Meet Visionary Alex Nyenga, the Versatil Accra

Alex Nyenga expertly labeled as Jackie Russ is a visionary Liberian part-time music producer and a full-time professional multiple award-winning Cinematographer / Video Director, who is massively transforming the narratives of Liberia’s creative art sectors. Alex was born in Monrovia, Liberia on May 14, 1990, to the favored association of Mr. Jack A. Nyenga and Mrs. Cecelia Wolo-Nyenga.

Alex the senior sibling to popular awards-winning Hipco rapper Christopher Nyenga, shockingly lost his mom Mrs. Cecelia Wolo-Nyenga In 2020 which left him with solely his Dad who is a certified public accountant.

In correspondence to his educational Status, Jackie Russ completed Secondary Education at the St Matthew United Methodist School in 2006 with a senior high school recognition. Currently, He is a Cisco Certified entry network technician, a holder of Diploma in Computer Science, Certified Adobe Associate, Da Vinci Resolve Training Certificate, and Security +

As an ambitious Young man who experienced his childhood in the slum and completed senior high school at an extremely youthful age, He started enrollment at the International Institute of computer studies and Manpower development [IICS/MPD], where he studied computer science and engineering.

Alex had a tremendous vision beyond his most stunning contemplation to ensure that his nation meets and arrives at the international standards and Competes universally in the Creative art Sectors.

Considering his fantasy and vision towards the Creative art Sectors, Jackie eagerly developed an interest and started Sound Production right at the age of 17 as a hobby in his bedroom when he initially completed secondary school.

Based on several positive feedbacks from his companions who eventually discover the unbeatable skills and talent in this respectable young fellow, He enthusiastically grew interested in Music Production as a profession.

As a self-taught bedroom producer, Eventually, Jackie Russ started exploring new music Production software and commence with acquiring diverse knowledge from YouTube.

In 2008, Jackie Russ Establish a media Production Company Called Massive Media Concept where he had huge effects working with several major names in the industry. This Versatile goal-oriented and Creative Music Producer did his first significant project in 2018 with a Musical group called Creation Musical Crew, where they worked on a six-song EP.

His Visual Content creating starting 8 years ago on YouTube when he intentionally considered acquainting something new to his career that will emphatically impact his country, forthcoming ages, and the world at large.

Jackie reflects a varied personality, including ambition, generosity, thoughtfulness, entertainment ✍️, curiosity, humility, God dreading, multimedia production, and pleasantly calm. The Name Jackie Russ holds a significant spot in the Liberian Entertainment Industry as a result of his numerous commitments throughout recent years, subsequently His Vision and Narrative towards the industry have rapidly transformed the standpoint of visual Content in Liberia.

Based on his game plan of assessment from several visionary Music Producers, Cinematographers, Entrepreneurs In Africa and the world who are enormously utilizing their abilities as a medium to incredibly add to social orders, Jack is highly motivated and roused by their diagram and exclusively believe that his country Liberia deserves a breakthrough internationally in addition to recognition as a contributor to arts and culture in Africa and beyond.

Concerning his undeniable degree of inventiveness, He continues to collectively and enthusiastically work towards accomplishing an objective that will ensure creative people are much respected and rightly earned what they deserve in Liberia.

Categorically Speaking, Jackie as a Versatile goal-oriented Content creator, immensely has been hailed with 8 nominations, 4 video Director of the year awards from Mtn Liberia Music Awards, and Tunes Liberia Music Awards [2 MLMA and 2 TLMA]. Besides, He also got nominated in the album of the year classification for his recent album (Magic SZN).

With all due respect, We applaud this versatile Creative individual for his stunning works and how rapidly he has transformed the narratives of the Liberia Entertainment Industry.

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Other News Today's Motivation

The 107's Family Islamic Competition.

“The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honorable and obedient scribes (angels), and he who recites the Qu’ran and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”

(Sahih Al-Bukhari & Muslim)

Assalam alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu Dear Brother’s and Sister’s in Deen.

In shaa Allah, This year Ramadan, The 107’s family has decided to host an open Online Qu’ran Recitation and Islamic Questions & Answers (Q&A) Challenge to all Muslims across the globe who have passions in reciting the Noble Qur’an.

Registration is currently in progress and below is the link to send in your application.

The Registration process is quite simple and straightforward, yet prospective participants who are interested in joining the competition can send us a direct message on Facebook messenger @107’s Family or what’s app +233 (592888589) in the event that you’re having challenges on proceeding with the registration process.

Kindly take into consideration that there is no deadline for registration, but the committee has full right to close the registration process at any time due to time factor. Therefore, all prospective applicants are highly advised to submit his or her application as soon as possible to avoid further embarrassment.

We also encourage every applicant to take note of details on the flyer.

We wish you all the best of Luck and Pray that Allah Grant, Everyone’s Success in the Competition.

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Discrimination and racial alliances are the two main factors sabotaging Africa's progression.

Remedy Expresses His Opinion on racial alliances:

Speaking in a live Interview on international KYBN RADIO With Legendary Andre Roxx, Youthful Liberian Motivational Speaker clearly expressed that the key factors that are subverting the progress of Africa and its inhabitants are racial alliances and discrimination.

Several activist groups and staged demonstrations, such as Black Lives Matter, etc. Have been formed to condemn whites for discriminating against and maltreating our black siblings through racism, yet many black people continue to engage in racial alliances against their fellow black siblings.

Equality and justice for all, regardless of your ethnicity or the human race, had always been a goal for us. In numerous years against the white racist, This has been blacks' general expression. Yet in actuality, the implementation of this statement is not realistic.

In any region of Africa, a black man should be welcomed and treated with dignity, regardless of what language he speaks or what race he belongs to. Statistics have proven that all black people are natural sons and daughters of this continent, regardless of where they were born or actually resides, we should all be treated fairly.

God created humanity with distinct ethnicities, in diverse skin types, and dispersed us across the globe in order for us to appreciate his diversity not to discriminate or maltreat our black siblings.

Addressing KYBN Radio, MrRemedy was additionally questioned by talk show host Andre Roxx, "How can black people who are already dwelling on the soil integrate with diaspora Africans and accomplish one common goal as a black people?"

He replied in a persuasive manner, urging all Africans, regardless of their language or ethnicity, to firstly abolish the issue of discrimination, indirect racism and unite on the off chance that we genuinely desire to fulfill our ultimate goals, enrich our continent, and conquer the world in absolute greatness.

Full interview link available beneath:

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Other News Accra

African governments are weak in regulating digital spaces-Adenike Aloba

Program Director of Dataphyte, Adenike Aloba has taken a swipe at African governments for their weakness or inability to properly regulate the digital space, an act which limits the full enjoyment of the freedom and fundamental human rights of the masses.

She contends that most of the laws and policies by governments geared towards regulating the digital space in the African context have resulted into a lot of internet shutdowns including attack on press freedom and violation of the rights of journalists and activists among others which have been the trend.

“We’ve seen a lot of journalists being attacked online with bots and being thrown, we’ve seen people being tracked and their things being taken out. We’ve also seen the African governments turn towards when they don’t understand anything they shut it down and that has been the tendency so no, we can’t say that they’re doing well”.

Adenike made this known in an interview with the Human Rights Reporter’s Joseph Wemakor on the sidelines of a 2-day ( Sept. 20-21, 2022) Digital Clinic for Civic Actors in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. Wemakor sought to know her views on whether the authorities have lived up to expectation when it comes to proper regulating of digital space within the African continent.

The Digital Clinic which brought together some selected journalists and civic actors from across West Africa namely Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Nigeria was initiated by the Interactive Initiative for Social Impact (Dataphyte) in collaboration with Spaces for Change (S4C).

The training was aimed at exposing civic actors to the threats in the digital world and equip them with knowledge and practical solutions to deal with the threats to help minimize the risks they pose.

Its goal is to help journalists and civil society protect their information, data, devices and communications against digital security threats.

The participants were taken through topic such as Investigative Journalism Practice in the Digital Space: Risks and Rewards, Deep Dive on Digital Rights in the West African Context, Whistleblowing Policy and Practice in the West African Context and Practical Session on Digital Safety Tools.

It includes Digital Safety and Security Through a Gendered Lens, Data Protection Strategies, Roles and Responsibilities, Social Protection and Rapid Response Mechanisms for Whistleblowing and Digital Safety and Practical Session on Digital Safety Schools-Psychological Safety.

As the world transitions to a digital space, threats are fast increasing online, while people’s rights to freedom of expression, access to the internet and privacy among others are being denied, a trend which is a cause of worry.

But Adenike Aloba who equally doubles as the Managing News Editor of Dataphyte believes the authorities have a major role to play in helping citizens overcome these threats to always remain safe.

“This is a challenge being faced across the world, but it is only in African countries we are seeing laws that want to shut down, that want to control rather than figure out a solution that is more long-term”, she bemoaned.

According to her, although some governments are doing better in terms of regulation of the digital space, others are still lagging behind due to a significant lack of trust between the people and governments.

Citing a typical example of bad regulation of the digital space in the African context, he pointed to a social media bill being set up by the Nigerian government which gives the police the power to determine fake news or abuse of the digital space.

For her, dialogue is a means through which governments can help craft better policies and laws to safeguard the digital space.

“Dialogue is important when you are designing a policy or something then there has to be public engagement because of its public policy for crying out loud”.

She called on all and sundry to do everything humanly possible to protect themselves against the threats while advocating strongly for better laws or policies in place that can help promote and protect digital rights.

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World Cleanup Day 2022: GAYO partner 21 CSOs to cleanup densely polluted beaches, educational institutions

The Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) under its Sustainable Enterprise Driven Solution Management initiative has joined forces with 21 civil society and governmental organizations in the country to cleanup the Sango Beach, one of the densely polluted beaches located at Teshie, a suburb Accra in the Greater Accra Region.

The exercise aims to help tackle environmental pollution in a bid to achieve the zero-plastic waste agenda in Ghana.

The event dubbed: “Beach Cleanup & Brand Audit” brought together participants from 21 governmental and non-governmental organizations who are partners including volunteers in numbers who converged at the venue during the early hours of Saturday September, 17, 2022, a day set aside globally to commemorate the World Cleanup Day.

The participants thoroughly cleanup, tidied and collected plastic waste including other pollutants which poses threat to fishes and inhabitants at the Sango beach.

The well patronized exercise was climaxed with a brand audit, an initiative by GAYO which witnessed the record keeping (sorting/analysing) of data on plastic waste to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution in the country with the view of holding them accountable.

The event which came on the theme: “Break Free From Plastic,” was organized as part of activities to commemorate this year’s World Cleanup Day; a global event which seeks primarily to unite across the world millions of volunteers, governments and organizations in the 191 members’ countries to tackle the global waste problem while building the new and sustainable world.

It was initiated by GAYO in collaboration with its Echo-Club Campus Chapters and supported by the Green Springs Global, Global Citizens, SESA Recycling, The GEF Small Grants Programme, La Dade Kotoku Municipal Assembly, Ledzokuku Municipal Assembly, G17 - University Ambassadors Consortium, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana-NGO and the Environmental Science Students’ Association.

Other partners include the Glittering Stars International, Geography Students' Association, the Green Innovation for People and Nature, Agribusiness Students' Association of Ghana, Water and Sanitation Students’ Association, the Radio Windy Bay 98.3 FM and the International Association of Students in Agriculture.

In his message to commemorate the 2022 World Cleanup Day in Ghana, Nana Mintah articulates that,

“As we strive to adapt and mitigate climate change impact, I know for sure there are frustrations but so are there opportunities to create a space where we can look back and be proud as future generations see our efforts to correct the mess that we created in the first place.”

“I am strong about plastic waste management. I believe it is time we stood together to work towards eliminating plastic pollution as it contributes significantly to climate change impacts.

The earth is the only place of our survival and we have the obligation to be effective stewards to preserve, protect and restore for now and future generations” he concludes.

Touching on brand audit as an intervention, Jacob Johnson Attakpah, Project Coordinator of the Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) observed that it is a citizen science initiative that involves recording data on plastic waste to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution and hold them accountable.

He further explained that it seeks to advance the scope from just clean-ups and anti-plastics use campaigns to tracing each producer and holding them accountable in managing their waste generation.

Mr. Attakpah stressed that his outfit is making a paradigm shift from the conventional campaigns on waste and plastics which largely focused on the consumers' “dos” and “don'ts” deemed as an ultimate goal to influence policy on the ban on single-use plastics.

“As the call on the elimination of plastic waste is on the crescendo, the alternative have been laid bare by GAYO which includes a complete ban on single-use plastic in Ghana to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Kenya.

It is mainly by this means will there be prohibition on their production, distribution or use. This, GAYO believes offers the upper hand in achieving zero-plastic waste in Ghana”.

The world continues to sit on a time bomb as plastic waste is not properly managed especially for developing countries.

Plastic pollution significantly contributes to climate change. They cause land and water pollution, enhance greenhouse gas emissions, devalue marine ecosystems, and threaten wildlife and biodiversity.

Chemicals released by plastic waste render soil unproductive, thereby affecting food security.

GAYO is a youth-led gender-balanced advocacy group that focuses largely on environmental health and community development.

They operate around four thematic areas which include: capacity building, climate change, disaster risk reduction, and circular economy.

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Human Rights Reporters' Joseph Wemakor invited to participate in Digital Clinic for Civic Actors in Lagos, Nigeria

Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana-NGO (HRRG) Joseph Wemakor, is among the first cohort of selected leaders of civil society organizations (CSOs) across West Africa invited to participate in the Digital Clinic for Civic Actors by the Spaces for Change (S4C), a non-governmental organization, situated in Lagos in collaboration with Interactive Initiative for Social Impact (Dataphyte).

The training aims to equip civic actors with practical skills to safeguard and mitigate risks in the digital world

The goal is to help journalists and civil society protect their information, data, devices and communications against digital security risks.

This forms part of an initiative of the Civic Space Resource Hub for Civil Society Organizations project in West Africa (CSR-Hub) which seeks to offer capacity building and technical support to CSOs across four strategic pillars such as: Civic Space Protection, Governance and Regulatory Compliance, Digital Security and Protection and Resource Mobilization and Financial Resilience

Mr Wemakor was selected out of over 60 applicants in West Africa by the project team of assessors who found him duly qualified for a spot in the training program.

The staunch human rights activist, among other cohorts expected to join the Clinic from Senegal, Sierra Leone and Nigeria will be well schooled on whistleblowing policies and practices, digital rights and its impact on the work of the media, CSO’s and human rights defenders and how to hold power accountable in a digital world etc.

The cohorts are expected to benefit from a 12-month fully funded training, workshops, coaching, technical support and financial resilience building across the pillars under the project.

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Other News Ghana

Lack of protection thwarting human rights fight-Joseph Wemakor

A renowned human rights activist cum seasoned journo, Mr. Joseph Wemakor has taken a swipe at the state authorities for not doing enough to protect the rights and lives of human cum social rights advocates/activists who are committed to championing causes at perils of their lives daily with the aim of bringing about the desired change.

According to him, advocacy/activism as major tools for change exposes the advocates/activists to greater risks including loss of dear lives in most cases which requires that maximum protection and support are given them by the authorities to guarantee their safety and security in order to continue to deliver on their mandate towards achieving results.

Mr. Wemakor made this known in an interview with Victoria Beeko Danso, host of HB Pulse on Homebase TV, during his appearance to discuss on the topic: “Combating Cruelty against Children 2” on Monday August 29, 2022.

The gleaming morning show among others seeks to throw more light on the woes of the 7-year-old girl who got brutally abused, tortured and bounded with ropes both hands and feet by his father after she was accused for shoplifting a biscuit from a shop.

The unfortunate incident caused a stir on social media on Tuesday July 19, 2022 and broke many hearts the moment a video footage and photograph accompanied by a powerful caption: “Tied like a lamb to the slaughter“ by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) went viral.

However, by the swift intervention of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s Department of Social Welfare and Community Development through support of the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection (MOGCSP) the child was freed from oppression.

When asked by the host what challenges are his outfit battling in the fight against human rights, Mr Joseph Wemakor who doubles as the Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) and the Co-convener of the Youth and the SDG3 sub-platforms of the Ghana Civil Society Organizations Platform on SDGs in Ghana said: “activism is not an easy task all; it expose us activists to so much risk and if care is not taken and you run out of luck, you might even lose your life in the process.

That’s why people like us ought to be protected so we can continue to work to bring about change”.

He further revealed that his outfit often chanced upon gross human rights violations on a daily baisis which ought to be uncovered but due to lack of protection by the authorities, the group could not take action as a result of fear of victimization.

The HRRG is a vibrant Ghanaian human rights advocacy group with a global reach, committed to ensuring people’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

It is made up of young Ghanaian journalists, editors, lawyers, human rights activists, advocates and defenders who are wholly dedicated and committed to helping address issues of human rights violations in Ghana and beyond to bring the country closer to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Human Rights Reporters Ghana gets results: 7-year-old girl brutally assaulted, tortured rescued

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) has welcomed the news about the rescue of a 7-year-old girl who was brutally assaulted, tortured, and abused by her father, with great joy after its report on the barbaric and inhumane treatment meted out to the young girl yielded a positive result, pushes the authorities to respond leading to her rescue from the grips of her tyrannizing family.

7-year-old Mary Asana's (not her real name) photograph and video footage broke the internet on Friday, July 19, 2022, and got many hearts torn after a publication by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana went viral.

In the image which triggered shock and horror, Mary can be seen in ropes firmly tied up on both hands and feet lying helplessly on the floor in a sorrowful state.

The caption accompanying the photograph: “Tied like a lamb to the slaughter", aroused huge public outcry with the publication receiving the widest publicity on several social media platforms the moment the news surfaced.

Mary was accused of shoplifting a ‘common biscuit’ from a neighbor’s shop, the act which infuriated her father to the extent that he almost ended up crucifying her in a bid to instill discipline in her.

According to the victim’s father, Mary just can’t stop stealing petty items like food and money as persons with the condition of kleptomania are often accused of.

Mary is currently free from oppression.

This was made possible through the intervention of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s Department of Social Welfare and Community Development with the support of the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection (MOGCSP) which led to her rescue.

Mr. Godfred Abogo, the Unit Head for the Department of Social Welfare at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly who led the rescue operation team shared two (2) photographs of the child with the Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana, Mr. Joseph Wemakor, indicating that she is now freed and in safe hands within the Department’s custody.

In one of the photographs, the child appeared in a nice costume within a setting that looks like an office in a standing posture posing for the camera while in the other one she was spotted with a bottle of coke in the hands sipping the content into her mouth through a straw in an environment that looks like a restaurant.

According to Mr. Abogo, the initial findings of his outfit pointed to the child exhibiting a pilfering condition akin to kleptomania which prompted her parents to unacceptably restrict her movement resulting in her being assaulted and further bound her up with ropes.

His disclosure corroborates the findings of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana highlighted in its preliminary report on the saga.

He added that investigations into the matter are still currently ongoing to unravel more on the disturbing issue while arrangements are being made to pave way for the reunification of the child with her biological mother.

Meanwhile, he also indicated that the child’s father and stepmother are currently cooperating with his outfit to amicably resolve the issue.

“The parents of the victim did not resist an attempt to free the child, in fact, they were remorseful and voluntarily agreed to the rescue”.

“They have signed a bond of good behavior and to produce the biological mother of the child within the shortest possible time.”

Mr. Abogo also averred that his outfit is solely responsible for footing all the bills of costs incurred for the upkeep of the child while in custody.

This, according to him, is being funded through the Integrated Social Services Delivery System (ISS) of the KMA Department of Social Welfare.

When asked about the roles of the police service in assisting the Social Welfare Department during the rescue operation, he said that “The police were reluctant and besides they didn’t have a DOVVSU office at Ampabame, hence we did it alone”.

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana after breaking the troubling news on that fateful ‘black Friday’, July 19, 2022, did not just sit back and rest on its laurels but quickly proceeded to reach out to the Gender Ministry for help through its HELPLINE OF HOPE call Centre and then gotten a response after which it was redirected to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Social Welfare Department in the Ashanti Region. The outcome of which witnessed the swift intervention and subsequently led to the rescue of the child.

The HRRG congratulates the KMA Department of Social Welfare in the Ashanti Region for taking this giant step to rescue the 7-year-old girl and also urges it to endeavor to fast-track the investigations appropriately and ensure the perpetrator of this heinous crime is severely punished as well as help facilitate the reunification of the child with her biological mother as early as possible to safeguard her welfare and growth.

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Other world news

Waqar Khan is a Pakistani Model, Actor, Singer. Waqar Khan born in 30, June 1992 in Mardan Pakistan,

Waqar khan family In Mardan Pakistan. his father Saif Ullah khan is a businessman.

Waqar khan Belong to Pukhtoon family. Waqar completed his graduation in Awkum.

Waqar first drama on Avt Khyber drama name Mor baibay ao naway EP # 09.

Waqar Khan first song title Janan o baran on available on YouTube and all music stores.

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Hussan Ahmad Ks Aka Hassan Ahmad Khan ( حسان احمد خان) Pakistani Popular Young Pakistani singer

This field has attracted young & dynamic youth towards it & one such name is of a young boy called Hussan Ahmad Ks. He hails from the Pakistani state of Punjab and has gained an edge in this field allowing everyone to take a lead in this and Hussan Ahmad Ks in this industry remains one who is a known name.

Hussan Ahmad Ks (Urdu: حسان احمد خان) was born in Narowal (April 2, 2002) and raised in the main State of Pakistan which is Punjab. In his school life, he began writing rap songs and poetry as a creative. Hussan Ahmad Ks also became a good Pakistani Poem Reciter in his school life. He wins many prizes at that time.

He read many books at early age and he explores his writing skill as well. He is verified on all famous music streaming platforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, YouTube, Musixmatch and many others.

As a Pakistani Musical Artist & Digital Creator, Hussan Ahmad Ks make many music contents on various kind of social platform. He is also a Poem Reciter, Lyricist, Blogger, writer, and Entrepreneur in Pakistan.

It is generally not easy for an Entrepreneur to be so well accomplished at a young age. But Hussan Ahmad Ks has surpassed every level and made his name in the marketing industry, he is one of those self-made entrepreneurs who can provide you with any and every digital marketing service.

After all, he has worked with more than 700 clients, if that isn’t impressive! A good client base allows the digital marketers to not only build his image but also grow the numbers of clients for the future. Because that way he can help out more brands and companies alongside counting his profits.

One of his quote is “Of course, with hardship comes ease”

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:

Address: Narowal, Pakistan.

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