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Are the online studies valuable to students?

There has been a press release on 15

April, 2020 by the consent students of University of Cape Coast, Ghana to share their grievances on the government's decision to study via e -learning.

It is obvious that the government is doing it best to provide quality education to their future leaders as they decide on an online studies in a time like this. Due to the pandemic virus, Covid-19 that has slowed down all activities, it was of course a good initiative by the government to introduce e learning platforms for students.

But have they thought of students living in remote areas with poor network service, and even they should support us with us with data. In as much as they can. Because our parents whom we rely are also home not working especially those in the lockdown areas such as Accra and Kumasi. Students are in psychological trauma and emotional too. It is however unfair if these measures are not taken into consideration.

In view of these there has been a press release to appeal to the government and administration to tackle these issues very well.


Disapproval by Noguchi Memorial Institute on COA FS as the cure drug for Corona virus

With results to the pandemic virus that has caused so much harm to the world, most doctors from various hospitals showed efforts in bringing out drugs to cure this virus. However, in view of the research of the various hospitals, digital news platform published an article with the headline "Noguchi finally 'approves' Ghana -made drug to fight Coronavirus" on March 25 and referenced the director of NMIMR, Prof. Abraham Kwabena Annan as the source of the information.

It appears to be fake news as Ghana's leading biomedical research institute, Noguchi Medical Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) denies reports on their approval of COA FS, a Ghana-made nutritional supplement for treating the deadly corona virus.

Thereby, GhanaFact was alerted to the online article via messaging platform WhatsApp and has spoken to an official of the research institute and the Ghana food and Drugs Authority for clarification on the potency of COA FS.

"Noguchi has not approved COA FS... It was submitted to the Food and Drugs Authority as a food supplement. What my director said was that if COA FS is a booster of the immune system, then it could help in the way of resolving but not curing (corona virus). We didn't say COA FS is a cure for Coronavirus. No!", Executive Secretary of NMIMR Theodore Ahuno stated during an interview with GhanaFact.

The website of Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA GPM), the manufacturers of COA FS claimed it had been " registered by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) Ghana as an immune boosters for general well being."

In view of this, GhanaFact checks at the FDA confirmed that the food supplement had indeed been duly registered as a food supplement and according to the Head of Herbal Medicine at the FDA, Emmanuel Yaw Kwarteng, "It has been in our registry from about 2015 or so".

However, he said the FDA has not approved any food supplement or immune booster for treating the Coronavirus in Ghana.

"When you look at the market there are lots of immune boosters, a lot of food supplements that are immune boosters, each has its mode of action, these ones are all not making a claim. So, no one should make a claim that an immune booster or a food supplement is going to treat a condition[coronavirus]. No, the FDA hasn’t granted any of them that right.”

Further, manufacturers of COA FS in a disclaimer published on their website have described as “false,” media reports that COA FS is a cure for coronavirus.


Vaccine for CONVID-19 discovered in three hours(3hrs)

San Diego Lab discovers a vaccine finally for the deadly disease virus that affected China and it neighborhood, moving on on to almost all over the world.

The good news reaching us is that, the Inovio Pharmaceuticals in Sorrento Valley has been able to take on the crucial task in creating the CONVID-19 vaccine. Research has it that, they were able to do it for Zika vaccine and the middle of East, respiratory syndrome known as MERS and even the Ebola vaccine.

The scientists of China released the virus sequence in January 19 as they isolated and sequenced it. However, the Inovio researchers took to action and were able to produce the vaccine within three hours. It took them three hours to come up with such smart minds, what may stop the global spread of a deadly virus.

One of the researchers in an interview with News 8, Dr. Smith made it clear that, so far so good the vaccine is tested on mice and guinea pigs and it will be tried on a group of human patients too.

He further gave a description on how the vaccine work. He said , "It's like a piece of biological software...". Which in the long run means that, the vaccine is going to instruct your bodies the proper attack in the form of T cells and antibodies against CONVID-19. And it may be made available for mass public use if all goes as planned. It would be as early as this summer.

As at now, news reaching us is that, the lead researchers at Novio is in a meeting with the World Health Organization in Sweden to come up with the best plan of attack against the Corona Virus.