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Be supportive You Are The Backbone Of Your Family - Sofo Maame Patricia Asare Frimpong Advised Women.

Sofo Maame Patricia Asare Frimpong the wife of the head pastor, Apostle Asare Frimpong of Global Fountain Of Grace Ministry International at Wassa Akropong, Amenfi East branch in the Western Region. Has advised women to be hardworking and supportive to their husbands because they are the backbone of the family and has a big role to play.

During the Mothers Day celebration Sofo Maame Patricia Asare Frimpong donated 1Kg of 60 bags of rice, 60 bottles of Coca-cola and Fanta, 1 Box of Donsimon fruit juice and many other gifts to the Women's Fellowship of the church.

When answering a question "why making this donations"? with an interview with Rivers news reporter and Ghana Youth's Leaders 2022 Awards winner Abrewa Nana Kwabena Tawiah she stated it is a hard time women learn to work hard, be supportive at homes because they are the backbone of their families.

According to Sofo Maame Patricia Asare Frimpong, she don't need anything in return for spending almost about Gh¢ 4000 on this donations than to see Ghanian women taking this advises so that they can become financially independent.

Adding to that Sofo Maame Patricia Asare Frimpong discloses that most Churches don't normally help women.

And she urges churches to pay much attention to women's especially their Work and Family life because they are the backbone of their families.

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History was made in Kenya as the first ever Rugby League Championship organized by the Kenya Rugby League Federation came to an end on 3rd April 2022.

Kisumu Winam were crowned the champions after defeating Rift Valley Ruffians in the grand final with a 34-20 score at the Impala Stadium, Nairobi.

It was a 6-team regional league tournament played on a round robin basis.

The teams which participated included Rhynos RC, Administration Police Rugby club, Kitengela sharks, Wolves XIII, Kisumu Winam and Rift Valley Ruffians.

Rift Valley Ruffians defeated Kitengela Sharks who were top of the table throughout the competition.

Being the youngest clubs in the championship, both were established 3 months ago.

Kisumu Winam defeated Wolves XIII who were ranked third on table in the semi finals to secure their spot in the Finals.

Kitengela Sharks and Wolves XIII both fought hard for the 3rd position but the sharks were too strong for the wolves as the defeated them with a 36-18 score.

The Grand Final had Kisumu Winam and R.V Ruffians competing for the trophy.

K. Winam dominated in both halves of the game and they ended winning the match.

Philemon Olmang of K. Winam was named the man of the match at the end of day.

The games were refereed by MEA regional MO delegates attending the Technical course being held by KRLF.

3rd position game was refereed by Marshall Nortey (Ghana) and Kamdem Brice (Cameroon), taking each half, TJ Brian Odiwuory (Kenya), Esther Nyambura (Kenya), Ingoal TJ Sarah Brendah (Kenya), Nuhu Ibrahim (Nigeria).

Grand Final referees were Warren Pretorius (South Africa) TJ Andrew Pilkington (Spain) Kamdem Brice (Cameroon), Ingoal TJ Pascal inglesis (DR Congo) and Danish Ndinya (Kenya)

Quicks Nyakwakwa (President of the Kenya Rugby League Federation) shared his thoughts

"The finals of our first ever league after 5 months of competition, with new clubs from different places in Kenya, is a great achievement for Kenya Rugby League Federation and our partners. We are now ready for international test matches vs other countries in next few months , as we develop and progress to high performance class."

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Im performing live on This coming Tuesday @11:30am US/Pacific time

Im performing live on This coming Tuesday @11:30am US/Pacific time

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Love you all

Get your tickets at

Love you all

Get your tickets at

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Get your tickets at

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Get your tickets at

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Get your tickets at

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EMMANUEL BENJAMIN LUMOR populary known in the Hip hop/rap music industry as Invålid Kïdd is a Black American based in Ghana.

Emmanuel was born on the 30th of March 2004 by a couple. He is the last child of MR. ALHAJI TOPHIC and RITA AKYEA. He has Six siblings.

This Young artist started his music Career in the year 2020. He has almost 7 published tracks which includes Bredda man and Deliver me.

He has big dreams on building up the Hip pop music industry with his great talent

Be a fan of Invålid-Kïdd now!!!

Follow him on Instagram @invalidkiddofficial

Follow him on Twitter @invalidkidd

Follow him on Facebook @invalidkidd

YouTube @Invålid Kïdd

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Ray Records artist Skerttle Féndi,,,on Audiomark wth upkaming go🤑d Perform

On the other hand making some a special for me on the audiomack with uploading a tracks for public City and making it rain enough on a social media as for you he don't even care about what is going on where are you be playing songs or not his Afghan he was interviewed all TVs video 5 people you don't even know our TV is roaming about but all the same size I have to support the person as he's own thing cast of the outsiders so that everybody must mean to appreciate the encouraging words of wisdom to become one day star 🌟🌟 🌟 so we are here his support on all cost of the music industry for over a years

so now he said that,, as for me, i dont want to talk about my hite around as you to hear to support but one day you will even supporting me without a word from anybody to tell you to do so

because I was born to be a star no matter what happens!!!💯,,

This is the words as he said,, Skerttle Féndi 💯💯

You can participate in his attention to support now but no later 🚬💥

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I can really feel the pain

Right from my throat to my chest 😭💔

Very unbearable honestly

I still can’t let go

He told me countless times to but how can I

All I feel is pain and hurt

For no reasonable piece of thought that I did wrong

My love is too strong that I can’t even think of letting go

Wasn’t a coincidence that I saw same girls name all the time

Probably he’s in love with her

And I’m dying to have just a text from him

Love hates me

I hate love💔

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A 19 year old girl from Accra has been stabbed by her own mother and son.

According to Akos, a 19 years old girl, whenever her mother went to see her husband, his younger brother became enraged, which resulted in her mother being physically abused.

In the interview, she said that her mother and brother became plotted to murder her because she become a hindrance to their incestuous relationship.

She claims she awoke to see the two incestuous lovebirds stabbing her in the stomach and tearing out her guts.

She went on to say that an aunty in the same residence drove her to various hospitals for medical treatment. They went to Ga West Municipal Hospital first, then Korle Bu and finally Ridge Hospital, she stated, but non of them had beds for her .

Despite the fact that the 37 Military Hospital did not have any beds, they were able to persuade the doctor on duty to help her .

The case was then transferred to Ridge police headquarters when Akos' mother and brother where detained and sent to Anaya police station.

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My Leadership Journey

I was born into a deprived family; deprived financially, educationally, psychologically and deprived in terms of unity. When I think about my leadership journey over the past ten years, I'm reminded of the people I came across, both CEOs, managers, and my colleagues, who helped put my career in perspective. When I reflect on it, although I've never had a formal mentor I've had people in my professional life which inspired me, invested their time, energy and resources in me, and most significantly believed in me.

My journey in the corporate world begard as a fresh graduate from the university of Ghana, Legon, working as a receptionist and a transport officer to the law firm and transport company simultaneously. I was incredibly desirous (still am!) Sand had my eyes set on a career in business administration. I was privileged the CEOs I understand understood me and fostered my passion and supported me to manoeuvre myself through the business terrains to create opportunities for me. I was 23years old and became the face of the company.

After a couple of years I was promoted to a more demanding roles, managing a team of 10 supervisors, 25 truck drivers and their assistants responsible for the daily operations of a business unit (Haulage Division) turning over million dollars. When I reflect on it, it was a lot of responsibility for someone so young and brave move on the company's part. The management trust my knowledge, skills and abilities.

Looking back, there is no way I could have achieved what I have without people who believed in me, despite my age and lack of experience. They recognized great potentials in me and I am eternally grate for that singular honor.

I learnt the value of perseverance, hardwork and the importance of maintaining excellent relations with subcontractors or customers. My bosses (Mr. Solomon Okereke Okoro, Madam Naa Dei Dzani Amartei and Mr. Amartey Amartei) taught me a lot about patience, excellence, courage and management. Itransport offered a rare opportunity for all those who were ambitious about their professional growth. Thank bosses!!

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“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Yet while we all know water is crucial for life, we trash it anyway. Some 80 percent of the world’s wastewater is dumped—largely untreated—back into the environment, polluting rivers, lakes, and oceans.

This pollution is degrades the water’s consistency making it harmful to humans, livestock and the atmosphere as well as causing problems for the marine ecosystem. These substances may float in the water or settle on the bottom of a body of water.

Because of its position as a universal solvent, water is extremely vulnerable to contamination. Various forms of water contaminants are taken into account such as toxic chemicals, sediments, heat, domestic sewages petroleum (oil), and radioactive substances are some forms of contaminating our water bodies.

Domestic sewages this endangers the quality of lakes and streams, where high levels of oxygen are required for fish and other aquatic organisms to survive.

Moreover, petroleum (oil) occurs when oil from roads and parking lots is carried in surface runoff into water bodies. Accidental oil spills are also a source of oil pollution.

Heat is a pollutant in water because it reduces the ability of water to retain dissolved oxygen in solution and increases the rate of metabolism in fish. Important game fish species, such as trout, cannot live in water with very low dissolved oxygen levels. The process of discharging cooling water from power plants into rivers is a major source of heat; the discharged water.

Sediment affect the water resulting from soil erosion which can be carried into water bodies by runoff.

Coming down to the standard of water

While pure water is uncommon in nature (due to water’s strong ability to dissolve other substances), the classification of water quality (i.e. clean or polluted) is determined by the water’s intended usages.

Furthermore, water pollution has great effect:

• Fish and other marine species suffer as a result of water contamination

• The use of salt-contaminated water increases the soil's alkalinity.

• Human epidemics such as cholera, tuberculosis, jaundice, dysentery, typhoid, and diarrhoea are caused by contaminated water.

• Irrigating agricultural fields with contaminated water from lakes, dams, and rivers kills crops and reduces agricultural production.

• Heavily polluted water affects the soil, decreases its fertility and kills soil microorganisms and even certain useful bacteria.

Above these effects there are some prevention and control methods to curb water pollution.

• Raising public consciousness in rural and urban areas about the importance of maintaining wetlands, rivers, reservoirs, and wells.

• Through washing clothes, bathing, and so, you will keep rivers, lakes and ponds clean

• Food waste, paper, biodegradable vegetables, and plastic should not be disposed of in open drains.

For instance, water that is safe for swimming and fishing may not be safe for drinking or cook and advised keep the water clean.

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The use of plastic which is part of our daily life has been condemned by Baffo Gyamfi who is a to fact and evidence which prove that the use of plastic items is very harmful to our personality or health as humans

Discussing such essential topic with Mr. Gyamfi on Kantanka TV on FONTOMFROM morning show with Abena Kyei Boakye been made known that, plastic has greatly impacted a lot of negativity to our human system; prostate cancer in man, early breast development and early menstrual break down of women, most cancers are result which are tied to a lot of plastic items. Difficulty in child delivery is said to classify under the regular use of plastic material mostly in terms of our food.

The chemical, biphenyl A, or BPA, is used in the manufacture of hard, polycarbonate plastic for baby bottles, microwave cookware and other consumer goods, and it has been detected in nearly every human body tested he added

According to him, laboratory rate indicate that prostate cancer typically affects men over 50 years of age develop BPA and other estrogen-like man-made chemicals pass through the womb of a pregnant woman and alter the genres of a rising of prostate in the fetus

People are exposed to phthalates and alcohol by eating and drinking foods from containers and products containing the chemical, through packaging and food handling equipment, through our skin, the use of personal care and beauty product and the air we breathe.

The use of plastic items should be one great issue which the government needs to address and as individual should commend plastic usage in our daily life. Finally stressing out the use of plastic he quoted “IF YOU DO NOT GET TIME FOR YOUR HEALTH YOU WILL GET TIME FOR SICKNESS”

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Compiling of new voter’s register has become one major factor during this period of COVID-19 in 2020 General Election. It is better to vote on 7th December rather than postposing it since the risk of postposing the election is greater than voting during this period of (COVID-19).

Creating a software platform for the Electoral Commission is away great way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 since the sum of people will be reduced at the various polling stations when such App is done since individual will register their new voters card online without any stress and only the uneducated will be the ones to join queening.

According to Engr. E.A Gyamerah lecture of UCC, if the new voters card is complemented there should be ways and means to practices culture maintained to avoid cost in the near future and people who turn out 18 go to the various polling stations to register online with ease to reduce COVID spread and improve our technology world.

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Epic Empiire Studios is a growing film production company founded by Obed Awontirim Azeka also known as The Empiire. It will be bringing very exciting videos and movies for everyone to watch and be entertained. Epic Empiire Studios aims at creating if not but the best movie content. It was founded in July 2019 and based in Tamale, Ghana at the moment. 

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