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Sokol Kula an Ancient castle in Konavle

During my research, I learned that Fort Sokol was built on an inaccessible cliff.

During my research, I learned that Fort Sokol was built on an inaccessible cliff.

The height of the castle is over twenty-five meters a natural fortress that controls the main road closest to us.

The main road leads from Konavle north into Herzegovina, and of the Balkan hinterland. It was the main reason for this town to be inhabited since the ancient times.

In August 1973 the name of the castle known as the Falcon Tower was discovered. The word Sokol from the Croatian language means falcon when translated into the English language.

After spending time reading, and paying attention to what the local people have on their minds, I discovered the town was found much earlier than mentioned.

A prehistoric structure as an ancient fortress from a medieval town came under the authority of Dubrovnik since the year 1423.

I was interested in the history of this old mysterious castle. My daily walks close to the castle get me thinking of the ancient times around this region.

The guards that stood there and the slaves who lived behind these castle walls still remains a mystery to me.

The role of the fortress just changed over the years. The religious function of the castle has more to offer.

The prehistoric fortress had also protected the inhabitants of the village and I live in this village at the moment the population is over a hundred and fifty people.

The whole of konavle has over eight thousand people and has an area of 80.79 sq miles you are looking (209.2 km²).

It includes Cavtat the small village of this region is a popular tourist destination. Ancient Roman and late antiquity Byzantine fortresses had to defend the region of Konavle from the external enemies and to fight off the barbarians.

During the Middle Ages Konavle was mainly under the authority of the neighbouring states this gave it a special political position.

The fort Sokol over time, no longer had to defend the neighbouring states or rulers, because they had already had their position in Konavle.

The feudal lords then enforced payments from their lands they demanded to be paid for their plots this was in Konavle from Sokol.

The arrival of people from Dubrovnik forty kilometres away changed everything. They oversaw Konavle and managed to take charge of the situation.

The revenues from the Rector's Court in Saint Martin another village called Pridvorje a not so far away village from us and Sokol took on a role of a similar to that Justinian’s castrum from the sixth century: as what the defence of territory acquired from external enemies.

Throughout the fifteenth century, the Republic of Dubrovnik had invested a considerable amount of financial resources to make Sokol stick out for its rich history.

The making of a fortress to be shown as powerful enough to defend Konavle and the southeastern borders of the republic showed lots of defences.

The problem with the trading republic there were far too many enemies.

Also, the rulers in the hinterland and the of the powerful Venetian Republic, which was seen as always lying in wait to conquer the city. A major new power on the European mainland was un-stoppable approaching the borders of the lovely Dubrovnik.

The Ottomans and Sokol played an important military role in the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries.

Interestingly enough, after the Canadian War back in 1669, the Sokol fortress lost its significance and the Dubrovnik army was forced to abandon the castle in the year 1672.

I am amazed at how everything changed in this history of the Falcon Tower the old ruins remained for years before the changes were finally made to the beautiful fortress.

After the three centuries of ruins, dilapidation and oblivion followed. Finally, the association of Dubrovnik acquired the Sokol Kula (Falcon Tower).

This happened in 1966 when Dubrovnik took full control of the fortress only what was left of the huge remains.

The restoration had taken many years you are looking at least half a century to get to this final stage.

The Falcon Tower is currently open to the public and a free entrance to all citizens of Konavle. Others are charged a specific entrance fee.

After at least three hundred and fifty years, the Sokol Kula has regained its feature and is guarded by permanent garrison that watches over it.

The many treasures found were cleaned and set in the skilfully made museum.

I found this history to be fascinating knowing how the old remains of the castle stood there when I had first seen it. The recent changes are to reconstruct the ruins of it exactly the same feature from centuries ago.

Stone-built around and the castle and the view from this castle is one of the best of a countryside scenery.

Soon there will be a restaurant right on the roof level.

The major actions had shown great improvements.

The old building has a unique appearance and I enjoy the view from my home.

On my arrival to the old castle twelve years ago, it looked dull and dark grey in colour. I had captured fairly good photos. Unfortunately, I deleted the photos and now wish I had not done that.

The before and after photos would have been an ideal setting to have a good memory.

Built off a cliff is such a powerful idea.

The feature of the fortress presently tells the story through all the buried treasures which were found at the time of digging around the castle.

There are safety railings along the stairs and is much easier also, it feels safer to climb to the top.

My experiences around the village have been a wonderful challenge. The castle is an addition to the value of our property.

The many advantages of this old fortress have brought light to my life. I am pleased to live that close to a historical site it's enormous.

The mountainous region behind the castle shows the real outlook of the castle, called Sokul Kula (The Falcon Tower).

The surroundings are beautiful with many Cyprus trees, olive trees, Laurel trees, Fig plants, and the many wild herbs in the wild has to offer is also close to the mysterious castle.

It is indeed a mystery as much more is kept a secret about the slaves who were not allowed to leave the fortress centuries ago.

A valuable and most interesting history of the castle that fascinates many tourists.

My daily walks have shown me more appreciation of the history this castle has to offer and is such a natural feature.

The opening day was extravagant the traditional events were very entertaining.

The men and women were dressed in traditional clothing and performed their acts gracefully.

I enjoyed every bit of a new culture and felt part of something different.

A walk to the fortress makes me happy and fun-filled it gives me an opportunity to be more active when climbing the stairs.

The fortress is next to a cemetery and an Old Catholic church.

I don't like passing through the graveyard it just not for me, I prefer walking the long path.

I like the appearance of the professionally built stone walls and homes.

The homes are built of stone and with the red roofs.

The original style of the building, though some people are changing the older style homes to modern styles.

I am not in favour of that idea. It spoils the image.

My home is built of stone and I so admire the natural outlook.

When the style is changed, it does not suit the traditional buildings.

Stone built houses and red roofs are the actual way of building in Croatia.

The maintenance is simple to keep up with in all weather conditions.

The many changes in my life have allowed me to appreciate my new life. The castle has one of my best views and I enjoy the countryside life.



Prema znanstvenicima, u grobnici bi mogao biti pokopan ratnik drevne grčke vojske, kojemu je pripadala ilirska kaciga. Takve kacige koristili su drevni grčki Etruščani i Skiti, a zatim Iliri, dobivši svoje dobro ime.

Grobnica je sadržavala petnaestak brončanih i srebrnih broševa (metalnih kopča), deset igala ili igala, nekoliko spiralnih brončanih ukrasa, kao i nekoliko stotina staklenih i jantarnih perli koje su nekada bile dio ogrlice, lonaca.


Mario Mandaric is a renowned chef from Croatia who has worked in some of the world’s most famous restaurants, including Heston Blumenthal’s legendary; The Fat Duck in Bray.

He is famous for his pop up restaurants around the world, particularly for those he prepared in Thailand, South East Asia.

During his Thai adventure and having to work with incredibly simple kitchens and very limited food supplies, it occurred to him for the first time the amount of food waste he had witnessed in “first world” kitchens during his career.

Mario is now based in the UK and has conceived a concept for his next pop up restaurant.

He will prepare a seven-course Michelin Star standard dinner, using only the waste food surplus from local restaurants in the surrounding area – all with their participation, blessing and agreement.

The hope is to highlight the amount of food that we waste as a society by creating this incredible meal, but also at the same time to spotlight homelessness in our communities; with a percentage of any profit being donated to the teenage homeless charity – Centrepoint.


Travis Benjamin - one of the better smaller streamers on YouTube

Travis Benjamin is also one small YouTube streamer that currently has 3.6K subscribers on YouTube.

The reason why he is one of the better smaller streamers on YouTube is because he interacts with people in the chat.

Travis Benjamin says: "I'm just trying to put positive environment for people to come and play a game with me, dealing with the negativity in the world, especially during this pandemic."


Nezry - new upcoming Fortnite YouTube channel

If you love playing games, we are pretty sure you heard about the game Fortnite.

For those who never heard about it, Fortnite is an online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games.

Fortnite: Battle Royale was released in 2017.

Since it's release, a lot of Twitch and YouTube streamers like: Ninja, Dakotaz and CDNThe3rd started playing it.

However, Fortnite started falling down in Season X and the game was at it's worst point.

In Chapter 2, Fortnite got a huge refresh and the game started growing again.

Since then, a lot of small streamers started appearing that eventually gave up on streaming because they had no support.

However, there is still one small YouTube streamer Nezry.

Nezry is a gaming related YouTube channel. He is mostly playing and streaming Fortnite with other people.

One thing that is specific about this channel is that Nezry is very interactive with his streamers.

Nezry is currently sitting at 380 subscribers and he says that his goal is to get to 400 subscribers by the end of 2020.

Fortnite will still continue to grow and we hope the new small streamers will soon start growing like this one.


Mladi nogometaš pokušao je prijeći željezničke pruge na prijelazu, ali nije primijetio vlak koji putuje s druge strane.

Vozač je pokušao zaustaviti vlak i uputio zvučna upozorenja, ali to nije bilo dovoljno da se izbjegne sudar. U bolnici su pokušali spasiti nogometaša, ali on je umro od brojnih ozljeda.


Izvršni odbor Hrvatskog nogometnog saveza donio je odluku o datumu nastavka sezone u zemlji. Utakmice polufinala Kupa Hrvatske održat će se 30. i 31. svibnja.

Za 6. lipnja na rasporedu je nastavak utakmica prvenstva Hrvatske. Sve borbe održat će se na praznim tribinama. Prema planu, finale Kupa Hrvatske održat će se 1. kolovoza.

Niže divizije i prvenstva omladinskih ekipa neće biti nastavljena. Podsjetimo da je nogometna sezona u Hrvatskoj u ožujku obustavljena zbog pandemije koronavirusa.

Nakon 26 kola Dinamo Zagreb vodi prvenstvo Hrvatske. Lider prvenstva je ispred Rijeke 18 bodova.


ZADAR, HRVATSKA, 15. travnja 2020., 21:27 - REGNUM Nova oprema za bežični internet, misleći da su uređaji nekako povezani sa širenjem koronavirusa, uništila je vandale u hrvatskoj općini Bibinje kod Zadra. To je 15. travnja priopćila tiskovna služba uprave općine.

Općina je precizirala da je oprema instalirana kao dio programa Wifi4EU za distribuciju besplatnog interneta na prometnim javnim mjestima. Projekt je financirala Europska unija, izdvojivši 15 tisuća eura za opremu. Komunikacijski objekti korišteni su za opremanje zgrada mjesnog Doma kulture, općine i sportskog kompleksa u Bibinju.

Napadači su podlegnuli glasinama da je koronavirusna pandemija nekako povezana s tehnologijom mobilne komunikacije pete generacije, a vlasti u Bibinju potajno su od stanovnika stanovale uređaj za distribuciju 5G signala. Općina je precizirala da je sva oprema instalirana još u veljači ove godine, ali vlasti su smatrale da je neprimjereno hvaliti se njome na pozadini neposredne prijetnje epidemije i otkazivanja svih javnih događaja.

Općina je bila ogorčena činjenicom da su u teškom razdoblju za tu zemlju građani širili lažne glasine i uznemiravali javnost te izrazili nadu da će se vandali instalirati i kazniti u skladu sa zakonom.