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Travis Benjamin - one of the better smaller streamers on YouTube

Travis Benjamin is also one small YouTube streamer that currently has 3.6K subscribers on YouTube.

The reason why he is one of the better smaller streamers on YouTube is because he interacts with people in the chat.

Travis Benjamin says: "I'm just trying to put positive environment for people to come and play a game with me, dealing with the negativity in the world, especially during this pandemic."

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Nezry - new upcoming Fortnite YouTube channel

If you love playing games, we are pretty sure you heard about the game Fortnite.

For those who never heard about it, Fortnite is an online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games.

Fortnite: Battle Royale was released in 2017.

Since it's release, a lot of Twitch and YouTube streamers like: Ninja, Dakotaz and CDNThe3rd started playing it.

However, Fortnite started falling down in Season X and the game was at it's worst point.

In Chapter 2, Fortnite got a huge refresh and the game started growing again.

Since then, a lot of small streamers started appearing that eventually gave up on streaming because they had no support.

However, there is still one small YouTube streamer Nezry.

Nezry is a gaming related YouTube channel. He is mostly playing and streaming Fortnite with other people.

One thing that is specific about this channel is that Nezry is very interactive with his streamers.

Nezry is currently sitting at 380 subscribers and he says that his goal is to get to 400 subscribers by the end of 2020.

Fortnite will still continue to grow and we hope the new small streamers will soon start growing like this one.

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