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I'm technically banned from paying for sex, worldwide, for two years

I'm technically banned from giving sexy ladies some of my money for intimate service


For closer to 2 years

Since 31 March, 2020

Fuck your world

Fuck your societies

Fuck your governments

Fuck your financial institutions

Fuck your social networks

And fuck your immaturity

The technical ban for me on paying for intimate service with sexy female partners and / or companions of my choice includes the following territories:


South Africa


Tanzania, and


In a similar although not the same way I don't tell a lady what day of the month to menstruate, from the perspective of my physiology and biology, don't tell me when I must, and cannot pay for those services either.

Particularly up until more recently, seemingly more compatible ladies for me show up around time intervals I'm "offline".

Extreme versions of that is me being in the presence of those ladies when I'm in a bed in a hospital, or when I'm too old to qualify for procuring those services.

It's not only with whom

And when

There are other mechanisms of control enforced to dominate the net intimate experience, if at all.

As well as tactics to incriminate prey and siphon them financially and emotionally. I document and publish some of those online at my public Google drive folders.

One of my unique capabilities is I'm emotionally indestructible. I have absolute immunity against emotional abuse, attacks and related traumas. I prove that many times over.

That doesn't imply I don't have feelings for myself and feelings for others. My emotional vitality, stability and power is unparallelled.

My physical being isn't indesructible. Even the world's top formula one cars' engines blow up if they're pushed to hard, for too long, without maintenance.

So after I'm forced back to South Africa for a second time, two of my mandatory requirements for me to participate in intimate activities with sexy ladies, are fraudulently struck out, those being

My health

And my finances

That's following a number of attempts from this end to reach out to the FBI of the United States 5+ months ago with primary focus on the financial warfare against me and / or my business ongoing for years.

As well as several international news reporters with interest in and / or that cover the topics at hand, both direct and related.

Without success

Over and above South Africa is previously proven, over several months, to be a location where I either risk ending up in jail, or I risk my life, when I go for paying to have sex with female partners.

Some of the "local" entertainment venues are notorious for patrons being threatened, robbed and / or assaulted by gangs at least almost immediately after heading out from those venues.

Especially if I go for a Bolt or Uber taxi hailer. Those bouncers, gangs, and "private" taxi drivers that patrol those roads are linked to those same clubs. If I don't pay them their fees for their "mandatory" services, they find a way to get that money of mine one way or another.

The entrance fee at some of the more up-market venues at South Africa covers one hour, full service plus the room, with one of hundreds of Thai ladies to choose from, at the sex capital of the world. And with ~70% of my next service provider's fee paid for as well.

I'm physically and financially fraudulently smashed. not only will others do anything to stop me from having sex with sexy ladies, they take it to the next level, again.

My business takes another round of boycotting. The market stops all new business for me while institutions escalate their financial assault against me.

And two weeks after i checkin to a "Jesus is Lord" church guest house at Yeoville, couples (and...) book two rooms at the same time on either side of the room I rent (of the 10's of rooms at the guest house). The walls have soft partitions.

They engage in all night sex and discussions. People aren't convinced the "war is over". Instead, in addition to my life being crushed, they go for breaking my spirit.

Fuck your species

I actually rent a corner room with two other rooms adjacent, those positioned orthogonally to the room I rent forming an L-shape.

Soon after I alert one of the two managers, Dennis [+27-63-545-5885] as to forms of all night disruptions that contribute to my sleep deprivation.


As if by magic

The effects are amplified

More boookings, more often ajacent the room I rent. More people per room. More noise. Until earlier hours of the morning. At the church guest house. That's linked to perpetuating my trauma.

Most anything I say

Is used against me

At least via that channel

There's a possibility I'm displaced from here using the same tactic employed a number of times when I'm forced to South Africa previously. That's to tell me the venue is fully booked on the day I'm to extend. And that's during off season.

I observe a similar effect when I'm at Indonesia. It's when I'm there the situation builds to the point where soon after I arrive at convenience stores the place goes from few to no people to packed.

Those people are all well outside the range of demographics of potential mates for me.

I'm displaced at least nine times on my prior forced visit to South Africa. That never happens once during my approximate decade of travel elsewhere. It's when I arrive at this guest house three weeks prior, I'm one of two "tennants" on the ground floor. Other bookings here are typically for 1-night.

One of the differences

Between South Africa

And elsewhere for me

Is immigration doesn't apply

Uninhibited and apparently without any restrictions and / or limitations, people other than myself have permission to do whatever they want, whenever they want. And wherever they want.

It's at 4am, 21 December, 2021 I smell smoke at the room I rent. And I hear the sound of a lighter repeatedly being flicked. Over and above the loud chatter coming from one of the rooms adjacent the one I go for. Their voices tells me it's at least two males, and one female.

I don't get any sleep yet. At 04:31, I press the stop button on an audio recording app on my phone. I delete that recording since my voice isn't on that recording and / or conversation. I don't feel at ease. My heart rate is elevated.

I smell weed previously coming from the rooms of other guests. Whatever is going on next door, that's different. I set my phone to audio record and I alert the manager on duty who tells me "they crazy kids", and shrugs his shoulders. No further action is taken from that end. The time is now 05:45am and their party is in full swing.

Not only can others

Do whatever they want

Also to my detriment

And intentionally

I decide at this time on this edited version of this report at 06:09am to put a hold on transmitting further information from this end, wherever possible. Since it's likely detrimental to me.

Before I'm forced back to South Africa this second time, I'm at Kenya for ~4.5 months. It's there, I rent accommodation from the same landlord for that full duration and / or visit.

It's on this path as a majority consensus of others I'm to be denied of all social priviledges and degrees of freedom again. And subject to other forms of trauma. Leading me to the point of predicament where I must choose whether I kill myself or not.

To serve as a final test

Of how much

I love myself

All efforts from this end to get off that path are proving unsuccessful for me. It's at this time my CNS is confused on healing and progress. Since whenever I create a possibility of that, I'm struck down again. It's a form of programming that tells my physical system "movement" is harmful to me.

The definition of a victim is "a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action". It's incredible there isn't a force or authority on earth to stop people from committing those crimes against me.

The hate you have for me

Is the hate you have

Within yourselves

Soon as I'm able to have another go at living my life - that's what I do. It's for you to see how many times it takes for you to be able to distinguish between "right" and "wrong", or until something else happens.

In reality, experience tells me there's no difference between the two. "Right" and "wrong" is ultimately dictated by those in power. Over and above the law and any policing and regulating authorities that exist on planet earth.

Mark Berchowitz

B.Sc. (Eng)

For some of my supporting information on this read and / or download the content from my public Google drive folders at the same level as the link I send you earlier in this report.

I document and publish more of my information indirectly applicable to this report at:

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Government of Thailand rejects their embassy endorsed travel visa D3417336 they put in my passport

30 March, 2018. I head out from Phnom Penh en route to Bangkok on an AirAsia flight FD 607. Government of Thailand reject their embassy endorsed visa D3417336 they put in my passport. At their Don Muang airport.

The official tells me

To take out my wallet

And show 20,000 THB in cash

Which I don't have on me

I'm not allowed to withdraw any of my money at their airport. The Thai official reckons my online Thai bank account is not a valid form of proof of funds either. I'm denied entry to Thailand for not having 20,000 THB with me in cash. Which is already cleared at time visa issuing.

Second denial for me to enter Thailand:

Approximately 3 weeks later 21 April, 2018, I arrive at the Suvarnabhumi airport with i) 20,000 THB in cash, ii) proof of the same apartment I book and pay for, and iii) my outbound flight. Also paid for. I'm blocked again. This time for "not having sufficient means to travel".

I'm detained

At airport transit

So Thai immigration's story

Keeps changing

I head on out from Thailand, onward to Malaysia. It's there, I visit the High Commissioner (HC), Willie Ohlson <[email protected]> +60-32-170 2400, personally. The HC office is ranked above all South East Asian embassies for South Africa, based at Kuala Lumpur. Willie relays to me

Entry to Thailand

Is prohibited for me

Since the stamp in my passport

Says so

While I'm at Malaysia I get hold of Thai immigration lawyer David Lam of TSL & Associates (Thailand) Co., Ltd. <[email protected]>, +66-84-361-2818. It turns out TSL pose as a front for immigration offering officials a layer of protection on their scam.

Since it looks too obvious if immigration demand 35,000 THB directly from me as an "entrance fee" in order for me to gain entry to Thailand.

This is an extract from an email I receive from David at TLS:

"the cost is going to be 35,000 baht for immigration service, they will escort you through immigration control as soon as you walk out from the plane"

I pass up on their scam

I travel for two years strait following me being denied entry to Thailand. I visit countries and / or destinations including Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Approximately two months ago, 22 January, 2021, I kick off an application for another visa. This time, from the Thai embassy at Pretoria, South Africa.

The consular officer is Natthakit Singto <[email protected]> +27-82-923-6179 and secretary, Karin Kloppers <[email protected]> +27-12-342-5470.

I get a pre-approval on the set of documents I email to the embassy. I pay their application fee. I get my original passport and documents on over to the embassy for them to give me my Thai visa.

Then, on the embassy's five day turnaround, nineteen days later, Karin tells me my application is now declined.

Again, it looks too obvious if Thai government reject their second embassy endorsed visa in a row, that they put in my passport, when I arrive at one of their airports at Thailand.

Mark Berchowitz

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Visa / Mastercard network won't bill my existing paying customers' cards

So what do I do about this?

I build a system that runs across multiple payment gateways at the same time and looks out for fraudulent activity by the Visa / Mastercard network. I pull a report from the system which I publish online at:

It lists a sample of my business's service contracts terminated by financial institutions.

42.7% of my business's "existing" customer base linked to card billings is wiped out by financial institutions on subscriptions placed from 01 Jan, 2019 with at least the first payment paid for. In other words for every 100 orders or service contracts "signed" by my customers, ~43 are "torn up" by the Visa / Mastercard network. That's from my "existing" paying customers.

They're terminated contracts

Neither cancelled, nor billed

A service contract between my business and my customer must not be cancelled without either my, or my customer's authority to do so. Once a service contract is setup between my business and my customer - don't interfere or mess around with our agreement.

These activities are linked to you Visa, Mastercard and the banks that "hide" behind the payment gateways. How else do I see this? It's when 4 financial institutions around the world make demands for my attention ~5 months prior. All within the same week. The banks are based in different countries.

What's more surprising is it so happens to be from accounts linked to my debit cards I draw my money from ATM's and / or make purchases with. I have other accounts and linked debit cards. I only get compliance demands, frozen accounts, and blocked cards from institutions linked to my cards from which I access my money.

You Visa / Mastercard networks

Must do what my customers tell you to do

If my customer tells you to cancel a subscription with my business, do it. If they don't, don't. It's that simple.

Don't make decisions on behalf of my customers

With my fraud monitoring system now setup and running, when you as a customer place an order with Green Gazette SA, if a financial institution makes a decision for you on your behalf, linked to your order, you will find out about it.

Mark Berchowitz

On 28 February, 2021 I'm evicted from the Mint Hotel at Sandton. It's 2 days after I send my service level update out on this report. I stay there for over 2 months. I get 20 minutes to move out. It's before my checkout date which I pay for in advance.

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Efektivitas PSBB di Jawa Tengah

WHO menetapkan wabah virus Corona atau Covid-19 sebagai pandemi global karena kasus tingkat sasaran yang meningkat, serta semakin parah. Coronavirus sendiri adalah virus RNA dengan ukuran partikel 120-160 mm. Virus ini utamanya menginfeksi hewan, termasuk di antaranya adalah kelelelawar dan unta. Sebelum terjadinya wabah Covid-19, ada 6 jenis coronavirus yang dapat menginfeksi manusia, yaitu alphacoronavirus 229E, alphacoronavirus NL63, betacoronavirus OC43, betacoronavirus HKU1, Severe Acute Respitatory Illness Coronavirus (SARS-CoV), dan Middle East Respitatory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Pandemi yang terjadi saat ini adalah merupakan kondisi suatu penyakit yang menyebar ke banyak orang di beberapa negara dalam waktu yang bersamaan, serta pertambahannya signifikan dan berkelanjutan secara global. Beberapa waktu lalu, dunia sempat gempar dengan beberapa pandemi yang terjadi, seperti flu babi, SARS, dan MERS. Saat ini, peningkatan angka kematian semakin bertambah, terutama di Indonesia. Covid-19 di Indonesia juga sangat berdampak pada kondisi politik, sosial, ekonomi, pertahanan keamanan, dan kesejahteraan di negara ini. Salah satu upaya yang bisa dilakukan pemerintah saat ini adalah membentuk kebijakan berupa PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar) yang bertujuan untuk membatasi aktivitas masyarakat secara masal dengan tetap memberikan peluang kepada sektor yang essensial seperti pusat ekonomi, distribusi barang termasuk kebutuhan pokok, pelayanan masyarakat yang saat ini tetap beroperasi.

PSBB sendiri diatur dalam PP No. 21 tahun 2020 tentang Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besae dalam rangka percepatan penanganan Corona Virus Disease atau Covid-19. Ruang lingkup yang diatur dalam pelaksanaan PSBB adalah :

A) Minimal :

- Peliburan sekolah dan tempat kerja

- Pembatasan kegiatan keagamaan

- Pembatasan kegiatan di tempat/fasilitas umum

B) Pembatasan kegiatan harus tetap mempertimbangkan kebutuhan pendidikan, produktivitas kerja, dan ibadah penduduk serta pemenuhan dasar penduduk.

Pemerintah pertama kali mengadakan PSBB pada bulan April 2020 di DKI Jakarta. Namun karena Covid-19 semakin berkembang di berbagai daerah selain Jakarta, akhirnya pemerintah daerah atau provinsi lainnya juga mengikuti langkah DKI Jakarta untuk mengikuti PSBB. Salah satu provinsi yang mengikuti adalah provinsi Jawa Tengah. PSBB periode pertama yang diadakan di Jawa Tengah, pertama kali diterapkan oleh Kota Tegal. Saat itu, Kota Tegal melaksanakan PSBB dari tanggal 23 April 2020 sampai 23 Mei 2020, dan PSBB yang dilaksanakan akhirnya membuahkan hasil. Kota Tegal dinyatakan bebas dari virus Covid-19 pada saat itu, setelah membuat keputusan mengadakan PSBB yang kontroversial. Namun, setelah keberhasilan Kota Tegal, Gubernur Jawa Tengah Ganjar Pranowo meminta Wali Kota Semarang untuk segera melaksanakan PSBB di wilayah Kota Semarang dan sekitarnya. Hal ini dilantarkan Kota Semarang merupakan salah satu kota yang masuk dalam zona merah saat itu. Selain itu, Ganjar Pranowo juga menghimbau pembatasan aktivitas di semua Kabupaten/Kota yang ada di Jawa Tengah.

Setelah beberapa waktu dilaksanakannya pembatasan kegiatan, nyatanya Jawa Tengah secara total masih belum mengatasi kasus Covid-19. Kasus Covid-19 masih fluktuatif berkembang di masyarakat, hingga akhirnya Gubernur Jawa Tengah menetapkan 23 Kabupaten yang ada di Jawa Tengah harus melaksanakan pembatasan kegiatan. Kali ini pembatasan ini dinamakan dengan Pemberlakuan Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat (PPKM) yang dilaksanakan dari tanggal 11 - 25 Januari 2021.

Setelah pelaksanaan ini selesai, nyatanya pelaksanaan ini akhirnya membuahkan hasil. Dilansir dari website bahwa akhirnya provinsi Jawa Tengah berhasil mengalami penurunan untuk kasus Covid-19 dari 30.948 kasus di bulan Desember hingga menjadi 28.819 kasus di bulan Januari. Hal ini memperlihatkan bahwa penting pembatasan kegiatan yang harus dilakukan oleh masyarakat, walaupun hanya setengah hari saja. Jika masyarakat patuh dengan peraturan ini, sangat diyakini bahwa kasus Covid-19 bisa akan segera turun di berbagai daerah.

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Hai, weekend ini mau mengajak keluarga dan orang yang tersayang piknik kemana ya?

Gak usah bingung, karena kini telah hadir di Indonesia sebuah channel yang berisi katalog destinasi pariwisata, yaitu Piknik Indonesia yang menyediakan referensi destinasi terbaik untuk dikunjungi.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi, langsung klik link di bawah ini dan pilih destinasimu. Jangan Lupa Untuk Like Subscribe dan Komen ya ...

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Distrik walma, Kabupaten Yahukimo (ANTARA)- hujan lebat memicu bencana tanah longsor di dua desa di kecamatan Walma,Kabupaten Yahukimo Papua, serta berdampak pada jalan umum dan rumah - rumah maupun tanaman kebun dan lahan buah merah hanyut di sekitar daerah longsor.

Menurut masyarakat desa honggolek setempat menyatakan bahwa, hujan lebat yang terjadi pada hari senin (5/3) sekitar pukul 23.00 WIB memicu tanah longsor dari arah utara di Desa Honggolek selasa Pukul 06:00 WIB hingga sampai 06:30 WIB.

Di Desa Honggolek, longsor tanah mengakibatkan terjadinya ada beberapa rumah warga dan di bawah oleh arus longsor seperti, tanaman hasil kebun dan lahan buah merah maupun jalan umum.

Terjadinya tanah longsor menyebabkan pada dinding rumah maupun lahan kebun dll, sehingga masyarakat setempat merasa kerugian yang besar sehingga masyarakat meminta ada perhatian dari pemerintah setempat.

Selain itu tanah longsor menyebabkan sampai masyarakat sudah panik dan maupun musim hujan masyarakat tidak bisa aktivitas lagi karena cuaca masih hujan, dan tetap waspada terhadap longsor usulan muncul lagi.

Dari pemerintah setempat harus ada butuh perhatian kepada masyarakat Desa Hinggolek yang mengalami bencana ini, agar masyarakat tidak ada yang korban jiwa.

Dalam bencana itu, masyarakat tidak ada yang korban semuanya selamat namun, semua hasil kebun yang sudah di bawah oleh arus longsor sehingga masyarakat sulit untuk mendapatkan makanan karena cuaca musim hujan.

Sehingga pemerintah setempat benar - benar ada perhatian kepada masyarakat Desa Honggolek yang mengalami musibah tanah longsor ini.

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Yogyakarta immigration don't know if I can stay, or go

My immigration saga kicks off with the surprise visit by immigration at the room I rent at the D'Salvatore hotel in Yogyakarta on 12 Sep, 2020 as per my other review.

During their visit I take an audio record of the discussion I have with officer Radhitya Jati Rumpoko (NIP 196709241992032001) that arrives with 2 other government officials & a warrant. I take a photo of the warrant. I'm asked to present my passport which I do.

I discover the purpose of the visit is to inform me I'm to go to the immigration office by the 19th to extend my temporary stay permit. When they leave & head down the hallway, Radhitya says "you're (I'm) the problem".

It's at this time I have a sense

Immigration is up to something

For the few days between their visit to the room I rent, & my upcoming visit to their offices, I prepare two documents. These documents match 2 of my reviews. One is for their tourism, the other is the summary on their surprise visits from police, "FBI", and immigration.

I'm at the immigration office on the 19th at around 10:00am. On arrival, I'm directed by reception to the back of the building on the same floor as reception, where the holding cells are situated. I'm asked to take a seat at the registration desk by the cells.

I call for Radhitya.

Turns out, he's not at the office.

I ask for his number for whatsapp.

I'm denied his contact number.

During a call on voice speaker on someone else's phone I inform Radhitya I have the documents to present to him. He's in a meeting & cannot be present at the immigration office. I confirm on the call after I remind him of the voice record, I'm at their office to extend my temporary stay permit.

I head back to the reception. I get my queue number C-23. I take a photo of this as well as the TV screen 10's of minutes later that shows my queue number is skipped.

I'm directed to another office where officer Frisky takes on an intimidating position raising his voice & going for body language to entice me to do same & promote conflict at their offices.

Frisky is of the opinion

I'm to be deported

This comes as a complete surprise

I've no idea what they on about

Frisky asks for my passport. I present it. My passport is withheld. It's not returned to me after it is reviewed. I see another 2 guys standing outside the office on standby waiting for things to "heat up".

I don't go for their setup

I keep calm, & balanced

After a lengthy discussion with Frisky and a translator present I'm told to wait to present my documents to the best next appropriate representative. My passport is returned to me. It's around noon, I meet with the head of immigration intelligence Purwantono (NIP 196806201992031001).

I have a discussion with head of immigration. I present my printed signed documents which I inform are already published on the internet. the head of immigration expresses, while pointing to the calendar on his desk, I have another month.

It's a verbal confirmation

I have until the 20th of Sep, 2020

On my stay permit

Around the same time, I'm sent an email from one of the other guys present, Wasdakim from email address [[email protected]], with an update on the law from the directorate general on stay permit validity &o requirements, dated one day prior, the 18th.

It's all I have "in writing".

I leave their offices.

Later, when I return to the room I rent, I discover, after translating the document there are other possible requirements which I don't provide immigration with. After 5 successive response emails from this end, there's no further response from immigration.

I'm kept in a position of uncertainty where I don't have written clarity on my stay permit validity, or whether I have uninhibited passageway to board my flight I book & pay for for my onward travels.

My movements in Indonesia are blocked for no reason on at least 2 prior incidents by officials. The first where my ID card is withheld by police in Surabaya before I head for Yogyakarta (review).

And again when police, "FBI", immigration show up when I go for booking a hotel 10's of km away from the hotel I'm at in Yogyakarta near the Merapi volcano. I'm currently at a rural style village, Borobudur, not far from the Borobudur & Pawon Temple.

immigration &o other officials

don't know if I can stay, or go

The scenario created for me by them is I don't have a choice on either. There doesn't appear to be anyone in a position of authority able to confirm i) I'm up to date on my passport, & ii) I'm not blocked in any way for my onward travels.

Mark Berchowitz


Refer to my Google Drive folder for supporting images &o documents &o pdfs that cannot be added to my review published on this platform.

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5 Gambar Inovasi Perabotan rumah tangga menyambut Metaverse

Facebook mengganti namanya menjadi “Meta”. Hal ini dilakukan Facebook untuk menanggapi visi baru mereka dalam menyambut kedatangan Metaverse di era yang akan datang. Apa itu Metaverse? Pada dasarnya Metaverse adalah bagian dari Internet yang berfokus pada realitas virtual bersama, seringkali sebagai bentuk media sosial. Metaverse dalam arti yang lebih luas mungkin tidak hanya merujuk pada dunia virtual yang dioperasikan oleh perusahaan media sosial tetapi seluruh spektrum augmented reality.

Menanggapi perkembangan zaman yang berpusat pada digitalisasi, hampir semua industri fisik lainnya juga perlu melakukan adaptasi. Salah satunya dalam dunia desain interior. Seperti kutipan dari Innovation and Performance in SME furniture industries: An International Comparative Case Studies yang mengatakan “Innovation has been traditionally considered as a generator of competitiveness, which leads to superior performance.” Dapat disimpulkan bahwa inovasi dalam industri desain interior merupakan salah satu aspek yang membuat desain interior dapat terus relevan dan diminati oleh konsumen. Berikut adalah beberapa foto inovasi desain produk menanggapi datangnya era metaverse atau augmented reality.

1. Meja Anti Gravitasi

Meja ini merupakan sebuah pengembangan dari konsep fisik dasar tegangan. Pada dasarnya meja ini didirikan atas dasar struktur tali yang diletakan pada arah berlawanan sehingga menimbulkan tekanan yang menyeimbangkan meja. Alhasil efek dari sistem ini adalah sebuah ilusi produk yang seakan-akan melayang dan melawan hukum gravitasi.

2. Gaming Treadmill

Gaming Treadmill adalah sebuah platform yang akan segera dibutuhkan oleh banyak orang dalam memasuki era metaverse, terutama segmen augmented reality. Teknologi Virtual Reality yang ada saat ini tidak menyelesaikan masalah kepekaan ruang oleh pengguna. Keterbatasan ruang gerak membuat pengalaman pengguna VR terbatas. Dengan adanya 360 degree treadmill seperti gambar diatas, pengguna akan mampu bergerak, berlari, melompat dengan bebas tanpa takut terbentur oleh pembatas ruang.

3. Console Table

Didunia yang semakin wireless, penampakan kebersihan ruang yang bersih juga merupakan sebuah nilai tambah yang sangat diminati pengguna. Meja umum yang kita sering lihat umumnya

memiliki beberapa jumlah kaki meja, namun model meja konsol seperti ini memungkinkan tampilan ruang yang lebih modern dan ruang kaki yang lebih luas.

4. Magnetic Levitated Chair

Sebuah kursi seharusnya didesain sesuai dengan bentuk tubuh pengguna, dalam bidang desain hal ini sering disebut dengan istilah ergonomi, salah satu hal yang dapat mendukung sifat ergonomi ini adalah fleksibilitas. Oleh karena itu kursi yang dilevitasi dengan magnet akan mampu memiliki sudut tidak terbatas baik dalam hal kemiringan recliner maupun arah hadap.

5. Holographic Furniture

Tentu banyak orang sudah mendengar tentang keberadaan NFT (Non fungible token) dan bagaimana NFT merupakan komoditas yang sangat berharga dimasa depan, oleh karena itu sebuah furniture yang sebelumnya menjadi tempat display vas atau patung sebagai barang berharga, lama kelamaan akan tergantikan dengan kebutuhan display NFT sebagai barang koleksi. Hal ini dapat di implementasikan dalam desain fungsi perabotan yang “embracing” kebutuhan display barang digital dengan cara menggunakan layer maupun display hologram.

Selain kelima perabotan diatas masih banyak lagi inovasi yang berhubungan dengan Metaverse. Semoga Industri interior akan semakin inovatif dan memampukan terwujudnya gaya hidup yang semakin baik.

Teks oleh: Eric Rahardjo Hoputro (Mahasiswa Jurusan Desain Interior, Universitas Kristen Petra).

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