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Magic is a supernatural phenomena that doesn't need scientific methods to be proven.

There are many magics in this world that turns our lives around.

Magicians day in and out are bringing up different stuffs to prove their magic right.

Some people think magic is fake, others think it's just a bunch of tricks.

But have you ever thought if magic was real , what will be the most strongest one?

Many people perform many magic.

Turning of materials into money , bringing rabbits out of hats and so on.

However ; if magic is truly real and not fake or a bunch of tricks, there might be the strongest one.

We are talking about magic that can turn our lives around totally.

In this life, everyone has his or her problem and needs to solve it.

If magic could really solve problems and make things right ; which is the strongest one that can solve people's problem.

In this world, we have good people and bad ones also.

Magic is noted as bad and sometimes noted as witchcraft generally.

But a strong magic always be in a way that will benefit everyone.

Despite your belief, the strongest magic will solve the problem .

The strongest magic doesn't need transforming something into another.

Neither does it means making out something out of another.

The only reason why our problems keep staring in our fish is that we think only supernatural things can solve our problems.

To get your own problems solved you need to keep doing good and believing in your solution.

The strongest magic is the act of good deeds and believing in yourself.

Let your good deeds and believe be your magic to your problem.

Strongest magic.

Poem by Jeremy Crabbe



Out of the burns of the yellowish, circular ,light ;black colour has come to existence.

"We could have been like the colour of the sun", says the black man," but the sun chose to burn us instead of dominating its colour onto us".

Black men have suffered the dominating power of the whites.

There is a saying that goes" black is beauty".

The efforts of the whites to understand this saying about colour black, has led to the main problem; Racism.

To the whites ,to be a black man means any outrageous and dangerous thing can be done by a black man.

It is not that they want to raise the power they have ,to be great.

But they don't understand the power of black.

Black colour never meant war or danger.

Being black doesn't mean his mind is as black as his colour .

Everyone has an evil side that doesn't mean they can't be good too.

The flow of blood in the skin of a white man takes the same effect in a black man's skin.

White have the mentality that the power of black will outrage who they are .

Due to this, the innocent ,black fourteen-year-old

George Junius stinney was electrocuted on June 16th 1994.

Due to his black colour he was framed up with killing two young girls.

His Innocence was proven 70 years later.

Not to talk about the main character, George Floyd who died by justifying himself.

The power of black has brought the racism of black colour.

Colonizing blacks doesn't give whitethe right to take the destinies of blacks into their hands.

Thanks to legends like Martin Luther King who kept fighting for blacks, the rate of racism reduced.

Due to the racism issue of George Floyd ; the pop light of racism has shown itself again.

The power of black is to enhance the progress , development and success of the whole world.

It might be fact that the blacks may have an evil side .

But the togetherness of black and the elimination of racism can prove the power of black right.

The power of black should be given a chance to see it's worth rather than misunderstanding it and tarnishing it image with racism