with me, I didnt yield so he utilizes his fingers to fingered me till I became frail and had his direction with me. She told the host.

I got pregnant for himself and he advised me to keep the child, I needed to settled at my mummy's place to convey, he quit cooking for myself as well as my child, at a point, my mummy felt debilitated and I needed to advise him to come for the child since I couldn't deal with the child.

Presently, he's getting hitched to another lady, with practically no type of pay, he deserted me, and never satisfied any of his vows to me. He misled me and made me a dolt. Pls I really want 40,000 cedis as a pay before I permit him to wed. She cried.

Minister Rich on his side said, he's finished with her and won't ever remunerate her neither will he permit her to approach her child.

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Nigerian actress, Rita Dominic slays in her gorgeous traditional wedding attire. ❤️

Rita's traditional wedding is happening in Imo State today. 👰

We wish her lots of love and happiness.

Photo by ovia_reflex (Instagram)


🙌🏽The heroic Ghanaian police officer!

A junior officer with the Ghana Police Service singlehandedly saved the lives of road users by standing for several hours directing traffic.

The traffic lights at the major junction had stopped functioning which made the hardworking officer decide to intervene.

A civilian came to offer him an umbrella but he rejected it saying, it will distract the workflow.

Bless your heart, officer!👉🏾Find out more about this young Police Office

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History was made in Kenya as the first ever Rugby League Championship organized by the Kenya Rugby League Federation came to an end on 3rd April 2022.

Kisumu Winam were crowned the champions after defeating Rift Valley Ruffians in the grand final with a 34-20 score at the Impala Stadium, Nairobi.

It was a 6-team regional league tournament played on a round robin basis.

The teams which participated included Rhynos RC, Administration Police Rugby club, Kitengela sharks, Wolves XIII, Kisumu Winam and Rift Valley Ruffians.

Rift Valley Ruffians defeated Kitengela Sharks who were top of the table throughout the competition.

Being the youngest clubs in the championship, both were established 3 months ago.

Kisumu Winam defeated Wolves XIII who were ranked third on table in the semi finals to secure their spot in the Finals.

Kitengela Sharks and Wolves XIII both fought hard for the 3rd position but the sharks were too strong for the wolves as the defeated them with a 36-18 score.

The Grand Final had Kisumu Winam and R.V Ruffians competing for the trophy.

K. Winam dominated in both halves of the game and they ended winning the match.

Philemon Olmang of K. Winam was named the man of the match at the end of day.

The games were refereed by MEA regional MO delegates attending the Technical course being held by KRLF.

3rd position game was refereed by Marshall Nortey (Ghana) and Kamdem Brice (Cameroon), taking each half, TJ Brian Odiwuory (Kenya), Esther Nyambura (Kenya), Ingoal TJ Sarah Brendah (Kenya), Nuhu Ibrahim (Nigeria).

Grand Final referees were Warren Pretorius (South Africa) TJ Andrew Pilkington (Spain) Kamdem Brice (Cameroon), Ingoal TJ Pascal inglesis (DR Congo) and Danish Ndinya (Kenya)

Quicks Nyakwakwa (President of the Kenya Rugby League Federation) shared his thoughts

"The finals of our first ever league after 5 months of competition, with new clubs from different places in Kenya, is a great achievement for Kenya Rugby League Federation and our partners. We are now ready for international test matches vs other countries in next few months , as we develop and progress to high performance class."

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Im performing live on This coming Tuesday @11:30am US/Pacific time

Im performing live on This coming Tuesday @11:30am US/Pacific time

Get your tickets at

Love you all

Get your tickets at

Love you all

Get your tickets at

Love you all

Get your tickets at

Love you all

Get your tickets at

Love you all

Get your tickets at

Love you all

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Bill Asamoah is the Chief Executive Officer of Okyerema Entertainment, Chief Executive Officer of The Boss Grooming, and the Chairman of Ghana Actors Guild in the Ashanti Region. Bill Asamoah was born in the '70s in Ash town, Kumasi. He is married to Marian Boakye with three kids.

Just this evening, Bill Asamoah has just involve in a horrific accident which has left many people in sorrow. This sad news was reported by Citi FM. He was travelling from Kumasi to Accra to host a program on a popular television channel.According to the reporters, his car collided with a tipper truck carrying waste products to dump it a nearby river.

.his is a sad news which has just happen this evening on the Kumasi to Accra road.

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This Master secret Chart set to drop 2direct live from the chart key💯 today.# FORTUNE THURSDAY, History will be made today.



Congratulations once again to all those who won ((22-54 )) live on MIDWEEK game

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EMMANUEL BENJAMIN LUMOR populary known in the Hip hop/rap music industry as Invålid Kïdd is a Black American based in Ghana.

Emmanuel was born on the 30th of March 2004 by a couple. He is the last child of MR. ALHAJI TOPHIC and RITA AKYEA. He has Six siblings.

This Young artist started his music Career in the year 2020. He has almost 7 published tracks which includes Bredda man and Deliver me.

He has big dreams on building up the Hip pop music industry with his great talent

Be a fan of Invålid-Kïdd now!!!

Follow him on Instagram @invalidkiddofficial

Follow him on Twitter @invalidkidd

Follow him on Facebook @invalidkidd

YouTube @Invålid Kïdd

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